Visit to the Country Place, Part 2

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Visit to the Country Place, Part 2

Welcome to Christianity Oasis. This is Visit to the Country Place, Part 2 from our Sojourn With Luz Leigh Collection. We hope you enjoy this enlightening reading and it helps you on your own be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Visit to the Country Place, Continued

Written by Luz Leigh - 03 August 2009

Let us continue with the telling about the visit to the country place.

Edwin drove us around the place, pointing out various species of trees, all native to this acreage. There were black gum, Bois'd arc, pine, persimmon, elm, granny grey beards, pin oaks, sweet gum, to name a few. I asked if, by any chance, there were any sassafras trees on the place. I was told there was at least one, but because of the recent rain, we would not be able to drive down to the branch where it was located. He said he remembered going with his mother years ago where they dug roots from the sassafras tree so she could make tea from the roots. Follow up to that. In doing some research about the sassafras tree, I found that the bark of the root from which the tea is made, contains something that might cause cancer. Well, doesn't everything?

He pointed out yaupon bushes, Spanish mulberry bushes, a wild plum tree, and muscadine vines, a type of wild grapes. Those grapes make excellent jelly and I was disappointed to learn that because of the drought, there would be no grapes to harvest this year. Some folks make wine from those grapes. The plum tree had no fruit on it either. Note: someone who reads this may correct me on the way I spelled "muscadine" ... but that is the way a school teacher who is a country girl told me to spell it.

As we drove past a section of very thick growth, a stand of switch cane was pointed out. Showing my ignorance, I asked what that was. He explained it is what cane fishing poles are made from. This was just one of the many questions I had asked during our time in the country. Edwin is a slow-talking Southern gentleman, with great manners. After answering all those questions, in that slow east Texas drawl, he said, "Lady, for someone who is so smart, you sure ask a lot of questions." I just smiled, thinking, "How do you think I got smart?"

We drove by the old dug well that is still in place, although it is covered and not in use. At one time there was a bored well nearby, but it has long since been abandoned. I could see no evidence of its existence.

After this visit, we head back to town with him promising he will show me more of the place when the moisture has dried up enough so that we will not slide off the beaten path and get stuck. As we were leaving, I realized that during the hours we were there, no sound was heard except our voices during the few times we talked and some crows cawing off in the distance. How peaceful.

The scripture "Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10 popped into my mind as I mulled over the beauties of His world that I had seen and enjoyed that day. It was easy to "be still" out there among the things of nature. I thought "How nice it would be to take some of the peacefulness home with me." Then it came to me. I can have peace in my heart if I but turn to the Lord each day for His guidance. He cannot stop the noise of the city life, but he can quiet my struggles. "My peace I leave with you" is what our Savior promised in John 14:27.

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