Want to be Like Christ

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Want to be Like Christ

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Want to be Like Christ

Written by Luz Leigh - Spring 2007

Recently I was reading a devotional prepared by an associate minister at my church. He asked the question, "Want to be like Christ?" Well, what a dumb question to ask of a fellow Christian. Of course, I do. Then he went on to make some statements that really had my mind in gear.

If we REALLY want to be like Christ, we must think of what that means. It's not just being a fellow heir with Christ; bound for an eternal home not made with hands; saved by grace; and all the other phrases we use to describe ourselves once we have accepted the salvation provided us by the Father who sacrificed his own Son to cover our sins.

To be like Christ we must first of all learn to be humble. Humility is a trait that is hard to achieve if we try it under our own power. We humans are taught from birth to be "proud of ourselves." A few years ago I got so sick and tired of hearing about "self-esteem." What do we have to be proud of? Nothing that has not been given to us by our loving heavenly Father. We of ourselves own nothing; what we have has been loaned to us to be used for His glory. Our lives, our health, our families, our homes, our jobs, our vehicles, and the list goes on and on. You follow my drift?

Once we learn to be humble, we will want to practice love as Christ did. But, will we really love as He did? Are we willing to give up our lives so others may live? Not many of us are. We might love our children, or maybe our parents, enough to lay down our lives for them, but for acquaintances or strangers? Sad to say, most of us would draw the line of love right there.

So, let's return to the original question: "Want to be like Christ?" We do and we can with the Father's help. Take that giant step of Faith and let Him guide us. The road will be rough, long and at times lonely, but in the end we will be so blessed. Sojourn with Christ. He has walked the path, He knows the way; He is our map, our guide. He holds our hand and lifts us when we stumble or fall. We really should want to be like Christ.

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