Spring is on the Way

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Spring is on the Way

Welcome to Christianity Oasis. This is Spring is on the Way from our Sojourn With Luz Leigh Collection. We hope you enjoy this enlightening reading and it helps you on your own be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Spring is on the Way

Written by Luz Leigh - 29 February 2008

Spring will soon be here. How do I know this? Well, by looking at the calendar. Just kidding. According to the calendar, spring begins on March 20th which is about three weeks away. By looking out my window, I see bright green clover and wild vetch with its pinkish blossoms growing in my yard. I know that soon the lawnmowers will take them down so that the yard will look "groomed," but for a few days I can enjoy what the Lord has planted for me.

Oh, and the birds ... how they are singing this morning. The weather is warm enough for me to have the windows open, better to hear their melodious songs. One bird is perched on the electrical power line while another one is in the japonica bush by my front door. They seem to be trying to outdo each other. One of these days, when I reach Glory Land, I will sing like those birds. But for now, I remain silent and thank God for His creatures.

Another sure sign of spring's approach are all the young people in our area who are preparing for the county fair. Animals are being cared for ... groomed, walked, fed, watered, and loved. Whatever it takes to present a worthy entry. Other young people are honing their cooking and baking skills in order to participate in the Baked and Canned Goods show. Those horticulture students are caring for plants such as ivies, impatiens, tomato and pepper bedding plants, making sure they are of good quality.

As we made our rounds yesterday delivering Meals on Wheels, we noticed a redbud tree in full bloom. Always a sign of spring's approach. It was gorgeous. My neighbor has a redbud tree; it is just beginning to bud out, but in a few days it, too, will be announcing to the world that new life is on the way.

Did you ever think that we as Christians could compare ourselves to the redbud tree? We should be announcing to those around us that a New Life is on the way. Salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord brings new life. It is my belief that as we watch things of nature come alive in the springtime, it is God's way of reminding us of His Son coming back to life ... how Jesus arose from that ugly grave to give us eternal hope.

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