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Christianity Oasis provides this Holy Comforter Bible exploration looking at God's Comforter for Christians to have Holy Comfort. Come and meet my Comforter. He is your Comforter too.

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My Comforter in the Bible

Holy Spirit Comforter - Bible Comforter

This specific book is on the essential and exhilarating topic of God's Comforter and is titled, Holy Comforter - Bible Comforter journey into the Holy Comfort promise. My Comforter is also known as the Holy Spirit of God. The absolutely awesome message will truly bring a smile to the lips and heart and enLIGHTen your be-YOU-tiful Christian walk path.

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Holy Comforter Meaning
Bible Comforter For Holy Comfort

A Letter to My Dear Friend, the Holy Spirit who is God's Spirit, is the Bible Comforter and truly is ... My Comforter

Dear Holy Spirit,

Why is it that because of You I never get what I deserve? The things I do sometimes and the thoughts that enter into my mind are worldly and unwise. Because of this, at times, I am overwhelmed by it all and I do or say things that I regret. And for all of this I know what I deserve. I deserve to be punished and to have all mankind know my sins so that I may bow my head in shame.

Yet, there you are. Always waiting for me. Always watching me. Always having faith that I will come to you with the heavy load of worries and fears that I carry around with me so that YOU will make all of my problems disappear into the thin air.

Yet instead of talking to you I ignore you and I suffer through my mis-deeds on my own. All alone I cry tears of self pity and fall into such deep depression that even all the anti-depressants in the world couldn't cure. I get so lonely sometimes Holy Spirit. You know the thoughts that enter into my mind, the thoughts that I cant even believe I am entertaining. The loneliness is unbearable. And yet there you are ... always waiting ... always watching ... faithfully hoping I would say your name. "Why can't he even just say my name", you think to yourself?

There is so much work to do. So many lost souls that are in need of help to find the way. Yet I sit alone with despair in this prison cell that I have created on my own. You have the key to set me free if I would only ask you. If I would have only been talking to you this whole time I would have never been in this situation. Yet I go on and on all alone. All alone of my own choice. Oh if I would only swallow my pride and listen to you ... just to be quiet and listen.

So what do you do with me now this wretched man before you? Do you leave me alone with my own demons? Do you forsake me and give up on me? Nope, you do not. You work around me. You tell things to my friends and they tell me and I feel hope. You speak to me through a song or a movie and I feel you. I feel you in my heart whispering to me. I can see and feel you in the laughter and the passion for life that the children have.

Jesus said we must be free like children to enter in to the Kingdom of God, didn't He? I can see what He means now. No worries. Not having been polluted by this evil world we live in. I finally break down and cry. I fall to my knees begging for your forgiveness. You help me to translate my hearts desire to Jesus and to my Father. They hear and feel me because of you. They Forgive me and instead of passing down a judgment of punishment for my harsh lack of faith and my worldly ways they sentence me to Life without Parole. Everlasting life in the presence of GOD.

I feel like I didn't get what I deserved. But you tell me that you have forgiven and forgotten what I did. You really do not know what I am talking about regarding my mis-deeds. So what am I to do now? I cannot help but to feel the guilt of what I have done but your love and forgiveness overpowers me and I fall into your heart. You give me life. You breathe your life into me. You are my Comforter.

You told me that you knew me before the womb. You made my heart beat and you blew the breath of life into my nostrils. Oh but I am older now and wiser from past experiences. But I will still never know myself like you know me. If it was up to me I would have given up on me a long time ago. Well, I guess I did give up didn't I?

Yet there is something inside of me, inside of us all that have come to know You, Holy Spirit and Jesus and the Father. Something inside that we forget about because the world can be so overpowering. Something inside of us that if we would all let it out all of the time, the world wouldn't be what it is today. I believe I know now what that thing inside of us all is. We, no matter how we were brought into this world. Mom and Dad's lil accident. We may have been planned.

We may have been tossed in a dumpster and found by someone. All of that doesn't matter. What matters is no matter how we were brought in to this world we were all Conceived in Love. Not our parents love, but your Love. And unlike the worlds or our friends or our families empty promises, Your Promise is forever and ever. Your Love is Unconditional and Everlasting.

