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Lady Soulfire

Christianity Oasis has provided this Spiritual Warriors Guide titled Lady Soulfire written by Author Eric Lehto. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.

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Living Water at the Oasis

Spiritual Warriors Guide

Lady Soulfire

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This Spiritual Warriors Guide is titled Lady Soulfire written by Author Eric Lehto. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Lady Soulfire E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

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In the Beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth ... According to the Bible there are Four Realms, Heaven, Spiritual, Hell and Earth. Mephisto has been planning to merge the earth and the spiritual realm together, with an artifact throughout the age of time ... The Demons' eye, Lover's tear.

THE CASTLE in Bourge was a mere glimpse of the castle projected in the Spiritual Realm. Jean-Paul stood on top of a tower looking toward Paris. He held in one hand a brass cup, the other one leaning against the rocky wall, He waited for something, and his anger would prove to be great and his pride much greater.

Xathis slithered out to Jean-Paul.

Mephisto's demonic voice rose, "Do you have it?" He asked.

"No, sir." hissed Xathis.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Find it!" Mephisto gasped, "The sooner we find the artifact, the sooner I can put my plan into action."

"Yes, sir." Xathis hissed again, "We are close, sir."

"Then, get on with it!"

Xathis slithered back into the castle as Jean-Paul lifted his cup to the Heavens, "Soon, Ciel-Remi, you will die, and Paris will be mine." He laughed greatly, "Once we find the artifact I possessed years ago, before Jesus came to earth. I will be able to merge the two realms."

Mephisto was determined to destroy earth, he had already assembled his army of demons, and he had his lost general restored from the pit. They would destroy and bring chaos and destruction to it, the great battle of the ages, but God secretly hid the jewel away where no one could find it ... how would he find such an impossible artifact? And who guarded the great stone that would destroy earth to merge the two realms together? The story happened before the birth of Christ, during the time of the great Babylonian empire, and the capture of Israel, God's chosen people. The first encounter with the great demon of darkness on earth ...


553 B.C. In Greece, before the rise of the Greek empire, and the temple of Aphrodite, the Temple, as it would be called, was heavily guarded by an angel of the Lord. The magnificent walls, the marble layout of building, and the statues, was in line with the marble columns. The glorious architecture was a marvel to behold. The last room in temple was the main sanctuary of the goddess to come. During this time, the artifact was the gate way to the spiritual realm, where God had sent Mephisto, Xathis, Trest, Charik, and Chord. The demons lay in wait in the Abyss and would in some future time emerge from their capture, and reek chaos on the earth.

The angel held a great broad sword, with brass angelic carvings on it; the sword was to prevent their escape. The angel had six wings, two covering his head, two covered his body, and two covered his feet. He had nothing better to do than guard them, and as he did he sang magnificent praises to the Lord.

One day, a great portal opened up, a glow of blue and gold surrounded the temple's structure. The angel stood in preparation for something to emerge, his eyes focused on the portal. A glimpse of light and a shadow dragon's head peeked out. The mighty winds blew the angel back onto the ground. He regained to his feet with his sword at ready and preparation for things to come.

The huge beast stood above the angel. The angel's wings were now behind him to have better stability. The angel opened for a death blow, except nothing happened, for God didn't want the terrible beast to come forth this soon.

The dragon was completely outside the Spiritual Realm. His eyes peered down at the angel, and then he turned back toward the portal, raised his hand and said, "Arise my minions, show your Master Satan your great power!" The demons began to emerge, one by one. The generals stood there, but not moving.

The angel fell to his knees, and began to glorify and pray to the Lord, "I have served my glorious God; You have made me to bring forth a guardian in the earth, please bring me great instructions to defeat these monsters."

As assurance, God's spirit stood near the Angel. God's spirit commanded and gave him great instructions to win the battle before him ... but told him this also. "Don't be afraid to die, you have served us well."

This gave the angel motivation and confidence to defeat the demons, and cast them back into the Spiritual realm.

The angel spoke, "Our God, The Lord, has commanded you to return back to the Spiritual Realm, Mephisto, Demon of Darkness, Your time on Earth was greatly determined by our God, return or die."

Mephisto glared into his face, his red eyes glowed, the angel didn't stir, his sword was ready to chop off the demon's arm, if need be. Mephisto spoke, "Who are you to command us; we have come to bring to pass our Master's plan."

"Not this day, Mephisto, I am an angel of God, you must return to your place, and cease your foolish plans."

"Never! Angels and Mortals both must die!" said Mephisto, ready to strike the angel dead, and even though the beast was taller than the angel, the angel was strong and muscular and he wasn't going to let the demons get through him.

The angel pointed back to the Spirit realm with his hand, "Go back! Now! Or Die!"

"Never!" Mephisto howled.

As soon as this was said, the angel ran toward the dragon, he cut the demon's arm off, it lay still on the ground. The demon peers jeered, "Fool, do you have a death wish?"

Then Mephisto raised his other arm toward the angel's neck, he grasped the angel's neck, and peered into the angel's eyes, "Die!" Mephisto yelled as the angel took his sword and stabbed it into the demon's torso. Mephisto yelled in pain, and threw him clear across the room. "Fool!"

The angel stood up, "I warned you, Mephisto, return now!" He commanded, Mephisto relented, "Very well, I will return one day, if I do, you will die, remember that!"

Mephisto commanded his minions who stood waiting to return with him into the Spirit realm, his side was bleeding. After they all entered the portal, Mephisto looked back directly into the eyes of the angel, "Die!" was Mephisto's last word before entering, and the portal was sealed again.

The angel regained his composure and started walking toward a quiet area, but he forgot about the arm that had been chopped off. The angel's back was turned away from the arm which became re-animated. The hand on the arm moved towards the angel's neck. Before the Angel could figure out what was going on, the hand grasped the back of the angel's neck and a finger slit the angel's throat. He fell to ground, his eyes lifted toward a beautiful voice, "Don't be afraid to die!" His eyes peered toward Heaven's gates, a beautiful angelic tear drop came from the angel's eyes, and the Lord stood there. "You have served me well." He reached his hand to the tear and crystallized it into a beautiful diamond like jewel and then let the angel die before hearing these words "For your brave fight, I will grant you life and make you guardian over this jewel, forever it will be known as the Lover's Tear."

A bright light filled the room, and the angel stood up again before the Lord, he was alive, rose from his death, and stood ready to guard the artifact.

The Lord spoke again, "You must take the artifact from this temple to a well guarded place, for Mephisto will surely bring forth his destruction on earth. Make sure he doesn't find the Lover's Tear, or the earth will be brought into a place of chaos and destruction."

"Thank you, My Lord." The angel said.

Before him a glow brought the demonic arm towards the angelic force, but God's power shone around it, destroying it completely, He spoke to the angel. "Those who touch the Lover's Tear and have darkness in their heart, it will be just a demons' eye, for this will bring their heart's desire, for much money, and wealth, but for one, it will bring destruction. Be careful because those who touch this crystallized tear will know the truth about themselves and others around them. Great are two who will touch it and have purity in both their hearts. The tear will become a symbol of one flesh and become two wedding rings. And their love will brighten the heavens, and the earth."

"Again, thank you, Lord."

The angel left the room and headed to a secure place far away from the Temple. The Greeks would invade the Temple and name it the Temple of Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

Many people would search for this tear, known to be a myth or perhaps a true story. For Mephisto, Demon of Darkness, he knows the truth and will search endlessly for the Lover's Tear, also known as the Demons' Eye.

Chapter 1

ALICIA Borjour stood outside the door on the Lebejioux tower, she held a note inside her sweaty palms, and the breeze was blowing through her long brown hair. The breeze was very fresh as she looked out toward the castle of Bourge, a mile away from Paris.

"Father, I will save you from the demon's grasp."

Alicia looked at the note, it was a thank you, appreciations letter to Ciel-Remi and Victoria Lebejioux for letting her stay there while they moved back to Corrine's parent's mansion after they had passed away.

True, people still lived there as room and board for the Queen, but through Victoria's training and other missionary worked in Paris. The Queen accepted their move there until Victoria was ready to fulfill her duties in the castle.

Alicia was headed down the steps, as the wind blew strongly. The letter blew away right out of her hand. She ran quickly after the letter, and she stopped close to castle gate, the guard yelled "Good day, Mademoiselle."

"Good day too you, Monsieur," Alicia began, "Have you seen a parchment letter blow this way?"

"Yes, Mademoiselle, a parchment flew into the city down below." The guard smiled with a pleased look in his eyes. "I will raise the gate for you."

"Thank you." Alicia said, hearing the creak of the iron gate rising.

"Be careful, my lady, Paris is a dangerous place right now."

Alicia was confused by his statement. The city of Paris was under God's protection and not dangerous. She passed through the gate into the city street. The sun was above her head.

"I have to get back that letter, it is very much important. Where did it go?" Alicia started walking out into the city. She decided to look back to see if the guard was still at his post. He waved at her down below and turned to watch for more people coming and going into the castle.

Suddenly Alicia got an impression to look back at the guard. A winged monster, the size of a dragon swooped down and clawed the guard in the chest. She was overtaken by the sight and bent down to the ground to pray.

Where was she? What was the dragon that attacked the guard? She decided to look again; the man's body slumped over the wall. She couldn't believe her sight, and then looking far into market place of Paris, bodies lined every block of Paris.

What happened? She stood and ran toward the square. She looked far into the north side of town. The north gate which lead out of the city was barred off, nothing could have prevented an attack by her father.

She was stunned, now the guard on castle guard tower was dead. She was trapped overlooking everything around her. The churches and buildings were starting to turn from their color to black and white, and shades of gray lined the streets. "My word, whatever could have happen?"

 Alicia became worried and headed toward the mansion. Down the street, she saw a body, and she knew it all too well. The body had a gun bullet in the chest area, and supposedly should have been buried in its' grave, for it was the body of King Henry.

Alicia gasped a breath. The body was as though it was fresh and killed recently and started decomposing; she put her hand over her mouth, so she would not give into the nauseous feeling in her stomach. She couldn't believe his body was exposed for everyone to see it.

"Die! Alicia" She heard a voice behind her, a greenish monster started toward her, she ran down the street. On the west side of city where mansion was located, the guard was lying dead with a sword in his back. She was almost out of breath and she ducked down a moment before the monster's claws could kill her.

"What is going on in Paris? Did God drop his protection? Why was King Henry's body dug up, and completely fresh, like no years had passed?" Alicia mumbled; as the tears ran from her eyes. "Hopefully, Victoria, Marie, Ciel-Remi and Corrine are alright, and they have survived this terrible nightmare."

Alicia regained her composure, stood up, and headed into the courtyard of the new LeChat Mansion. The grass was slowly becoming blue, and building was turning gray. The bushes that surround the mansion were also blue. She looked up at the sky, it was turning a pink color. What is going on? This world is merging somehow with another.

She was deeply concerned for her friends. She saw a man lying face down, the purple, never worn out clothes, suggested it was Ciel-Remi. She couldn't believe it; a sword had slashed through the nice clothes, torn and shredded. She quietly approached the body, and bent down to check it out. A tear slowly rolled down her cheek, she rolled the body over and she gasped at Ciel-Remi's cold face. She shook her head in disbelief, her throat constricted and her tears kept following. She leaned over Ciel-Remi's body and shut his eyes, "Rest in Peace, my friend and brother."

Alicia couldn't stay long, she couldn't even mourn, and she had to know what was happening with the others in the mansion. She yelled out through her tears, "Victoria, Marie, Corrine, are you alright?" Nothing but silence, she stood and walked toward the left open mansion door.

The wind blew fast and furiously through the courtyard, everything around had turned colors or gray scale, black and white. She didn't know what to do. She ran to the door. The inside of the mansion was different in colors, The place was all gray scale, black and white, the carpet was dark gray, and no candle to light. She was going to have to find everything in the dark or the light coming from the pink sky. The moon was red, not white, which made things difficult to see in the dark mansion.

Alicia headed up the stairs to check the bedrooms and the place around the quiet sleeping mansion. No one, Nothing, What's happening? She was troubled in her mind, she thought, she was more puzzled. It seems Victoria was no where, but she wasn't going to give up the search for her friends that she grew to love.

She came into the bedroom. A beam had fallen down onto the bed. Corrine was lying on the floor. The dresser was shattered, and torn completely apart, "Corrine, Is that you, Hun?" Alicia carefully went toward the body of Corrine, again looked like she had been killed by a sword which had slashed through her dress.

This was becoming too much for Alicia to handle. Seeing her friends dead, already was about to make Alicia seem like she was going crazy. She only looked to God for her answers; "Lord, What is happening to Paris? Did you not promise protection?"

You'll understand everything in time, I have not left you or nor forsaken you, keep going, everything will be revealed.

Alicia obeyed God's words and stepped outside back into the hallway. Down the hall was another body, a female's, blonde hair, yellow satin dress. The death didn't seem as gory as though a sword or gun shot, but she lay faced down, her hand clenched, as though she was holding something in it.

Alicia approached slowly, a voice going through her head, she knew the female, and it wasn't Victoria, but Marie LeCouer. She didn't move it, she examined the body, and Marie had died of a broken neck. Alicia was now crying more. Depression came over her frozen face. She couldn't take anymore, if she found Victoria dead, she would also have killed herself, just to be with her friends.

Alicia ran down the steps to the eastern side of mansion, near the door Jean-Paul and Renee looked alive with peace in their eyes. Alicia got angry and started accusing them, "Father, and Mother, Why wouldn't I be surprise to see you, and you are the ones who are doing this!"

She barely tapped their shoulders when they fell face down to the floor, a knife sticking through each of their backs; like a bad horror film. and Alicia jumped back to miss them from falling on her. The bodies lay on the ground, she was deeply in sorrow and hurt. She was puzzled and confused, and she didn't know whether to kill herself or let the monsters outside kill her.

Alicia broke down, and knelt to the floor, "Why? Why? Why?" The only words she could ask or say. She was in total shock.

A voice came from the middle step. The voice was of a young man, about thirteen, and with gorgeous blue eyes. He was alive and stood on the steps. Alicia stood and slowly walked toward him. His eyes melted her heart like butter and her breath was totally taken away. She ran toward the handsome fellow and started kissing him.

"What is your name?" She asked.

"You do not know, Alicia," He bravely spoke, "I am Jean-Pierre."

"No." she stepped back in haste. "I am truly sorry Jean-Pierre."

"For what, my love?" He asked, brushing his hand through her hair. "I am your husband."

Alicia was stunned and puzzled. She felt a great joy and happiness, and love for this man, but Jean-Pierre loved Victoria, where was she? Why wasn't she in the castle?

"What about Victoria?" Alicia asked, "Do you not love her still?"

"I have loved Victoria since I was a child, but no one seems to know where she is, I could not pretend to love someone who was not here, I had to go on with life."

The kiss seemed magnificent to her, she never once kissed a man that passionately. Except to her, this had to be a great dream or her worst nightmare. Friends gone, but a loved one standing before her, and where did Victoria go? She was still was puzzled.

They started walking toward the door. A man in white dragon armor stood there, beside him woman in gold plated armor with a ghoulish look on her face. Mephisto's voice rang out throughout the mansion, "Ah, my dear, we have found you."

The woman ordered, "Kill him!"

Alicia turned quickly around to see another woman, stabbing Jean-Pierre, her eyes wide, this had to be a nightmare, "Now, My dear, you are next!"

"No!" She yelled running down the steps to the doors. The demons were closely following behind her, "Foolish girl, you are resisting your enemies, I will stop you like I did your father. I will pursue you, plus, you have no way outside the city, the walls are still here and you are trapped. Do not resist your death, Alicia. It will have to come one day."

"No!" Alicia started speaking her prayer language. The demons couldn't accept the noise. She pushed them to the ground and rushed out the door of the mansion. She ran with all her might, she was almost out of breath, and she wouldn't stop. She was determined to get out of city or back into the castle, she heard Mephisto order behind her, "After her, my minions!"

"Great! Not more monsters!" Alicia said, under her breath, "I have escaped these guys before, I will escape them again." she knew Jean-Pierre's house was abandoned and ran toward the house. On the side of the house she found a rope and grappling hook, and continued back to the castle wall. The demon approached her trying very hard to claw her. She found a bloody sword lying on the ground next to some people, "This will do nicely, I will have to fight the monsters, no way are they going to kill me."

Alicia grabbed the rope and quickly knotted the grappling hook to the rope. She found a quiet place near the wall. I have to get up this rope, but fight the monsters, as well. She held the sword and put the rope around her shoulder; alright, Alicia you can do this.

She ran into the open-wide area, took the rope and threw it onto the wall. The pressure was enough and she knew it would make it over the wall. She had to have survival tactics or die trying them.

The demon monster started toward her at a fast pace, one monster missed her; another one tried, and missed also. She was agile and too quick for these beasts.

"Mephisto will not give up, and neither will I." She yelled throwing the hook onto the castle wall, and then strapped it around her body. She started pulling herself up the rope, being hard for her, she was still determined. She slipped a bit, when monster came for her, she jumped across the wall and they crashed into it. The monster fell to the ground. After five monsters destroyed the wall, the castle wall was easy to climb. She didn't give up, and continued climbing the wall. Her lithe body would support anything, and the grappling hook was firm grasping the top.

