Colorful Houses

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Colorful Houses

Welcome to Christianity Oasis. This is Colorful Houses from our Sojourn With Luz Leigh Collection. We hope you enjoy this enlightening reading and it helps you on your own be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Colorful Houses

Written by Luz Leigh - 21 September 2009

She could be called The Lady of the Colorful Houses, but we just call her Pamela. When she and Glen moved to our county in 1956, they brought their three children with them to enjoy the peace and quiet we had to offer. They built a two-story house, painted it brown and pink.

A few years after they completed that house, they purchased a two-story house located in town. Looked sorta like a barn, so they painted it red.

Glen decided they needed to build a new home, so they purchased some property adjoining the red barn, constructed a nice home with a very pretty fireplace. You see, Glen was a brick mason, so he knew just what to do to make the "house a home" ... build a fireplace. The frame home, nestled in some tall pine trees, was painted gray.

Next they bought a house that was white in color, so they painted it yellow. A short time later they purchased an old home and spent time and money remodeling it. Each time they painted a house, they used the same local painters to do the job. When they were ready to paint the remodeled home, they called up the painters. By this time a nephew of one of the painters had joined his uncle in painting homes. The nephew asked the uncle, "Uncle Lee, what color will we paint this house?" To which the uncle replied, "I don't know, Ray, but you can bet your last dollar it won't be white." He was correct; the chosen color was blue.

Pamela and Glen were like nomads ... wandering from house to house ... purchase a house, paint it a pretty color, sell it and begin the process all over. So, when a small house became available adjacent to their restaurant, they took possession of it; gave it a facelift by painting it pale pink with colorful trim.

A house located just up the street from me had a for sale sign in the yard one morning. The next day the sign was gone. There were Glen and Pamela hard at work, making changes, adding a porch, and you guessed it, giving it a new coat of paint. Are you ready for this? Pamela wanted it painted purple ... so purple it was. Glen warned her that the neighbors would think she was batty, but Pamela went right ahead with her purple paint job. While living there they had some nice tomato plants growing in their little garden. In order to keep the birds from pecking on the tomatoes once they began to develop ... Pamela tied red Christmas balls on the plants. It was then that Glen told her she had just removed any doubt in the minds of the neighbors ... she definitely was crazy. But, you know what? It worked. After pecking on the red balls and finding them hard and not tasty at all, the birds left the tomatoes alone once they developed.

Glen and Pamela finally retired. Moved onto a street named Cherry Circle ... not one cherry tree on that street. The house into which they moved is brick. Nothing to paint. So Glen died and went to heaven, leaving his colorful wife to carry on. Pamela is happy, but sometimes we see her gazing off into the distance with a look that says, "Oh, if only I could paint ONE more house on this earth."

My guess is that Glen is there in heaven, advising the Lord as to what color each mansion should be painted.

During all the years Pamela and Glen were "painting the town," they kept busy with other things. As I mentioned, Glen was a brick mason and later he and Pamela owned and operated a first class restaurant in our town. She also operated the pie shop where she and a couple of helpers created some of the best desserts in this part of Texas. People from neighboring large cities would drive over just to have a piece of her pie.

That couple served their community and church by working in volunteer positions; Pamela taught Sunday school for many years while Glen served on the City Council and as mayor.

I really think the City should consider placing a plaque at each of the "colorful houses" denoting who chose those hues that brighten up an otherwise drab world at times.

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