Was This an Angel?

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Was This an Angel?

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Was This an Angel?

Written by Luz Leigh - 25 September 2008

She was walking along the busy highway where there were no sidewalks, pushing a stroller in which her youngest child was riding. A little boy with big dark eyes and a cute smile. There were 2 little girls and one more little boy making their way with their mother to the local grocery store. The older girl looked to be about seven years old; she seemed to be sort of in charge of the other little girl, holding her hand so she wouldn't roam into the street. Holding to the stroller handle, looking like he was "helping" momma push, was the fourth child.

The older woman, whom we shall call Sharon, watched as they passed by the post office parking lot where she was parked. A few minutes later as she entered the grocery store, there they were, going slowly down the aisles. The mother was carefully selecting food items, asking what flavor juice each child would prefer. Although Sharon had only planned to be in the store a minute or so to get her daily supply of bananas, she took more time and watched the little family. Ahhh, the young mother passed up the beer and wine. This impressed Sharon.

Slowly Sharon made her way to the produce section, stopping to check the prices on various items. Not that she intended to purchase any of them, but she wanted to have more time to observe this mother. The children and their mother were poorly dressed, but clean. The children were not rowdy and unruly. The little boy who appeared to be about three years old was wearing some crazy looking sunglasses. Right proud of those glasses, he was.

Sharon wanted so badly to do something for the mother, but she lives on a limited income. Then she remembered! During the time she had no electrical power following Hurricane Ike's destructive visit to her town, with nothing better to do, she had rolled some pennies she had been saving in a little tin "piggy bank." Earlier in the day Sharon had cashed in those coins at the local bank. She had planned to put the currency back in the piggy bank to save for a "rainy day," but decided the young mother could use that money more than she.

So, Sharon headed down the same aisle on which the young mother was trying to decide which family size bag of chips she could afford. Sharon quickly took the mother's hand, placed the bill in it, and asked her to buy something for the children that she otherwise would not be able to do. Just as quick Sharon turned and headed for the checkout counter, but not before she saw the look on the mother's face. It was one of unbelief, then one of happiness. Because the older woman was a stranger to the lady and her children, the mother was trying to explain what had just happened.

Sharon did not look back, because she did not want her benefactor to see the tears in her eyes. They were tears of joy because her heart felt good for having done something for someone simply because she felt like doing it.

Later when sharing with a friend, not for praise or glory, but to tell of the look on the young mother's face, and how good it had made her feel to do something on the spur of the moment ... something that might have brought some happiness to those kids, he said, "I've never known an angel before." Sharon was quick to say, neither have I. To which he replied, "Oh, but you were that woman's angel."

Is that what being an angel means? Helping someone when they least expect it? Expecting nothing in return? If so, then we could all be angels to someone.

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