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Sojourn With Luz Leigh


Written by Luz Leigh - June 2007

Trust. The word has only five letters when written in the English language. But what mighty power it carries. The Hebrew word batach carries the following meaning: be bold, confident, secure or sure. Elpizo and elpis are Greek words that give us the meaning to anticipate with pleasure; faith or hope.

Webster's dictionary: to place confidence in - HOPE.

Now that we have established what the definition of the word trust is, let us discuss how we should respond to it. As infants we learned to trust our parents and other adults. They took us from our cribs and held us out of the secure environment to which we were accustomed. We trusted them because we had not yet learned to fear.

When our daddies would push us in the swing, there was much joy and trust as little children. We knew he would not lead us into anything harmful to us.

During our high school years, we trusted our teachers to provide us with knowledge that would take us beyond our "cocoon" where we knew everyone and thought we knew everything.

College years were the beginning time of enlightenment. We must now discern whom to trust and whom to pull away from. Which young woman or young man, as the case might be, did we want to keep in our circle of friends.

Now we are adults who must daily trust people in areas of our life that until now were things our parents and other adults dealt with. From the time we were small children in church and Sunday school, we heard the reassuring words: "Trust in the Lord." We knew we could trust Him.

We feel we are prepared for this world in which we are to trust and be trusted. A friend shares some intimate thoughts with us. We are flattered that he will place his confidence in us that the trust will not be broken. The words concern a third party. After much agonizing, we break our friend's trust. We feel the third party needs to know a small portion of what we have been told. It will help the third party understand some of the turmoil going on in our friend's life, making it easier for that person to help our friend.

But, wait. Did our friend tell us all his thoughts anticipating our divulging "a small part" to someone else? No, he was sure we could keep his words to ourselves. When we said the first word of the confidential discourse to a third party, we had broken the trust the friend had placed in us.

We will go to that friend, confess what we have done. No matter how much good we MIGHT have done by sharing something we thought would help, we have inflicted pain and distrust in the heart of that friend. We remorsefully talk to the friend, ask his forgiveness and promise never to break his trust again. The friend is a true Christian and reminds us that just as Christ forgave us, so he must forgive when we have wronged him.

Those words of forgiveness should make us feel better. Maybe to a degree they will, but deep inside we still have a great sadness. The hope that the friend held when he entrusted us with the words meant only for our ears has been dashed. Will he ever fully trust us again? Can he? Should he?

TRUST. A small word but one that carries a heavy load. The Apostle Paul wrote the following words to his young co-worker named Timothy. "Guard what has been entrusted to your care." 1 Timothy 6:20a.

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