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Sojourn With Luz Leigh


Written by Luz Leigh - 30 October 2007

Others. We know what or rather who that is. It means not me. Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary (my very old edition) defines "other" as "the being remaining" and "not included." There are more definitions, but for now this is the one to which I will be referring.

The words "other" or "others" are mentioned in the King James Version of the Holy Bible more than 200 times beginning in Genesis 4:19 and concluding in Revelation 17:10.

Now with that said, let me share some thoughts with you. We are taught from an early age to love others as ourselves; do unto others as we would have them do unto us, and look to the interests of others. But do we always do this?

We might come close to following the second one ... do unto others, etc. But do we look to the interests of others? Do we really concern ourselves about the needs of others? You say, of course I do. And maybe you do. But is it only during the holiday season when we get those warm and fuzzy feelings when we think of preparing a Thanksgiving basket for a needy family? Or when we donate to the mission offering so someone else can take care of the needy?

Look around you. There is someone who could use your help. Not just your dollars.

Does that widow need someone to rake the leaves in her yard? Does the disabled man need someone to drive him to the grocery store and assist with his loading and unloading of his groceries? What about the teenager whose parents work long hours to provide him with all the worldly things they feel he needs and the ones he thinks he needs, but have little time to spend with him? Could you be a friend to him? Someone he could talk with, share his dreams with.

What about the young couple, struggling just to keep their heads above water? Is there something you could do for them? Prepare a casserole for their evening meal or a favorite dessert. Volunteer to sit with their small child so they could go to a couple's class meeting at their church.

What about the elderly lady whose eyesight is failing to the point she can no long read for more than a few minutes? Could you spend thirty minutes one afternoon reading the Bible to her? Or writing out her checks for her monthly bills and addressing the envelopes?

The elected, non-paid officials of your city could use some encouragement. A short note to one or all of them just to say thank you for your service might just be the boost that person needs.

These are "others" ... the persons who are not YOU or ME. Love them, reach out to them in some way and show appreciation. Ask the Lord to show you just one OTHER person this week to whom you could be a friend.

There are many others I could mention, but these suggestions are just to help you start thinking about OTHERS.

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