Again, another Monster started flying toward her. She quickly jumped and the monster's head shattered against the wall and it fell to the ground below. She was close to the top of the wall, no way was she daring to open the gate, she was going to have to repel down into courtyard of the castle, and hopefully it wasn't too late, and Queen Marie was not killed.

She was at the top of the wall and exhausted from the climb. She wanted so much to await the monsters and catch her breath; but she grabbed the rope up and grappling hook. She moved over to inner part of the wall, latched the hook on a firm location, she then threw the rope to the ground. She started to climb down the rope and she grabbed the sword and started repelling to the bottom of the wall. No monsters tried to kill her. Soon she came to the courtyard ground, and the bushes were green, not blue. She couldn't understand what had just happened, was she in the spiritual realm or what?

Alicia walked into the courtyard, looked up, the guard said, "Welcome back, Mademoiselle, Did you find your letter?"

The guard was alive, she ran quickly into the throne room to confront Queen Marie of the mystery before her. She looked at the tapestry of the lion and the lamb, it was whole and not torn, and she looked up at the beautiful blue sky.

Alicia approached the guard standing near the door, "Good day, Mademoiselle, the Queen is busy today with her friend, Ciel-Remi."

Alicia was shocked. Ciel-Remi was still alive.

"Thank you, Monsieur." Alicia said grateful.

As she was ready to leave the entrance hallway, Victoria approached her, "Alicia, What are you doing here? Did we not have plans today?"

"Yes, Victoria, I have lost the letter."

"What letter?" Victoria asked.

"It was a thank you letter to your parents."

"My father is away, I have received the letter." Victoria began, "Mama asked me to deliver you a very polite 'you are welcome.'"

Alicia was puzzled, but happy; Victoria was here. Ciel-Remi and Corrine were alive; Victoria and Alicia started toward the castle gate. Alicia knowing Victoria being with her, the same horror couldn't happen again.

The dream ended as peaceful every time; Alicia was greatly blessed and woke up with a smile on her face, what seemed to trouble Alicia as to why Jean-Pierre was her husband and not Victoria's. She did love Jean-Pierre, she liked him greatly and the dream seemed to flow with years.

Alicia was puzzled, but not confused. She was refreshed, and changed into some clothes and went on with her day.

One day, I will know the meaning of the dream, and when that day comes. I will be ready for whatever comes my way.


Complete blackness surrounded the area, the darkness was strange for Victoria, as she stood there looking through it. She walked toward a light, which she couldn't describe. The light was mysterious and a long ways away from her.

Victoria continued to walk through the darkness toward the light ahead. She was puzzled, but she continued walking, but the darkness didn't get any smaller. The light was smaller and she knew it was still a distance to go to reach it. As she walked, she heard a different noise, noise like the music of great praise to God. Other noises were different things around the world.

Do not look back, Victoria, Keep moving toward the light.

"Yes lord." She quietly said under her breath.

Victoria was nervous as the sounds started getting more intense. A voice came through, "Father! No!" A shot rang out, and body dropped to the ground. She knew the story behind that, the voice was Alicia's and the body was that of King Henry.

She was able to withstand the darkness of that day. It was hard on Queen Marie, and Prince Louie became bitter toward her father because it.

Victoria walked toward the light, again something else happened, the voice was recognizable, and "You cannot leave me, Father! You hear me, you cannot!"

She wanted to look back, but couldn't. She walked faster toward the light. Victoria knew the voice was hers, and the death was her father's death, only came from the dream she had when she was a little girl.

Victoria heard again another event, "Mephisto, you have brought shame upon France, because you have used a great man of God." The next voice said, while waiting for a response, a deep voice said, "France, I will rule France, and the world!"

She started not to understand the events, the events were in the future and she needed just go forward, the next event started, The voice said, "Victoria, I have some bad news, please do not get angry, but get out of France."

"What is the news?" the next voice said.

"Your mother is dead, and they say you have killed her, please don't do anything, leave France immediately." The first voice said.

Victoria was new to these events, she couldn't explain, she only recognized Alicia's voice with her ears.

This began to enlarge as the events unfolded. Victoria was starting to understand the events were of her future and had not happened yet, what more and how much goes before she gets to the light, and now the darkness started fall away from the place she started.

Another voice spoke, "My Queen, We request going back to England, we have nothing here after our daughter ..."

Victoria voice began to break, "Marie, no, not Marie."

She knew it was Diana LeCoeur's voice, for only England was known to the LeCoeurs.

Victoria walked a few more steps toward the light; it was brighter now, but more to come, the past was falling behind and Victoria was greatly there.

Another set of voice started through the darkness, A battle took place and sword were clashing through each other, one voice said, "Samantha, No!" footstep ran over to the person, "Please take care of my daughter."

Victoria knew for sometime in future that Samantha would die, and Alicia was by her side, she continued down the road to the light. She was almost covering her face the light shone so brightly.

The next voice came from behind, "I have run my race with gladness, I must leave this earth and rejoice with my father in Heaven." She heard cough and more coughing, and then silence. The voice was an old woman; she was ready to leave earth. Victoria finally reached the light, as it brightly shown in her face, God stood before her. Well done, Victoria, even though death happened, you didn't look back and you are my servant, but this is only the beginning, not the end. You have much more to experience and learn before you can come join Me.

Victoria was sorely confused by the Lord's statement. She wanted to ask, but couldn't, all she could do was walk into the light, and she woke up.

Victoria was now thirteen years old, a young adult, and loving God greatly. She had much to learn, and she was so confused.

"It was another dream." Victoria began, "What did he mean the beginning not the end? Maybe my father will know the interpretation. I will ask after training, and before he leaves for on the mission trip to England."

She freshened up, got dressed into her beautiful pink dress, as she left the room to join your family for the day ahead. She quickly said a prayer to God, "Thank you, Lord for your loving kindness and righteousness, help me understand the dream, in your beautiful name, Amen."

Chapter 2

THE YEARS have come, and they have gone, five years of training Victoria Lebejioux was enough for Ciel-Remi. He taught her the Bible and she learned much. Ciel-Remi is now teaching her to sword fight, with not real swords, but with rough wooden sticks.

The morning sun arose, awakening him. He freshened up and dressed in his clothes given by God, the same cloth he wore during the time of his imprisonment by Jean-Paul Borjour.

Victoria was ten years old when Corrine's parents died, besides King's Henry death, Ciel-Remi had mourned their great loss. Queen Marie asked them to stay in the newly remodeled LeChat Mansion. It would give better room for training Victoria in combat, and a comfortable home.

Alicia decided to stay within the castle tower, while they moved there. She loved living there and Ciel-Remi had no complaints.

Everyday Marie, Alicia and Victoria would spend time with each other, while their families were away at work and they educated themselves.

Alicia became best friends with Corrine. They spent time some days at the market and she helped cook their meals, they had become like mother and daughter. Corrine also taught her daughter how to cook and sew and all those things that make women great wives and mothers.

Ciel-Remi loved his family, they all got along, and they were greatly loved by God. No way was anything going to come between this family, yeah right.

Corrine was downstairs preparing the meal when Ciel-Remi entered the room. He was still barely awake, rubbing his eyes. He walked over to Corrine and kissed her on the lips, they still loved each other after all these years. Ciel-Remi sat at the table, and Victoria was outside catching the breeze, "Breakfast is ready dear." Corrine said.

"Thank you, Mama, One moment." Victoria's voice rang out in the doorway.

To Ciel-Remi it seemed like yesterday his daughter was just child trying to understand what God's plans were for her life. Now he looked at a beautiful young woman, ready for an adventure, except he was leaving them again.

Victoria came into the mansion laughing and sat down across from Ciel-Remi. He spoke up, "Are you ready for today's lesson, my angel."

"Yes, Papa." Victoria nodded.

"That is very good." He said.

"I am going to miss you, Papa." Victoria said.

"Yes, we are both going to miss you." Corrine said, putting down pancakes on his plate and hand on his shoulder.

Ciel-Remi laughed, "You two act like I am going away today, I have another two days to get ready and I still have to train you physically."

"Yes Papa, I know." Victoria acknowledged.

"Please eat, Vic, your father does not have all day to train you. He still has his work and duties in the castle."

"Yes, mama." Victoria acknowledged again.

They all sat there talking amongst themselves, and eating the golden brown pancakes. After they were finished, they got up and walked outside. Ciel-Remi held Corrine, as Victoria ran in the yard, the breeze flowing through her hair.

"My angel is all grown up." Ciel-Remi told Corrine, a bit worried.

"Yes, dear." Corrine said a tear ran down her cheek. "It was not too long ago we fought the evil in our lives."

"Why are you crying, my love?" He began, wiping away a tear. "This missionary trip to England is more preparation for the battle that lies ahead of us. God will still protect me from the dangers in England."

"I know, darling, I am just happy for you and Victoria." Corrine said.

"Everything will work out fine." He said.

"Yes, my love, it will." Corrine began, "One day, I will lose you---"

"---yes, Corrine, when God's plan is to take me to Heaven, you will know. I will have won this hard race I have been on." Ciel-Remi interrupted.

Ciel-Remi brushed his hand through her hair, "You are still as beautiful as the day I met you, and you are treasure to me."

"Yes," she told him even though she was depressed a little while they kissed each other, "I love you."

"I love you too, my love."

They held each other in their arms for awhile, before he set out to teach his daughter the training lesson of the day.


Two wooden fencing sticks clashed with each other. The sticks were thick and wouldn't break like that of a small thin twig. The ends were wrapped away with a cloth so that Victoria and her father wouldn't burn there hands or get splinters pressed into them. The training was intense, but it needed to be done. She basically had the skills to kill over five monsters, but an army would take much more skill, and she learned it well.

Victoria pushed hard at Ciel-Remi's stick. He was almost out of breath. The stick was bearing with hers. Ciel-Remi barely regained his composure and repositioned his steps, "Do you yield, Papa?" She asked.

"Yes, Vic, Yes!" Ciel-Remi gasped.

Victoria reached out her hand, he grabbed a hold of hers, and he slipped behind and put the stick up near her neck, so she drove her elbow into his rib cage knocking him off balance. She moved in defensive position and turned around. Ciel-Remi brought his stick up and struck his daughter's stick again, "Hey, you tricked me."

"Yes, Vic, I did trick you. The enemy would have used the same tactics. They are cunning, unpredictable and you will never know what they will do next." Ciel-Remi began. "You have to show great defense for every trick, but do not trust your friends too well, they can also double-cross you."

"Thank you, Papa."

"You are most welcome, my daughter." Ciel-Remi said.

"Are you ready to go again, should we quit for today?" Victoria asked.

Ciel-Remi stood almost out of breath, "That is all." He began, "You really know how to wear out your father."

They laughed, as they walked back to the mansion. Victoria spoke up, "Papa, I had another dream last night, may I explain it to you?"

"Yes, Victoria." Ciel-Remi answered, almost out of breath. "You may."

Victoria told her father the dream as they walked up to the mansion. She went through every detail of it, as they finally reached the doorway.

"The dream can be interpreted, but first let us go in and sit down."

"Yes, Papa." Victoria said, as they opened the door.

As they opened the door to go into the mansion, Alicia and Marie approached them. "May we come in too, I have something for you." Alicia asked politely.

"Yes." Ciel-Remi said, "Feel free to join us inside."

"Thank you." Alicia told him as they began walking inside.

Once inside, Victoria announced to Corrine that they were back, and had company to join them, "Hello Alicia, Hello Marie." Corrine polite greeted them.

Corrine sat next to Ciel-Remi, Victoria, Marie and Alicia sat on the other side of the room on a comfortable couch.

Alicia sat quietly holding the letter. Marie twiddled her thumbs, as though she was nervous.

"What did you have to give us?" Ciel-Remi asked Alicia.

"This letter, except, It can wait until after you are finished explanations of your daughters dream." Alicia showed them the letters.

"Thank you, my friend." Victoria said, quietly awaiting the explanation.

"You are quite welcome." Alicia politely said, then waited with her.

Victoria repeated the dream to all that sat in there in the room. When she had finished, they all sat there in amazement of the dream, except Ciel-Remi didn't have the same reaction, he knew its meaning.

Therefore, Ciel-Remi began to interpret the dream, and Victoria and the others listened intensively.

"All of you know Paul suffered throughout his life, He did not regret his past or his mission, but kept going even though his suffering with great expectation."

"Yes." They agreed simultaneously.

"The interpretation of this dream is found in Philippians 3:12-14; I don't mean to say that I have already reached perfection! But I keep working toward that day when I will finally be all that Christ Jesus saved me for and wants me to be. No, dear brothers and sisters, I am still not all I should be, but I am focusing all my energies on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead, I strain to reach the end of the race and receive the prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us up to heaven." Ciel-Remi quoted, "Your dream, Victoria, follows this verse. You will have events of pain and suffering in your life. God wants you to focus your energy on his guidance in your life, look ahead, and not behind you. Many friends and family will come and go, but you must stay toward the Light which is Jesus, God's only begotten son."

"When trials and tribulations come my way, I must pray, obey and keep looking forward to Heaven's gates." Victoria commented.

"Yes, Victoria, I have already been imprisoned. I am broken for a friend's death, except, I have had to fight a battle to protect your mother. You have a long life ahead of you. Please, take care, and do not give into the enemies' tricks, and always look forward to the reward in Heaven." Ciel-Remi explained.

"Thank you, Papa," Victoria said.

After Ciel-Remi was finished with the dream, He turned his gaze to Alicia, while she kept her focus on him. "Alright, Alicia," He began to ask, "What do you have to give us?"


In the last five years Alicia had many changes in her young life. All of which were according to the plan which God had for the people of France.

Alicia knew very well how things were in the castle since the Lebejiouxs' left for the mansion. She would stay there to keep Ciel-Remi informed about Prince Louie's anger and discouragement in light of the circumstances of his father's death. Since Princess Anne would come and go to Spain many times during the last few years, and Samantha would go with her parents back to Spain, Victoria, Marie and Jean-Pierre was there to be Prince Louie's friends. He had a deep love for Samantha, not Princess Anne, and this truly kept them from being the best of friends.

Prince Louie still blamed Ciel-Remi for the death of his father. After he started to grow up, the troubled and bitter young man could destroy Paris one day, except Alicia still served the royal family, as did Ciel-Remi's family.

The beautiful morning had Alicia taking in the fresh breeze, her hair flowed perfectly with it and she enjoyed the day. She stood on the tower ledge over looking the mansion in Paris. She had a letter of appreciation in her hand, unlike her dream the winds weren't as strong to blow it out of her hands, and she would deliver the letter to Corrine's family today before they went shopping in the market.

Alicia walked down the steps of the castle eastern tower. She stopped by the LeCoeurs, where she knocked on the door.

Marie answered the door. While washing her hands from the soap dish water, she asked, "Alicia what brings you here today?"

"I was heading to the mansion to bring Victoria's family letters of appreciation, for letting me stay here during the time they moved into the mansion. I was wondering if you would like join me and say 'hello' to Victoria." Alicia explained.

"Yes, I would be glad to join you, would you please give me one moment." Marie said, as she went into the room to place the towel down on table. She didn't need to tell her parent she would be away, since they weren't home.

"Where is your family?" Alicia asked curiously.

"They are away from Paris, getting ready for the trip to England." Marie answered.

"Are they in danger? She asked, "The darkness must have taken its toll on them already, you must be praying for their safety."

"Yes, I pray much for their safety of my parents." Marie said, as they exited the house and began walking down the steps. "Even though, Jean-Paul does not seem to be doing much to get Paris at this present time.

"Yes, I know. My father has not stirred up trouble in France since the time he shot the King." Alicia told her, and then asked. "And since you are not needed here, are you going with you family to England?"

"Yes, Alicia." Marie quietly said, "I will miss you."

"I will miss you, as well." Alicia said, they finally reached the bottom of the steps, and began walking through the castle courtyard until they reached the castle gate.

The guard saw them walking that way. Alicia motioned to open the gate. "Good day, Mademoiselles, Where are you off to today?"

"The Lebejioux mansion." Alicia replied. "We are going to give a letter to Ciel-Remi."

"Ok, Have a great time, do say 'hello' for me." The guard said with a positive attitude.

"Ciel-Remi will be along in a short while for the days work, you can tell him at the given time."

"Yes, thank you." The guard acknowledged her.

The gate made of iron opened and they began walking down the road toward the market place. They came to the sign that read:

Market: Ahead
Lebejioux Mansion: East
Norte Dame: West

Alicia and Marie walked down the road a bit further when Jean-Pierre bumped into Alicia, their eyes met. "Good day, ladies." Jean-Pierre said, the young man was more handsome every day. "Where are you off to?"

"We are going to Lebejioux Mansion, Would you like to come?" Marie asked.

"I can not, I have to go to work. I will be sure to visit Victoria's later today." He said.

"Ok, then." Alicia agreed, "You should be more careful where you run."

