Fourth of July

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Fourth of July

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Fourth of July

Written by Luz Leigh - 05 July 2007

Another July 4th, Independence Day for the USA, has come and gone. A cousin of mine sent an email saying they had celebrated with the traditional family dinner. Now remember dinner in Texas is the noon meal; the evening meal is called supper. We had traditional Fourth of July food, except we had no watermelon. Just not the same, so I will make a trip to the store later, buy me a luscious, juicy melon and indulge.

As I sat last night watching the fireworks display provided by the local volunteer fire department, I was enjoying uninterrupted patriotic music compliments of our local radio station. The day had been long, the weather was a little muggy, so I had the car air conditioner running and the radio on.

Although the fireworks were beautiful as they lit up the Texas sky, I felt a little teary-eyed. First, because I know that only because there have been men and women in the military who have been, and still are, sacrificing their lives for us to enjoy these freedoms. I can sit in my car unafraid; listen to the music of my choice; return to my home and know I can be safe as I close my eyes to much needed sleep.

There were genuine tears of heartache as I thought of a young soldier who is serving in Iraq to whom I write each week. He might have enjoyed the brilliant colors that lit up the sky, but the loud noises made by the exploding "rockets, etc." might have been a reminder of the noises he lives with 24/7. Not fireworks to entertain children and adults, but blasts from rockets or small arms; noises that could signal harm or death to him or his comrades. It is my prayer that by this time next year he will be safely back home with his family.

The music included so many of my favorites, but not limited to "The Star Spangled Banner," sung by several different artists; "God Bless the USA," which speaks of the lakes of Minnesota and the plains of Texas and the men who died for our freedom; "America, the Beautiful," the song my little girl sang at her kindergarten graduation and later at a worship service in our church; "The Ragged Old Flag" which always touches me, and the song about the caissons rolling along. At least twice we heard young children reciting the pledge of allegiance to the American flag, with the words, under God included.

The local firefighters always have a big celebration on the Fourth, which includes a BBQ dinner and a live auction to raise much needed funds. Before the introductions of special guests, recognition of loyal supporters and the beginning of the auction, the assistant fire chief always calls on a lady who was one of his high school teachers and a strong Christian to lead the crowd in a prayer. This lady, who is an ardent believer in our great nation, always gives thanks for what the Lord has provided for us. It is not a long prayer, but a sincere one.

Special recognition went to a longtime supporter of the department; a lady who proudly claims to be nearly ninety-seven years young. My son smiled as he told that most of his life has been lived next door to this grand lady. Each year she spends countless hours crocheting afghans, bedspreads, pillow covers, and dresses for dolls which she donates to the fire department to be auctioned. Including some items from her home, she gave a total of twenty-three items this year. When I spoke with her to thank her for her donations, (and for keeping an eye on my grown child), she related that she has already started crocheting "something for next year."

For years my neighbor has cooked her famous Sock-It-To-Me cake for the auction. As in the past, people really get into the spirit of the bidding for this special item. The young businessman, who for the past several years has purchased her cake, met opposition this year. But, try as they might, the others could not outbid this supporter. He paid $300.00 for Mrs. Dot's cake.

I hope the traditional Fourth of July celebration will never die out. I want my grandchildren to know and experience the warm feeling of being among friends; having friendly bidding wars at the auction; hugs from folks you haven't seen in a while, as well as hugs from someone you see everyday.

So today as I put away the auction items I brought home with me, it is with pleasant memories of yesterday and all the "fourths" of the past. My list of suggestions for improvements is here on my desk, because no matter how great something is, there is always room for improvement.

I am so thankful to be blessed by the Lord to live where I do and have the family and friends that make my life better. But, we need to remember Who made this nation what it is. The Lord has blessed us in so many ways and our country seems to be drifting, no running, away from Him and His teachings. Let us each vow to place Him first in our everyday lives, not just on Sunday morning.

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