Mrs. Beth

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Mrs. Beth

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Mrs. Beth

Written by Luz Leigh - 04 June 2009

She was sitting on her little porch, her cane leaning against her chair. Although I had left home early enough to meet my 3:00 p.m. appointment with her, I had been detained because of an accident that had the highway blocked. As I stepped from my car, I called out to her, "Mrs. Beth, it is Sharon." He smiled and said, "Yes, I know." I was not sure how well she sees at a distance, because you see, the reason I was there was to complete a ministry. I was to read from the Bible to her because her eyesight no longer allows her to read.

In typical Southern fashion, Mrs. Beth hugged me, opened her storm door and welcomed me into her home. Very neat, homey atmosphere which made me feel I had been there before.

We each chose a chair, comfortable glider rockers. For a short time we shared a little about our families. One could feel the love she has for her three sons as she told me about them, even explaining how she and her husband had chosen their names. Mrs. Beth told me the name she would have given a daughter had God blessed them with a little girl. Since He did not, her sister named her little girl Jenny Ann. And I think that pleased Mrs. Beth.

I read the scriptures from which our Sunday Bible study will be taken. We discussed briefly our thoughts on the passage from Matthew 13:1-23 which is the parable of the sower. Jesus used parables about things with which his followers were familiar. Because the area of Galilee was mostly agricultural, the listeners would have understood the analogies he gave.

Then I rose from my chair and began looking at the photos she has on the various shelves in her living room. Family members ... from the very youngest great-grandchild to her sons and their wives. But the two that I loved most were of Mrs. Beth and her late husband, Tom, when they were very young ... maybe just out of high school or college. She was a beautiful young lady and I commented on that, telling her that her beauty is still with her. She chided me, saying "Not with all these wrinkles." But I was looking past the outward appearance. Inside she is still beautiful.

As I gathered my things in preparation of leaving, she again thanked me for coming to read to her. I could hardly hold back the tears, for you see, I was the one who received the blessing. My friends Tommy and Loren had told me that double blessings would come from my visit to Mrs. Beth ... she and I both would be blessed. How right they were.

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