So why is it that having already known all of this in the past that I didn't talk to you? Why did I ignore you? Oh I know why, the TV I can see. My friends I can see and touch. My image in the mirror is in the flesh. But you Holy Spirit are invisible. I can't see you all of the time so I forget about you. Yet you said not to live in the flesh you say to live in the Spirit. That's what matters doesn't it?

That's where dreams are conceived. That place in the spirit is where dreams are made reality. That is the place where True Love is found. True Compassion for my fellow brothers and sisters in this world that have REAL problems. That is the place that you can use me to reach them. That is the place where I am free and without sin. But that is also the place where the dark ones are too. I can sometimes feel them.

Jesus said that He will not speak to me that much because the prince of this world is come and he speaks often. But what did Jesus do about this? Did He rise up to Heaven from the mount and leave us here all alone? He said "I am always with you even until the end of time". So where is He? I know where He is. He is YOU. And He did not leave me. He did not leave any of us alone. He gave us YOU. You are Jesus. You are The Father and You are You all in one. You are my Comforter.

You speak to me constantly in my heart. You nudge me in the right direction if I will listen. You are the still small voice that Elijah heard. I have heard you too. I Love you my Friend. I want to make you a Promise that I will never forsake you again. But I am not going to. I am not going to make any more vain promises to you ever again Holy Spirit.

Holy Comforter Letter
Bible Comforter Tears and Fears

You knew me before the womb. You have known me in the flesh. You know I am human and I will still make mistakes. You know my heart and you know the real me. You know my Love for you and if a promise is to be made by me it will be made in that place of the spirit. Because, I KNOW, in that place I cannot go wrong. But a vain promise from these lips I will not make anymore. Because I know that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

So I will not try to fool myself or you Lord anymore. You are my Lord and the God of my understanding. I do believe you Holy Spirit. I do know you now. I really and truly know you now. I will not be afraid of what the dark ones will do. I will not be afraid of the monsters. Because you are there protecting my soul. I will not fear what they may do to my flesh for I know that they can't touch my soul. It belongs to you.

You are God and I am your child. No matter how old I get and all grown up and all wise with age I will always be your little child. I know where that little boy is now Holy Spirit. He is in the spirit. I want to stay there always and be that little boy. But I know I cannot. Not yet anyway. One day soon I hope but not right now.

The world is where your lost ones are. The world is where I am headed to find them for you. I will find them and you will Love them and they will believe and then they will be back home with you. I WILL testify of Your LOVE. The harvest is great. The workers are few.

If I were to bury myself in a monastery somewhere to be with you always I know I would lose you. I will try to wait patiently for that great day. In our patience possess we our souls Jesus said. I cannot do it alone I know. I am yours. Guide me where you wish. I will go and when I start to stray remind me Holy Spirit. Remind me who I really am inside and take me there but only for a minute and I will remember what it's all about.

I eagerly await the day when we will all be together in Heaven. That will be a day of great celebration and Peace. But what many are missing is that that place is Here. That place is Now. That place is YOU. You have shown me and I have seen it. I have felt it. Heaven can be on earth. Heaven is on earth. Heaven lives inside me. Heaven lives inside all that have come to know and believe in Jesus. Heaven is where I wish to be. Jesus said to look neither here nor there for the Kingdom of Heaven for the Kingdom of Heaven is inside us. It is you isn't it Holy Spirit?

I wish to be with you always. Please never let me forget that again. Once again Thank you for NOT giving me what I deserve. Not giving me what I think I deserve. Thank you for giving me hope, life and Love. Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit says the Lord. He means YOU Holy Spirit and now I know what He Means. I Love you my Friend.


Your Friend and Servant in Christ

P.S. To my brothers and sisters in the Faith. If you have been where I have just been you know. If you have not I hope you know now that it is never too late. His mercy WILL come running. He is Love. There is NO fear in REAL Love. If you ever feel fear then it is not HIS Love. It is fake. Do not believe it. It is not real. He is God and His name is Jesus. But for now, while we wander this land longing for home, never forget the Holy Spirit. He is HIS gift given to us. Let me introduce you to my Comforter.

Holy Comforter Is Here
Bible Comforter Awaits

Talk to Him always when you can. He understands us more than we know. He Loves us and He is either carrying us or walking with us. Let's acknowledge Him and we can do His work. We are His Hands. We are His Heart. We are His Tools. We were lost, now we are found. Let's Love our brothers and sisters who are still lost. Let's show them the way. All we need is the Holy Spirit. He will speak for us. He will speak through us. Guess what? He just did ...

