Smiling Steph

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Smiling Steph

Welcome to Christianity Oasis. This is Smiling Steph from our Sojourn With Luz Leigh Collection. We hope you enjoy this enlightening reading and it helps you on your own be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Smiling Steph

Written by Luz Leigh - 11 January 2008

Did you ever think how a smile can change a situation? As we sat in the restaurant, waiting to be served, I became aware of this young waitress who had the most beautiful, infectious smile. We were fortunate; we were sitting in her section.

She brought our water, gave us our menus and still smiling, told us she would give us a minute to consider what we wanted to order. As she walked away, I kept thinking, "This young lady looks like someone I have seen before." After she took our orders and later brought our food, she would return, asking if everything was alright, did we need anything else, could she refresh our coffee? Now, you are thinking, what is so unusual about that? Well, it was the manner in which she asked. She sounded like she genuinely cared, and there was that smile.

After it was determined her name was Steph, it struck me. This was the very, very shy little girl who for years sat with her family on the pew in front of us in church. When she returned to our table, I asked if she had a brother named Chris; she said yes I do. Pressing further, I asked if she had an older sister named Amanda. By now she had this quizzical look on her face, replying that she did in fact, but how did I know all this? At that point I told her who I was and where I remembered her from. She smiled even more broadly, if that were possible, and said, "I thought I knew your face! But I could not remember where I had seen you."

She quickly told me her sister is now a kindergarten teacher in a nearby city and that her brother is getting married. Her mom is doing well.

I had to ask how a child as shy as she was as a six-year-old, could be such a bubbly, outgoing young lady. This was her reply: "Which type waitress would you want? One who grumpily, flops the menu down, and without a smile asks what do you want to order? ... or one who, like me, smiles and tries to make the customer feel at home, knowing I will be there to tend to their every wish?" Boy!!! What a gift.

After my exchange with Steph I thought about how we go through our daily lives, either being a "Steph" or being a "grump" with no smile. One of the emails I have received on several occasions carries this line: be kind to all you meet, for some are carrying burdens heavier than you can imagine. Almost all of us carry a burden of some type; some are just heavier than others. But, doesn't it make you feel better to see a smiling face?

The next time you meet someone, even if it is a family member who just stepped into the room, smile broadly. See the reaction. Well, the family member will immediately think you know something they don't know... or you have lost your ever-loving mind. Try smiling. See what sort of reactions you get. Total strangers can have their spirits lifted by a friendly smile. I have been told that it takes many more facial muscles to frown than it does to smile.

Become a "Steph" who brightens others' days.

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