Where is Your Place of Service?

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Where is Your Place of Service?

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Where is Your Place of Service?

Written by Luz Leigh - 16 October 2008

Where is your Jerusalem? Your Judea? Your Samaria? Your part of the "uttermost part of the earth?" What is she talking about, you ask? We were all instructed as followers of Christ to go to those places, telling others the Good News. In the days when Jesus gave that commandment, most of the people to whom he was speaking knew only about places close to home, Judea and Samaria. Today we know of those places, plus the seven continents, and even cyberspace. No matter whether we are world travelers, or stay-at-home folks like yours truly, we still are to be faithful to the Great Commission found in the Book of Matthew chapter 28, verses 19-20. The same commission is found in the Book of Acts 1:8. I can still remember memorizing those verses when I was just a child and I wondered if I would be called into His service to travel far away from home. I was not.

For years I was bound to the small area near my home. And then the new invention of the Internet came into being. Through this "magic" I can reach out to people many miles from me ... people who live on different continents from me. Telling others about Jesus has reached new heights for me.

But, I have not left behind the needs of those people right here in my hometown. There are elderly and disabled people who need to hear of Jesus' love. There are young families struggling just to make ends meet. Into my life has come a family that has been displaced because of domestic violence. I speak not of these things to bring praise or glory to me, but to help you see how you, too, can carry out the Great Commission without becoming a missionary to some foreign country, or even to another state. We only have to look in our back yards to see needs.

Pray for the Lord to open your eyes to the needs around you and ask for His guidance as to how you are to help fill those needs. Does someone need help with in buying groceries? Does the family need warm winter clothing for the cold days ahead? Is there a single person who has no close family members but would welcome someone to drop in and visit a few minutes, maybe read a few Scriptures to them ... talk to them about Jesus our Lord? Let His love shine through you. Does your church have a bus ministry that might provide transportation for those with no way to get to church? Be the liaison between those in need and the bus driver. Write letters to some elderly or disabled folks. It doesn't have to be long or with fancy words. You will never know how much sunshine you will bring to a life of a lonely person when you take the time to say, "hello, thinking about you."

Today I challenge you to find your "Judea," your "Samaria," your "Jerusalem." There are many things which are not mentioned here; it is for you to find your place in His service. The blessings that will be poured out will not only be on those to whom you serve, but you will be covered as well. Try it; you just might like it. That's a promise.

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