In HIS Image - The Trinity

Let us find out who the Holy Spirit is and how the Trinity works so that we may understand who we are and how we are to live.

Matthew 5:48

Jesus told us to "Be perfect, just as our Father in Heaven is perfect". Lets see how God works and how He created us in His image.

Genesis 1:26

God said that He made us in His image. What does that mean? In ...

1 John 5:7

... it says there are 3 that bear record in Heaven: the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost, these 3 are 1, this is also known as the Trinity. John says the Word instead of the Son. Jesus has been called the Word of God many times in the Bible.

John 1:1-14

Now we as humans are an extremely diverse people. We all have different colors of skin, hair, eyes, even our fingerprints and DNA is all diverse and unique to each person. So if God created us in His image what is it that we all have in common?

1 John 5:8

... says that there are 3 that bear witness in earth: the spirit, the water, and the blood. Lets borrow a little bit of mans scientific knowledge shall we? They tell us that our bodies are made up of approximately 90% water. So we can reasonably say that the water John refers to here is the flesh or our body. Each of us has unique DNA in our blood. In ...

Genesis 4:10

... it says that the voice of Abel's blood cries out to God for being slain by his brother Cain. Since Abel was dead at the time we can reasonably say that the blood is not the flesh but something else. Since it was Abel crying out we can say that the blood is our soul. The unique individual in us all. The decision maker.

The soul is our unique individuality and will live on forever after we die. God granted us all with the free will and ability to choose what we will do with our soul forever. These are OUR choices... eternal life with God by accepting Jesus Christ's awesome gift of covering us and forgiving our sins by HIS blood He shed on the cross for us all or eternal damnation in that is to say denying who Jesus is and not believing in what He did for us all.

In other words eternity With or Without God. The body is a tool as well as a vessel to hold our soul and spirit. The spirit is the heart. I am sure you have heard the saying, 'wow she's got spirit' or 'that guy has a lotta heart'. As sure as the heart pumps the blood through our veins and gives us life so does the spirit drive our soul. Without the heart beating we would die. Without our spirit we would be spiritually dead. Jesus said we are the salt of the earth but if the salt has lost its savor what good is it for? Men throw the worthless salt on to dunghills.

Luke 14:34-35

Wow, that is what it feels like too. We all have had times when we didn't even feel like getting up out of bed. We had no energy, no drive, no passion. Such is the spirit, without it we are dead. The spirit in us is the power, it is the energy, it creates our attitude and surroundings by what we think. That is why we must always think good thoughts for as sure as we can have a good spirit in us when we are thinking good with our soul (mind) we can think evil thoughts as well and this would in turn make our spirit evil which grieves the Holy Spirit.

Holy Comforter Blessing
Bible Comforter Gift

Galatians 5:16-26

So ... How are we created in Gods image? Soul, decision maker, thinker of ideas, the boss if you will just like our Father. We have a body, flesh, water a vessel a tool just as Jesus was a tool because he chose to do what he did. You may ask ... But I thought the body is ashes to ashes and dust to dust and all that? That is true but Jesus through His victory on the Cross destroyed that old body of death and sin and when we believe in Him we die too and we are reborn. Jesus has a new body in heaven and one day we will too.

1 Corinthians 15:52-54

I bet its an amazing body too if it lives forever without sickness, pain or death. Then we have a spirit. What we feel, our emotions, the thing that is the driving force behind what it is we seek in life. Success or failure, our spirit is with us doing as we wish. Such is the Holy Spirit, He does and says what He is told by our Father & Jesus.

John 16:13

The Holy Spirit makes intercession for us for we know not what we should pray for. He searches our spirits and relays what it is we are yearning for and tells God for us.

Romans 8:26-27

He is the breath of life. Imagine the feeling you get when you are deeply passionate about something. You feel as if you can do all things and nothing can stop you from reaching your goal. Imagine that Spirit from God! He CAN do all and there is nothing that can stop Him. So this is what He made in His image...Father = Blood (soul, mind), Word = Water (flesh, body), Holy Spirit = Spirit (heart, emotions).

