Who Can You Count On?

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Who Can You Count On?

Welcome to Christianity Oasis. This is Who Can You Count On? from our Sojourn With Luz Leigh Collection. We hope you enjoy this enlightening reading and it helps you on your own be-YOU-tiful Christian walk.

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Sojourn With Luz Leigh

Who Can You Count On?

Written by Luz Leigh - July 2007

Today's daily Bible reading in Open Windows, published by LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention in Nashville, TN, spoke of trust and how we can count on God. We trust our friends to be in our lives when we need them. Sometimes they are there; sometimes they are not. At times a friend will be there for us, but being human, that friend might not be enough. Although he has given his best, that is not good enough for what we need at the moment.

But, take heart. We can count on the Lord to supply our every need. The Lord was there to care for the children of Israel when they were wandering in the wilderness for forty years. Daily He provided manna from heaven and quails on the ground for their physical food. His presence was felt among them to give spiritual help.

Remember the night Jesus was asleep in the boat and a storm arose on the Sea of Galilee, frightening the disciples? Jesus spoke to the turbulent waters and they became still. That calmed the disciples' fears.

Remember the time Jesus was teaching on the mountainside near the Sea of Galilee? Noontime came and Jesus was concerned because the people who gathered to hear His words had no food. The disciples were wondering where in the world would they obtain enough food to feed the four thousand people who were gathered there. It was at that time Jesus used the seven loaves of bread and a few fish to provide nourishment for the people. The Bible tells us there were four thousand men, besides women and children. So, think on this. If He were able to do all these miraculous things, can He not help us in our need?

It is here that our trust comes into play. He wants us to come to Him, asking the Father thru Him for our needs to be supplied. Notice I said needs, not our wants. We trust the police to keep our homes safe; we trust the school systems to educate our children; we trust the banks as caretakers of our money and we trust the medical profession for our healthcare needs. Then why is it so hard for us to trust the Lord to care for our spiritual needs to begin with, and then to help us with physical and emotional needs?

Think on this. The psalmist tells us: "Trust in him (the Lord) at all times, O people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge." Psalm 62:8 NIV

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