Morning Walk

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Morning Walk

Welcome to Christianity Oasis. This is Morning Walk from our Sojourn With Luz Leigh Collection. We hope you enjoy this enlightening reading and it helps you on your own be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Morning Walk

Written by Luz Leigh - 14 September 2007

The morning air was cool, almost crisp. It was the sort of weather we in Texas feel when autumn is approaching and the long hot summer days are fast becoming a memory. I was enjoying my morning walk around the neighborhood, not because I like to look at my neighbors' yards or try to avoid their pesky dogs, but because my primary doctor has advised me to walk each day. The early morning hours are the best time for this activity.

I do not venture far from my home, only a few blocks. Not only am I a "home body," but just in case I tire to the point of not being able to continue, I will have only a short walk. As I rounded the curve in the street heading back home, I could see my house. You know the one ... the red brick with no flowers in the yard and only a few shrubs. Two of the trees are now memories after I had them removed.

The house is visible across a neighbor's yard and if it were absolutely necessary I suppose I could take a shortcut. But, you see I know that tied in the back yard is a rather formidable looking husky. Running loose in a big yellow dog. There is always the possibility that the chain which is attached to the husky could break or he could slip out of his collar. Then where would I be?

In life we must keep our eyes focused on our heavenly home. There are times when the road of life seems a little long and we think, "Hey, I can just take a short cut." Wrong. In that shortcut sometimes are things that will cause us to detour even more from the straight and narrow. Sin can come between us and our path to our eternal home, causing us to stumble. Were I to stumble in the neighbor's yard, I would be easy prey for the dog(s). When we stumble in our walk on the path to our heavenly home, sin can overtake us, making us more miserable than we already were.

So, I took a deep breath, re-arranged my spray bottle and my cane, and continued on the paved street. The spray bottle? Oh, that contains vinegar to squirt at any of the dogs that might come to close to me. The cane? For months I had to use it for support as I walked, but now I carry it as another protection from the dogs.

In our lives our spray bottles and canes are our prayer life and our studying of His Word. A daily dose of these can shield us from the "dogs of sin" that might be lurking behind a bush or a parked car, just waiting to surprise us with an attack when we are unprepared.

If you are one of the walkers in your neighborhood, keep focused on where you are going. Watch for any hidden snares, be it dogs, pot holes in the street or loose gravel, anything that might cause you to stumble. In the same manner, during your walk on the path to your heavenly home, watch for things the devil will place in your path. Keep your spray bottle and can handy every day.

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