"Nah, I like bumping into you, Alicia." He said jesting. He began to run toward the blacksmith shop.

Alicia and Marie laughed. They continued down the road until they reach the mansion. On a quiet hill, the newly remodeled mansion looked the same as the one which was destroy in Chameceaux, which still stood lay in Chameceaux in ruins. The Lechats had a beautiful design and exquisite taste to the building, like a temple or church. The newly remodeled mansion was just a beautiful as the old one.

At the gate to mansion, the guard watch them approach and said, "Good day, Alicia and Marie, What may I do for you?"

"I came to see Ciel-Remi's family and give them this letter." Alicia said with joy and smile.

"Yes, and I am just here to see Victoria." Marie replied.

"Alright, you may go in, and have a great day."

"Yes, sir. You have great day, as well." Alicia told him as he opened the gates.

Alicia and Marie began to walk up the long path, to the door. They approached it Alicia saw Victoria and Ciel-Remi coming from the eastern hill side, they arrive about the time.

"May we come in?" she asked politely, "I have something to give you."

"Yes." Ciel-Remi said, "You may join us."

"Thank you." Alicia said, stepping into the mansion.

The inside of the mansion was more beautiful and gorgeous. The vase looked expensive, and there were three stairways. One was on the left, the other one the right and a middle set of stairs. Alicia remembered what her dream had and the mansion's interior matched.

Corrine came out from a large doorway by another part of the house, when Victoria announced they were there. "Hello, Alicia, Hello, Marie." She said giving both of them a hug.

"Hello, Corrine." Alicia replied back.

"Lady Lebejioux, you always make us feel so welcome." Marie commented.

"Thank you." Corrine said, as she joined them.

Ciel-Remi sat on a couch overlooking the three ladies; he had his arms around Corrine.

"What do you have to give us?" He asked.

Alicia felt as though Victoria's dream was important.

"This letter, except, It can wait until after you are finished explanations of your daughters dream." She showed them the letter.

"Thank you, my friend." Victoria said gratefully.

"You are quite welcome." Alicia said politely.

Victoria explained her dream to everyone there, sitting and waiting patiently. Ciel-Remi interpreted the dream, and they all listened intently and responded when it was time, he gave a verse from Philippians about Paul and the past, Victoria commented thoroughly about the verse and then he finished the explanation. He turned to Alicia, and asked, "Alright, Alicia. What do you have to give us?"

Alicia graciously handed over the letter of appreciation. Corrine skimmed through, and then handed it to Ciel-Remi. He skimmed through the letter. Lastly, Victoria was next to read it.

Corrine cried tears of joy, Victoria join along with her mother. Ciel-Remi said, "Thank you for the letter, you are most welcome."

Victoria wiped the tear drops off her cheeks. Ciel-Remi helped wiped Corrine's as well, "How are you doing these days?" Corrine asked.

"Beside the hustle and bustle of everyday castle life, everything is beautiful; we are all blessed by something time and again."

"Amen." said everyone simultaneously.

"Marie, my dear, what brings you here?" Ciel-Remi asked.

"Alicia invited me to come see Victoria. My parents are out of town on business getting ready to depart to England. I am honored to come with Alicia to see my friends." Marie explained.

"We are honored to see you before you leave." Corrine said, warmly.

"Have you been praying for your parents' safety while in a darkened France?" Victoria asked.

"Yes, of course, they are in dangerous territory." Marie replied in haste.

"Do not worry much about the darkness or Jean-Paul." Ciel-Remi began to explain. "The Lord has confirmed no action from our nemesis for a long while. And God is protecting even those who travel outside Paris and are His children."

"That is very good to know." Alicia said, "I have to find a way, and keep praying for my father's salvation and I also believe the battle cannot be won without the bible that is in the caves of lust."

"I agree with you, The Bible is the sword of spirit." Ciel-Remi commented.

"Yes, Ciel-Remi," Alicia began. "This may not just be physical battle, but spiritual one. The knowledge you have given your daughter is enough to fight the word battles, and bring my father to salvation. The main battle is against Mephisto and Chaos, and their minions of the spiritual realm. What happened when you fought Charik in the spiritual realm and won? The Bible became a glowing sword to defeat him. The Bible was given for Charik's battle, now it must be given for the battle against Mephisto and Chaos."

"I understand it is important, it being so close to castle Borjour, no one would get back alive. They have fortified the area, since our escape from the caves, and anyone daring to go there would be killed instantly." Ciel-Remi commented.

"Trust in the Lord, lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways, acknowledge him." Victoria said, under her breath.

"Yes, Victoria, we need to trust God, one of us must go back for the Bible, except only in time will God reveal his plan to that person of what to do to defeat the guardian of the caves of lust and get the Great Bible back into our hands."

"God has already revealed such things to me." Ciel-Remi said.

"Who is it?" Marie asked, "We will be away from France, I could not be it, nor could you."

"Yes, Marie." Alicia began to explain, "It could not be either you or Ciel-Remi. God will reveal his plan to the one who will go on the mission. They will have faith, hope and trust in God, and we will see everything come to pass as it should be."

"You are right." Ciel-Remi said, "God will reveal that person in His own time.

"Thank you, Ciel-Remi." Marie said.

"I apologize; I must begin getting ready for work today." Ciel-Remi commented.

"It is alright." Alicia said.

Ciel-Remi bent down and gave his wife a kiss. He walked toward the stairs on the left side and as he followed them to the balcony across from the bedroom, he looked down at Victoria and said, "Do not ever fear what is to come." Then he went into the room.

"Yes, Papa." Victoria agreed.

Alicia had a lot of things on her mind, her father and the nightmare. Corrine looked over at her. Corrine had keen eyes for such problems, she politely asked, "Alicia, Is something bothering you, my dear?"

"Yes, Corrine." Alicia sadly and softly spoke, "I had another nightmare."


After Ciel-Remi had left to get ready for work, the three women, Alicia, Marie and Victoria sat talking about the nightmare and how it would affect France. Victoria was beginning to understand a lot about the physical and spiritual realms. The bible study helped greatly, but when Alicia mentioned the Great Bible as a sword, an impression of the Holy Spirit filled within her.

Victoria looked at her father's ring, it was the Soulfire ring that was given her when Ciel-Remi left for Bourge and was imprisoned for two years. Victoria felt peace like a dove upon her. She knew it could only be her, because her father and Marie were going be out of France at the time, and Alicia had already known by looking at the Bible. Alicia would have gotten it back at that given time. Victoria was deeply moved, her physical training now was much more than the battle between the demons, it was something more. She sat quietly mediating on God.

After a few minutes; Victoria spoke with great excitement, "Mama, Alicia, Marie, God has revealed to me who will bare the mission for Great Bible, I am the one who will be retrieving it from the caverns of lusts."

"What?" Corrine asked shocked.

"Yes, Mama," Victoria started, "Papa and Marie will be in England on the mission trip. Alicia would have brought it back with her when she returned. I am the only one besides you who could retrieve the Bible. This means one day soon, I will have to venture to the cavern of lusts to retrieve the Bible."

Victoria got excited. Even though she knew the deep concern her mother had for her as she talked about going into a dangerous situation. The expression showed the motherly love towards a daughter and the protection of them from danger.

"God will be with her every step of the way." Alicia said.

"Yes, I know." Corrine said, still worried for the safety of her only child.

"Please do not tell Papa. He has enough to worry about at this present moment."

"Your father already knows." Corrine said.

Victoria remembered his comment toward her, and then she said, "You are right, he already does know, for God has shown him." She kissed her mother on the cheek.

"Did you know Alicia, that it was Victoria?" Corrine asked.

"Yes, my lady." Alicia began to explain. "When I was in Bourge helping Stephan deliver the letters. I went to look at the Bible. The Lord would not allow me to take it. God's ways are different than ours, so I just left it alone and came home. After that encounter with God, I could not go back to the caverns anymore, except, to help Ciel-Remi's party escape and get back here safety. Do not worry, your daughter will be just fine, Victoria has been revealed to be the one to get this Bible, and she has been promised by God to free the demonic reign over France."

"Thank you." Victoria hugged her.

Ciel-Remi was ready and walked down the stairs. Victoria gladly walked up to her father, placed a nice kiss on his cheek, and Ciel-Remi was taken aback by the surprise, "You know, do you not?"

"Yes, Papa, I know."

Alicia had tears running down her cheeks, and Ciel-Remi asked, "What is the matter, Alicia?"

Victoria could not interpret Alicia's dream, she knew only her father would be the one to interpret the nightmare. Victoria sat back down, as Alicia began to say, "Another nightmare, it is always similar to the ones I had before rescuing you from Bourge."

Alicia told Ciel-Remi the nightmare, while Corrine and Marie comforted her, rubbing their hands over her back. Victoria simply asked, "You were able to interpret my dream. Do you believe you can interpret this one?"

"Yes, I have been given this gift from the Holy Spirit." Ciel-Remi began, "The nightmare is like this---"

"---May I?" A voice came from inside the mansion, deep and very familiar to them.

Victoria recognized it; she had more excitement, since beginning, and realizing her calling by God to retrieve the Bible.

A light glowed around the figure, which stood there. "You are a son and daughters of the Most High Lord of All, You are greatly blessed." He said.

"Gabriel?" Victoria asked.

"Yes, Victoria." The angel began. "I have a message from God, for all of you who sit here this day."

Victoria looked at everyone's faces. Alicia never once met the angel of Lord, just saw him, but Marie was confused. Corrine, Ciel-Remi and she trusted him greatly.

"Victoria, you have grown into a beautiful young woman, your father has taught you the essentials of warfare both physical and spiritual, therefore, you have begun an adventure in your life. God's plans for you are great; do not be afraid, where you go. The Lord will be there, to protect and to love you."

"Ciel-Remi, The days of training are almost over, you are favored by God and mankind, but you will also be under much pressure and persecution. When I last left you, you did something for the Lord. Do you remember what it was?"

"Yes." Ciel-Remi answered.

"The tithe and offering you gave last time will be given, to help your daughter, her friend Alicia and Corrine survive the coming years ahead of them. Please take the tenth you planted in the cup." he said, as he held out a golden mug.

Ciel-Remi reached into the mug and took out five golden coins.

"Thank you." he said, putting one coin back into the mug.

The angel turned to Marie next, "My daughter, you are confused; I am Gabriel a servant of God and messenger of your Lord and savior. Marie, your future depends on your choices and your will. You have a mission to help Ciel-Remi while you are both away in England and your mission in England is important. You will be his intercessor and prayer partner when things begin to get hard."

He looked into Alicia eyes, "Ah, the young woman has grown up into an adult, with that adulthood come great responsibilities. The nightmare is a vision with symbolization. You will know everything in due time, when you are ready to meet the Father in heaven. Alicia, do not be afraid, the Lord also has a great plan for you, and you are called by God to be Victoria's right hand maiden, great friend, and her spiritual mentor until it is time for her to be ready to go her own ways."

"Even though, you all have a mission ahead. You all are to help each other in tough times and the trials ahead, like when Ciel-Remi was helping his friends, Jean, our beloved King Henry and Richard during their imprisonment. God has given us all great love, has righteously judged, to keep you from evil, and keep you accountable to each other."

The angel took a deep breath, and then continued; "I have fulfilled my duties here, I must leave you again, but I will return to you soon. God bless you all, keep each other in love and always be careful through what you do. The days here are but a mist, and God's plans are for a short time, until we next time."

As soon those he finished speaking, he disappeared. Everyone looked at each other. "Let us all pray." Ciel-Remi said, "To give thanks for the provision and to great friends and family."

They gathered in a circle and began to pray for the days ahead, "Father, Lord, above us all, your name is greatly to be praised, we share with you a great blessing, we ask for safe journeys which lay before of us, we thank you for being our provider while we are away from our loved ones. Thank you for your words and your only begotten son, in your name, the name above all names, this we pray, Amen."

"Amen." they said simultaneously.

Victoria held her friends and family close, because the days ahead would be for hard training and getting ready before her father was to leave, and she always held onto the scripture which states, "if God is for us, then who can be against us." She held every word in her heart, because one day she would have to find peace within God's kingdom and defeat those who would stand in her way."

Chapter 3

TWO DAYS had passed since the angel had visited them. Ciel-Remi held onto every word the angel Gabriel gave him. Favored by the Lord, he was greatly loved by Him, as well.

Queen Marie allowed Ciel-Remi the time off to help train his daughter to fight for those days in Bourge. They trained hard, got a bite and then trained again. After a bit of practice, they started to use real swords in their fights, of course Corrine told them to be careful with a real weapon. Victoria knew the danger and held back with it. Ciel-Remi knew his daughter would not kill him, but they practiced also with a stuffed dummy, and she was great in decapitating the heads off them. When he knew she was ready to fight in real battle, they stopped the training and went to bed. This went on day after day after day until Ciel-Remi was convinced that she was ready for the real and spiritual battle that she was to fight.

The early morning was beautiful to Ciel-Remi. Queen Marie had asked to see him before leaving for England. He went to meet the LeCoeurs in the castle, and then say his farewells to Alicia.

He knocked on the tower door and Alicia answered, "Ciel-Remi." Alicia was taken by surprise. "What brings you here?"

"I am leaving today, I am seeing Queen Marie, and meeting Richard downstairs in an hour, I wanted to come by and tell you 'Farewell, and my God bless you.'"

"Oh." She said, hugging him. "God bless you too."

"Is something the matter, my friend?" Ciel-Remi asked.

"No." Alicia replied. "I am just going to miss you."

"Thank you for your kind thoughts, it was kind of you, but you know I will return. Is anything else brothering you?"

"Well, Yes." Alicia told him. "The words from the angel and the dream, what does Jean-Pierre have do with it?"

"What does Jean-Pierre represent in your dream?"

"My husband." Alicia said. "He loves your daughter, I have an odd feeling around him, but the dream makes me nervous, sometimes I feel as though I am going to take him away from her."

"Jean-Pierre does love my daughter, but have you asked Victoria." Ciel-Remi replied.

"About what?" Alicia commented.

"Does she love Jean-Pierre, as brother in Christ, or as a loved one?" Ciel-Remi asked.

"Oh, no, I have not asked her." Alicia comments very shameful.

"When I loved Corrine, I knew it was true love, because both Corrine and I loved each other. Lust can deceive you and have believe you are going to be together, until Jean-Pierre asks that question, then Jean-Pierre is living in a childhood dream. So you are not taking anyone away from Victoria, which has not been given to you." Ciel-Remi explained.

"Does that mean my love for Jean-Pierre could be lustful pride?"

"No, you have to take the steps God has required. God's will is above anyone else's. Have you asked, Jean-Pierre, if he loves you this way or just as plain friendship."

"It could be true love or lust, depending on Jean-Pierre's answer."

"Alicia, the Lord will bring together those, who are called to be together. Jean-Pierre is growing up, and he may still have a crush on you. Not one, but many others have the same love, he has for Victoria." Ciel-Remi explained.

"So, what Angel Gabriel gave in the dream is fashioned to go in time during my life, Jean-Pierre represents my husband, but may not be my husband."

"Alicia, what was the first event happening which is represented in the dream? The letter floats away and you are in a parallel place. You have seen into the Spiritual Realm, right?"

"Yes." Alicia replied again.

"Pink sky, blue grass and much violence were in the dream. One event has already happened; you have seen it come to pass. " Ciel-Remi began.

"King Henry's body, the bullet holes, and he died that very same way."

"Exactly!" Ciel-Remi began another explanation, "King Henry was killed by a gun shot. The event has already happened, the rest have not begun yet. As you can see, Alicia, you will have these dreams, as they are from God. And they are going to help you face the events when you see another death or violent act upon someone. The dream is like Victoria's almost, the light of the future, the past will go away, this one, God is laying out those times of trial and hurt, and God is giving you a way to survive through them."

"When I had to terrible dream of Corrine's death, starting with Anne's death, I was terrified until the dream went away, and I woke up. The dream brought us to a dangerous situation which we had to leave the city to survive and bring forth God's message. I was then called to be imprisoned for two years and then to train my daughter. If I had not figured out the message of the dream, I would have died there with many close friends. God gave me a message in the dream, and a message can be a warning to a people. I obeyed Him and He set us free from Mephisto's plan to destroy Chameceaux."

"God will bring dreams not to scare a person, but warn them of coming events. He wants you to pray for or get out of the situation. You can't change God's plans, but you learn how to survive in the midst of them. Do you see where I am going with this? Do not be afraid of the nightmares, be warned and take joy in God, and then when those nightmares come to pass, you will be ready to face the future. Dreams are visions or just a dream, depending on how they come through in the end."

"Thank you, Ciel-Remi." Alicia hugged him again. "Should not you be going to see the Queen? We can catch up when you return."

"You are welcome, and you are right." Ciel-Remi said, "Take care, and God bless you through everything."

"Thank you, you take care as well." Alicia said.

Ciel-Remi knew what lay ahead in Alicia's life, and God had big plans for her. He went down the steps and over to the guards. They guarded the throne room entrance. A guard told him, "Ah, Lord Ciel-Remi, Please, The Queen is awaiting your arrival." A guard pulled away allowed him access into the throne room.

