Rain on the Just and the Unjust

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Rain on the Just and the Unjust

Welcome to Christianity Oasis. This is Rain on the Just and the Unjust from our Sojourn With Luz Leigh Collection. We hope you enjoy this enlightening reading and it helps you on your own be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Rain on the Just and the Unjust

Written by Luz Leigh - 14 August 2007

Today I was reading a scripture from the Bible about how the Lord brings the sunshine and the rain upon both the just and the unjust. How He blesses folks who don't even know about Him and those who know about Him but don't really care. He does this because, in my humble opinion, He loves all His creations. Aren't you glad that is the way it works? I'd really hate to see my neighbor's yard turn brown and crispy for lack of rain if the Lord were to withhold rain from that yard simply because the man is not a Christian. Then look, oh look, at the yard next door to him. Grass is lush, flowers are blooming. We all know that sweet little lady is as close to God as one can get on this earth. No, God just opens the well springs of heaven and out pours the rain on all of us, whether we deserve it or not.

As a child I would sit on the front porch of the little home my grandparents lived in and watch as it rained on the cotton and peanut fields across the road. Because there were lots of open fields on two sides of the house, we could see across acres and acres of land. At times we could see a summer shower develop on the north end of the fields while we were sitting in the bright sunshine, not a drop of water falling on us. Once my grandmother jokingly said that the Lord was not raining on both the just and the unjust because she could see the peanut crop getting a good drink of water while her garden was sitting there crying for a drink. I knew better than to ask into which category did her garden fit.

Throughout my life I have seen blessings of the Lord being poured out on some around me that I, as a human being, felt were less deserving than I. But, then I would be brought back to reality and remember that HE is in charge and rightly so. HE created us; he blessed us with life, health, salvation (if we choose to accept it) and worldly goods. How we use those blessings will determine in a large part how we enjoy life.

Do we take care of the body that he gave us, with the admonition that it is the temple of the Holy Spirit? Or do we abuse it through the most common things? Overeating, using drugs or alcohol, not getting proper rest, soaking up too much of the sun's rays thereby exposing our skin to the possibility of melanoma. Driving too fast causing vehicle accidents. Oh, the list could go on and on. But, our bodies should be on a schedule of preventative maintenance just as our automobiles, appliances, or anything mechanical. Preventative maintenance you say? Well, of course. Get the proper amount of rest each day; eat foods that are good for us and only in the amounts necessary to keep our bodies functioning, not three chocolate bars and half gallon of ice cream each night. If your physician has you on any medication, see that you take it as prescribed, not just when you think about it. Wear protective clothing, including footwear, when outside. Oh, and what did your momma teach you? Brush your teeth twice each day.

Ok, so I have rambled from the rain on the just and unjust to Hygiene 101. Smile as much as you breathe ... makes folks wonder why you are so happy.

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