Graduation Day

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Graduation Day

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Graduation Day

Written by Luz Leigh - 15 December 2007

The grandmother sat quietly and patiently waiting in the large coliseum. She never cares for crowds, but today she will put her anxiety away. This is a very special day in the lives of her family members. You see, after a long struggle, her oldest grandchild will receive his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. The wait has been worth it.

The sound of hard rain had awakened her early that morning; then loud thunder rumbled through. She thought, "This is odd. Usually we get the thunder and then the rain." She prayed that the rain would be gone before the hour arrived for her to leave for the graduation ceremonies. Last night when the grandson had called to ask if she were still planning to go, she had assured him that if the weather was not extremely wet and cold she would be there. So, she asked the Lord if He could please push the cold front through quickly so the rain would move out. And, as He does so many times, he granted her request.

As she prepared her breakfast, her thoughts wandered back to the August day some six years ago when she stood in her driveway and waved goodbye to that precious child. No, he was not a child anymore; he was a young man, bound for Kansas where he would begin his higher education. She wasn't sure at the time how many miles north of her he would be, but she would soon learn he was ten hours north.

To her Kansas conjured up visions of snow on the ground and barren wheat fields. She soon learned that her grandson would enjoy more warm days than snowy days and the section of the state he would be residing in was much like his home state ... there were hills and trees.

Because of an injury while playing baseball, he was forced to return home, forfeiting his scholarship. He delayed returning to college for a semester, changed his major and basically had to start all over. But he threw himself into his work; studying hard and holding down a job at the same time. He pushed himself so that his grades were good.

The woman's attention is brought back to the present. The band has been playing some patriotic music, interspersed with Christmas carols. The colors have been posted; the candidates for degrees have joined certain faculty members and other dignitaries where they will be seated. A near capacity crowd is there to watch and be a part of this momentous hour in the lives of the soon-to-be graduates of the College of Business Administration and College of Arts and Sciences. Later in the day a ceremony recognizing the graduates of the College of Criminal Justice and College of Education will take place. Last evening students graduating from the College of Humanities and Social Sciences participated in commencement ceremonies. A total of 1,346 students applied for degrees to be conferred during the three ceremonies.

When the group stood to sing the university's alma mater, it had been nearly half a century since the grandmother last stood and sang that song. But some of the words still rang in her heart. "Hail, Alma Mater hats off to you, Ever you'll find us loyal and true; Firm and undaunted, Ever we'll be, Here's to the school we love. Here's a toast to thee."

As her grandson's name was called out and he crossed the stage in that ambling walk of his, her eyes misted over. A prayer rose to her lips: "Thank You, Lord. You brought him here." She stood with his daddy, his aunt, his uncle, his little cousin, and a close family friend as they cheered just as they had during his football and baseball careers. But, this time, for what they cheered will last a lifetime.

And what are his plans for the future? Well, today he said he planned to go home, take a nap and go deer hunting with a cousin. After all, the Lord sent a clear, cold day, just right for deer hunting. The grandmother smiles.

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