Vick Edwards

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Vick Edwards

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Vick Edwards, Eternally Young

Written by Luz Leigh - 25 April 2008

Catherine Jenkinson once wrote: "He lights my world with love and laughter. He gives to all my days the warm promise of Spring, and because of Him I am ever young." When we are young, we take it for granted that we will always be that way. After we become mature adults, we realize that we cannot forever be young physically. But, we can always be young in our hearts.

This morning I received word of the death of a neighbor who was my husband's high school classmate. They grew up together in our small town. I knew him even before I met the young boy who I would one day marry. Both of those guys were "wild." By today's standards they would be far from judged as "wild." But in days gone by, because they drove their cars as fast as the cars would go, played pranks on each other and on their friends, most of the adults deemed them to be something that they really were not.

When I was about eleven years old, my mother and I were enjoying a quiet afternoon on our front porch when Jack turned the corner rather fast, causing lots of dust to fly from the unpaved road that ran beside our home. My mother turned to me and in her most serious voice uttered words that I remember to this day. "Sharon, there are two boys in this town that you are never to get in the car with." First name out of her mouth was "Jack Hardee." The other was "Vick. Edwards." I heeded mother's advice as far as Vick was concerned ... I never rode in the same vehicle with him. But, you know, I married Jack and had Mother lived long enough, her opinion of these two would have changed.

Today as I sat thinking about what mother told me, my thoughts went back to our teenage years. Vick and Jack played sports together; rode horses; ran the same circles. As most of the boys did in those days, they took up the nasty habit of smoking cigarettes ... something that I fully believe brought an early death to my husband and caused Vick to suffer with emphysema during the last years of his life.

Now the two of them are enjoying an Eternal Spring where death and suffering are not allowed. Vick's widow and I are here to remember their love and the laughter we all enjoyed.

May I encourage you to share your love with those around you and infect them with your laughter. It will keep you young.

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