Ciel-Remi looked at the tapestry of the lion and the lamb. A vision appeared at him, it was horrifying, and the tapestry began to split into two pieces. He came back to reality and they were just as they were, not torn apart.

Inside the throne room was as magnificent as it had ever been, the red carpet began to fade through time and the thrones were dusty a bit.

Queen Marie slouched in the chair, as Ciel-Remi approached from the other side. She recognized him, and then sat up saying, "Ah, Lord Ciel-Remi, I have been awaiting you."

"Yes, Marie." Ciel-Remi bowed.

"How is your daughter's training going so far? Is she ready?" Queen Marie asked.

"She is ready to kill anything moving." Ciel-Remi laughed.

"In defense, I hope." Queen Marie replied.

"Yes. She is ready for offense and defense."

"That is very good." She asked, "Are you ready for this trip?"

"Yes, even though I hate to leave Victoria and Corrine again."

"They will be just fine. They have the Holy Spirit within them keeping them from danger." Queen Marie said.

"Yes, and I am thankful to the Lord for such things." Ciel-Remi said, and then he asked, "How is Louie doing while Princess Anne and Samantha are in France?"

"Not well, I am afraid." Queen Marie began, "He is really bitter toward everyone. He wants to marry Samantha Lionheart, not Princess Anne of Austria. He is not grateful for much of anything, just those things he loves. He interrupts most of my sessions with people of the kingdom and threatens to send me out of Paris, when he is King."

"Troubled child, he is bitter towards me for not properly protecting his father."

"Yes." Queen Marie began, "Do not let those words keep you from your job. You are a great guardian and messenger of God, and you are favored by Him."

"We please God, My Queen, not mankind."


Ciel-Remi took Marie's right hand, "Let us pray for safety and guidance while I am away, and the guidance for both France and England." Ciel-Remi suggested.

They bowed their heads down, they began to pray, "Father, God---"

The door of the throne room flew opened. Louie came proudly in, he looked at Queen Marie and Ciel-Remi bowing their heads, and he pulled their hands apart.

"What is the meaning of this Louie?" Queen Marie yelled.

"My father is not enough; you have to love this murderer!" He said angrily.

"Louie! Do you not know of our friendship and we were praying for safety of France while he is away?" Queen Marie asked giving her son a look like only a mother can.

"Sorry, Mother, I believe that should be done in the safety of our homes. If you are going to pray, I suggest you go to the chapel." Louie proclaimed pointing his finger toward the eastern door.

"Guards!" Queen Marie yelled.

"Yes, you're Majesty!" One of guards acknowledged her.

"Please, take Louie out of here, we are busy."

"Yes, My Queen." The guard said, laying a hand on his shoulder in order to get him to move.

"You are busy, ha, when I become king, I will have you banished Mother for your lack of judgment with this kingdom!" He yelled, even after being seized by the guards and carried out of the throne room.

The other guard approached the Queen, "We apologize for his rude behavior, and we had tried to stop him from coming in here."

"You are forgiven, and excused, please leave us now to pray."

"Yes, my queen." He bowed, "Thank you, my queen."

She was stressed; Ciel-Remi could tell something was wrong and asked, "Marie, you do not look so good, what is wrong?"

"I apologize, I have gone through this since his father died. Every time, he accuses you about my husband's death, he reminds me about it."

Ciel-Remi took her hand again, "You are a great friend, Marie. Your husband's death has been a tragedy for us all. He is only acting out of anger, these threats only will become real when they actually happen. Remember, if you are sent out of this kingdom, God will watch and guide you through it all."

"Thank you, my friend." Queen Marie said. "You always have brought the right amount of words to encourage me. I am really going to miss you while you are away."

"I am going to miss you, as well, Marie." Ciel-Remi said, and then asked a request. "Do you think it is possible that while I am gone, Alicia can watch over you, she has some great words of wisdom and she will guard you well, of that I am sure?"

"What about Victoria, she did a great job while you were in Bourge."

"Yes, Marie." Ciel-Remi began. "One day soon, Victoria will be going away on a dangerous mission to retrieve the Bible from caverns of lust. Alicia would be here to give you those words of encouragement. Victoria may assist Alicia once she returns. I have faith in Victoria and this is to prove her heart for the battle between our enemies."

"Yes, my friend, Alicia has my permission to be my guard while Victoria is away."

"Thank you, my queen. Let us now pray for the safety of France and England." Ciel-Remi said, bowing his head again. "Father God, Our lord and savior of all, we ask special favor on England and on France. Please let give us guidance and safety while we are away on this trip. Give everyone peace and a sense of direction. Lord, we ask everything, we thank you for everything you have done, and are about to do. We especially ask protection and safety over Victoria, the quest will be dangerous and she has mastered many skills. Let your mighty hand reach out to those who seek to harm her. In your mighty name, the name above every name, Jesus, and our Father, Amen."

They hugged each other again, "Be careful, my brother, I will pray for you while you are gone, God bless, and goodbye."

"Yes, Marie, you take care of yourself. Do not be afraid or let the stress of the day get you down, rest when you need rest." Ciel-Remi said leaving the throne room. He headed down the hall back to the tower entrance, and up the steps to the LeCoeurs' residence in the tower.

He knocked on the door, it opened and Richard stood ready with his pack over his shoulder and asked, "Are ye ready to venture forth, lad?"

"As ready as I can be." Ciel-Remi jested. "We will have to go back to the mansion, so we can say our farewells to everyone."

"Then, lad, let us away. Diana and Marie have already left. I stayed and waited for ye." Richard said.

"Yes, my friend." Ciel-Remi said, as they walked down the steps.

"How is ye daughter doin'?"

"Holding together, she is remarkable young woman."

"That she is lad that she is." Richard laughed.

Ciel-Remi joined, then commented, "I am going to enjoy your presence for the next couple of years"

"Ye, as well, lad."


The wind blew through Victoria's blonde hair, as she and Corrine sat outside the mansion awaiting the arrival of the LeCoeur family to pray for the safety and guidance while the men they loved were away on the mission trip.

"When did papa leave today?" Victoria asked.

"Early today, Queen Marie wanted to see him before he left." Corrine answered her.

"Do you believe Prince Louie will ever overcome his anger and bitterness?"

"I do not know hun." Corrine said, "He is really demanding a lot with his father gone."

"I hope he does not keep this anger or else as the King of France, he will bring our city down to anger and bitterness and the protection which God has placed over the city will fall." Victoria explained.

"You are right." Corrine said. "Bitterness leads to much trouble in our lives; we should always forgive those who bring us hurt, and forget the events."

"Yes, mama." Victoria agreed. "Do you believe Alicia will figure out her nightmares?"

"She has become a strong woman since you and Samantha brought her to Christ, and God will always honor that. She will find out what the dreams are about before she goes to Heaven."

"Yes." Victoria agreed again, "What happens when you do not love some one who loves you?"

"What do you mean?" Corrine asked, confused by the question.

"Mama, I love Jean-Pierre has a brother in Christ and God's love, but Jean-Pierre still has romantic love for me, I do not want to let him down."

"Well, honey, have you prayed about this, love is more than a feeling. God's love is something we all work toward, and I understand it is hard to let go of someone's love, please talk to him and let him know you do not love him in a lover's way and as your friend he is greatly loved."

"Thank you, Mama." Victoria said.

"You are welcome." Corrine said.

At the sound of the gate opening, Victoria and Corrine turned watched as Jean-Pierre came through it. He began to walk up to the Victoria. "Hello, my lady."

"Hello, Jean-Pierre." Victoria replied, "What are you doing here?"

"Ciel-Remi, Marie and her parents are going out of town today, I was hoping to say bye to Lord Ciel-Remi before he leaves."

"Jean-Pierre, Where are your parents?" Victoria asked.

"Working, I had the day off from work, so I decided to stop by."

"Ciel-Remi will be back shortly" Corrine said.

"May we go for a walk, Jean-Pierre?" Victoria asked.

"Yes, my lady."

Victoria and Jean-Pierre walked around the mansion grounds, "How are you doing?" Victoria asked.

"Working a lot," Jean-Pierre said.

"Are you providing for your family, as well?" Victoria commented.

"Yes, my lady." he said, "Did you have something you wanted to talk about?"

"I have a question that has been irritating me." She said.

"You may go ahead and ask it."

"What happens if I were to tell you I am going to Bourge to retrieve the Bible?"

"My lady, you know that would be a dangerous mission and I will pray safety for you."

"Yes, I know, it is the protector in you." Victoria said. "Do you remember when you gave me the flower when we were children?"

"My lady, it was a compliment to you."

"Do you love me?" Victoria directly asked.

"Yes, you know I do." Jean-Pierre replied.

"What type of love is it?" Victoria asked again, still wondering about him.

"It is brotherly love." Jean-Pierre replied, "A love between a brother and a sister."

"You do not like me?" Victoria asked in relief.

"Listen, Victoria, once I had a great love for you, but that was childhood love, as we have grown up, my love changed to brotherly love." Jean-Pierre explained.

"Thank you, my friend and brother." She hugged him.

"Do you really believe I romantically loved you?" he asked.

"Well, yes, Jean-Pierre."

"Oh, please do not tell anyone." Jean-Paul told her ashamed.

"I will not tell a soul." Victoria agreed.

"Does Alicia like me?" Jean-Pierre asked again.

"I do not know, why do you ask?" Victoria replied.

"Because, I have become very fond of her, I know I am younger than she, and not old enough to court anyone, but I love Alicia."

Victoria wanted to laugh, but held her tongue, because Alicia's dream viewed him as her husband before his death. She didn't know anything yet, except it could happen one day. She simply reassured him, "God bless, my brother, if God's plan is meant for you to love Alicia, then God will give the direction when the time comes."

"You will not tell anyone else what I have told you about her will you?"

"My lips are sealed." Victoria said smiling.

"We better get back; the LeCoeurs will arrive here soon."

"You are right, Jean-Pierre." Victoria said. "What age would you be when you ask Alicia about her love for you?"

"I would be age fifteen or older, unless she asked me about it before hand, if it is true love for her and she has same feelings, I would not like to court her until later in my life, after the war with Mephisto and Chaos."

"You know, Jean-Pierre, my father was fifteen years old when he married mama, Alicia will grow older as you do?"

"Yes, Victoria, I know everything, but after meeting her, even though she was mean the first day, after she became a Christian, I have loved her greatly. I am wondering if she will love me back."

"Remember, my brother, God's timing is everything, and God will guide you through everything, if she is not the special loved one, God will bring someone else."

"Yes, my lady." Jean-Pierre said as they approached close to the doorway. Marie stood there with her mother, she ran up to Victoria. Jean-Pierre gave them both a hug, "You are late." He jested.

"You are the one to talk Jean-Pierre." Marie jested back.

"Let us go to your parents. Victoria began, "Did you see my father in the castle?"

"No" Marie said. "He will be along shortly."

"Thank you, Marie."

They hooked their arms together, "To best friends." Jean-Pierre said and they laughed as they went back into the mansion.


An hour after they left the castle, Ciel-Remi and Richard arrived at the mansion gate. The guard let them in and they walked up the long driveway as Victoria and her friends came up to them walking arm in arm. They were laughing and having a great time.

"Is Diana here?" Ciel-Remi asked Victoria.

"Yes, papa." Victoria answered. "She came here with Marie."

"She is with Victoria's mother." Marie smiled.

"Thank you, Marie." Ciel-Remi said, and turn to greet Jean-Pierre, "Hello, Monsieur Jean-Pierre."

"Hello, Lord Ciel-Remi." Jean-Pierre began to explain, "My parents are working, since I did not work today, I decided to come by and say 'farewell' to everyone."

"Let us go inside and talk for a little while longer, before we leave for northern France." Ciel-Remi told them.

Ciel-Remi, family, and friends went into the mansion; they took a seat and began talking amongst themselves ...

"Diana and I were talking about the trip to England." Corrine said, beginning to walk into the kitchen. "May I offer you something to drink while we wait for the time to pass?"

Ciel-Remi went over to Corrine and kissed her.

"I would like some water." Diana said.

"I would like some apple juice." Marie said.

"I will have what Marie is having." Victoria said.

"I would like some milk, Madam." Jean-Pierre said politely.

"I'll have some water too, lass." Richard said.

"Juice for me, dear." Ciel-Remi said.

With everyone comfortably seated, Jean-Pierre commented, "Now all we need is Alicia Borjour to liven things up."

"Oh, Alicia has chores within the castle, she told me to say 'goodbye' to everyone leaving this day." Ciel-Remi explained.

Ciel-Remi looked at Jean-Pierre's saddened face, Victoria was not worried, and "You can see Alicia anytime." He told Jean-Pierre.

"Yes Sir," Jean-Pierre said, wiping a tear from his cheeks. "I do know I can see her. She is such a joy to be around."

"Yes, she is a great joy to be around." Victoria agreed with him.

The drinks served were on a silver platter. Corrine brought them out and sat them next to each member of the party. She went back to kitchen to put the tray down before joining the others in parlor.

Ciel-Remi held Corrine tightly as they continued their conversation. Victoria spoke up again asking, "Who is in charge of the Queen while you are away on this mission?"

"I have asked Alicia to guard the Queen while I am away. You have an important mission ahead of you, and you need the focus on it, not the Queen's worries." Ciel-Remi began to explain. "After all, God's plans are great to those who obey."

"Yes, Papa," Victoria agreed.

"Exactly, lass, if you have a wrong focus, ye would be left off guard and the enemy would attack ye, it is better ye focus on God's plan and once finished, and then rejoice always. I dunno what God's got in store for us, but we take it a day at a time."

"Right, father." Marie said, "One day at a time, then we will celebrate all God has done in England."

"Have ye heard, King James is goin' to put together the Hebrew Bible, so we can all read God's word, this is mostly why we are goin, there, except lad, the war is not over, not by a long shot, and we need to put our heads together to come up with a great plan to defeat Mephisto's army." Richard exclaimed.

"That is the reason for getting the Great Bible back from the caverns; Alicia told me it is in an alcove, in the forest of lust, which is located in the back of the caverns. The forest can be entered there, next to a den of lustful women." Victoria explained to her friends.

"You have been doing research, my dear." Corrine commented. "Do you know why Alicia did not just bring back the Bible with her?"

"Mama, she already explained it." Victoria began. "Alicia was told not to bring it back, because only Renee or Chaos knew about Alicia's salvation at that time. To bring back the Bible would have blown the escape plan for Papa. The Lord also told Alicia about the person who would go retrieve it."

"What are you going to do to get into the cave?" Jean-Pierre curiously asked.

"Sneak inside; the guards will not recognize me at all." Victoria merely answered.

"Lass, what are ye going to wear?"

"I will wear a mask to hide my face" Victoria said, "With armor that is fit to a female's body."

Ciel-Remi knew about the armor, while he prepared her for battle. He took a piece of old English armor and shaped it to fit a female's body. The breastplate was short and not bulging like a man's. The belt was perfectly made to fit her waist. The should (a piece of armor fitting the arms and legs) was arms length from elbow to hand, the leggings fit from knees to foot, and the rest of fabric come from a black tight dress. Victoria loved it, Ciel-Remi remembered to save some of the fabric to help her with a mask, but he thought she didn't really need it.

"Do you think you will be able to sneak into the cavern undetected?" Jean-Pierre asked a bit excited.

"Yes, I will able to, without the guards finding out, we will have to see when that time comes. Remember what Marie's father told us, a day at a time." Victoria answered.

"Wait a minute, lass." Richard began asking, "Do people have armor able to be worn by females? Normally they are worn only by lads."

"Yes," Ciel-Remi began, "They are worn by males, because females do not go to battle, but the Lord has shown me a way to make regular armor into one that would fit the female body well. I have a job to do before we fight the enemy."

"Is it preparation for battle?" Diana asked.

"Exactly." Ciel-Remi said.

"Before you leave for your mission to Bourge, I have something I would like to give you, Victoria." Jean-Pierre told her.

"That is very thoughtful." Victoria said, "I will come by your parent's house, later tonight after Papa leaves."

Ciel-Remi became restless, it showed when he stood up and began to pace around the room.

"Where are the servants? Did not your parents have servants to tend to this beautiful mansion? You surely cannot get things done yourself." Diana asked curiously.

"Since my husband is going out of town. I have given them some time off, and they will be back later in the week."

After awhile of pacing around, back and forth, up the stairs to the balcony and back downstairs again near Corrine, she had to ask, "My love, what is wrong?"

"I am just restless, my love." Ciel-Remi answered.

"Are ye packed?" Richard asked.

"Yes, Richard."

"Thank you, my lady for lending us your carriage for the ride to northern France." Diana smiled.

"You are most very welcome." Corrine politely smiled back as she stood up, taking the glass from everyone, and she put them on the tray to carry them back to the kitchen. Corrine asked through kitchen door. "Victoria! Do you want to ride along with your father and LeCoeurs?"

"Yes, mama!" Victoria answered.

"Do you, Jean-Pierre?" Ciel-Remi asked; buttoning up an open button on his shirt.

"No, my lord." he began heading toward the door, "I told my parents I would be back in an hour to help them with the housework."

