Cattle, Sunrise, Peaceful Surroundings

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Cattle, Sunrise, Peaceful Surroundings

Welcome to Christianity Oasis. This is Cattle, Sunrise, Peaceful Surroundings from our Sojourn With Luz Leigh Collection. We hope you enjoy this enlightening reading and it helps you on your own be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Cattle, Sunrise, Peaceful Surroundings

Written by Luz Leigh - 24 June 2009

What a wonderful experience I had this morning! Walking and talking with God in the peaceful atmosphere, surrounded by things of nature. Cattle, doves, tree frog (do you know how annoying one of those little boogers can be?) and the list goes on.

You see I volunteered to water plants and shrubs around my daughter's home while she and the family are away for a little R & R ... I will agree to the water brigade in the country versus the water detail on the sandy beaches of Galveston in 100 + temperatures any day. But to each his own.

As I approached their driveway, I saw a truck parked on the side of the road, with the flashers blinking. Hmmm, someone must have had car trouble. After I unlocked the gate and drove in, my daughter's father-in-law appeared almost out of nowhere on his 4-wheel mule. He was assuring me the truck belonged to someone who worked on his ranch and the truck was there to warn any oncoming traffic that in a few minutes they would be moving a herd of cattle from the north pasture to the south pasture. This would entail driving them across the paved road. Reminded me of the stories I have heard of cattle men who drove their cattle from the mainland of the Texas coast onto Padre Island for grazing purposes. If a storm is threatening the coast, they must hurriedly round up the cattle and drive them back to the mainland across the narrow waterway of Matagorda Bay. But, I'm rabbit-trailing again, although I saw not one rabbit this morning. I did see evidence of an armadillo. Daughter will not be happy to hear that news. Those pests can destroy a flower bed almost overnight.

As the men began moving the cattle, I could hear their high-pitched voices, making a sound that only cattlemen know how to make ... And I certainly cannot begin to spell it. The brood cows with their calves along side them began making their way up the hill toward the open gate that would allow passage to the other pasture. Most of the cows came in a group, but just as in life, there were a few stragglers. The rancher kept the herd gathered in a small group as he continued his pleading call for the others. Finally, just as our Savior leaves the "ninety and nine" to seek that one lost sheep, the rancher drives back across the pasture, seeking out the cows who had not wanted to join the others. They were still satisfied with the limited amount of grass in the north pasture. Little did they know fresh hay would be tossed out to them as they entered the south pasture with its lush grass and plentiful water. Does that not sound like humans? The Father knows what is best for us, tries to coax us to the better place, but we tend to hang back, holding on to the old ways.

I thought about how different this mini-roundup was from the way we did it years ago. We had horses, dogs and whips that were popped in the air to make a cracking sound. Today the ranchers have 4-wheelers and that's it. Of course, the cattle that were being moved today are moved from pasture to pasture on a regular basis and are familiar with the procedure as well as being acquainted with the mechanized mules.

Now all the cattle have been moved and are grazing contentedly. The young calves are running and playing ... much the same way our kids would run and play early in the morning while it was cool.

As I sit in the lounge chair under a tall pine tree, waiting until it is time to move a sprinkler from one spot to another (my daughter gave specific instructions as to where and when I am to place those sprinklers), I had time to reflect on the quietness of the morning. The lone dove that was sitting nearby kept trying to tell me something, but I was not understanding her language. I recalled just how beautiful that sunrise was. I can't remember when I watched the sunrise out in the country with all the quietness around. Made me wish I had brought my camera so I could capture the moment to share with others and to look at and remind me of this peaceful morning.

Now I hear a truck entering the driveway. It is the carpenter who has work to do some work on the house. Nice young man; very polite. He began to set up his portable saws, tables, etc. Then he grinned at me and said, "Dang tree frog." I had to smile because I knew that had I not been there on a mission of love the frog's noises might have gotten on my nerves. But to me, the frog was just another of God's creatures that He was sharing with me this morning.

As I prepared to leave, I viewed the mimosa tree with the little wrought iron benches underneath. The tree must be close to thirty feet tall. I remember when my daughter took the little sprout, just a twig, from our front yard to plant there when she first moved from our home to the house she would call home for over twenty years. She threatened her husband (in a loving way) if he mowed down her little tree as he mowed the grass. I felt the love she bestowed on that little tree that was a bond between the old life and the new life she had begun. To me she was just a child, but in real life she was a wife and a mother. I am pleased she chose to have that tree in her yard.

Life is stirring as I return to my home. Folks rushing to get to work on time. I wish I could stop each car or truck and say, "Here, take some of this peaceful feeling I have within me. Rush not; slow down and listen to our Father and enjoy His beauties." But, I cannot do that. I go to my prayer closet and pray for those less blessed than I am.

God is good. Always.

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