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Sojourn With Luz Leigh


Written by Luz Leigh - 10 February 2007

This day started out with temperatures in the low 40s; gray overcast skies; slight northeast wind blowing. Not really a cold day, just disagreeable. I can remember exactly what the weather was like on only a few specific days in my past. The day we buried my mom, cold, very cold, light drizzle; the day we buried my daddy it was a hot June day; the day my husband died and the day we buried him, those days were even hotter ... three-digit temperatures in July 1995. But then there are some happy days ... the day we got married was much like today except there was fog rolling in by late afternoon on that December day; and the days my three children were born.

On Sunday 10 February the day dawned clear and cool. According to my doctor I was about eleven days past my delivery date of our first child. I was tired of waiting, yet nervous about the prospect of becoming a new mother. I chose not to attend Sunday school or church that morning; something told me to hang around home. Before noon I knew it was time to head to the hospital. As we drove to the hospital I remember thinking "What a beautiful day." Bright sunshine, not a cloud in the sky. Never having given birth nor having been closely associated with anyone who had, I was in for a surprise. One does not just arrive at the delivery area and announce I am ready to give birth. Things were different in those days. I will not bore you with all the details of what I endured during the next nine hours. But before midnight, I did deliver a healthy nine pound six ounce boy.

Four years later on a sunny Monday afternoon I went into labor again. This time I sort of knew what to expect so I did not rush to get to the hospital. I was hanging a load of clothes on the back porch when the pains began. (The clothes were still hanging there when we returned from the hospital days later.) When son number one arrived home from his Sunbeam meeting at the church, we loaded him into the car, dropped him off at his paternal granny's house and off we went. Again before midnight there was another healthy son; this one not as hefty, weighing in at eight pounds four ounces. 06 March was the date. A dear friend whose birthday was on the 7th of March fussed because I did not wait another hour and half so the baby would have been born on her birthday. I told her I loved her, but not enough to deal with that pain any longer than necessary.

Monday 13 January was a raw, cold day, cloudy. I had a regularly scheduled doctor's appointment that morning. Most of the time I made the trip to the doctor's office alone, but that morning my sweet husband decided to spend his 37th birthday with his very pregnant wife. The doctor examined me and said if I had not "done something" by Friday he would induce labor. I was hoping he would say "by this afternoon." I again was tired of waiting. Following my visit with the doctor, we went by the hospital to visit the sweet lady who would serve as my children's "foster" maternal grandmother until her death many years later. I shared with her what the doctor had said about Friday. She smiled and told me not to worry, all would be fine. She was right.

We returned home and I decided to take a nap before picking up the boys from their granny's home. But, about the time I lay down, I KNEW we had better return to the hospital. We grabbed my bag, quickly drove by so I could hug the boys and say goodbye. I wanted the sun to be shining, but it was still overcast and cold. But this time, my child did not wait around until night fall ... within a couple hours of our arrival at the hospital, my precious little girl was born ... just before five o'clock that afternoon. She was the ultimate birthday gift for her daddy. Even if there was no physical sunshine outside, for the rest of his life, she brought sunshine into his heart.

When it came time for my daughter to bear a child, she did not rush into the delivery ... thirty hours we waited around for her to give birth to her little daughter. July 24 that year was not unbearably hot, but there was sunshine. Ten years later on the 30th of December she produced a son, but with a much shorter delivery time. It too was a sunshiny day.

My older grandson was born in the early morning hours on 24 January. The day prior had been a beautiful day, a Sunday much as the day on which his dad was born. His mom felt really good that afternoon ... she washed her truck in the driveway of their home.

So overall, we have had good weather days for memorable occasions in our family.

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