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Sojourn With Luz Leigh


Written by Luz Leigh - 09 July 2008

When I told my family I was planning to take a sabbatical, there was complete silence in the room. Looks of amazement and unbelief covered their faces. A portion of the conversation that followed my earthshaking announcement is recorded here:

"What do you mean a "sabbatical?" What is that?" asked one child.

Oh, please, don't feign ignorance at a time like this.

"I'm serious. What is a sabbatical?" The child replies.

A sabbatical means taking time off ... a vacation, of sorts.

"Mom, how can you take "time off?" You are retired. You haven't worked in over five years."

This comment from another son.

Be that as it may, I'm tired. I want to REST.

"Let's let Mom tell us what is on her mind. Explain to us what you mean ... are you ill? Are you troubled about something?" The little sister has spoken.

No, I'm not troubled and my health is good.

"Then what is wrong?" came the question that was on the mind of all those gathered in the room.

Nothing is wrong. Children, listen patiently as I attempt to explain my feelings. When I retired five and a half years ago, I was tired, but I had a reason to be. I had just completed over 40 years of having been gainfully employed, 37 years at my last position. And unknown to any of us, cancer was present in my body and zapping what strength I had. After the cancer was found, surgery and treatment were completed, I thought, "Ah, now I will really begin to enjoy retirement." And I did for a while

Without my realizing it, I began to get involved in different volunteer activities, having been assured by everyone that "keeping active keeps one young." Either that or it drives one to any early grave.

Soon I found myself serving on the Board of Directors of the local Emergency Services District. The position of secretary was open the first night I was sworn in, so you know who, when asked to take that position, said "sure." My position as secretary entails much more than attending monthly meetings and taking down the minutes. Agendas must be prepared, emailed or sent by U.S .Postal Service as well as being posted both at the local fire station and the county courthouse. In the beginning the posting there was no big deal; I traveled to the county seat several times a week. Now with the price of gasoline, I drive there seldom. So either I drive my car and use my precious gas, or I impose on one of you to do the posting for me. And that is not right. Not your place. The meetings entail hearing plans, wishes, and requests for funding from the local fire department as well as being accountable to the public for the taxes that are collected and disbursed by the District. (Do I see shades of the job I retired from, where I was compensated with a salary?)

Again, by volunteering to serve on the Board of Directors of our family cemetery and accepting the position of secretary/treasurer, I took on more responsibility. Notices of meetings, minutes, funds received and disbursed, letters acknowledging donations.

When I was called upon to volunteer with the Meals on Wheels (MOW) service, I readily jumped at the chance. Something different, but a way to serve my community. (That desire never goes away, does it?) Now once again the price of gasoline for my car has raised its ugly head.

This year in the spring when I was approached by someone asking if I would support the City in the upcoming election to defeat a library district, you know what my reply was. Of course, I would. Did not know it would entail night strategy meetings, afternoon sessions doing mail outs, phone calls to solicit support for our campaign, etc. After the district was defeated, I began trying to volunteer at the library to help keep it going; helping secure things that were needed.

I find myself attending City Council meetings, not as the paid employee who did that for so many years, but someone who feels the need to be the watchdog for some of my pet projects. At my age, council meeting attendance should not be high on the agenda of my life.

The work on the books I am writing has slowed almost to a halt. The stories that I was writing almost daily come maybe once a week. The stories are inspirational writings that are for my children to remember me by and also to post on my webpage to encourage others.

But, Mom, where will you go? You never indicated you wanted to travel.

GO? I don't want to GO anywhere. I want to stay here in my little home with my cat for company and an occasional visit from you, my children and do NOTHING. I want to be free to do what I want to do ... not things that are expected of me. If I want to sit in my chair and read all day long ... if I want to watch a movie on TV or DVD ... if want to get on the computer and do Instant Messenging with my friends and family half the day or night ... if I want to sit in my yard swing and do absolutely nothing ... if I want to sit at the computer and put my thoughts on the screen, tell of my life before you children came along (it was only preparation for the great life I would share with you and your daddy); record memories of my daddy and mother or write of more recent things that have brought joy into my life. I want to be able to do those things without feeling guilty.These things would be the sabbatical for me.

But when I think of this in the manner I have lived my life, I cannot see a sabbatical for me. Who would take up the slack? It would only mean more work for you and others and I cannot do that.

For a few days, I've lived that dream. Someday, maybe, but not now.

In 2003 the Lord restored my health and I promised Him I would spend the rest of my days doing what HE wanted me to do. I have tried in my humble way, but I've failed Him so many times. I stumble; HE picks me up, sets me back on the path HE has chosen for me, and I try again.

You will notice I did not mention anything I have done for my family or my church. Those are things I will NEVER take time off from. Those are not chores; those are blessings. I store them up in my heart and treasure each one of them.

So if you catch me doing one of those things I listed up there, just smile and say "She's dreaming, again."

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