Ok, so we know that our soul will live forever in either Gods presence (Heaven) or out of Gods presence (Hell and Lake of Fire). We know that our body now will go back to the dust from whence it came. One day whether we are alive or dead we will receive that immortal body. So what of our spirit? Where does it go? The spirit, our breath of life, goes back up to God.

Ecclesiastes 12:7

When one died they called it 'giving up the ghost.'

Luke 23:46

Jesus said as he was about to die upon the cross. "Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit". And then He gave up the ghost...He died. God loved us so much that He sent His Only Son Jesus to be a sacrifice for our sins. The best news is that God the Father raised up Jesus after 3 days in the ground and by us simply believing in this event and giving up our own selves over to His desire for us and to follow Jesus and carry the cross all the days of our lives we will receive all our wants on this earth and everlasting life in the presence of the Lord our God.

Read Revelation 21 & 22

As ridiculous as it sounds for a man who makes pottery to have one of his jars of clay he created to change shape of what the man wanted for it and to rebel and instead of being a beautiful piece of perfect art the pot decides to crack or become wobbly and take its own shape and do what IT wants. I think we can all agree that the creator of the pottery knows what's best for his art than the art itself. So does our God know what's better for us than we think we know what's best for ourselves.

Lets let Him mold us into His vision of what he wants for us. Lets let the Holy Spirit guide us into this Truth. He is all we have on this earth that is pure and He is the Spirit of our Lord Jesus. Soon after Jesus rose back up to heaven to sit at the right hand of the Father, He sent us a Comforter, a Helper, a Friend, a Teacher... Our Fathers Spirit. The Holy Spirit. Let us join with the Holy Spirit. we have much work to do, many more are lost than are found. He is waiting to start ... What are we waiting for? My Comforter IS there.

"... But by MY Spirit," says the Lord God

How long has the Holy Spirit been around? Did He just show up one day when Jesus was baptized by John? Nope, He was there in the Beginning as well. He moved upon the waters of the deep and He was the power that turned on the light when God said Let there be light.

Genesis 1:2

Ever since mankind first sinned in the Garden the Holy Spirit has been grieved by mankind. God said that His Spirit would not contend with man forever because man is of the flesh. In the Old Testament God did not pour out His Spirit upon all mankind as he has done now. Praise be to Jesus Our Lord for sacrificing Himself for us so that we may now enjoy the fruits of the Holy Spirit. He picked certain people to be filled with His Spirit. Such as in ...

Exodus 31:3

Holy Comfort and Wisdom
Holy Bible Comforter

God placed the Holy Spirit upon a man named Bezaleel who was given the gift of creating the tabernacle and the ark of the covenant and many other items that God told Moses to build to His specifications. God wanted His worship vessels to be made perfect so he filled Bezaleel with His Spirit and in wisdom and understanding to make these vessels of worship perfect before Him. Nothing has changed at all today except that instead WE are the worship vessels that God is creating, or rather RE-creating.

Back then it was very important that the one God chose to build these vessels of worship was filled with God's Spirit. Make sure if you attend a church now that the one who is leading the church is one like Bezaleel, that is to say, Filled with Gods Spirit. More importantly, since we all are filled with His Spirit now because of faith in Jesus Christ, is that we follow His instructions on presenting us and others perfect before the Lord.

1 John 2:24-29

Samson also was filled with the Holy Spirit. Samson was a Judge of Israel appointed by God and he was a mighty defender. Yes, he broke down and told Delilah the deceiver that the secret of his strength was his hair and that his hair had never been cut since the day he was born. Yes, Delilah told his enemies and they cut off his hair and blinded him and chained him to their great halls where they gathered to laugh and celebrate over their enemy Samson. But, Samson's TRUE strength and power rested not in his hair. The power was from the Holy Spirit that lived in him.

Judges 13:25

... said the Spirit of the Lord moved Samson at times.

Judges 14:19

The Spirit of the Lord came upon Samson at times in Power as Samson would defeat his enemies which were in fact Gods enemies. Like today, we may believe in something that we have such as a favorite Bible that God has used to speak to us or a certain way to pray that helps us get in tune better with God, a favorite song, clothing, favorite cross of jewelry. If we lose that certain thing like Samson lost his hair. It may be devastating to us, but there is one thing we can NEVER lose or have taken.

