The Therapy Patch

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The Therapy Patch

Welcome to Christianity Oasis. This is The Therapy Patch from our Sojourn With Luz Leigh Collection. We hope you enjoy this enlightening reading and it helps you on your own be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

The Therapy Patch

Written by Luz Leigh in Spring 1995 - Posted 29 October 2007

Today as I worked in the yard, I found many things that needed my attention, but nothing cried out for help any louder than my "Therapy Patch." When this area of the yard was prepared about eight years ago, it was to be a flower bed. David and Bryon worked all one afternoon, digging out the existing grass, installing landscape timbers to make the outline and then filling it with good rich soil.

Each year since, I have planted, watered, weeded and even harvested flowers. The grandchildren and I have watched as radishes, tomatoes and a few beans grew. Patsy tried to raise some carrots one year, without success. Many different varieties of flowers have been planted; some grew, some died.

But, always the flower bed has been a Therapy Patch for me. When things go bad at work, I spend time pulling weeds. If there is a problem in the family, I make my way to the Patch. I have not always been able to take my troubles to the Lord and lay them down. I sometimes think He needs my help in solving them. So, as I talk to Him, I pull weeds.

This day I worked in the Patch, not because I had a problem or was unhappy. It simply was time to begin the spring cleaning of the Patch. Winter grass was flourishing there, bright green. Amid the grass were a number of weeds. I know not the correct name for them, but to me they are the thistle weeds.

These weeds remind me of some people in this world. The weeds grow fast; their stems are big, but hollow. The roots are very shallow and if one is careful not to grab a sticker, the weed can be pulled up with ease.There are people we know who make a big showing quickly in their life. They attain worldly status, have fine homes, expensive automobiles. Their children are afforded every toy and pleasure any child could desire.

But, like the weed, there is no substance to them. Their roots are shallow, reaching just below the surface with no firm foundation to sustain them in times of trouble. Their worldly goods make them seem bigger than life, but inside they have no peace, only a hollowness.

The stem of the weed is easily broken because running through the middle of it is only space, nothing to hold it firm. The weed, for a few days, has a delicate blossom on it. Then the blossom turns to a feathery type substance that is easily blown away with the gentlest breeze.

We know people that appear to be something quite attractive, but when adversity comes, their attractiveness disappears. Their "blossom" becomes something undesirable and no one wants to be around them.

The weed is placed here for some reason. Maybe so that frustrated writers like me can find a subject for short story. Maybe it is here for us to learn from. Maybe it is here so weed-killer salesmen can make a living.

The next time you encounter a weed, look closely at it. Do you see yourself as a weed in the flower bed of Life, or are you one of the flowers that brings pleasure, or are you one of the vegetables that brings nourishment to those around you?

When you pass my house and I am in the Patch, rest assured I am there by choice. David did not know when he built the flower bed what it would become. If I had visited a therapist each time I have visited the Patch, some doctor would be thousands of dollars richer and I would be that much poorer and probably still frustrated!

The Patch may not have pretty flowers this year; it may not produce any vegetable, but it will be there for me when I need a sounding board. The neighbors have long since decided we are stark-raving mad, so if I talk to an empty flower bed, they will just chalk it up to another oddity of the Hardee bunch. But, then, that flower bed just might boast of colorful zinnias, marigolds, petunias and a tomato or two.

Why should I get all the pleasure and good from the Patch? My neighbors probably will never read this to understand just what that flower bed is to me. So, for their sake, I think I shall try to brighten up this corner. It just might make someone feel better for a few minutes from having seen God's handiwork in the Therapy Patch.

If you happen to pass my way and your day has not gone right, stop and join me in the Patch. After you tell the Patch all about the things that fell apart or never came together to begin with, you will feel better. And, if the zinnias are blooming I just might let you take some home with you.

Better still, look around your home and find your very own Therapy Patch. It doesn't have to be a flower bed. It doesn't even have to be outdoors. It can be a quiet corner of the extra bedroom, it can be at the kitchen sink, at the piano, at the keyboard of your typewriter or computer, at the sewing machine, on the bank of your favorite fishing pond, in the shop area of your garage, in the cab of your truck. The thing that it must be is a place you can go to think about whatever is on your mind and you feel you can't or don't want to share with any other person. The Keeper of the Patch will listen and He will never tell a soul what you have shared with Him. I hope you can find your Patch and enjoy it as much as I do mine.

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