Blocks for Family Tree

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Blocks for Family Tree

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Blocks for Family Tree

Written by Luz Leigh - 3 September 2009

While searching through my files I came across the title of a file, "Blocks for Family Tree." This includes instructions for making some building blocks for my young granddaughter. I had this brilliant idea for this project several months prior to her birth back in May. I still have the plan to complete this project. I will include her name, her parents' names and the names of her grandparents and possibly great-grandparents.

My thoughts turned to our family and what a mixture of "blocks" we have that makes up our family tree. Let me introduce you to some and give a little insight about each of them.

We have Felix Clay. He is the patriarch; born during the latter part of the 1800s; lived through some tough times, but always held fast to his belief in Jesus Christ as his Savior. He was a farmer, carpenter, owner of a livery stable (forerunner of Avis rent-a-car), and a judge, to name a few of the hats he wore during his lifetime. He was a dashing young man; married a young lady by whom he fathered a son. Later in life he would court and win the love of a much younger woman; marry her and become the father of their little daughter. That couple reared that child, Luz Leigh, in the admonition of the Lord.

Luz Leigh became a believer at an early age, but the ways of the world caught her attention and for years she had to fight daily to keep satan away. Today as she was having lunch with some friends from her childhood, one gentleman asked if she were in the group that robbed a watermelon patch one night when they were teens. She blushed, and admitted to having been a part of the group. (Why could he not have asked, "Remember the night we were all in attendance at the little country church when old Brother So-and-So swallowed the June bug while leading the congregational singing?") That was funny and was not something illegal. Then mention had to be made of the night they all nearly broke up church when one in the group was shining a little flashlight on the bald head of the man seated in the pew in front of them causing a reflection that looked like a "halo" that could be seen on the high ceiling.

With things like this in her background, it had been hard for Luz Leigh to strictly discipline her children as they grew up as normal, if not overly mischievous children and teens. Her sons once convinced their little sister that she could cut her new doll's hair, telling her it would grow back. After all, their mom cut their hair on a regular basis and it grew back. Yeah, she cut the hair and then cried when she found out that she had been tricked.

One Christmas Eve, the police called Luz Leigh to inquire if her pickup truck had been stolen. "No, it is parked in my driveway," she assured the dispatcher. It seems that her son and a friend had been playing around in a nearby town while using the truck. A toy pistol had been used to pretend one was "hijacking" the other one and a citizen who witnessed incident had called the police, not knowing it was a prank between two friends. Big oops, on their part. This son would later become a respected police officer who was known to have empathy for teens when they were in need of a friend.

Then one day when he was past forty years of age, the Lord would bless him with his first child. It is that little girl for whom Luz Leigh will soon finish the Family Tree Building Blocks. All the fun things, all the sad happenings or just ordinary everyday occurrences will not be included on the blocks, but those memories will be written into a story so that Beth will know about the true "blocks" of her family.

From the time Jesus was about two years old until He went with his family to the Temple in Jerusalem when He was twelve years old, we are not told anything about His life. In Luke 2:52 following His visit to the Temple and His sitting among the teachers there, we are told "And Jesus grew in wisdom and statue, and in favor with God and men." I always wonder what pranks he pulled on His younger siblings? Did he tease the sisters as brothers have a way of doing?

What sort of building blocks do you have in your family tree? We cannot hide nor change the past, but the present and future are ours to do with as the Lord leads us. I do hope you will make your blocks ones made from strong oak trees and not some reed that grows at the water's edge. Thank goodness, the Lord helped me set my blocks on a firm Foundation.

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