That is He who lives inside us. Because when Samson was bald and blind chained to the pillars of the great hall where all the Philistines sat laughing and praising their little wanna be god for placing Samson in their hands, Samson prayed for strength from the Lord one more time and asked to die along with all the Philistines. God granted his wish and Samson killed more of His enemies that day then all he killed during his life put together.

Judges 16:28-30

God will always defend His Holy name and if you defend God He will always defend you. The Holy Spirit can come upon you and stay forever as He did for young David the shepherd boy who would soon become King of Gods people Israel.

1 Samuel 16:13

But in the next verse (14) it says that the Spirit of the Lord left King Saul and an evil spirit came upon him to trouble him. So we see back in the OT that God could remove His Holy Spirit from His Anointed ones if they disobeyed Gods command, which was the case for Saul.

1 Samuel 15:10-29

King David ended up being sought out and found by Saul's men because David could play an awesome harp. When David would play his harp for Saul, David being anointed with the Holy Spirit, the evil spirit would leave. Saul grew to love David even as if he was one of his own sons. But the evil spirit would come over him at times and Saul would try and kill David.

A very important lesson we should learn of King David, 1 of many lessons from him, was that even when Saul was trying to kill him and David was running and hiding out like an outlaw for many years, David had many chances where God put Saul's life in his hands to take it. David never did lay a hand on Saul to harm him.

David knew that he was anointed with the Holy Sprit to be King over all Israel and that Saul had Gods Spirit removed from him yet David knew still that Saul was Gods anointed too and that one must never harm an anointed of God. Look at what happened to those who harmed Samson? We should learn from David's wise choices.

Now, all of us that believe in Jesus have the Holy Spirit. We should treat each other with the same respect David showed Saul even if they don't like us or are after us. Maybe this is what Jesus meant when He commanded us to "Love our enemies". David was called the apple of Gods eye. I can see why. We are all anointed and even if we have a bad day and grieve the Holy Spirit we should help each other when we are down.

Galatians 6:1-3

Let us play our harps when we are Holy Spiritual for others who are being tormented. God will ease their suffering. King David spoke of the Holy Spirit many times in the Psalms. There is no doubt through the history of the Bible and even now, those who are chosen by God and those who choose to believe have a close relationship with God daily.

Not a once a week or twice a year thing in church but daily. We want to be with those we Love all the time why would it be any different with God? It is not and since He is the true meaning of Love it is all the more important and special to commune with Him constantly. We do this by talking to the Holy Spirit constantly and by asking Him to help us pray. Also, it is very important to take time out daily and just be still and listen for the Holy Spirits voice.

Just as Elijah the Prophet found out after a 40 days and nights journey off of the strength of the Angels food to Mt. Horeb the mount of God. He witnessed a strong wind that ripped the mountain in pieces and a mighty earthquake and then a raging fire. But the Lord was not in any of these. Then Elijah heard a still small voice. And God talked to Elijah and Elijah heard Him. The Lord was in the still small voice.

1 Kings 19:4-18

The Lord also told Zechariah the Prophet, "Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord."

Zechariah 4:6

Jesus was and is meek and he tells us to follow in His example and to walk after Him. Makes sense that we would need to be quiet and listen to hear Him. By God's Spirit will He save. By His Spirit will He change lives and win them over for Christ. We must be in the Spirit to worship God for God is a Spirit. Jesus said Now is the time for this.

Holy Comforter and Elijah
Bible Comforter Power

John 4:23-24

Before Elijah heard the still small voice on the mountain of God he was a mighty powerful tool of God. He, by Gods command of course, caused it not to rain for 3 1/2 years. He killed over 400 of the evil Queen Jezebels prophets of Baal (pagan idol). He called down fire from Heaven and burned up armies of King Ahab that were trying to capture him.

But after this, Jezebel sent him word that she was going to kill him as he killed her false prophets. He ran in fear and asked God to take his life for he had defended God as he was supposed too but he just couldn't bear it anymore. This is when God sent His angel to feed him cakes and water and sent him on a 40 day journey without food to be completely dead to the flesh's constant crying and wants.

Just as Moses did and Jesus in the wilderness. God perhaps was showing Elijah that yes He is powerful and can destroy with a mighty vengeance. But that's not what He is trying to do. It is an attention getter and most of us have seen His anger and it is a terrifying thing to be in. Our Lord is an all consuming fire. But God is telling Elijah and all of us it is not by might nor by power but by my Spirit that will save mankind. God wants His creation, ALL of us, to be saved. To change from our wicked ways and turn to Him.