Victoria stood and followed him to the doorway.

"Thank you for stopping by, we will see you again when we return from this very important mission." Ciel-Remi said, "God is watching over us always."

"Yes, Lord Ciel-Remi, goodbye, have a very great trip in England." He waved his hand as he went outside the door.

"Sporting young lad, he is." Richard said.

"Yes, Richard, he is a great friend of ours." Victoria commented as she closed the door, and then turned toward her mother asked. "Mama, when do we leave?"

"We leave soon, dear." Corrine said.

"Do you need any help?" Victoria offered.

"No, I am alright."

"Okay, Mama." Victoria said.

Ciel-Remi had finishing buttoning the sleeve buttons. He was grateful for clothes that didn't wear out in the first year of having them. He went into his bedroom, and grabbed the brown sack bag from off the floor. He grabbed another black pouch which was lying on the dresser next to the bed. Some parchments stuck out from the dresser drawer. He picked them up, shoved them into the bag, and then sealed it. They have to have some ink and pens in England.

He had everything needed for the trip. He packed everything that fit inside the bag and in the black pouch. Ciel-Remi carefully took off his wedding band and placed it on the dresser next to the bed, and then stared at it for a brief moment.

Ciel-Remi bent down on his knees, and when he felt comfortable, he began to pray. "Father God, My Lord and Savior, please bring me to England safely so I may help those there and be a real blessing. We have much more to prepare for before this mission to defeat the enemy. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, so we know that the demon possession is keeping Jean-Paul from becoming your servant, and his heart is yours, oh Lord. God bless everyone while I am away. Give Victoria safety and protection while she goes to Bourge once more. Thank you for everything you have done, and will do. Thank you, oh Lord, for you son Jesus Christ, to you be the glory and honor forever more, in your name, Amen."

Ciel-Remi grabbed the ring from the dresser and put it back on, kept on praying, "Oh Lord, Thank you for my wife and daughter. If I were to leave them, give them a good life well lived."

Ciel-Remi, and LeCoeurs were ready to leave. They gathered into the black carriage that Corrine's parents left them. The driver was also off. Victoria and Corrine helped drive the carriage, while everyone else sat in back. The trip to northern France was bumpy and fearful; no one knew if it was night time or day time, and Corrine spoke, "So, This is the darkness you talked about?"

"Yes" Ciel-Remi replied from the back.

"Papa, this spell is strange, why such darkness?" Victoria asked.

"The enemy is a demon of darkness, his greatest trick to bring darkness instead of light to the world. Jesus is light of the world, so the only way to defeat him is through the light, but you have learned much about it already. Just be careful around the cavern in the dark it's hard to see those guards."

"I have that covered through the plan." Victoria told her father.

Once they came to docks in northern France, the ship was already waiting for passengers to board it. People would come and go with big boxes, and the work load was intense. Ciel-Remi stood there watching the ship, and Corrine came up behind him to put her arms around him. "You will be alright, keep your chin up and do the best you know how to do."

Ciel-Remi turned around to face Corrine, he kissed her saying, "God will be with all of you, goodbye, my love, goodbye, my daughter."

Victoria ran into his arms, "I will miss you, papa."

"I will miss you too." Ciel-Remi said, "Take care of your mother while I am gone also, and remember to keep your eyes on God for your mission ahead. I know you will get the Bible back for us."

"Yes papa." Victoria walked up to Marie, tears ran down her cheeks, she hugged her then asked, "Will you take good care of my father while you are away?"

"Yes." Marie replied back, she took a finger and wiped a tear from Victoria's cheek, "He will come home to you. Do not worry about him; keep your focus on your own mission."

Ciel-Remi grabbed his belongs out of the carriage, Please, Lord, protect and keep safe my daughter while I am away. Help her to understand what I am doing is for you and your kingdom. Thank you, my Lord.

He thought much as he looked at the ship, and said softly. "Here we go, I hope we are ready for what lies ahead?"

"We are ready, lad." Richard said, Marie and Diana agreed. As they boarded the ship, Victoria and Corrine just waved as he journeyed off to his new calling. He knew he would see them again and he would long for the day when he would return home.

Chapter 4

THE BEAUTIFUL morning caught Alicia off guard, she again dreamed the same dream, she kept having about the letter, and the other realm. Even Jean-Pierre, she had hoped that she wasn't mistaken about Victoria's love for him. She knew she needed to talk with Victoria and Jean-Pierre about their feelings. She would wait to see if Jean-Pierre did in fact love her. Maybe that is why he loves to bump into me. His handsome smile will also delight my days ahead.

Was she feeling true love or just another feeling inside? She would think about her relationship with the opposite sex, but ever since she came to Christ Jesus, she didn't have to worry about love. She shared every waking hour with God, praying, sometimes fasting for hours, until she knew God's plans for the days ahead. She didn't worry about where to go and what to do. She would focus her energy on God's love and share it sometimes in the marketplace. She loved God, and she knew that God always loves his children.

When Ciel-Remi asked her to take his place in the throne room, she was overjoyed and honored. She knew the work would be hard, but it was a delight to her. She wouldn't have to feel so insecure about her father or Jean-Pierre, even though she would like to know what is happening. Are her prayers about her father affecting his spirit? She didn't know, she would pray, Maybe Victoria will find out more about my father while in Bourge. She thought and wondered. She also knew to keep praying for Victoria's safety while in Bourge, or the darkness that would effect her while she was there. Since Jean-Paul posted two guards outside, getting into the cavern would prove difficult, but not impossible. Victoria may have to kill to get in the caves.

Alicia knew Jean-Paul's army would lose by God's help, and that was the reason for such violence against King Henry. She wanted to go back to Bourge and give Mephisto another peace of her mind. Such acts would get her killed. The day would come when she would have to fight to get her father back from the demon's grasp. Hold on, Father, Please hold on.

Alicia was dressed in a red-maroon dress. She brushed her hand through her hair smoothly. After she was finished, she quietly went out the door, and the down the steps. Since no one was at LCoeurs residence, she didn't have to worry about awakening them.  She came to other hallway from the eastern towers. The armored dummies lined the hallway. She went to the hall with the lion and lamb tapestries; they were beautiful and always reminded her about God's love and His protection over Paris.

Suddenly without warning, the lion's tapestry was being torn in two. A tear no one could remember. She was amazed as suddenly she came back to her senses, and it was repaired. She had only had a vision, a disturbing one at that.

Alicia continued down the main hall to the entrance of the throne room. Two guards stood at their post on the outside. They were always there for the Queen's sake. One guard saw her and spoke, "Good morning, Alicia, the Queen is expecting you."

"Thank you, Monsieur."

"You are welcome." The second guard said, and pulled back his spear, and again stood firmly there at the door post. He opened the door to the throne room, and Alicia entered.

Today the throne room was busy, people were crowded around. The hustle and bustle had Alicia trying to squeeze through the crowd, "Pardon me." She said going through a couple of people. Queen Marie was busy with giving out things to the people, food, coins, and other needs for her people. Alicia squeezed through another set of people, "Pardon me, I must get to the Queen of France."

They yelled at the Queen, "Give me, food!" "Give me, money!" "You are the great Queen of France!" The comments went around the throne room, but Alicia knew about the other set people in crowd who yelled, "You the worst Queen ever!" "You do not feed us!" "I am going to kill you, Queen Marie!" Then there was Prince Louie who was angry about everything. Alicia was close to front of the crowd when Prince Louie came through the doors and slammed them open yelling, "Mother! What are these people doing here? What are you doing giving our food and money away to these peasants?"

With a wave of Queen Marie's hand, the guard came and grabbed the prince by the shoulder; but he threw them back, and threatened. "Mother, One day, these people will not be given food, they will have to work! One day, I will rule this great nation, the people will bow to me, and then you will be banished and your God with you!" Prince Louie left the throne room as quickly as he had come in.

"Do you ever get tired of his threats?" Alicia asked approaching the Queen.

Queen Marie, arms held out said, "Ah, Alicia, Welcome."

Alicia bowed, "My Queen, I am here by request to serve you."

"First---" Marie paused.

Alicia felt that the pressure she felt was overwhelming, here it is, and I am going to have to clean something in the castle, or be the kitchen help.

Queen Marie finished her sentence, ---please, give your friend a hug."

The tension Alicia had felt melted away. She walked up to Queen Marie and gave her a hug. "Thank you, My Queen."

"Troubled young man, my son has become. Those threats do not bother me." Queen began to explain, "His mate is going to be either neglected or constantly abused, if he keeps this pressure up on his mother."

"Yes, My Queen."

Two fierce guards lined the front of the throne room. They stood there in case there was threat on Queen Marie's life.

"People of France!" Queen Marie began, "Please return and come back tomorrow, and I will have much more food and coins for you then!"

They started to leave through the doorway, "Guards, once they leave, may I see you two in here, alone" Queen Marie told the two guards outside the doorway. "Thank you."

People started to be excited or yell out in disgust, and complain. Once everyone had left, and the room was empty, the guards came back into the throne room and stood there waiting for their queen to give audience. The queen was polite to those who even weren't polite in return. The queen was rich, even though she was kind enough to give it away, she knew the more she gave away for more she would receive in return.

The guards closed the door and came closer, "Lord Ciel-Remi has asked Alicia to stand in for him while he is gone. She will arrive for duties everyday, please let her in." Queen Marie told them."

"Yes, Your Majesty." They agreed.

"Alright, we need to get down to business." Queen started to lay out a plan on the table, "Your father has not been a threat for awhile; we have no cause of concern while he is gone. I am asking you do something for me."

"Yes, My Queen." Alicia acknowledged.

"These guards are brave and strong. We believe that while Jean-Paul was working for me in Paris, he visited a witch in an underground lair, under this very castle. We still have no clue how he got there. The only place I can send you is through the catacombs which lay under the city. They probably link the sewer system to the place where the witch could live and breathe."

"Please, follow the catacombs through to the sewers to find this place where the witch would have lived or is living, if she is still alive. We need answers concerning Mephisto, demon of darkness. If she is dead then we need proof of something down there, this is going to be a dangerous mission. Are you ready for this challenge?"

"Yes, My Queen." Alicia acknowledge, and then asked, "Except, who will guard you while I am gone?"

"One guard will be posted by the back doorway to the side hall, and the other will watch the entrance of throne room." Queen Marie told her, and then turned to the guard, "Do not let anyone in. Use force if you have to."

"Yes, Your Majesty," One guard smiled and walked to the other door. "Your Majesty, What do we do to stop Prince Louie from coming in and threatening you."

"Ah, yes, my troublesome son, well, he has the right to come into the throne room but only if he can control his temper. You will have to restrain him while I visiting with the people though."

"Yes, Your Majesty." The guard returned back to his post.

"Do you know what to do, Alicia?" Queen Marie explained. "There is entrance in one of tombstone in the graveyard in the city. Please, be careful. The market should sell some sort of torch and flint to help you light your way. I will you send you with this note, please give it to them. It is an order by the queen. Thank you for your help. I knew I could count on you, Alicia." Queen Marie handed Alicia a piece of parchment.

Alicia reached and took the parchment, she and two guards left through the doors, and one of the guards said, "Be brave, good luck, Mademoiselle."

"Yes." Alicia agreed.

They walked through entrance, to the courtyard and through to castles iron gates, the guards on the castle wall yelled at her, "Good day, Mademoiselle."

"Good day, Monsieur." Alicia yelled back up to them.

"The queen has already given us instructions, be brave and good luck with your quest. The catacombs are a dangerous place to explore."

"Yes, God is with us." Alicia yelled as the Iron Gates opened slowly letting them leave through them to head for their destinations, the catacombs. She knew the danger and protection of the Lord. She would get to the witch lair. Whether, she would find the proof, it would have to be decided when she got there, for now she stayed content. She went to the Marketplace of France. She gave them the note, and they got items in return, a torch, a flint and kerosene bottles for easy lighting.

They headed to the graveyard and opened the gate.

The long pathway led to a grave with catholic cross on the tombstone. The guards were restless and pacing about while Alicia looked for an opened crack in a tombstone, now where did the Queen say it was?

She grabbed a sword from one of the guards. He flinched and grabbed her hand. "Do not worry, you will get it back." She assured him. He let go of her hand as she took the sword into both hands, and then dug it deep into the ground. The cross tombstone had a leaver and the sword hit it, and it slid open, opening up an underground stairway that led into complete darkness.

Alicia gave back to sword saying, "Thank you." She took out three unlit torches, and handed two of them to the other guard, "Be careful."

"Yes, my lady." he said.

Alicia poured a few drops of kerosene on her torch, then she hit the flint on a tombstone and it lit a great fire. She lit her torch. "Thank you, Lord for your fire, but I believe a candle would have been easier." She prayed as she began descending the stairs in the catacombs.

Suddenly a big blast of wind came from eastern side of the dark tunnel, Guess a candle would not lasted long in this wind. The fire blew her direction, except it didn't burn out her torch, and then she and the guards continued through a long tunnel through a room that housed many skeletons.

'Snap' 'Crackle' went the bones as she and the guards stepped over them. They did frighten her a bit, but she was strong in faith and felt like she had nothing to fear. Alicia stepped again right into a rib cage. She caught her foot on one of the ribcages of one of the skeletons and she tumbled to the ground. The guards rushed to see if she was alright, "My lady, are you alright, did you injure yourself?"

"No, I am fine, just few bruises and perhaps a scrape or two; nothing I cannot handle." She said. "Let us keep going, shortly we should reach an opening into a water area, and pass by these bones."

The torch had landed on the ground. One of her guards reached down, picked it up and handed it back to her. Alicia reopened the bottle of kerosene, and then lit her torch again. When she looked ahead, a skull was centered on a stake, looked as though it was looking directly at her and almost frightened her. She almost screamed in terror but she remained calm. She began walking carefully down another set of tunnels. She felt a bit saddened, "Poor Souls; No one would have survived." She said quietly, she didn't know how old they were, and continued down the tunnel. Being more careful not to step into another rib cage, she could be seriously hurt the next time around.

Alicia arrived at another location in the tunnels. The room was full of cobwebs. She stepped down into a puddle of gross sewerage water, and the moss covered her boots. The dress would be wet and muddy soon. She began to wish she would have put on a battle uniform before coming down here. Even though, she knew how she would look strange in a male's armor. She only kept going and began to wade through the water as it got deeper. It was now waist high. It is time for a new set of clothes or a good deep swim in the rivers around Paris.

In those days, the people didn't bathe. They dipped in river outside the castle. They would make sure no one was watching before doing so, or else a good bath sometime in a mansion in a private room. Many were shy about their bodies and wished to not be seen by many people. Alicia would risk everything now to be seen with these men, except they had no clue what she was doing. They followed close to her and helped her through the waterfalls of the castle.  Even though she was wet, muddy and she knew that she didn't have a care in the world.

Soon, Alicia and the guards turned the corner leading down a straight embankment. She thought she heard a voice from somewhere in catacombs. "Do you hear something, my lady?" One of the guards asked.

"Not a thing, Let us keep going." Alicia said.

 The breast high water covered every area on her body from the shoulders down to her feet, and only her head peaked through. Another lit light was glowing ahead of them. She looked back at the guards. "Did you see that?"

"Yes, Mademoiselle." The guard said quietly, "Is someone else down here."

"I do not know." Alicia told them still keep wading through the water. The slimy moss was pushing away, yet she stuck to her hands while she was wading through it. The water didn't get any higher, and they had to keep going through it. The brick stone would suggest they had now entered the sewers underneath the castle.

"Was not there an easier way to go?" One guard said, nervous and afraid.

"Fear not." Alicia said.

"Yes, my lady." He told her.

They came to yet another tunnel; dark as before, they saw a cement walkway. She pushed with all her might out of the sewage water and as she did her dress began to drip water from it. The moss hung on her was beautiful dress. She carefully took the slimy gross moss off of it. The wet dress was now destroyed and never could be worn again. She didn't appreciate the Queen not telling her to get into something that would be easier to navigate through the water. She took time to dry off before continuing down tunnel. She was in complete darkness, except she thought about how the guards who which protecting her might have lustful thoughts.

Since the guards didn't pay attention, and they looked as if they feared the road ahead, and the other light dimly glowing, Alicia didn't have any worries. They continued walking. She didn't know where the other light came from. She was curious and followed close behind it. Something inside her seemed to reassure her. They stayed quiet and kept their eyes focused ahead of them.

Alicia followed as close as she felt was comfortable, keeping some distance between her and the other light. It moved every few feet as they moved toward it. She didn't know how to look at this light, because it was a very mysterious light.

Alicia could see the water line ahead as they stayed close behind her, the light which was ahead of them suddenly stopped. It turned down a small alcove. She looked back at the guards and commented, "We are following the light, and I believe it is leading us somewhere."

"Yes." They said simultaneously.

As they searched for a new location, the light began toward set of long stairs. The light remained there and only let Alicia stay two feet back behind and then it would move, when she did.

Alicia followed close behind it down the steps. With great surprise, the torch in her hand didn't burn out, but stayed lit, even through a big gush of wind. She knew God was protecting them, and she didn't have to fear what she found.

