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Sojourn With Luz Leigh


I wrote these words 14 June 1989 for one of my sons who was struggling with some problems in his life. I have shared it with friends over the years. Many have said it has encouraged them.

We bend, but we do not break. These words can be an inspiration to us as we travel through life. As one watches the majestic oaks, graceful pines and sturdy pecans when the wind whips through them, there is a feeling that here is one element of nature confronting another.

The wind comes blowing in with a force unseen by the human eye, but felt or sensed to be tremendous. As the trees sway, bend, first one way then the other, one knows the trees could give in to the force and not fight back. But, if the trees give in, they would crash to the ground, causing damage, even death to others around them, as well as their own demise.

When the trees choose to fight back against the wind, they become stronger. Their roots reach deep in God's earth for strength while small, weak limbs and leaves are blown away.

If we take this parable of the trees and apply it to our lives, we find that we, too, can bend but not break. We must sink our roots in God's goodness, leaning on Him for help. He will strengthen us, guide us, love us and shield us from Satan's winds.

Oh, the winds will not stop, but we can face them knowing that "this, too, shall pass." We must nurture our faith in God day-by-day so our roots will grow deep. We cannot wait until the winds of adversity begin to blow before we sink our roots. We must be prepared.

There will be times when small or weak "branches" in our lives will be torn away. We will briefly miss them, but as mature people we will accept these losses as a normal part of our lives.

We suffer physical ailments, financial problems, and emotional losses as we make our way through this world. These are the winds that blow against us and while they are blowing, just as while the trees are feeling the power of the unseen wind, we are almost overcome. We feel this helplessness because we do not know how long the storm will last. But our faith will sustain us if we but give it a chance.

As humans, made in God's own image, we are endowed with the ability to love, reason, share and seek help. Our loved ones are here for a purpose---to share with us. Share our troubles, problems and needs as well as our good times. We must call upon our family and upon God to help us withstand the winds of life. By doing this, we, too, will bend, but we will not break.

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