A Wedding, Part 2

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A Wedding, Part 2

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

A Wedding, Part 2

Written by Luz Leigh - 25 April 2008

The wedding ... it is now a pleasant memory in the minds of many folks. There were many cameras flashing before and after the ceremony so we have albums filled with those memories. The happy couple, smiling as only newlyweds can; the female members of the wedding party looking beautiful in their chocolate-colored gowns with pink sashes and huge bows at the waistline in the back. Oh, and how handsome those men were in their tuxes, with the chocolate-colored vests.

As the mother of the bride made her way down the aisle, escorted by two of her grandsons, there was a bittersweet smile on her face. This was her baby being married today. The mother of the groom smiled as two of her foster sons escorted her to her seat ... front row, right side. There to keep her company and give moral support sat her beautiful granddaughter, another foster son and his wife.

The crowd was hushed as the attendants made their way to the makeshift altar at the water's edge. You see, this was an outdoor affair, next to a beautiful lake, filled with fish that were feeding at this time of afternoon. When the minister, the groom and all the attendants were in place, there was the usual anticipation of the bride's entrance. Suddenly, right on cue, one of the groomsman lifts his arms, gracefully pointing to our left. There seated in an open carriage, pulled by two white horses, was the bride, making her grand entrance to the area. On the front seat of the carriage were two Texas cowboys, dressed in their finest starched jeans, while shirts and traditional black Stetson hats, making sure the horses were under control.

Now the wedding march is being played; all eyes turn to the rear of the amphitheatre to watch as the bride, absolutely radiant in her antique gown, is being escorted down the aisle. Holding to her brother's arm who is standing in for her deceased daddy, she smiles, keeping her eyes glued on the man to whom she is betrothed. The groom's smile exudes complete happiness ... this lady will be the wife for which he has been seeking. When the minister asked the traditional question, "Who gives this woman in marriage?" there is a collective "We do" from her brother, mother and three sisters.

The solemn ceremony begins, but often one can hear nervous twitters of giggles, both from the couple and the wedding party. The vows and rings are exchanged; the family and unity candles are lit; the minister pronounces them man and wife and presents the new Mr. and Mrs. to the happy crowd of well-wishers.

Quickly the bride and groom, now man and wife, lead their wedding party up the steps to the reception area. The ushers escort the mothers from their places of honor, except this time a third foster son escorts the mother of the groom.

The photographer has steadily been snapping casual shots, but now it is time for the posed photos. We shall leave this story at this point ... to be continued later when I tell of all the little things that happened of which most of the guests were not aware. Funny things that we can laugh about now.

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