Kitten Gone

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Kitten Gone

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Kitten ... Gone

Written by Luz Leigh - 08 August 2008

The stray kitten that grew to be an adult cat was simply called Kitten during the time she was a part of my life. Although she gave birth to two cute little kittens when she was hardly more than a kitten herself, she was a good momma. I have written about Kitten before, but this will be the final chapter on her life. You see, she is living in the country now. Happy ... free to roam, but being cared for by some loving owners.

From the day she appeared in my yard, I did not want to keep her. Although I had spent months trying to tame her down, she never allowed me to even touch her. My friend, Betty Smith, had agreed to take her ... and the two kittens ... if I could trap them. Sounded easy enough. So I began by putting their food near the open cage; then I put it inside the cage just a little ways. Finally, the day came when I placed it on top of the little gadget that would trip the door and trap her inside.

When that happened I felt sorry for her because she was frightened. I talked quietly to her, trying to calm her fears. Betty's husband, Red, came and took Kitten away in the trap. I knew that if her kittens saw how she was reacting to being inside the trap, they would never go into the other trap I had set for them.

A few hours after the momma cat was taken away, the kittens ventured into the remaining trap. They enjoyed their meal, never tripping the trap door shut. You see, they were so light in weight, it just wouldn't trip. I changed the dish in which I had their food to one that weighed a few ounces more. Finally, the two of them went in to eat at the same time which placed enough weight on the gadget and tripped the door shut.

When I looked out the kitchen window to see what was taking place in the back yard, there they sat. Cute little rascals. They were not running back and forth as the momma cat had done. I called my friend Betty with the good news and she sent her husband to take the kittens to be with their momma.

That couple loves animals so I knew the feline family was in good hands. They were taken to the vet the next day. All the necessary shots were given; all were spayed or neutered so there will be no problem with unwanted babies.

Kitten's life could be likened to many people I know. They become a part of someone's life, but not really close enough to develop a loving relationship. I loved Kitten, in my own strange way, and she appreciated the food I provided. But we were never close. Humans are like that. They will accept the love and help of others without reciprocating, never allowing their true feelings to show. Although the traps I set for Kitten and her offspring were for their own good, traps in the lives of us humans are not always for our best interests. We see the trap, hmmm, looks interesting. We wander in, nothing happens, so we feel we are safe in hanging around. Then the next time we pass the trap, there is something enticing there, be it people of questionable character, alcohol, drugs, sex, or something else. We remember having gone in the empty trap before ... nothing happened, so we venture into the trap the devil has set for us. Maybe we, like the kittens, are not trapped the first few times we venture there because we don't go deep enough. But, then one day or night, without our knowing what is happening, we are partaking of the evils of the devil and the trap door slams shut. We are caught in a trap from which we cannot escape. We might run wildly about, trying to find the way out as Kitten did, even harming ourselves as she did. That little soft nose of hers was scratched where she ran into the wires that made up the cage. Or we might just sit numbly, wondering "How did I get into this mess?" as the kittens seem to have been doing as they sat without moving.

But just as Red came to take the felines away to be cared for, we have One who is waiting to take us away from whatever it is that has us trapped. He will talk gently to us, feed us His Word, forgive us for having gotten into the trap in the first place, and then He will provide us with a home that human words cannot describe. But until He calls us to that home, He will supply our every need here on Earth. This is promised to us through the writings of the Apostle Paul in Philippians 4:19 "And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus."

Kitten, her daughter and son have been rescued and have a wonderful home. Are you in need of Someone to free you from the entrapment in your life? The Savior is waiting for your call. "If you will confess with your mouth, 'Jesus is Lord', and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." Romans 10:9, 10, 13

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