Her Friend

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Her Friend

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Her Friend

Written by Luz Leigh - 11 November 2008

The little girl tugged at her daddy's pants leg as they made their way through the crowd in the church foyer. "Daddy, daddy, there's my friend," she said, as she pointed to the tall young man with the dark hair and mustache. The daddy acknowledged having seen the man and tried to continue to the outside door. "But, Daddy, I have to say goodbye to my friend."

Making her way toward her friend, she reached him before his daddy did. The little girl, about three years of age, grabbed the man around his leg, and started pulling to get his attention. Looking down and smiling, the young man said, "Why, hello Katie. I haven't seen you in a long time." He knelt beside her so that their faces were close together. "Do you like your new class?" he asked her. "Oh, yes, but I miss YOU." "Katie, I miss you and the other children who were in my class last year, but you are big three-year-olds now and Mrs. Phillips teaches your class."

The little girl reaches out and hugs the man's neck, and with a trusting smile says, "But, you are STILL my friend, aren't you?" With a heart full of Christian love, almost overflowing, the man hugs her back and says, "Katie, I will ALWAYS be your friend."

To be called "friend" is such a wonderful blessing. And to have a little child recognize that her Sunday school teacher was just such a person, indicated this young man had followed his Lord's direction to love the little children.

As adults we claim many "friends." There are the casual friends ... ones we know through the business world or maybe even at church; the ones we share carpools with or play golf with; the ones we call on when we need political support; the ones we ask to pick up the kids from school and the ones who will drop by with a casserole when the mom in the family is under the weather. Then we take the friendship to a higher level. There are the ones who sit with us as we grieve over the loss of a loved one; the ones who listen to us and respond if there is a need when we just need someone to share our concerns over a wayward child; the ones who will gently guide us back to the Lord when we have stumbled and the ones who assure us that he loves us even when we can't seem to love ourselves.

But the ultimate Friend is the one who sticks closer than a brother. He is the one who never turns from us when we need a shoulder to lean on; when we need someone who understands how we feel in any situation. He is known by many different names ... Jesus ... Christ ... Master ... Savior ... Lord ... and the most comforting one ... Friend.

And just as the Sunday school teacher assured the little girl that he would always be her friend, we can rest assured that Jesus Christ will always be our Friend. What a comforting thought.

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