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Sojourn With Luz Leigh


Written by Luz Leigh - 27 April 2008

TRUTH. It is just a five letter word, but it holds an incredible meaning. We have all heard the word used from the time we were small children. We heard it when we were in school; when we were employed at a secular job; when we sat in a courtroom. It is the by-word of the Christian website on which I post my writings.

We used the word as we trained our children. We encouraged them to be truthful in their dealings with others. We never asked them to lie about anything, but we admonished them to be gentle with their associates when administering "truth."

When I grew up, all the kids I knew believed in Santa Claus during the early years of our lives. Because I was an only child, I was probably sheltered a little longer than some of my classmates who had older siblings. I well remember the day at school when a little girl told me there was no such thing as Santa Claus. I was heartbroken.

Upon arriving at home that afternoon, I asked my mother if it were true. Being a loving and wise mother, she took me in her arms and explained as only a caring person could. She told me that there was no physical "santa" ... no man in a red suit who flew through the skies on Christmas Eve ... but there would always be that spirit of love and giving that he portrayed. She explained that because she and my daddy loved me so much, they wanted me to experience the same joy they had experienced as children when they were allowed to believe in the harmless myth of "santa." The anticipation of finding special gifts under the tree on Christmas morning would remain. Mother assured me that although "santa" would no longer somehow magically appear in our living room, she and Daddy would continue to shower me with gifts as they had in the past.

I already knew there was a connection between the real meanings of Christmas ... the birth of the Christ child ... and "santa" showering me with gifts. My parents had been careful to teach me the true meaning of Christmas AND allow me the fantasy of the "santa" myth. They told me that because at His birth, wise men had presented gifts to the Christ child, they gave me gifts out of their love for me.

Some parents and grandparents today believe it is wrong to allow their children to believe in Santa Claus. I have no problem with that. I do feel sorry for the little ones who do not get to believe in that magic time of the year. What I do have a problem with are the parents who encourage their young children to be "truthful" to the point they feel it is their duty to break the hearts of their young classmates or friends with the announcement, "There is no santa." Most of the time there is laughter and taunting of the little one whose simple faith in a fantasy has been crushed.

Truth, when administered in a loving, gentle way, can be an asset. It can be used to guide family and friends away from a bad habit to a better way of life.

The word "truth" is mentioned more than two hundred and thirty times in the Bible, but no where does it teach us to be unkind when administering it. Truth is described as a strong affirmation, faithful, sure, steady, certainty, and right, among other definitions. No where in the definition of truth do we find hurtful or unkind. It is sad that people, many of whom profess to be Christians, hide behind the word "truth" to justify actions that are far from the true meaning of the word.

When the time was right, we told our older son about "santa" and encouraged him to keep the secret between us adults. Sort of a conspiracy, I suppose you would call it. He lived up to his end of the bargain and never told any of his friends or siblings what he knew. When the next son was told about "santa," he too joined the older folks who knew something his little sister did not know. He thought it was fun to help keep our secret. For years after our daughter had learned about a non-existing "santa," she continued to "believe" and cared not that her friends teased her. Her daddy and I were able to cling to the fun of slipping around purchasing gifts unknown to the children, hiding them in unique places, and then on Christmas Eve, after the children were in bed, having the pleasure of playing "santa" one more time.

In this time of violence, crime, broken homes, and hatred among people in our own land, parents should be willing to allow their young children to have a little fun and excitement that believing in "santa" can bring to them.

On this web site we are admonished to "speak TRUTH," but I do not for one second believe the administrator intends for us to use that phrase to justify all our words or actions. Some of them may not be clean and acceptable in the Lord's sight. Therefore, in those incidents, we speak not TRUTH.

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