Peter on Resurrection Morning

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Peter on Resurrection Morning

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Peter on Resurrection Morning

Written by Luz Leigh - 22 March 2008

Peter roused from a troubled sleep. The other disciples were still resting, giving Peter a little time to be alone with his thoughts. He did not want to recall the events of the past few days, but his mind kept going back over those tragic happenings. He allowed his memory to recall some happier days.

Peter recalled the day that Jesus came to the boat where he and his brother were preparing their nets for the day's work. He gladly followed Jesus when the call came, "Follow me." Other disciples would hear and heed the same invitation; they would become as a special family.

The time Jesus allowed Peter to walk on water when he uttered the precious word, "Come," and as long as he kept his eyes on the Master, Peter did the impossible. He walked on water. What an experience!

Following a discussion once as to whom people were saying Jesus was, the Master asked Peter, "Whom do you say that I am?" With no hesitation in his voice, Peter replied, "You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God." Jesus complimented him on his perception, saying Peter was blessed for having recognized whom Jesus really was, but reminded all that it was revealed to Peter, not by man, but by the Father in heaven.

Oh, what a wonderful time those days had been ... walking and talking with the Master, listening to His teachings, witnessing the healing of the sick, the restoring of sight to the blind.

Sadness now takes over Peter's demeanor when he remembers how he had denied even knowing Jesus during the time Jesus was being accused, "tried," flogged and humiliated. When he heard that rooster crow, the Master's words came back to him; that he, Peter, would "disown me three times before the rooster crows twice." Tears were falling now just as they had that night of his denial.

"Peter!" It is the voice of Mary Magdalene. "Peter, Jesus is alive ... the tomb is empty ... the Master is walking among us."

He can not comprehend what the woman is saying ... has she gone mad? Peter hears Mary Magdalene say that the Master is going ahead of them to Galilee ... he will join them there.

Peter grabs his shoes, calls to John the Beloved to join him. They race to the tomb. John, being a younger man and more agile, outruns Peter. He looks in the grave just as Peter arrives. Peter knows in his heart he wants to believe the words Mary Magdalene had spoken, but his mind just can't quite accept it. But, he makes his way into the dimly lit tomb. The cloth and the linen used to prepare Jesus' body for burial are laying there.


Peter and the other disciples still did not fully understand the Scripture that taught that Jesus had to rise from the dead, but it was becoming more clearly to him with each passing moment. He would see the risen Lord soon and spend a few more days with Him here on earth before the Lord's ascension into heaven.

But for now, all Peter could think of was JESUS IS ALIVE.

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