2 Peter 3:9

Soon after this awesome revelation, Elijah anointed a few people including his replacement prophet Elisha and then was taken up to heaven in a whirlwind. Elijah didn't die. But he did come back and it was foretold by the Prophet Malachi that he would.

Malachi 3:1 and Malachi 4:5-6

Elijah came back as John the Baptist. The angel told Johns mother that John shall be filled with the Holy Ghost even from her womb and that he shall go before the Lord in the spirit and power of Elijah.

Luke 1:17

John was on fire in the Holy Spirit out in the wilderness but instead of calling down fire on people that were out to get him, he was baptizing sinners in the Jordan river. He was preparing the way for Jesus to come and save them. John spoke out against those who would not repent. One of these was King Herod and the evil Queen Herodias who were living in adultery. This ended up getting Johns head cut off at the evil planning of the evil Queen Herodias.

Talk about your destiny, Elijah was running from an evil Queen back then and here we go again. Then he was calling down fire on those who were sent to get him. But this time he went quietly when they came for him. He knew that it was ok. I bet he wasn't scared anymore even though he knew what was going to happen. He knew that it was Gods Spirit that changes lives not by Power nor by Might. Jesus told the Pharisees that John the Baptist was Elijah which meant Jesus was the Messiah.

Matthew 11:7-19

Jesus, of course being the Word of God, makes this point again to James and John, 2 of His Apostles. It came near time that Jesus was to be received up so Jesus longed to head for Jerusalem. He sent messengers before him and they went into a village of the Samaritans. But the Samaritans would not receive Jesus because they saw He was heading towards Jerusalem. (What does this mean you ask? Take a few minutes and read Jesus' explanation of the disagreements between the Jews and the Samaritans.)

John 4:1-42

So seeing that they turned Jesus away James and John asked Jesus if they should command fire come down from heaven and consume them as Elijah did? Jesus quickly turned and rebuked them for saying this and said to them " You know not what kind of SPIRIT you are of. For I have NOT come to destroy men's lives but to save them."

Luke 9:51-56

Well Jesus make it extremely clear right there and all throughout the Bible what Spirit we are of. We are of the Spirit He is of. We are of HIS Spirit. The Holy Spirit. He did not send us out to destroy men's lives but to save them with His Word. His Good News. We cannot do it on our own. Every time we try we fail. But when the Holy Spirit is working through us we can do all things in Christ. He is the key and He is here already waiting for us to get going. We don't have to be scared anymore like Elijah was. It doesn't matter who hates us. The world is going to hate us.

John 15:17-21

We have one who Loves us. Death can not separate His Love for us nor our Love for Him. Like King David who ran from Saul and hid out for years was strong and faithful so must we be. David was down and scared too and he wrote about it in the Psalms.

Psalm 143

He wrote about all the times God saved him too and how much he loved the Lord.

Psalm 116

All of the past people in the Bible who loved God had one thing in common. They were led by the Holy Spirit.

Romans 8:14

He is ready for you. We, being human, will never be ready for Him if we do not take that leap of faith. we can put it off for tomorrow or next week but the time is Now. We can never be ready for His grace for we are not worthy. We just need to accept that grace means mercy for our inabilities. How can we be ready to accept the Holy Spirit by waiting for the right time when we feel we would be worthy for Him? We never will be so do it now. Jesus said that God will give the Holy Spirit to whoever asks Him.

Luke 11:13

Holy Comforter Summary
Bible Comforter Brings Holy Comfort

To truly live the life Jesus intended for us we must have Him leading our hearts. Miracles, Healings, Salvation of Lost Souls, the Best Feeling in the world is waiting for all of us who follow the Holy Spirit. Read the Book of Acts. Nothing has changed since then. Just us believers and our doubts given to us by the enemy and his subtle ways.

We need to stop listening to the voices who are full of lies and deceit and START listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit who will lead us into all Truth, Love and True Happiness. Most importantly, He will lead us to others who are lost and in need of Gods Grace. We are the Tools, we need constant care and sharpening which only he can provide for us. Lets do it Lets get to it. Holy Spirit, we are yours. Guide us and show us your will for us. We are Ready.

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