The Mountain Top

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The Mountain Top

Welcome to Christianity Oasis. This is The Mountain Top from our Sojourn With Luz Leigh Collection. We hope you enjoy this enlightening reading and it helps you on your own be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

The Mountain Top

Written by Luz Leigh - 10 October 2007

The road through the valley is rough, lonely, dangerous---causing us to be unhappy, sometimes frightened. But, always available to our sight, if we but look up, is the Mountain Top. It is a challenge to us to continue through the valley. The promise has been made that if we remain faithful to the task set before us, we shall reach the Mountain Top. It is this promise that gives us the strength day by day to carry on.

For those who, at least once, have been to the Mountain Top, the memory can sustain us for the problems that surround us each day. No matter how heavy our load in the valley, the prospect of one day reaching the Mountain Top sustains us. The load may be a physical disability or illness, a financial burden, a spiritual need, or a combination of these things. Whatever makes the way rough can be overcome if we keep our eyes trained on the Mountain Top.

If we focus only on the obstacles in our path in the valley, a cloud will keep the Mountain Top obscured from view. When this occurs, the valley seems dark and lonely, with no hope in sight because, you see, our Hope is in the Mountain Top.

The trip to the Mountain Top is a life-long journey.

This was written in 1988 during some trying times in our family's lives.

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