Deer Hunting

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Deer Hunting

Welcome to Christianity Oasis. This is Deer Hunting from our Sojourn With Luz Leigh Collection. We hope you enjoy this enlightening reading and it helps you on your own be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Deer Hunting

Written by Luz Leigh - 08 November 2009

The afternoon sun is sinking behind the tall trees; pines, oaks and sweet gum. From my perch near the water's edge of the small lake, I can see the sun still shining on the camp house situated on the hill because there is a break in the tree line. Soon darkness will envelope this part of God's creation and the night creatures will make their noises. When I mention my dislike of the noises, my friend reminds me that these are God's creatures and we can find comfort in Psalm 27. "The Lord is my light and my salvation---whom (or what) shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life---of whom (or what) shall I be afraid?" In Psalm 100:7 we are told that "he guided them to their desired haven." If He did that once, will He not do it again if we ask and believe? My haven was the camp house.

Here near the lake is an old dead tree. Most of it has long since broken off and fallen to the ground, but the fifteen or so feet that is left always reminds me of a giant alligator. The color of the bark is a dark gray with a bumpy texture. The top part is pointed, like the snout of a 'gator. About a foot from the end of the "snout" is a knot hole that resembles the eye of my imaginary 'gator. Makes me wonder ... is there a real live 'gator in the lake? Maybe I should move a little farther up the hill.

Earlier in the day we had stood on the banks of a creek that is almost dry. The bank is steep, about twenty feet to the water's edge; no way could we walk down it and up the far side. There is a tree over there which neither of us could identify. It has pretty dark green leaves with some little red berries on the lower branches. On another day we will have to access it from the other direction. In life we see people who are "on the other side of the creek." We seem to be separated from them by a deep chasm. In order to reach them for the Lord, we sometimes have to seek them by extraordinary efforts. Can't let the chasm keep us back, for the Lord has promised us He will be with us even unto the ends of the earth when we are carrying out the Great Commission. In Matthew 28:20 Jesus spoke those words to the eleven disciples (and to us), giving directions and promising to be there with us.

As we walk to the camp house in the twilight, we can see the mother cows with their calves by their sides as the cattle graze the plentiful grass before bedding down for the night. Far above we hear a plane in the distance, but no other sound is being made. Quiet. Peaceful.

My mind is attempting to digest all the things I have been exposed to today while learning a little about deer hunting in the forest. First, when exiting the truck, DON'T slam the door; gently push it closed. Watch for the deer tracks in the sandy soil; listen to the squirrels as they are chattering in the trees. Keep an eye out for any deer that might be hiding in the woods; try not to trip over any of the tree roots; stay on the sandy path; don't be walking on the dry leaves that will make a sound and alert the wild animals that a man is approaching. Oh, yeah, I need to leave those white sneaker and white shirt at home ... wear a darker color. Camouflage shirt would be best.

I am glad to walk into the camp house and collapse in the oversize recliner. But, wait, can't do that. We have to light the lamps and lantern for light so that we can prepare supper on the propane camp stove; heat water in a tea kettle; keep the doors closed so the mosquitoes will be held at bay. Closing the doors is fine with me; remember there are wild animals out there. Let me check my calendar. How many more days of this wonderful outdoor living will there be? Oh, for goodness sakes. This is only the second day of deer season.

What time I am afraid I will trust in the Lord.

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