"This could be a trap, my lady." One of her guards said nervously.

"It is no trap, God is guiding us."

"Yes, My lady." The other guard said, and he also seemed just as nervous.

Down the set of steps, they came to another alcove. It led back to the sewers. The light didn't head that way, but headed in an opposite direction. Alicia watched her step.

The light wasn't a normal orange colored fire, it was colored blue, and the flame was surrounded by some kind of shield. It wouldn't let her touch it or get too close.

"What do you think the light is?" A guard asked.

"I do not know." Alicia replied. "I am only following it."

They shrugged their shoulders and kept following it. Alicia turned right at the next intersection. She walked down the long dirty hallway, the light stopped a few feet before her. It glowed bright throughout the hall they stood in. An open room was on the right side wall. "Please, wait out here. I will be a short while."

"Yes, my ladyship." One of her guard's agreed.

Alicia went into the room, there was broken glass everywhere, a piece of wood stuck out from the floor, what happened in here? Okay time to find something about Mephisto, or something help with the battle.

She carefully started moving things around, so she wouldn't get any splinters from the wood on the broken selves, and so the broken glass would not cut her tender skin.  She carefully dug through piles of things to find something anything about Mephisto, except she couldn't find anything in the mess. She dug deeper, and soon under covered another board, a skull completely caught her off guard and frightened her. She found a rib and shoulder bones, but no leg bones there. Her torch went out and she was in complete darkness, "Great!" Alicia said frustrated as she didn't dare put her hand down on the ground, it could be cut by the glass but she didn't keep her balance and tripped on something. A great pain shot through her body, "Now you have done it, you cannot see anything, you have badly injured yourself, and why do you not yell for those guards, they must still have their torches lit."

Alicia moved a little bit to the left, to try to figure out where the cut was, except she felt a sticky substance on the ground next to her, "I must have been injured badly."

About that time the guards came into the room to see what had happened to Alicia. Their lights were enough to see that she had landed on a board from one of the shelves, a gash was bleeding. The guard put the torch where her hand landed. "My lady, you will never believe what you have found." He said in a firm voice.

Alicia looked down where her hand was, the blood wasn't her own, but a maroon blood that seemed new, they found a bone laying there, the bones of a leg. She was puzzled, "This is new, yet this bone looks over twelve-five years old. How can this be?"

"My ladyship, I believe you found the answer to puzzle about your father." The guard saw an old gothic page lying on the ground. He brushed away debris for easy access to the words.

"The page was preserved by God until I found it. These words speak about the salvation of God as the only way to defeat Mephisto's hold on my father. My father must be saved to be loosened from his grip." Alicia said excited, "Do we have anything with which to write this down?"

"Yes." He took a parchment and pen from his knapsack, and handed them to her. "Here you go, mademoiselle."

"Thank you, monsieur." She said, began to write the words from the inscription on the page. After she was finished, she looked down, to her amazement, the blood evaporated in thin air and the parchment turned into dust.

"My lady, please come look at this." The other guard said, after digging through more debris. He found a leather book, very old pages, but still in tack. He blew the dust off the cover. Alicia, still in pain, and needed a few minutes to stand. A pain shot through her body, the guard helping her to stand upright. She had cut her ankle, legs and arm very badly, she couldn't see anymore cuts from the glass, and she wobbled as she walked over to the other guard that held the book.

She approached him quietly, saw the book, and recognized the words that were printed there proclaiming. "It is a witch's spell book."

He turned it to a particular page, as though being directed to do so. "Here is the information we have been searching for, my lady. It is about the demon of darkness, it has information about our demon." he proclaimed.

She skimmed through the page. She wanted to know how the demon was awakened in her father. Alicia searched for the clues, a page was torn out. "Yes, the page we found ground." she skimmed through and read, "A demon eye, also known as the lover's tear, the demon eye was created from an angel's tear drop, after Mephisto killed the angel in what would to be called the temple of Aphrodite during the time of the Greek rule. During the Babylonian rule it was referred to as the Temple. The Demon of Darkness possessed the tear drop and it became an eye from a demon. Depending on a person's heart, it could be a demon's eye for evil. The purest heart will have a lover's tear. The angel guards the tear some where in world." Alicia was amazed, what would my Father want with the demon eye? Or does Mephisto want it back to rule France?

Alicia knew in her heart she needed to skim deeper, she came to another phrase, "Since the time at the Temple, Mephisto has longed to be free of the Spiritual Realm called the Abyss, and this place will emerge through spells from pagans or a portal in the temple. No matter how this happens, Mephisto's great goal is to destroy mankind and rule the world. He longs to bring the possession of the demon eye for great destruction on the earth to merge both realms together and bring his army of darkness to the physical realm. The evil act will be forfeited by ..." She came to the end of the page and next one was the torn one. "We need to take to this book to Victoria and Queen Marie. We should let Ciel-Remi see it when he comes back as well. For now we need to get back to the castle safely. I am losing air, I believe I am injured more than I---" Her eyes shut and she took a deep breathe, and then blacked out.


Victoria hadn't been to see Jean-Pierre yet. She felt a move in the Holy Spirit to visit Alicia in the castle. She knew Alicia would be guarding the Queen, and she would have to see her, to talk with her. She left the mansion, explaining the plan to her mother. She followed the path to the marketplace. People would start calling her cruel names, like 'little rich girl.'

She didn't understand why they called her rich. She lived in the mansion due to Corrine's parents being wealthy. Her father worked, gave to the Lord and prospered greatly, but everything about her being rich, and her title of lady came from her parent's parents.

She walked down a bit further down the road. Many people greeted her warmly, as she passed their house, "Good day, Lady Victoria."

"Good day to you, Madam." She waved at them as she reached Jean-Pierre's house, and quietly knocked. He answered, and let her inside.

"Would you like something to drink while you are here?" He asked politely.

"No, thank you, I am fine, as is." Victoria said, "I am here to receive your gift you told me about yesterday."

"Oh, yes, I will grab that from where my father kept it." Jean-Pierre said, going off into another room. Victoria had not been inside Jean-Pierre's house before. She looked around at the different items Jean and Julie had, love letters in a chest of bronze, and a wooden table, which sat next to a candle, and another candle was lit over the fireplace shelves. She waited patiently.

Jean-Pierre soon came back into the parlor. He presented her with a silver case, he opened it up, a dagger, with a bright silver blade and gold handle lay in the red felt lined box. He proclaimed, "Your mission is dangerous, you are going into enemy territory and I would like you have the dagger as a weapon."

"Thank you, my friend." She took the box from him, and then reached forward and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Do you have work today?"

"No, I do not work today." He replied.

"I am going to the castle to see Alicia, I was wondering if you would like to come with me." She said invitingly.

"Sorry, I must stay around the house today." He sighed, "I would love to, and except my mom has orders I must obey."

"Alright, Jean-Pierre," Victoria said, "and thank you for the dagger, would you like me to bring it back after I am finished with it?"

"You are welcome. Keep it, as gift to you."

"That is very courageous thing to do."

"I was planning on giving to you when you were young, but I wanted to wait until you were old enough, and that is why Father put it away in the chest for a while. So you do not have to carry the box with you."

"I must be going, take care, Jean-Pierre."

"Yes, my lady, I will, God Bless."

"God Bless you too, my friend." Victoria left and headed back to the marketplace and then straight to the castle walls. The guard was surprised to see her, and greeted her. "Good day, my lady, how may I help you?"

"I was going to see Alicia Borjour and Queen Marie, would you let me in."

"Yes, my lady." He said.

The Iron Gate opened as she went into the courtyard and followed it through until she got to hallway with Lion and Lamb tapestry. "Thank you, Lord for your protection on Paris." She prayed.

Victoria followed the entrance hallway to the guard standing outside the door. She was surprised to see only one guard stood there, and he put out his spear not recognizing her. "May I see Queen Marie, monsieur?" she asked, and waited quietly.

"Let me check with her." he said. The guard entered the throne room.

Victoria waited for him to come back. She was very disturbed that he did not recognize her. He came back to his station, "The Queen will see you now, Lady Victoria."

"Thank you." She said, as he opened the door for her.

Queen Marie sat worried about something. The room was empty not one person was there to see her. What was going on? Where was Alicia?

"My Queen." She bowed.

"Lady Victoria, What brings you to the castle this day?"

"Alicia, My Queen."

"Have you heard from her?"

"No, My Queen," Victoria said, worried and anxious, "What is going on? Why are you worried?"

"Earlier today, I sent two guards in the catacombs to find the witch's lair where Jean-Paul became possessed by Mephisto. We need all the information we could find, but it is passed the time they should have returned. I fear that something dreadful has happened to Alicia." Queen Marie explained.

The guard, who was guarding the throne room entrance came in quickly, "My Queen, come now, Alicia is badly injured and is in need of medical assistance."

"Where is she?"

"She is in your bedroom, My Queen." The guard said panic stricken.

Victoria and Queen Marie followed the guard down to the Queen's quarters. They entered slowly. Three guards stood there, two in silver armor, and the other in golden armor. Victoria saw a glow around the one in the golden armor and one of the guards in silver armor had a book in his hand. Alicia lay on the bed. She rushed over to Alicia's side. "She is unconscious, your Majesty and I believe she is dying." The other silver armored guard said.

"Fear not, Alicia will not die, she has much of her life left." The guard dressed in the golden armor said. "Queen Marie, your prayers have been answered by God. Safety on Alicia has come. I helped follow them to their destination."

"We got information about Mephisto, Alicia wrote down something very important for you, My Queen." The other silver armored guard said, and walked up and handed a folded parchment to Queen Marie.

"I will deal with this and the books later, for now, please find some herbs or potions to help poor, Alicia." Queen Marie began, "My goodness what happened?"

"Yes, your Majesty." The silver armored guard said and left the room.

"Alicia has punctured a lung by falling into a broken board and glass, she is a strong girl, and she will survive." The golden armored guard said.

"What can I do?" Victoria asked, "Michael?"

"You must use the power given to you."

"Power?" She sighed, "What power? It is the Lord who heals those injured and in trouble."

"Exactly, Victoria." Angel Michael said. "You must pray totally healing into your friend's body; the herbal potions are only temporary, but, God's power through your prayers can heal those wounds faster and completely."

Victoria ran her hands through Alicia's hair, "Please Alicia hold on, Please have faith in this healing." She didn't know what she was doing, she just reached down where the lungs on the body would be, and began to pray aloud. "Father God, Papa has told me God does not just heal a broken heart or helps those in need. He has healed the physical wounds of our bodies. I am come to believe by faith everything you have do so far, that you do all things we say are impossible, right now. I ask, in name your mighty name to heal my friend's wound and repair her lungs. I ask your blessings in her life and that she may have a life lived for you. I give glory and honor for what you are about to do. Thank you, Lord. Amen." She felt nervous, but she believed.

The guard came in with the herbs. Michael reached out his hand to stop him. "Those will not be necessary, please let Alicia rest, she will be fine in time." Michael said, "I have done my part. I must leave you, but always call upon the Lord while he may be found."

As he left, Victoria stood and rushed to the door. "Angel Michael, I have a question."

"You may ask."

"Am I wrong to begin my mission while Alicia recovers from her injures?"

"You are obeying the Lord, He is who leads and guides you, keep going where he goes and keep to that path. Alicia will be fine and you are guarded by God." He told her. She took everything to heart and turned to walk back into the room. She decided to look back but he was gone. "Thank you, Lord." She praised God for everything.

"Queen Marie I must ask a favor of you." Victoria said.

"Yes." She replied.

"Pray for my safety on my mission to retrieve the bible. I will leave tomorrow morning. Please pray that in the darkness there will be light to light my path. And please keep your prayers toward Heaven." Victoria explained.

"Yes, My lady." Queen Marie said.

"Thank you, My Queen." She replied. "Now, What did Alicia find in witch's lair?"

Chapter 5

THE SHIP docked on the eastern port of England. Ciel-Remi already missed his wife and daughter, but kept a positive attitude. He was here with God's plan; he knew unlike Bourge, he would see their shining faces again before he died and went to see the Lord in Heaven. Ciel-Remi couldn't wait for that day and kept his eyes on God's words and promises.

"Welcome to our homeland, lad." Richard said.

"Thank you, Richard." He said.

Ciel-Remi and the others stepped down onto a long wooden plank. He shouldered his pack of belongings. He didn't know where to go and followed close to Richard and Diana. He also knew Marie was new to this place, as well.

She leaned over whispering, "It is a great place, is not it?"

"Yes, Marie, It's a great place."

Ciel-Remi looked around. People walked close to the street, a brown carriage with brown horses sat there; the driver was waiting for someone. He watched a man come out of a store and get into the carriage and gallop away. He looked back at the ship, the dock men where pulling boxes up from deck onto the docks.

"We are here, lad, I dinna how much further before we get to the castle." Richard began, as Marie got into another brown carriage, the horses were white with brown manes, "so, sit back and enjoy the ride."

Ciel-Remi watch at the beautiful scenery went by and he saw the buildings around the big city, the clock tower in the distance was huge and connected to another building, the night sky was beautiful and He imagined the nights at home.

Ciel-Remi needed rest. The ship ride was two day's journey from Northern France to the Port of England and he had not slept at all. He dropped back into his seat, "Thank you, my friend, I will get some rest, awaken me when we get to the castle." He told them as he rested his arm on the back of his head and closed his eyes.


The comfortable bed where Alicia had been sleeping had startled her as she became aware of her surroundings. She wore a beautiful yellow night dress, no longer dressed in her muddy; the wet dress she wore in the sewers. How did she get back into the castle? How long had she been unconscious?

Alicia looked at her body; the scrapes and bruises were fading away, her side was still a bit sore, but not badly injured. She lay there looking up at the beautiful mirror above her. Her first thought was to believe she was in heaven; everything around her was beautiful and wonderful. She couldn't move a bit because her side. She hoped the Queen or someone would wake her up from this beautiful place. Was this real? Was this the Queen's quarter's in the castle? She never noticed the beauty of Queen Marie's room before.

Alicia was feeling exhausted. A person came into the bedroom. She was bringing a cup of water in her hands, "You are awake, my dear?" the female nurse told her.

"Yes, what happened?" Alicia asked.

"Let me get Queen Marie and Victoria, they will be able to tell you." She said, "For now, please drink this. You have not fully regained your strength yet."

The nurse handed Alicia the cup of water, she took a drink of it and lay back down on the comfortable bed. She was still curious about the dress and asked, "Do you know who changed my clothes?"

"After Queen Marie and Victoria left out of the room, I changed you out of those dirty, muddy, wet clothes. Do not worry, mademoiselle, it is my job." The nurse said.

"Thank you, Madam." she said, "May I see Victoria?"

Alicia was still a bit confused, and thought, what is Victoria doing in the castle? Did she come according to God or the Queen?

She lay back down. She was drowsy and tired, and could fall back to sleep soon. She wanted to see Victoria before she did. She wanted to get some answers of how she survived. She waited patiently. Victoria walked into the room with a great smile on her face. "My friend, you are awake. How do you feel?"

"Lousy, tired, and in pain." Alicia told her.

"You should thank God for everything." Victoria commented.

"Did the Lord heal me?" Alicia asked confused.

"Yes, he healed you, and still healing you." Victoria explained. "I came by the castle to tell you I am leaving tomorrow morning for Bourge and to pray. The Queen was worried for she believed something happened. Soon your guards, a golden armored guard came into the throne room carrying you. They lay you on the ground. The guard in golden armor was Archangel Michael. I do not know what had happened in the witch's lair, but I was given great power from God to pray for complete healing."

"Angel Michael," Alicia said weary, "He brought me back."

"Yes." Victoria said. "He led you to the witch's lair. My guess is he came after you became unconscious to help you get back here."

"He was the light!" Alicia proclaimed, "It would not let me get close to it, but guided me through the sewers to the witch's lair. Did you read the book and the piece of parchment?"

"Yes." Victoria said, "You have brought a great deal to help with the assignment given from God."

"Are you ready to travel to Bourge?" Alicia asked.

"Yes, I am ready. I am able and willing as well, keep myself in your prayers and do not worry, and you need much rest after your assignment."

"I will not worry, because if you fail, France fails."

"Exactly." Victoria said. "Do you want to see Queen Marie? Or do you want to get some rest?"

"I will rest now; I will see Queen Marie tomorrow. Thank you for everything Victoria. Be safe and go with God."

"Yes, thank you." Victoria turned to leave the room; Alicia lay down on the comfortable pillow and in minute was sleeping soundly.


"The Castle of England, lad, home of King James." Richard announced, as Ciel-Remi rubbed his eyes. He didn't know how long he was resting. He just kept his eyes focused. The castle was bigger and larger than the one in Paris. He believed someone could get lost. He looked at Richard who had helped Marie get out of the coach, "My daughter, take care of Lord Ciel-Remi. We will be a few kilometers east in a beautiful church."

"Yes, Father." Marie said.

Richard got back into the carriage, Ciel-Remi and Marie waved as Richard and Diana were driven by coach east to the east of the castle. He looked into Marie's eyes, "Are you ready to visit the King of England and help me?"

