Minor or Major?

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Minor or Major?

Welcome to Christianity Oasis. This is Minor or Major? from our Sojourn With Luz Leigh Collection. We hope you enjoy this enlightening reading and it helps you on your own be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Minor or Major?

Written by Luz Leigh - 23 March 2010

Have you ever tried to have a pity party only to have Someone toss cold water on it? This happened to me this week. Several things were happening in my personal life and I would think about them, only to have the Lord send words of encouragement through His Word or spoken through one of His children.

My thirteen-year-old car has developed a leak around the windshield just over the steering wheel area. Oh, man, I don't have money to be having a problem like that repaired. Then I was reminded that other than that little problem the car is in good shape, is paid for and gets good gas mileage. There are millions of folks in the world not so blessed. While talking to the repairman about the windshield, my thoughts raced back about ten years ago when a deer attacked my car as my granddaughter and I were traveling along a country road. The Lord was certainly with us, keeping us from physical harm to us, but doing thousands of dollars of damage to my car.

Then I whined about the new cell phone not functioning as it should. Again, He reminded me this is a minor problem. Millions function without having a cell phone attached to their body, as did I until just a few years ago. After a call to the representative who sold us the phone, I was assured she would replace the unit at no charge. Problem solved. Thank you, Lord.

I know this sounds like I am creating examples, but these are true. A plumbing problem has developed. Not what I wanted to spend my few remaining monthly dollars on. But again, He reminded me that I have many comforts that millions do not enjoy. After spending forty something years in the workforce, I am blessed to have a retirement income, which thus far has been enough to cover my needs.

Last week the computer had to be put in the repair shop ... big bucks came out of my pocket. Again, He reminded me, this is just a worldly thing; something I have come to depend on, but the computer is not really a necessity.

My closet is filled with more clothes than I need, but there is one T-shirt that I wear over and over. It reminds me of His blessings and encourages others who read the wording on it: "Blessed and highly favored." This phrase comes from the Gospel of Luke when the angel of the Lord was speaking to Mary but I know that that I, too, am blessed by the Lord.

As I whined to my friend about these and some other things weighing heavily on my mind, his reply many times was "minor." Finally, it soaked in. These are minor things. The major things in my life are so much more important. I will share only a few of them as examples.

It's the time of the year that the grass and weeds in our yard are growing like crazy and mine was no exception. The grass and clover was knee-high in certain areas. I can no long do the yard work, so I was fretting about who would mow the grass. While sitting at the computer the other morning, I heard a lawnmower start up. Looked out the window and there was my neighbor, Chance Gardner, a young firefighter, mowing the grass. Just like Santa Claus, he said not a word, but went straight to his work. After finishing the mowing, he returned with his weed eater and did the trimming. When I asked how much I owed him, he said "Nothing." I insisted that I pay him something for his work. Smiling that cute grin, he said, "Make me some cookies." Without knowing it, that young man was an earth angel sent by God to "look after a widow" as instructed in the Gospel of James. Again, thank you, Lord, for Chance.

When my friend would not take part in the self-imposed pity party, I had to give up and think positive. For what do I have to be thankful? Oh, so many things. My salvation through God's love, mercy and grace; my family, all of whom love me more than I deserve; my health; my home, warm in winter, cool in summer and paid for; my car, though old, it too, carries not a lien; friends who care about me; my church family who love me just as I am; living in a country that affords many freedoms and specifically living in a neighborhood that is safe. There are many more blessings that He has provided for me. This is just the short list. God is so good to me.

OK, Loren, thanks for not letting me dwell on the "minors" but making me see clearly the "majors." That man is another earth angel in my life.

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