Our Safe Place

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Our Safe Place

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Our Safe Place

Written by Luz Leigh - 02 February 2009

As I read the morning devotional from Open Windows, the words spoke to ME ... as I'm sure they must have to many others, but for me they came at a very stressful time in my life. Recently I had some medical tests done on this body of mine, and was not exactly excited about something that was in the short report I had received from my doctor's office. Today I had an appointment set up with my primary doctor; had my long list of questions to which I desired answers.

When I received the preliminary report last week, I immediately sent out more than sixty (yes, I said 60) emails to friends and family, requesting prayer. Thirty-two responses came back; all promising to pray; many were assuring me the Lord had already taken care of the problem.

Bro. Bob Adams, pastor of First Baptist Church, Bogalusa, LA, wrote the devotional for today. He quoted the following from Psalm 17:8. "Keep me as the apple of the eye, hide me under the shadow of thy wings." Wow, when I read those words, my thoughts raced back to when I was a child. My daddy always referred to me as his little chick, mainly because when darkness fell I wanted to be at home with my parents. I felt safe there. As I became an adult, I still remained a "little chick" for I was under the protection of our Father's wings.

The writer of today's devotional passage spoke of how the small town in which he lived and the church in which he served were caught in the fiercest of Hurricane Katrina's winds. They endured these strong winds for hours; but he, his family and many others "rode out the storm in one of our church buildings built like a bunker." They were hidden under the wings of the Protector.

"The Psalmist felt the winds and rains tear at his life and requested entrance into God's affection and protection ... He wanted to hide inside God's great power, like a chick taking refuge beneath its mother's winds." He concludes the devotional with "God is our safe place!"

And how does this relate to my situation in life today? Well, you see, for over a week, as I waited for my appointment with my doctor, I had been hiding under His wings. I was again the little child who wanted to be secure with my earthy family when darkness fell. This time I am an adult who wants the security of my heavenly Father's protection and care. And He did not fail me.

It is with a joyful and thankful heart that I can report to one and all ... I am healthy. My doctor assured me I have no sign of cancer and any aches or pains that might strike my body can and will be overcome. Just as my pastor told us in his sermon yesterday, sometimes we endure physical, emotional, or spiritual suffering for a purpose. We receive comfort from the Lord to get us through whatever form of suffering we are undergoing. Our reason for having received the comfort is so that we may minister to others who are enduring the same thing(s) in their lives. The saying "been there, done that" takes a whole new meaning when we can truly empathize with others around us. So this little "bump" in the road of my life was a little reminder that I can be used by Him. I pray that I not forget what my purpose is ... to service Him through service to my fellowman.

Father, I sometimes feel like a frightened little chick! Please let me know that I am dear to You and Your arm is around me. Thank you.

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