Palm Sunday

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Palm Sunday

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Palm Sunday

Written by Luz Leigh - 28 April 2010

Today is celebrated as Palm Sunday in the Christian communities. Last Sunday Dr. Rogers, pastor of our church, told us that we would be observing the Lord's Supper in a little different manner than usual ... come prepared for an impressive worship experience.

Upon arriving in Higher Ground, (the grand foyer') I realized things were very different indeed. As I threaded my way through the crowd of worshipers mingling outside the sanctuary doors, I was reminded of the crowds that gathered around the Temple in Jerusalem ... noisy, but not unruly. There at each of the three doors that lead to the sanctuary were three deacons; one quietly handed a program (called bulletin by some) to each who entered, while the other two men were holding the traditional silver plates on which the wafers for the Lord's Supper were placed.

Along with other worshipers, I took a wafer, entered the semi-darkened sanctuary, and made my way to the seat where I usually sit. Today I would be sitting alone because none of my family members were able to attend. After placing my Bible on the vacant seat next to me and before placing my purse on the floor, I made sure my cell phone was turned off. Then I sat silently, wafer in hand, and prayed for a long time. I had noticed that on the large screens at the front of the room there was a simple statement: "Enter in silence, please." This suggestion was followed by all except two older gentlemen seated near the rear of the room who seem oblivious to the quietness around them. Finally, they too became silent.

Travis, the music minister, was playing the piano as the service began, singing "Come and Listen." The young musician who plays the viola was the only other person on the podium. Then the congregation joined Travis in singing "Jesus Paid it All."

Dr. Rogers read a passage of Scripture from Colossians 2:9-13 as well as several other passages from the New Testament. He gave a brief explanation of how the Body of Christ was broken us. We then sat praying silently until each one had felt the time was right for the eating of the wafer which represented the Body of Christ.

The joint choirs, made up of approximately fifty persons, had now gathered at the front of the sanctuary and gave a beautiful rendition of "Via Dolorosa." When they were finished and were exiting the stage, a few people applauded, but most of us sat still, feeling this was not the time for that, but a time of deep reverence.

Two other musicians had now joined Travis on the podium; all four musicians were dressed in black ... even the saxophone was a black instrument. The congregation sang "The Wonderful Cross," "At the Cross" and "It is Finished," many of us standing with hands raised in praise.

Once again Dr. Rogers gave a brief message, explaining the reason for the shedding of Jesus' blood. He explained that God gave His Son for the remission of our sins. Could we not give something in return? Dr. Rogers told us that the little cards that had been placed on each seat prior to the beginning of the service were there so that we could complete the statement printed at the top ... "In response to what You have taken out of my life ... " We were to think prayerfully about how we could answer that and write a brief reply. He encouraged us to place the cards, along with any monetary offerings we might have, in one of the collection plates or baskets placed strategically throughout the room.

The deacons passed the trays that held the little cups with the juice, representative of Christ's blood. After we silently prayed and decided when the time was right for us to drink the juice, we quietly and reverently left our seats and walked to a nearby collection basket. As we placed our cards and offerings in the baskets, we were encouraged to think of this as approaching the Throne of God, giving something to Him.

We returned to our seats, sat quietly waiting for all to make their decisions. Then the pastor asked us to stand as he gave the benediction. Still in a reverent mood, we exited the sanctuary.

It was indeed a different worship experience; one that I shall not soon forget. As we entered the brightly lit foyer, I noticed I was not the only one with tear-stained cheeks. Those were tears of humility, love, and the feeling of having felt the presence of the Lord in our worship service.

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