"Yes, Lord Remi." Marie said with a great cheerful smile.

Ciel-Remi didn't mind Marie calling him Remi, in fact he preferred it, and Remi was short and easier to pronounce with his title of lord. He and Marie walked to the castle gate, the guard yelled, "Who goes there?"

"I am Lord Ciel-Remi of France, and this is Lady Marie LeCoeur. We are on assignment to help King James with the Bible translations."

"Ah, Lord Ciel-Remi." The guard said in his British accent. "What an honor to meet ya. You may go in, our King is expecting ya."

The guards lower the drawbridge of the castle. After it landed with a big crash, Ciel-Remi and Marie entered and began walking through a big courtyard to castle entrance.

The Castle in England was different. The insides were dark with a torch to light the way, sometime they had kerosene lanterns to see around the castle. The castle had larger towers and an outer wall to get more angles in for fighting. A wooden drawbridge was also there, which you had to raise and lower from the inside, and it would close at night for safety of the castle dwellers. The entrance was made of grey bricks, somewhat like the castle in Bourge.

A silver armored guard, with a lion and lamb emblem stopped them, "Me eyes say there is an intruder in this 'ere castle." He said with another deep British accent.

"My name is Lord Ciel-Remi of France, with me is Lord Richard's daughter, Marie LeCoeur, we are here with an assignment from King James---" Ciel-Remi introduced.

"Ah, yes, Lord Ciel-Remi, what an honor." The guard said, "It is right this way."

They followed the guard down another corridor of the castle, to a hallway leading to the stairs. They continued up the stairs to another hallway. There were large doors down the hall marking the glorious throne room. The guard pushed the door opened, walked up to King James and announced, "Lord Ciel-Remi, and Lady Marie LeCoeur here from France to see you, Your Majesty."

"Welcome to England, My lord, and I hope thee had a wonderful journey here."

"Yes, your majesty." He bowed before him.

"Richard LeCouer has written me throughout his time in France. He is a great man of Faith. He has told me about your imprisonment in Bourge and the great tragedy upon your hometown."

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Ciel-Remi stood upright again.

"And this is Lord Richard's daughter, the Lady of France, Marie LeCoeur."

"Yes, Your Majesty." She bowed.

"Your majesty, these trying times, Lord Richard and Lady Diana has asked for me to watch over their daughter while they are away on business in the church, please let us have a comfortable stay while away from our family and friends in France."

"Your wish has been granted." The King laughed. "She will be great comfort while she is staying here. She can help you and I study this Holy Bible."

"Yes, Your Majesty." Marie smiled, "Thank you, Your Majesty."

"We condone our Sister in France; Queen Marie has suffered the terrible loss of her husband, and we are happy to help her in anyway possible."

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Ciel-Remi smiled joyfully.

"My servant will show you to the guest rooms, where you will stay these many months." He spoke, waving his hand.

A servant girl about Marie's age came up to them, "Right this way, sir." She led them out of the throne room, down the hall and to a small room. The room was fit for one person, "Sir, This will be thy room."

"Thank you, mademoiselle." Ciel-Remi said as he went into the room. The room had a small wooden dresser and a small bed; he set his knapsack on the bed, and barely heard the servant girl tell Marie, "Right this way, my lady."

Ciel-Remi knelt down by the bed and prayed, "Lord God, Please keep everyone safe in France, Victoria and Corrine, Alicia, and Jean-Pierre, his parents. Keep you protection and guidance over the Lionheart's in Spain, thank you, Lord God, please, give me wisdom to help the King and to make Alicia, Samantha and Marie battle armor for our fight, you have given me much wisdom. Thank you for your son Jesus Christ. In your awesome name. Amen."

He took out a parchment and a pen. He began to write a letter to everyone in France.


It was late evening when Victoria arrived home at the Mansion. Queen Marie gave her a letter of permission to leave the city and venture forth to Bourge. The book and piece of parchment were to be kept in castle for safe keeping. She would show them to her father when he got back from his mission.

Victoria took out the box which held the silver dagger out from the small pack that she carried her supplies in. She looked closely at the dagger. Its silver tip was sharp and it could have cut her finger, so she was careful as she took it out. Underneath the dagger, in a separate compartment were a belt and a leather sheath in which to place the dagger when she was not using it. She carefully set the box on her bed.

She looked again into the box and picked up the dagger and the sheath. She noticed that the dagger was embossed in gold lettering and gilded gold. She took the box and set it on the table, changing her mind she decided to put it somewhere safer. She then got down beside the bed and slid the box under it. "Thank you, Jean-Pierre. I will use it carefully and wisely."

Victoria sat back toward the head of her bed, with her hand over her head and looked up at ceiling of the Mansion, her mind wondered about her father in England. She was also worried about Alicia's health. She decided to close her eyes and pray, "Lord God, Maker of Heaven and Earth, Please be with Papa and Marie, let them return to us safely. Be with Alicia through this time of healing; give her the strength to help her in her ministry of guarding the Queen while Papa is away. Lord, Give me strength for my mission to Bourge, let no weapon form against me prosper, for you are God. No one else, thank you for all you have done for us, as humans, we are weak, except through your love and grace you make us strong. Thank you, Father God, In your mighty name, Amen."

Victoria sat for a few moments watching the ceiling, and soon she drifted off into a peaceful slumber.


Shifting around on the Queen's comfortable bed, Alicia was stirred at the great and wonderful dream she had of Jean-Pierre and herself. Was Ciel-Remi right? Should she talk to Jean-Pierre about her love for him? Her side was starting to get a lot better as the night passed on. She wondered where the Queen went to bed for the night, because she was sleeping in the Queen's bed chambers.

She slowly uncovered herself, and slowly got out of the bed. She almost tripped on the floor. Her side wasn't totally and completely healed. She walked to the door. A silver armored guard was stationed outside the door. Queen Marie is protecting me now, how thoughtful of her.

"Mademoiselle!" the guard stirred, "What are you doing up so soon?"

"Would you be most kind to tell me where Queen Marie is staying as she sleeps this night?" Alicia asked.

"Yes, Mademoiselle." The guard said. "The Queen is staying in the King's quarters tonight, so you may be fully rested in this bed."

"Thank you, monsieur." She replied, as a small twinge of pain came into Alicia's side and she started to fall.

The guard noticed her holding her side, and that she still must be in a great deal of pain, "Mademoiselle, you are still hurt." He said grabbing for her, "the medicine we got you is good but a short while; you must get some rest."

"Yes, sir." Alicia said.

"Would you allow me to help you back to the bed?" he asked.

"Yes." She was starting to feel dizzy again.

The guard put one arm around her shoulder and she grabbed him around the waist to steady herself. He helped her back into the comfortable bed. A dizzy spell came upon Alicia and her head fell onto the pillow. The guard went back out saying, "Good Night, mademoiselle. I will be outside this door if you need anything."

Alicia kept quiet and silently prayed to God over her pains, "Father God, I believe you are God that would heal me, please heal my side so I will have the strength again to help the Queen of France, thank you ..." She struggled through her pain to get the words out. "For everything you have done and will do, in your name, Amen."

The prayer almost took the breath out of her. She lay back down on comfortable pillow and looked at the beautiful bed post and mirror above her head. She couldn't sleep, so she just lay there in comfortable position. She decided to look at the beautiful night sky and stars in distance. She was grateful to be still alive. She gazed into southern direction, and said softly. "Father, We have something to help you, just believe in God and what we have told you, just believe God is truth and this demon is a liar, please I am hopeful for your salvation and we have the words to help you through, Please, My father and mother, break the curse which the demons have you both enthralled in and believe in righteousness and salvation to bring in God's kingdom, just believe." Alicia was hopeful and still held onto that fact, "Ciel-Remi be safe, Victoria be very safe, and Corrine, keep praying for your husband and daughter. Jean-Pierre keep your parents' in mind in your prayers, and also, I do not know our future, but if you have the same love, then everything we believe for will come to pass in God's timing." Alicia again took a deep breath, and sighed. "Queen Marie, just hold on, and keep your eyes on God's kingdom. Prince Louie, Please stop your angry words, the city will fall if you do not, and Stephan, Anne, Samantha and Anne of Austria, be protected, come back to France when it is time to come back, oh I long to see everyone again." Then she prayed, "Lord bless everyone I have talked about, give them wisdom to face what lies ahead and give them strength and determination to do it. Thank you, Lord, Amen."

The sky was beautiful, the moon glowed brightly and she knew one day she would see Jesus. She kept her eyes focused on stars and moon, this creation was God's and she wanted to believe in the closer relationship with God, If only we had our own words of God, then we could read your word everyday, every minute.

Alicia knew Ciel-Remi went to England, for what, she didn't know. She kept gazing at the sky, sometimes she would get dizzy, but still she rested there. About an hour or so later, her eyes started to close, she wasn't just dizzy, but drowsy and her eyes were shutting and opening, then soon she fell back to sleep.


The sun rose on the Lebejioux Mansion as Victoria sat in bed, and she rubbed her eyes. She sat looking at the soulfire ring again. Victoria wasn't really ready for her big adventure, but knew God's plans and she had to obey them.

She refreshed herself in prayer, asked for wisdom and understanding of the word her father had taught her, "Lord God," She prayed. "We lift you up and give you our glory, please give me the understanding of how to fight this battle. The Great Bible is important and needs to be brought back. Give me the strength I need for my time in the caverns and give me hope to last a lifetime. Bring your safety of protection and angels to guard over me until I have returned the Bible back to its rightful place, thank you for everything, you have done, will do, in your awesome name, Amen."

Much of Victoria's life was in prayer and fasting. She would sometime go without a meal for a day or up to a week, but still had something to keep her body alive, and God always refreshed her body with strength.

She put on the outfit her father made for battle, first the tights, then the armor starting with arm should, and then the leg ones. She put on the belt and last the comfortable breastplate. Victoria latched it in the back, and reaching around to fasten it was a bit rough, but she managed to get into it. She took the dagger from under the bed out of its box and found a piece of fabric and cut out a few holes, two for eyes to see, and one for mouth to breathe. She re-sheathed the dagger and put the mask onto her belt.

Lying on the ground near the eastern wall was a sheathed sword inside her bed chamber. She grabbed it and latched it onto her right side.

Victoria didn't look like a lady anymore. She looked like a soldier ready of battle. She grabbed the letter the Queen had given her and the dagger.

She decided to go by the Castle and see Alicia before she left the city. The Queen had left a black stallion for her to ride on, as far as Chameceaux ruins.

Victoria went down stairs, Corrine was awake and doing house work, "Are you off on your big adventure?" She asked.

"Yes, mama." Victoria said, then came up and gave her a kiss on right and left cheeks, "I am going by the Castle to say 'goodbye'."

Corrine hugged Victoria, "I believe you will bring the Bible back to us."

"I will, mama, I will." Victoria said, putting the knapsack over her shoulder, "I will be back for the horse after I am finished at the Castle."

"It was really good of Queen Marie to leave you a royal stallion for your journey to the south."

"Yes Mama," Victoria began, "A black horse is a great horse for darkness and stealth into the caverns, but I have to believe I will have to fight to get through the demon guards."

"Yes." Corrine sighed, "Just be very careful."

"Do not worry, Mama." Victoria replied, "God has my life in His hands."

Victoria exited the house and ventured to the Castle of Paris. The guard raised the Iron Gate and she entered, the first stop she made after coming through the Iron Gate was the throne room to say 'goodbye' to Queen Marie. The throne room was crowded and as far as Victoria could see, Prince Louie was making a statement which bad mouthed the people of France, "When I am king, people of France, you will have to do whatever it takes to make money to buy your own food. The food given will stop and the begging for food will cease and your poor souls will have to find work. I do not put up with my Mother's behavior of giving to the poor; these are our food and our treasures!"

Victoria made her way through the crowd to the front, where Queen Marie and Prince Louie stood. Queen Marie was completely annoyed at Louie's comments and once she saw Victoria, she became excited, "Ah Victoria, Do not you look sharp, your father has great taste in helping France." She commented in praise.

Louie looked at Victoria's outfit; "Lady Victoria." He laughed, "You are a lady of France, but you look like a warrior of France. When I am king, men are to conquer, and ladies will stay home and tend to their families."

"My Prince, this nation is great because of Queen Marie. You are full of pride and greed. This pride will bring a fallen nation, a fallen city and worst, a generation of violence. Do you really want a fallen nation in war? Your behavior proves it. Your father's death was tragedy to us all. Prince Louie, Do you want a people to regret you for your actions and die in a battle? You are acting like Jean-Paul Borjour right now ... you can keep threatening your mother forever. Until you decide to get rid of her, she is a great and loyal friend of the family."

"You are trending on dangerous ground, Victoria." Prince Louie said angrily.

"I have come to see how my friend, Alicia is doing, say 'goodbye and thank you to your mother and then I am leaving to battle in Bourge for God's sake."

"Arghh." Prince Louie said, "It is because of your father, my life has been twisted around. My father's death was because of your father's ignorance to guard him. I do not know why Mother still accepts your father's job to guard her. He prays when he is to be guarding her and is always distracted by your God."

"Please, my prince, I have no time. My father was protecting your father, but he was caught off guard. He made one mistake and he regretted it, and then moved on. You have been offended by my father who has led you to a bitter lifestyle." Victoria said, she turned toward Queen Marie, hugged her with exuberance. "You have made a great Queen. Do not let your son's anger rule your life, keep doing what the Lord has promised you."

"Thank you, my lady." Queen Marie said gratefully.

"You are welcome, My Queen." Victoria replied politely.

They hugged each other, "This day is a very important one for France. We are praying for you to have a safe trip and a safe return home that our God will save you from Bourge's attackers. Please, be careful and be safe." Queen Marie said.

Prince Louie just stood there with his arms folded, looking angry. "Take care of yourself Prince Louie." Victoria said, as she went out the west side doors. She continued to walk a few steps through the hallways before visiting the Queen's quarters.

The silver armored guard saw Victoria and greeted, "Good day, my lady, Are you here to visit Alicia?"

"Yes." She replied.

"She is resting comfortably." The guard said, "I almost did not recognize you."

"It is my father's craftsmanship for the fight in Bourge this day." Victoria proclaimed.

"Take care, be very careful."

"Yes, monsieur." She said walking into the Queen's Quarters, Alicia was lying there in comfortable position, "Victoria!" Alicia said.

"Alicia, how are you feeling this fine day?" Victoria asked.

A smile came on Alicia's face, "My lungs are healing at a rapid pace, even though it is hard not to guard the Queen, and I fear Prince Louie's threats are becoming even more threatening."

"Prince Louie will be Prince Louie until he is married to a fine princess. He needs to understand his pride and bitterness will eat him alive before he finds the way back to God. I do fear once he is King. He will bring Paris to a fall."

"You are right." Alicia agreed. "Are you ready for this adventure to recover the Bible?"

"I am a little bit afraid, except I know the Lord is there to help me through every move I make, so I am obeying God's plan and will be rewarded. This assignment is no easy task, It dangerous and challenging. An angel saved you from your venture; I believe he may have to save me from mine."

"We will pray for your safety." Alicia replied, "What happens if my father finds out and captures you?"

"I do not know." Victoria said unsure, "God is faithful and just, to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. God can share his glory from the enemies capture."

"Also, Vic, be careful of lustful women, even though they are sirens and kill only men, they have a lasting effect on women, as well." Alicia warned Victoria.

"Thank you for that information." Victoria politely thanked her.

Victoria walked up to Alicia, put her arms around her. "I am going to miss you." Alicia said with a tear in her eye.

"I will miss you as well." Victoria replied as she began to leave the room.

"God Bless you, my sister."

"God Bless you, as well." Victoria replied, "We will be able to talk and enjoy more things when I get back in few days."

"Yes, My lady." Alicia jested, they both laughed.

Chapter 6

THE BLACK STALLION was feeding on some hay around the stable, when Victoria approached. She was afraid, but knew in her spirit this journey had to be done. She took the saddle from close by and hurled it across the horse's back. She patted the horse's neck saying, "Good boy."

Victoria pulled out Queen Marie's letter to show the guards at the city gate, it read:

Letter from Queen Marie to Guardian of Paris walls,

My truest servants, today I have give permission for Lady Victoria Lebejioux to leave Paris and journey southward to the city of Bourge, which is heavy guarded by Jean-Paul Borjour's army to retrieve a valuable artifact from Bourge's capture, I have also given Victoria a black stallion, a gift to the Lebejioux's for a great job done in the castle and during the time of their imprisonment. As you know already, my servant is away on business in England. The daughter of Jean-Paul is serving in his place while he is gone. Take care and God Bless,

Her Majesty or Queen of France, Marie

Victoria took it, folded it and placed it inside the knapsack until she would give it to the guard at Paris' walls. She hopped on the horse, patted again, "Good boy." She said through her father's training, "He." And the horse bucked and almost knocked her off onto ground, and began to gallop toward the right side. "Slow down, boy." Victoria said in a gentle voice, it slowed down before reaching the metal fence.

