Don't Laugh at the Way Others Dress

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Don't Laugh at the Way Others Dress

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Don't Laugh at the Way Others Dress

Written by Luz Leigh - 07 April 2008

This is written not to embarrass anyone, but simply to relate something funny that happened recently. Years ago there was an old maid school teacher who was a faithful member of our small country church. In her younger years she wore the traditional pantyhose that women were expected to wear when they dressed for work or worship. Later she chose to wear knee-highs. This was fine because many times she wore pantsuits or long skirts. But, as will happen, there were times when the knee-highs would sag down around her ankles, visible for all to see. With shame, I admit I used to join others who would laugh about her situation. Well, you know the saying, "What goes round, comes round?" It "came round" yesterday.

As I was dressing for worship, I decided to wear a pair of knee-highs. Hadn't worn them in a long time, so I suppose with their having lain in the drawer for so long, the elastic had become very lax. With my Bible tucked under my arm, purse strap slung over my shoulder, I headed out the door, feeling presentable in my almost ankle length skirt.

About half way through morning Bible study, I began to get the feeling that something was not right. When I crossed one ankle over the other, there seemed to be an odd feeling there. We sit around a "V-shaped" table, with me at the point and the teacher at the opposite end, directly in front of me. There was no way I could view my ankles, but, trying very hard to be discreet, I casually slid my hand down the side of my leg as far as I could reach without bending over. Sure enough, there was no knee-high on the calf of my leg. At that moment, I knew they were hanging around my ankles, just as the poor little lady's had done years ago. All I could think of was ... those folks at the head table could see what a predicament I was in.

For a few moments I lost my train of thought and missed out on some of the discussion as I was plotting how, as soon as the lesson was over, I could make my way to a nearby restroom and jerk those silly things off. I know not how many noticed the sagging hosiery, but I felt like everyone on the second floor of the education building was aware. But not a soul mentioned it.

Lesson I am trying to get over ... never laugh at how someone is dressed or not dressed. It could have been worse. One of the clowns in the class could have commented on how part of my attire had gone south. I am seriously thinking of wearing sneakers and socks in the future.

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