Nature Walk

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Nature Walk

Welcome to Christianity Oasis. This is Nature Walk from our Sojourn With Luz Leigh Collection. We hope you enjoy this enlightening reading and it helps you on your own be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Nature Walk

Written by Luz Leigh - 15 November 2009

We leave the truck about two hundred yards into the heavily wooded area. The trail has become almost impassable, so we decided to walk. "Do you remember what that plant is?" Well, it looked like something I had been introduced to last summer on my first visit to this area, but I could not remember the name. (I do that with humans; remember the face, but not the name.) He says, "That is bear grass." Now I remember. The plant looks sorta like it might be from the cactus family; has long pliable spikes with very sharp pointed tips. I was told that in the olden days, people would cut these spikes and use then much as one would use a rope or cord with which to hang pork in the smokehouse. These spikes could hold up to three hundred pounds of pork without breaking. Very strong. In order to preserve the fresh meat, folks would hang sausage and hams in the smokehouse for days to cure it. Other parts of the hog would be salted down in a salt "box or barrel" for preservation.

The leaves on the trees were absolutely gorgeous. Amber, gold, brown, red, magenta ... shades of each interspersed among the green of the pines. There were yaupon with bright red berries; a few holly trees, Spanish mulberry bushes. We see a fallen tree, now beginning to rot, that was wedged between the forks of a sturdy, healthy oak. I thought of how sometimes a person falls, but is held by a strong Christian person until the fallen one can return to the Lord.

We walk along a trail that has been disturbed by the rooting of wild hogs. That was a little un-nerving because I kept remembering that just last week a friend of ours had been attacked by a wild hog, receiving several bad bites on his legs. But we saw no hogs; only the destruction that they have done.

After we return to the truck and drive back through the pasture, I see the black gum tree, now almost bare of leaves. I remember the first day I came to the old place I parked my car near that tree, so full of the prettiest dark green leaves. Not many days ago it was covered with dark red foliage, then the leaves all dropped off. The trees know that winter is approaching so they are preparing for it. Our lives are somewhat like that. As young people we are vibrant, full of life (the dark green foliage). As mature adults, we show the depth of our Christian lives with the "red foliage" ... our commitment to the Lord. Then in our senior years, we have lost our foliage in preparation for the day the Lord will call us home. No extra baggage will we carry with us ... just the bare necessities ... our heart and soul ... for we will leave this earthly body behind.

Thank you, Lane, for allowing me to experience all the sights and sounds of nature these past few months as we wandered the paths of the old place.

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