Resurrection Eggs

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Resurrection Eggs

Welcome to Christianity Oasis. This is Resurrection Eggs from our Sojourn With Luz Leigh Collection. We hope you enjoy this enlightening reading and it helps you on your own be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Resurrection Eggs

Written by Luz Leigh - 21 March 2008

Easter Sunday. The family has just returned to the grandmother's home following a beautiful Easter worship service together. The traditional meal (for this family anyway) is about ready to be placed on the antique dining table ... a table that has groaned under special occasion meals for many years. Today the family has agreed no big spreads like the ones for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

So the spiral ham, the mashed potatoes, fruit salad and desserts have been set out before the hungry family. In anticipation of the traditional Easter egg hunt, the children hardly touch their food. The adults, knowing there will be "grazing" all afternoon, do not over stuff themselves.

Two of the uncles slip unnoticed from the table, take the large basket of plastic eggs that Grandmother has prepared and head for the yard. "Do these eggs seem a little light to you? Do you suppose Momma forgot to fill them with the usual chocolate candies?," asks one of the men. "I told you we need to keep better watch over her," responds the second one.

The men quickly set to work hiding the eggs in the familiar hiding places ... places their daddy had hidden eggs for them many years ago. Soon all the eggs were out of sight, except for a few that were intentionally left where they could easily be found by the toddlers. It was accepted by the older children, those were not to be disturbed by them.

About the time the two men slipped back into the kitchen, Grandmother calls out, "Well, I do believe the Easter Bunny has been out there in my yard." At this the children run to grab their baskets and head out the door, followed closely by the adults who love to watch the hunt.

One of the first children who finds an eggs remarks, "Grandmother, this egg feels empty. You sure you put candy in them ... or did you eat it all last night." The family tradition is that no one opens any of the eggs until the hunt is officially over. All the children sit in a circle and open their eggs, searching for the "prize" egg which contains a five dollar bill.

The adults are noticing that few of the eggs contain candy. There are special objects, along with a scripture reference, that represent something about the real Easter story in many of them.

These are some of the items and scripture references that the grandmother had so lovely prepared for her family, knowing that in this simple way she was keeping the true meaning of Easter before them.

Crackers The Last Supper Matt. 26:26-27

3 silver dimes 30 pieces of silver Judas received Matt 26:15

Feather Rooster crows as Peter

denies Jesus 3rd time Matt 26:75

Salt Represents tears that Peter cried Matt 26:27

Thorns The crown of thorns Jesus wore Matt 27:29

Leather string Used to flog Jesus after his trial John 19:1

Purple cloth Soldiers placed purple robe on Jesus John 19:2

Nails Pierced Jesus' hands to hold

Jesus on the cross John 20:25

Sponge Represents vinegar on sponge

offered to Jesus while on the cross John 19:29

Small cross Representing the cross where Jesus died

for all the sins of the world Matt 27:32

Small heart Love of Jesus for his mother John 19:26-27

Dice Representing the soldiers' gambling for Jesus' clothes Matt 27:35

Toothpick Spear that pierced Jesus' side John 19:34

Small stone/rock Stone placed at opening of the tomb Matt 27:66

Gauze Linen used on Jesus body in tomb John 20:5-7

Cinnamon sticks Spices to anoint Jesus' body Mark 16:1

EMPTY EGG Signifies the empty tomb ... Jesus is alive Matt 28:6

"WOW, Grandmother, this is the neatest Easter egg hunt we've ever had. I love having you and Uncle David read these verses to us as we opened our eggs," says one of the grandchildren. There is total agreement among the family. After all the objects were placed in a basket and all the candy divided among the children, the grandmother hands each child an empty plastic egg with these words, "This represents the EMPTY TOMB ... JESUS IS ALIVE. Always remember that."

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