Doll Clothes and Tea Sets

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Doll Clothes and Tea Sets

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Doll Clothes and Tea Sets

Written by Luz Leigh - 22 December 2008

Today is a dreary, wintry day. We had moisture fall last night so that when we awakened this morning, there was a light covering of ice on things left unprotected. My car, the mailbox, the roof of my house (don't guess I could have protected the roof). Icicles clung to the eaves, but by noon they were melting.

This was a good day to remain indoors. I spent some time baking a cake and doing laundry. Then I did something not many grown women do. I washed a whole bunch of little dishes; you know the kind little girls use when they are playing house and having tea parties. As I put the little plates, cups, teapot, etc. in the soapy water in the sink, memories began flooding in. You see, some of these little dishes have been used by three generations in my family. A precious few are ones, mostly china, I had as an only child who took good care of her toys. As I washed the little plastic plates that were from a set that Santa had brought my daughter when she was about five years old, I remembered the joy that spread over her face when she opened that gift. "Now I have my own dishes. I don't have to use yours anymore," she said to me.

When my granddaughter was old enough to play with the dishes, we brought them out of storage and she spent hours "cooking" for her dolls and "feeding" them the imaginary food. She was careful with the dishes, but after so many years and "meals," some of them bit the dust. I held the little blue plate that was from my tea set and remembered how much fun I had playing alone with my dolls. Now I am alone again in life, but I am not lonely. Too many precious memories to keep me entertained.

One load of laundry could have taken about the room for a couple of towels because it was doll clothes. The clothes had been in storage with the dolls for many years and had a musty smell when I opened the box last evening. Some were so small they could not cover the palm of my hand. Others were large enough a year old child could have worn them.

Smiles covered my face as I looked at these little articles of clothing. You see, many were homemade. My little girl liked lots of changes of clothing for each of her many dolls, so I sat at the sewing machine for what seemed like hours, making outfits for those dolls. My daughter, who has a grown daughter now, had told me to toss the dolls and clothes, but somehow I have not been able to do that. Yet. So I washed and dried the doll clothes, put the freshly laundered clothing on the dolls, placed them in a storage box and relegated them to the shelf in the closet. They are familiar with that spot since that has been their home for many years.

The skies are still overcast and the temperature is in the mid thirties, but there is no moisture falling. Maybe tomorrow I can venture out of the house ... and leave my memories behind.

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