Mary Magdalene

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Mary Magdalene

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Mary Magdalene

Written by Luz Leigh - 15 February 2008

Mary Magdalene had slept very little the past few nights. Finally, daybreak came on the first day of the week. The Sabbath was over and she could make the walk out to the tomb where some of His followers had placed His body following the crucifixion. Her Jesus ... dead.

She gently shook Mary's sleeping body; "Mary," she whispered, "It is time for us to go." They had discussed their plans the night before. Because the women, just as the male disciples, were afraid the Roman soldiers or the temple leaders might come for them in the middle of the night, they had taken to sleeping in their clothes. So the two women quickly slipped out of the house, leaving the other women and children slumbering.

Mary Magdalene's mind was so full of memories, especially of her life following that wonderful day when Jesus had forgiven her of her sins. Her life had been so full of sin caused by the seven demons dwelling within her. She had wanted to change, but no one seemed to want to talk to her about what she needed to do. Then she heard a group of His followers talking about Him and how He loved all men; how He wanted all to become His followers; how He had healed the sick; how He could forgive sins and give life eternal. "I want to meet this man called Jesus," Mary Magdalene had said to herself.

After Jesus had cast the demons from her, Mary Magdalene and other women had joined with the disciples to follow Jesus as he traveled about. She helped with meal preparations, even using her own money at times. She was most happy when listening to Jesus preach and teach.

So, as she and the other Mary approached the tomb where her precious Savior's body had been placed, she wondered how they would get that huge stone moved away. She knew about the stone because she and the other women had sat and watched as Jesus' body was carried into the borrowed tomb and then as the men rolled the stone in front of the opening. This was done to protect the body from animals that might come seeking food.

The light of day was beginning to break as they topped the little hill. To her amazement she saw that the stone had been rolled to the side. A little frightened at what she might find, she dropped the spices she had brought with which to anoint the body and raced to the open tomb.

Mary Magdalene and the other Mary looked into the tomb. It was still a little dark inside, but they soon were able to ascertain there was no body there. While wondering what it all meant two men appeared beside them. These were no ordinary men; they were dressed in clothing that looked like lightning. The men tried to reassure the two Marys by telling them that Jesus was no longer in the tomb. Jesus was alive; He would not be found among the dead. They reminded the women that Jesus had foretold of what would happen. He would be crucified, buried, but on the third day He would be raised back to life. It was at that moment the women remembered the words Jesus had spoken to them while they were still in Galilee.

"Quick! Mary, we must run tell Peter and the others. Jesus is not dead. He is risen. HE IS ALIVE."

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