Photographs and Memories

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Photographs and Memories

Welcome to Christianity Oasis. This is Photographs and Memories from our Sojourn With Luz Leigh Collection. We hope you enjoy this enlightening reading and it helps you on your own be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Photographs and Memories

Written by Luz Leigh - 09 January 2009

The friend asked if I had written anything lately. He was referring to the stories I write and post on my webpage. I am always flattered when he and the one other friend who asks if I have written lately. Tommy lives in Georgia; Loren lives in California, so can I say my stories are read from coast to coast in the United States? That is stretching the truth just a bit. When Tommy asked today if I had written, I was knee-deep in an on-going project. It is my goal to have all these hundreds of photographs put in some semblance of order soon. But that is hard to do because I find myself stopping to gaze at some of them far too long.

You see, these photographs go back to the 1930s and continue through Christmas of 2008. Scenes from four generations have been captured, first in black and white and now in vivid color.

A very proud daddy is watching as his little daughter is taking some unsteady steps in the yard. These pictures will be sent to his wife who is hundreds of miles away in a hospital for tuberculosis patients. He knows these pictures will bring happiness to the young mother. She would return home in a year to take her place in the family again, but not for long. The disease would re-occur and by the time the little girl was twelve years old it would have claimed her life. You see I was that toddler in the pictures.

There are the photographs taken in Ft Lewis, Washington of a young soldier who would return home, court the young lady he fell in love with in the summer of 1955, and finally convince her he was worthy of her love. Surely glad he did, for I spent the next forty years in his company, first as his sweetheart and then his wife and mother of his children. Much too soon he would be called to his heavenly resting place, but he would leave many happy memories for the children and me to savor.

Oh, here is the one of the three children when they were about three, five and nine years of age. The oldest and the youngest were smiling their very best while the middle child was displaying his displeasure at being there. With a very pouty face, he was not about to cooperate with the frustrated photographer. This child had been completely happy in the yard at home, playing with his trucks and tractors and was not excited about leaving that activity to be bathed and dressed in his Sunday clothes, only to go and sit still for the group picture to be taken.

He had been captured in a photograph at home when he was about two years old and his sister was a two-month-old baby. His mother had found him sitting on his parents' bed, with his little sister lying near him. She nearly panicked, because it was apparent he had moved the baby from the bassinet to the big bed with no help from anyone. When asked about it, he showed the mother how he had put his little hands around the baby's neck and lifted her to the bed. His reason for doing this? He wanted to play with her. In the picture of the two of them, he has his foot up in the air showing his new red sneakers to his little sister. She seemed pleased; there was a smile on her face.

Then here is the older son, bathing his registered Jersey heifer, preparing for one of the many cattle shows he and Onnie would attend over the next seven years. She was a beautiful animal and he took pride in exhibiting her, bringing home trophies and ribbons. With the two of them working as a team, he was able to place highly in showmanship in many of the shows. From Fort Worth to Houston, Texas, and points in between, he traveled in cold and hot weather to participate with other 4-H and FFA members. Oh, and here is the one of him on crutches at a football practice. He was determined not to shirk his responsibility to his team. For this he was recognized his senior year as having never missed a practice nor a game during the four years he was a member of the football team while high school.

As I viewed these and many others, I realized that the Lord has been so gracious to me and my family. He blessed me with a good husband and three fine children. There are now grandchildren to bring happiness to me and allow me to teach another generation about the Lord's love.

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