Beth's First Birthday

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Beth's First Birthday

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Beth's First Birthday

Written by Luz Leigh - 17 May 2010

What a wonderful day! Friday night there was stormy weather. Saturday there was rain. But, Sunday there was bright sunshine, with only a few clouds late in the day.

The little princess, who was born 12 May 2009, was celebrating her first birthday with a gigantic party. Our Father in His infinite wisdom had blessed our family, especially her mommy and daddy, with this little girl. He sent her to us to love, care for, and to guide her footsteps in His way.

Beth is not walking yet, but that does not keep her from crawling at break-neck speed to get where she wants to go. Even the rough concrete in my driveway slows her not. Nor would the grassy lawn of her home during her party have slowed her ... had she been allowed to touch the ground. But there were far too many anxious arms reaching out to hold her.

On this special day her mommy has dressed her to the hilt ... only thing that looked comfortable were the shoes ... she had none on those chubby little feet. Just the natural way to be. The huge bow held in place with elastic sat on her little head, partially hiding those almost-black curls. The fluffy tutu that covered the lower portion of her torso was bright red while the white shirt proclaimed "Birthday Girl."

Approximately seventy-five folks, ranging in age from two months to past seventy years, were gathered under the big oak trees in the front yard of Beth's home. The children were running wild (in the good sense) enjoying the freedom of the outdoors, chasing bubbles, playing in Beth's new sandbox, tossing a big plastic ball back and forth. The adults were spending their time relaxing, drinking Dr Peppers or ice cold water, and visiting.

Beth's parents had prepared food ... enough to feed a small army ... including dips, chips and hot dogs.

Then it was time for the opening of gifts. With so many little helpers tearing into the gifts, tossing tissue paper here and there, and squealing delightfully at each gift, Beth spent a lot of time just watching the activities. I just know she would have savored the pleasure of pulling those sheets of tissue paper out and tasting each color.

The guest of honor was then seated in her high chair and a small birthday cake with the numeral "1" centered in the icing was placed before her. She was allowed to sample the icing with her fingers, all the while wondering why no one was saying "No, no, Beth." The group sang "Happy Birthday" to her as she looked around wondering about all this commotion.

Now that the food partaken earlier had settled, the children and adults formed a long line to receive a piece of the big birthday cake and ice cream, vanilla or chocolate flavor.

During the early part of the festivities, I had sat in the shade on the front porch. Alone with my thoughts, I re-lived many happy times that had occurred in my life under those huge oak trees. Most of those trees have stood there for over a century. Although I don't remember it, but I have photographs to prove it, I celebrated my first birthday on that exact same spot. Each of my three children celebrated their first birthdays there. Much family history has taken place on that property during the more than one hundred years that it has been in our family.

I shall treasure the happy moments of Sunday 16 May 2010.

Postscript: Wednesday 19 May 2010 was a day of celebration in our family. Not only did David and Terrie sign the final papers so construction could begin on their new home, but Beth took her first steps in my living room. 'Twas only two steps without holding to something, or someone, but it was exciting to watch and a great beginning for her. That night she took a couple of steps for her daddy in their home. God is good.

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