Visit to Bush Presidential Library and Museum

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Visit to Bush Presidential Library and Museum

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Visit to Bush Presidential Library & Museum

Written by Luz Leigh, 25 November 2008

Thanksgiving week. The day we traditionally gather with family and friends to give thanks for His many blessings; eat far too much food and enjoy watching parades and football games. I love Thanksgiving because it does not have as many of the commercial trappings that the secular world had attached to Christmas. But, Thanksgiving week is also a busy week for me ... making preparations for the dinner guests that will grace my home that day.

Early today as I lay in bed, planning my agenda for the day, the phone rang. "Hey, Mom, wanna go to the Bush Presidential Library today?" were the words I heard my daughter speak. Is she crazy? With as much as I have to do? But quickly I pushed those thoughts aside and said, "What time do we leave?"

After a pleasant drive through a lot of rural country, (has to be rural to get from my home to anywhere), we arrived at the site of the library and museum. We were accompanying a group of school children, one of which was my ten-year-old grandson Tommy. My thoughts raced back to years ago when I would go as a room mother with my children on their field trips. Today was so different. These students were well mannered from the minute they stepped out of the van which transported them from their school to the time they arrived back at the school campus. The assigned guide at the museum made mention to the students and parents as we were at the end of the tour of the museum that this was the most well behaved group she had dealt with.

There is no way one could see everything there is to view in the short time we were there, some two and half hours, which flew by. In no particular order of importance, I want to share with you things that impressed.

In a replica of the oval office, each student was allowed to sit in the chair behind the desk. How I would have loved to have had a picture of Tommy as he sat there, but photographs are not allowed in that room. Did you know that in the middle drawer on the left side of the desk, Mr. Bush kept his baseball glove? This certainly impressed Tommy because, you see, Mr. Bush was left-handed and played first base ... same with Tommy.

There is a restored 1947 Studebaker automobile, painted Aggie maroon, which was very similar to one I used to ride to work in, except that one was grey. The one I rode in was not new by any means.A presidential limousine sits near the front of the museum but I, (nor anyone else), was not allowed to touch it or sit in it. I wanted to stand and wave from the open rooftop, but I will have to wait.

For me one of the most touching exhibits was a 12-foot tall section of the Berlin Wall. This icon once was the symbol of communism, oppression and division in Germany. On one side are words and symbols that the people in free Germany had written; in stark contrast on the communist side there were no words or symbols. Nothing. A few tears slipped down my cheeks as I remembered how many people were killed as they tried to escape from behind that barrier to freedom.

I learned much history today, not the least was the fact there is a family cemetery on the grounds of the library and museum. Behind the museum there is a small pond. Beyond that are two stone pillars, standing silent guard over the grave of the Bushes young daughter, Robin, who died of leukemia at the age of three. Mr. and Mrs. Bush will be buried there. No others.

There is much more I want to share, but it will have to wait for another day. Although I am very tired, it is a "good" tired and somehow the Thanksgiving Day preparations will come together. This trip to College Station has been one of the many blessings that I receive and for which we will give thanks.

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