Mike the Painter

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Mike the Painter

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Mike the Painter

Written by Luz Leigh - 02 June 2008

The painter arrived at the appointed hour, truck loaded with supplies. I shall call him Mike. He had visited my home a week before, surveying the work to be done. Mike quickly went about taping and floating a few cracks in the ceiling. You see this house is nearly forty years old and has weathered lots of changes in those four decades. Mike then carefully painted around the edges of the ceilings in every room. I know he used a term for that, but I remember not what it was.

The next day after the mud had dried on the cracks (now no longer visible), Mike sanded the area so it would be smooth. Caused a lot of white dust to settle on things around it. Most of the furniture had by now been covered with large sheets of plastic with which to protect it from dust and any paint that might be dripped.

I watched nearly every move that Mike made; not that I did not trust him, but that is my nature. I love to watch men as they work, especially those such as Mike, who are good at what they do. And Mike is an excellent painter.

As I watched him brush that white paint over the much discolored ceilings, it amazed me to see the difference one coat of paint can make. Although I have lived in this house almost half of my life, I was not aware of the change from white to an almost grey hue because the change was so gradual. That set my mind to thinking about our lives;

Just as Mike had to do some touch-up work on the cracks, covering them so they would not be visible, Jesus fills in the cracks in our lives. At times we are "sanded down" a bit. HE rubs away the imperfections and sins and in so doing, He smoothes out the rough spots. Then He coats them over with His precious blood.

Our "cracks" may be bad, even harmful habits, that we have; drugs, alcohol, sex, filthy language, wrong thoughts, love of money, gossip, unhealthy lifestyles of any sort, and others. Jesus must remove those "cracks" and in so doing we will be changed, just as the ceilings were changed after Mike did his work.

My ceilings are now white, making the rooms seem brighter, lighter. This showed me dust that had been covering many items in my home; dust that I had not been able to see before. I set to work cleaning shelves, walls, tables, pictures, plaques and figurines.

In our lives once Jesus has "painted" our "ceilings," giving our lives a brighter, nicer appearance, from the inside to the outside, we want to clear any remaining "dust." We begin to remove things and or people who have cluttered our lives with sin. We distance ourselves from our old lifestyles, allowing the Father to work through us. How pleased He must be when He sees the changes in our lives.

Mike the painter opened my eyes to more than a clean ceiling; he reminded me of how our Father can be the Painter in our lives.

When the paint job was completed at my home, I took out my checkbook to pay Mike. With a big smile on his face, and his hands in a position that said, "No, no" he told me I owed him nothing. This was something he had been wanting to do for me for a long time ... it was pay forward time for him. Tears welled up in my eyes as I realized Mike was an angel sent from God to take care of a need I had.

Just as I could not pay Mike for the ceiling paint job, I can never pay my Savior for the paint job he has done and is doing in my life. He paid for it with the blood that spilled on Calvary.

Have I told you today that God is good?

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