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Sojourn With Luz Leigh


Written by Luz Leigh - 11 February 2008

At our church for the next few weeks, we will be studying Family Practice, a series of Bible study lessons and sermons by our pastor. The first week addressed singles; people who have chosen to remain unmarried, those who are divorced, and the widows and widowers. The Bible assures us that it is acceptable for some people not to marry.

The second sermon was on ways husbands and wives must work at becoming a person who can give to his or her spouse the things that only a spouse can give ... love and respect. The pastor did an excellent job of presenting his case, all based on the Word of God.

You know, many pastors shy away from the verse in Ephesians that plainly states "Wives, submit to your husband as to the Lord." Ephesians 5:22. I never had a problem with that, and if other women are smart, they won't either. Ladies, think! When we submit to our husbands, that places the monkey on his back. He becomes the head of the household, as it should be. He will have to make the tough decisions, which you will back him on, but it will be his responsibility to step out into the line of fire. Have you figured out that this is to be a humorous piece of writing?

I agree that we wives should respect and honor our husbands and what better way is there than to allow him to make the following decisions. And then justify them.

Little Susie has a big wad of bubble gum in her hair (right the middle of her head). Does the man of house rub ice on it to make it brittle ... does he rub peanut butter on it to make it soft ... either choice would help remove the gum from his daughter's hair. Nope. He takes the easy way out. Grabs the scissors and cuts out a big hunk of hair, even with the scalp. Problem solved. Right?

As he is reveling in the way he handled that minor problem, he realizes that little Johnny has managed to superglue his finger to his math book. Did the man attempt to remove the glue with the glue removal stuff that the wife keeps for emergencies such as this? Nope. Took the easy way out. Rips off the back cover of the math book, loads the 2 kids in the car and heads for the emergency room of the local hospital. As always, the waiting room is full of people with serious injuries or illnesses, so the man, the little girl who looks as though a drunk Indian tried to scalp her, and the little boy with the mathbook hand, wait ... and wait, to be seen by an overworked medical crew. Long story short. Boy is detached from the book cover; dad pays for the ER visit with his Mastercard, which is already groaning from unnecessary charges, and with the children in tow, he heads home.

As he enters the on ramp of the freeway, the car makes a little sputtering noise ... goes a little ways onto the freeway ... and dies. Oh wow! Gas gauge is past empty. He knew that warning light had been on but, hey, can't you go a LONG way before the tank is really empty? He manages to get the car into the emergency lane, assures the kids all will be fine, telling them "this will be our little secret; no need to bother mom." Yeah, right. He calls his brother to bring him some gas. No need to call the company that provides roadside assistance through his insurance policy. Brother arrives with the gas. Since he did not have a regular gas can, he had picked up a used 5-gallon can (probably the one that originally had hydraulic fluid in it) that had been sitting out by the garage since last summer. So what if it had some trash and water in it? You getting the picture of what happens next? Emergency room visit, tow truck charge, repairs to car's engine. But, hey, the book cover is no longer attached to his son's finger. The math book. Wow! Do you know how much one of those things costs now days?

You are asking "where was the wife while all this was taking place?" She was at her job, bringing home money to provide for her family ... being the helpmate to her husband to whom she had submitted. Why was the husband at home instead of working? He had the day off and had insisted the babysitter take the day off as well. He could handle things around the house.

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