Pat and Uncle Felix

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Pat and Uncle Felix

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Pat and Uncle Felix

Written by Luz Leigh - 04 March 1995

On Saturday 04 March 1995 I wrote the following. "More Memories. Today I saw Pat (son of Uncle Joe and Aunt Annie Lee) while shopping in Huntsville."

Pat related a story to me that he swears is true about him and my daddy. Seems that back in the 40s nine inmates escaped from the prison in Huntsville. The inmates, following their escape, had stolen a pickup truck in Huntsville that belonged to a man named (I've removed his name). The inmates wrecked the truck before they got many miles away. They left the truck, but not before lifting a rifle that had been left in the truck by the owner. The inmates separated after their escape and it was reported someone thought they had sighted two of the escapees in the national forest near here. Pat told me that the inmates, in preparation for the escape had taken coffee, poured it into water from the commode, heated it and dyed their prison whites to a beige color.

Pat was employed by the prison at the time and drove an unmarked state vehicle. He knew that my daddy (his Uncle Felix) was very familiar with the forests in that area, having grown up in the area and served in the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) in the 1930s. Pat drove down, got his Uncle Felix and they drove to the section of the forest where the inmates were suspected of being in.

After a while Uncle Felix and Pat spotted two men who fit the description of the escapees, walking down a country road. Pat was driving the car and Uncle Felix was in the passenger seat with a shotgun in his lap. Pat pulled the car up near the men and Uncle Felix inquired what they were doing., To this the men replied, "Rabbit hunting." Uncle Felix pulled his shotgun up, pointing it at the two inmates. After telling the men to lay the rifle down, he said something to the effect of "Boys, we just caught the rabbits." Pat and Uncle Felix got out of the car, put a pair of handcuffs on the escapees and made them sit on the front fenders of the car. The car had a fairly large hood ornament, as many cars did at the time. The inmates were allowed to hold to the ornament as they rode back to town where other prison officials met them. This capture occurred on a very cold December day, with a light mist falling and temperatures near freezing. By the time Pat, Uncle Felix and the two inmates arrived in town, the inmates' hands were almost frozen to the ornament.

If you remember an earlier account of this capture, some of the details are a little different, but Pat was a good story teller. By now all the ones involved in the capture are dead so who is going to argue? I like Pat's account. It sounds like something he and my daddy would do.

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