March 6th - Important Date

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March 6th - Important Date

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

March 6th - Important Date

Written by Luz Leigh - 06 March 2009

Today is March 6th. A very important day in my life. On a sunny, cool afternoon forty-two years ago, I sent our older son, Don, to his Sunbeam Band meeting at our church. While he was away, I hung a load of freshly washed clothes. It was during this simple task that I began to feel some slight labor pains. Not long after my friend had dropped Don off from his meeting, I knew that we would be making a trip to the hospital before bedtime.

As I expected, before midnight, we were the parents of another little son, David. Less than two years later he was joined by a baby sister, making him the middle child. Now everyone knows the middle child is always "different." And our son filled that role well. He was not a bad child, mischievous, yes. He loved life and wanted everyone around him to enjoy it as much as he did. I must admit that many of the things he was disciplined for were because Don would put him up them. He loved and trusted his brother so it took him many years before he figured out what was going on.

But as I stood in his driveway this morning, looking at my son who not only inherited his maternal granddaddy's name but now lives on the property owned by that gentleman, my heart was filled with awe and love. He can still pull pranks, tell jokes with the best of men, but on the other hand, the majority of his adult life has been spent in service to his fellowman. Firefighter, medical emergency technician, law enforcement officer, city councilman ... all areas where he as devoted so much of his time. Except for the law enforcement, all have been in a voluntary position with no monetary compensation.

In Proverbs 15:20 we find these words: A wise son brings joy to his father. This could certainly describe our sons, but today I am focusing on son number two. A wise son heeds his father's instruction (Proverbs 13:1a) ... now this child of ours sometimes had a problem with that because he was a strong-willed young man, but he ultimately heeded what his daddy said. As a young person he heard the call of the Father, "My son, give me your heart and let your eyes keep to my ways." He said yes to the Father's invitation, gave his heart and life to the Lord, and later for a number of years served as a deacon in our church.

He is not a saint, but he is a son that I am always pleased and ready to claim as my own. Without fanfare, and with the knowledge of few people, he quietly serves his Lord by helping the less fortunate, especially the youth or elderly. He provides food to the hungry, helps find safe shelter for abused women and children, locates furniture and clothing for those in need. Wherever he sees a need, he steps up to try and fill it.

When he was one day old, I held him in my arms and showed him a mother bird whose nest was just outside my hospital window, as she brought food to her baby birds. I told him that just as that mother bird cared for her young, that I loved him and would care for him; when he was a grown man he, too, would care for others. I truly believe that little boy's mind understood what I was trying to instill in him, and has spent most of his life caring for, not just his biological family, but for his extended family ... his community.

So, today, with the sun shining and music playing in the background, I reminisce of things that mothers have a way of remembering. The day this son tried to walk on thin ice, (at the insistence of his older brother) only to break the ice and fill his rubber boots with ice water; the day we rushed him to the doctor for stitches in his forehead (older brother had accidentally hit him with a baseball bat); the trips we made to Houston for treatments for his allergies, with him helping me find my way in the big city traffic even although he was too young to read the written signs (he depended on landmarks); the ambulance ride to the local hospital following a football injury... the injury came after he had kicked the winning field goal; the trip to the emergency room to have a piece of rusted metal removed from his temple ... this from an agricultural accident only days before he was to fly to Ireland for the vacation of a lifetime; and then the memory of that beautiful wedding last spring.

Happy birthday, David. Thanks for the memories and the knowledge that the Lord is using you for His glory.

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