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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Telephones - Do We Really Need Them?

Written by Luz Leigh - 17 August 2007

Have you ever stopped to think how different your life is today than it was when you were a child? Or even when you were a young adult? Of course, it is my hope that some of you who are reading this will fall into the young adult class even now.

Today as my daughter, who is talented in so many ways, was installing a telephone in my bathroom, I remarked to her how different things are. As a child, I grew up in a loving, caring home, but devoid of a telephone. Can you imagine that? After I married, we had a telephone ... yes I said "a" phone. And it was located in the front hallway of the same old home I grew up in. For about fifteen years we managed to survive with just a single phone.

Then we moved "uptown" ... well actually down the hill ... to a home that had four ... we counted them FOUR ... phone jacks. That was great, but we only owned one phone. We quickly make a trip to K-Mart and came home with new phones for everyone. The boys had to share a phone in their room, but that was pre-teen years so they didn't care. Little daughter had her phone and we parents had a phone by our bed. No more stumbling through the dark to answer the ringing intruder before it awakened the children. Countless times have I stumped by toe on the door facing ... why did I not remember to turn on a light or walk straight through that open door? And while we are counting, let's not forget about the phone in the barn out back.

When the children became teens, the ultimate disciplinary measure was for their dad or me to walk in their room and remove the phone for a set number of hours or days. After they reached the legal age of driving, we moved to another level of punishment ... taking away the car or truck keys.

In this age of modern technology, I have come to believe that somehow my house has been wired so that my friends and family know the exact moment I enter my bathroom. For it is almost without fail, that is the time the phone will ring. Although I have an answering machine connected to my phone, for some reason many of my friends are deathly afraid of speaking to a talking machine. So, they will leave no message. Sometimes caller ID will give me a clue as to whom has called. I think one reason some do not leave a message, they think they have gotten a wrong number. You see, the male voice of the prerecorded message is not that of my mate. The voice sounds like he is young, intelligent and very good looking. How do I know this? Do you really think I would have an old, dumb, ugly man taking my messages????

To be sure I am really up to date, my children have provided me with a cell phone. You know, that little thing that causes your purse to ring and you wonder what that noise is. I love to call it and listen to my younger son, who has a great speaking voice, saying, "You have reached my mom's cell phone. Please leave a message." Now would that confuse someone? Who the heck is his mom? But considering I have only shared that number with less than a dozen people, the cell phone seldom rings. It's for emergency purposes only. Such as when my children need to reach me while I am on the Internet and have the house phone tied up, but that is less than 12 hours a day ... most of the time.

Ok, now you know all about the phones in my life. Give me a call sometime. BR549 is the number. If a good looking blond answers ... you have the wrong number.

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