She patted it on the neck near the mane, "I know you are not use to me as your master, but would you be a good boy and let me control your movements? You will get use to me soon enough."

Victoria didn't know if talking to horse would do any good. She motioned it to turn around and head for the mansion gate, and then it started galloping towards that direction. "See, boy, nothing to fear, I promise to give you something when we get to Chameceaux ruins." She again talked to the horse; as she approached the guard has he opened the gate, "Good day, my lady."

"Good day, monsieur." She said, "You will look after Mama while I am gone."

"Yes, My lady." The guard agreed.

"Thank you, sir."

Victoria led the horse down the path opposite of the busy market place; there were three entrances into Paris. The Southern, western and eastern, since the southern and eastern gates were through the market place, the only one would be the western entrance.

Soon, She approached the western gate, the same one her father took on their way to Northern France, the guard stopped her; "Lady Victoria." He said.

Victoria reached into her knapsack and pulled out the letter, and handed it to the guard. The guard looked over the letter and yelled down at her, "My lady, you know it is dangerous to travel in France, the darkness and all."

"Yes, monsieur." Victoria replied. "It is dangerous, but God will protect us outside of Paris, as well."

"Well, since the Queen of France has given permission I do not see why not, so I will raise the gate, be very careful, wolves are right outside this gate, it would have been safer to go the southern exit."

"Yes, sir." She sighed. "It would have, except I did not want to risk the lives of the marketplace travelers."

"Your call, my lady." The guard opposed.

"I will be fine, Monsieur." Victoria said, "The wolves are not my main concern it will be the guardian of the cave, which will be more dangerous."

"Yes, my lady." He just agreed.

She rode outside the city gates, "Not a thing to fear, Victoria." She spoke softly to herself, she could tell the light was turning into darkness; she stayed close to city wall as she began to journey southward.

Victoria looked over the western mountains. The darkness dimmed the grace of those mountains, as she kept her eyes to the south, and she could hear the growling of a wolf pack nearby. The horse began to gallop a bit faster than normal speed, "whoa, boy." She said trying to watch for them.

Victoria spotted the wolves out the corner of her eyes, their teeth were out and she couldn't take any chances, she yanked the reigns of the horse harder; the horse began to gallop faster, and the wolves started running after it. They would try to jump up and bite her, with all her force she kicked the wolves away.

She pulled harder and faster the horse got as the wolves were faster than the horse, again she kicked, but there was too many of them. She didn't want to use Jean-Pierre's daggers on the wolves, hopefully she would clear the city walls, and then she would be close to the forest where she could lose the predators.

Victoria tried harder to get faster, and they kept coming, she stayed in the light of the city and not to wander in the darkness until she had enough room to get around the city walls. The beasts were hungry. She reached into her sack a grab a piece of bread and threw it to the wolves, "Hopefully this make them happier, they stopped and smelled the bread, since it worked, she motioned the horse to slow down.

The wolves wanted more bread or something more to eat and started to walk to Victoria who pulled out some meat from Jean-Pierre's workplace. She threw some on the ground, "that should enough to get them fed." and they saw the meat dashed for it, after a minute they approached her calm and their tongues panting, and their tails wagging, they are much more friendly now. She got off the horse and petted their fur and they got close enough to lick her on the face, "you are very welcome." She said in loveable voice. She remounted her horse.

"That is all it was, these wild beasts do not get any food." Victoria said, she loved the wild life, the nature of the wolves. They can be friendly or mean depending on their attitude toward humans, if they are fed then they are not as wild and are friendlier to humans. Before leaving Paris she decided to buy some meat and with the Queen's permission to feed the wolves outside the city gate, while on her journey.

Soon Victoria had to leave them and keep on her journey to the south. They all fled away back to the wolf pack and their home environment. She continued passed the city walls into the forest south of the southern gate of city. "Are you ready to face the darkness, Victoria?" she asked herself while entering into the forest and the green trees that surrounded that area.


Some water poured into a cup, Alicia stood up, side still in pain, but didn't have as much as the night before. She began to worry about Victoria's safety, but knew she would be alright. She took the cup of water and a medicine vial from the nurse's hand, "Thank you, madam."

"You are welcome; The Queen would like to see you healed, and this medicine will help the pain for awhile. God is working fast to heal your lungs." The nurse said.

The nurse of the castle was a bit skinny, wore a servant's dress and was also a beautiful looking woman; she wore a nurse's cap on her head.

"Yes, madam." Alicia said, "The Lord is faithful to heal those who ask for it."

"Well, Alicia, Healing does take time, no matter if God does it or someone else does." The nurse said.

"Do you know Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, madam?" Alicia asked boldly.

"Yes, mademoiselle." The nurse began to explain. "It was last summer; I had been working for Queen Marie as her personal nurse and assistant to help heal her from a terrible sickness she had caught. I was watching out the window of the bedroom, Queen Marie was lying in bed, she barely moved and started a prayer to God to help her."

"I was moved by her words, and then Lord Ciel-Remi came into the room to visit the sick Marie, he brought some flowers for her, and on the note it read: 'To my dearest friend, please get well soon.' She was moved by tears of joy, "thank you, my friend." Queen Marie said."

"I was born in Southern France a few miles from Bourge, I didn't know Jesus, but I attended church with my folks, my Spanish parents were always pressuring me to go with them to church, so I went, just sat there like a good girl. I had many friends and families to support my dream of help those illnesses going around France."

"After I heard of the Bourge attack, I rushed to help as many as possible, but I was too late, they all died and were brutally killed. I did not once see the murderer's face. I gather what belongings I had and headed to Chameceaux and was easily given an intern job in small clinic there."

"Bourge's attacker was realized by Ciel-Remi in Paris, and fled to a southern town in France, but that did not stop him from destroying my new home. Ciel-Remi faced a crowd of people, I was in the clinic helping people when he announced that Chameceaux was going to be destroyed by Bourge's invaders, I heard and watched everyone leave the town and head north to Paris."

The nurse had to take a breathe, Alicia asked, "May I ask your name before you get back to story?"

"Yes, mademoiselle;" she sighed, "My name is Francine of Bourge."

"Wait a minute." Alicia said, "You were born south of Bourge, except you have a name from Bourge."

"It is long story, I will tell you another time." The nurse said, and then continued her story. "It was morning in Chameceaux about 10am. I was helping a man with serious disease, when a flaming arrow came through the window a hit the man squarely in the heart, two came in barely hit the bed, I was stunned, "How did the he know about the battle?" I grabbed my belongings and rushed for the door, but an arrow again came from some where and hit the door knob, about where my would have been if I was not so fearful of the fire burning up the clinic door, I back up into a corner and said to myself, "Is this it? Is this my time to go? I should have gone to Paris with the others, please someone save me!" A piece wood came down knocked me out, I blacked out."

"How did you get out of the city before the enemy found you?" Alicia asked curiously and intrigued.

"I do not know, I woke up in the ruins of the clinic with barely any injuries, the place was destroyed. It had to be an hour that I was unconscious. Someone did save me that day, it was God, even though I did not know Jesus Christ, God saved me. The place was destroyed. A few houses still stood and no one survived, except me, I struggled to get out before they knew I was alive. I finally made my journey to Paris, the people of Paris where friendly and helped me. The Queen always a gracious lady and with a thankful attitude gave me a job to be the castle nurse."

"Ciel-Remi and Queen Marie prayed for safety of France and health of the Queen, in one day, the Queen was up and ready to complete her work, I asked Lord Ciel-Remi what he did to make Marie well again. He told me, "God healed Queen Marie. God does not want us to perish before our time. She is Queen of France; her purpose is to help those in need of help." He was very true, and then he asked, "Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?" I was overtaken by the question, I simple said 'no'. He softly took my hand and led me to another room. He prayed a simple prayer, and then asked me to sincerely pray it back to God."

"After I prayed that prayer, I was overcome by joy and happiness; I felt alive again and lived to serve God; God saved me twice, once in Chameceaux and here in Paris, I was full of energy to do God's work through me. I became joyful and prayed for the sick, beside the medicine I get people. God's healing works if they have strength to believe and faith in healing and forgiveness."

"How many have you seen come to Christ since then?" Alicia asked.

"Many people have given there life to God since that day, I just work, they are faithful. I have lead many to salvation and I am overwhelmed with how many people are willing to be saved. It has been that way since Christ's coming on earth."

"Yes, it has, it was Lady Victoria who lead to me to God." Alicia said.

"You should rest now, dear, I will be back to check on your healing, in a little while, and then you may tell me about your experiences."

"Yes, madam, I agree, I need rest now." Alicia said, laying back on the bed, she watched the nurse leave, and then prayed, "Father God, You are so awesome of how you have made us to seek after you and want to be saved, Protect Victoria in Bourge this day, and give her a light in the darkness. Blessing and Honor in your name, Amen."

Her side was feeling better every day, but she needed the rest, her eyes closed and she fell back to sleep.


The trees of forest made the path dark. Victoria hoped she wouldn't get lost in the forest, and go west or even east. She kept her eyes open to the darkness, the forest wildlife was as much around as though she was in the light, even though birds were flying from tree to tree, squirrels running up the bark; she enjoyed the sound, and the darkness was eerie and frightening.

She watched as the trees began waving back and forth in the quiet breeze, the day was just beginning, but it seemed as though night was overhead.

No moonlight made the darkness that much more eerie, a dim glow showed the path though and Victoria was able to follow it. She knew someone had to have been lighting her way. "Thank you, Lord." She prayed as she rode through the dim light.

Victoria reflected on the Lord's promises as she kept going through the forest. She didn't need to feel frightened anymore. She remembered the forest being the home of the tragedy of King Henry, but as she brushed through the leaves. She also knew how Alicia survived. "This tyrant is not the person, but the demon controlling the person." She said to herself while the horse behaved.

Soon, Victoria came to a clearing, the trees were no more, but still darkness shed across the sky, the path still dimly lit, guiding her way to the ruins of Chameceaux. She watched the eastern part of France, more forest that she did not dare to enter. To the west were the mountains. She continued south down a path for awhile.

Over horizon was Chameceaux. Victoria saw the destroyed mansion, "Thank you, for saving Mama, thank you, for Papa; being brave to risk his life to battle evil, and Thank you, Lord for just being here to light my path in Mephisto's darkness." She prayed.

She finally came to the ruins of Chameceaux, the buildings were broken in pieces and there was barely a few houses left standing in place. She rode a bit further into town and found a tree near a destroyed building, the skeletons lined the road, and she cautiously stepped over them and found one of the complete houses with a tree nearby.

Victoria jumped off the horse. She took and tied the reigns around the tree. She patted the horse on the mane, "I will be back, soon, and then you may take me home."

The horse neighed in agreement. Victoria carefully stepped through the bones and made her way back to the path leading south. Once there, she started to walk down it. Chameceaux was closer to Bourge than it was to Paris, so she was able to use stealth to get there.

As she came closer to the wrecked city, she pulled out her mask and put it on. She couldn't be able to do anything in the cavern right now, the sun would be going down and she needed rest from a day's journey.

Victoria always heard the stories of her father's parents; the house they live in was still standing after all these years. She decided stay the night in her grandparent's home, and then continue during the next day.

She walked through the town. She wanted to know what her father and Alicia saw there the castle gate, the guardians of castle were stationed there. She would be caught if they spotted her, a few house stood for her hide just incase.

Victoria slowly closed her eyes and spoke in her prayer language, given to her by God. She suddenly fell back because she in the middle a vast stretching across the city even as far as home. She looked towards the castle of Bourge. What is going on? There are more demons than Papa and Alicia saw, She thought. This was eerie to her, but she kept her eyes on God and his forces. She looked up at the castle once again; the castle was bigger and lengthy. The gray walls with a dim light in the windows, Mephisto, What are you doing?

Victoria didn't want to alert anyone else of her position. She ran to a broken down house, and continued to far right side of the city. She wanted to keep looking at the castle. The physical castle was small, but not as tall as she just saw in the Spiritual realm. She finally got to the place where she could close her eyes and not alert the enemy of her whereabouts. She looked at the vast majestic castle and saw some bats flying around the left most towers of the castle. The middle tower was blocked by a magic shield. The right tower was Gothic in the structure. She imagined the great vastness of the castle outside, but what are the dangers inside the Spiritual one.

Victoria opened her eyes again and settled her eyes back to physical things around her and adjusting to darkness gazed in the western direction, some guards were standing close a house, she was going to have to sneak past a couple of guards to get to the house she was staying in for the night.

With stealth she snuck passed one guard, the guard wasn't even aware someone was in the area. The next guard was pacing back and forth to catch intruders around the castle. She slowly took the dagger out. She didn't know if she was going to use the dagger, but she needed to get through the pacing guard either way. She started dashing to the next building without really knowing if the guard saw her shadow, she was safely at the other standing house.

Victoria looked around the corner, until two guards were pacing around the next house. She didn't figure she would have to dodge this many guards, but she did. Dagger firmly in hand, but not used unless attacked, she dashed again towards the next buildings. It was greater distance than the first one and she had more guards to avoid, finally reaching the next house, and almost out of breath. Did a guard see her? Or was she safe? She watched the guards for a moment, nothing; they didn't see her dashing from building to building.

Either these guards do not watch greatly or they are too busy minding their own business.

Victoria, knowing that she had to get by more buildings before reaching the wide open fields, leading toward the Lebejiouxs' farm on the eastern slope, kept as close to the buildings as was possible. She kept her distance and watched the next set of guards, "Mephisto must have had double duty on these guards since Father escaped." She said quietly so she wouldn't stir the guards.

Three more guards kept close to those houses, they paced back and forth, some were going left to right, and some were going north to south. She had to be careful to not be seen by the guards going north to south. She quietly approached the end of house, the brick was old, which could easily crumble beneath her weight, but she held her ground. The guard faced to pace back to the north, She quickly dashed to the next standing building; it was just a far as the one before and she was safely watching as the guard glancing back to see if anyone was there, She heard a "huh?" from the guard. He looked her direction and saw nothing, "Guess not." He said as he kept on patrolling the area.

Victoria quietly and slowly and with stealth nest to the wall, as she looked out to see the number of guards that were in her way before crossing over to the final house. She sheathed the dagger and dashed across the way, another guard glanced back, but saw nothing, he quickly approached another guard, "Did anyone here think they saw a presence lurking around the city?" He asked curiously.

The guard ordered, "Keep on your toes men, someone or something is lurking around the city of Bourge this night and we need to keep watch."

"Great Victoria, now you have done it." She whispered to herself while quietly walking next to the wall. She looked out across the plain, nothing, not a guard in sight on the way to Lebejioux farm, and she sighed.

Victoria decided it was now or never to get to the farm. She dashed to the eastern plains, knocking over a loosened pot; it made a lot of noise, which alerted the guard to check it out. She had no choice but to begin heading to the Lebejioux farm without letting them know she was in the open plain; a dim light still lit her way.

The darkness was a disadvantage to the guards. They searched where the pot was, their torches in hand; "Someone was here." A guard said, as he bent down to the ground and examined the footprints. Victoria looked back to watch what was happening, the guard point her direction, "Oh man." She said, and then heard another ask, "Should we report this to Jean-Paul?"

"No, whose ever these footprints are, they are after something important down south, and if they were trying to sneak into castle, then we would have tell Jean-Paul, but only if an attack happens in this area."

Victoria gave a big sigh; she was safe for the moment and continued up the hill to Lebejioux farm, the only house not guarded by Jean-Paul's guards. The house was still old and had been deserted for many years. She opened the door, a squeak came out, since no guards were in the area, they couldn't have heard it.

Once inside the house, Victoria threw off her sack and placed it on the ground. She took the dagger and placed it on a small table in the corner. She was exhausted from running and day's journey. She didn't know she would have had to dodge this much down in Bourge. What was Jean-Paul up to? Was she going to be caught in this house? Hopefully the guards are not trying to follow her footsteps?

She pulled off one leg should and then the other, laying them both on the ground, next she took off the arm shoulds and after that the breastplate, she didn't need to worry about the other pieces of clothing, she did at last pulled off the mask and let her hair fly free, "After I get home I am going to need a nice, hot bath." She said to herself lying back on hard wooden floor. Hands over her head in a comfortable position, she prayed, "Father God, Thank you for bringing me this far, It was a lot of hard work to get passed those guards, but your light is greater than they can imagine, God, Bless Mama, Papa and my best friend Alicia, keep my friend, Marie safe, as well as her parents', thank you for your provision, help me and guide me through all your have for me, May Your plans be a glory and strength to us, In Your name, Jesus Christ, Amen."

Victoria lay her head down and quickly closed her eyes; she fell asleep knowing the journey to the cavern would be that much harder.


The morning dawn came through the windows as Ciel-Remi woke for the long day ahead of him. Before he would do anything, he knelt down and meditated on God's words of wisdom to him. He prayed a quick prayer and stood silent for an hour and half, he didn't let the noise from outside the room effect his prayer time.

Now he was newly refreshed and ready for the days work ahead of him. Ciel-Remi bathed and got dressed. He wondered how Corrine and Victoria were doing in France. Had His daughter left for her mission? He worried much for their sake, but kept it still to himself.

Ciel-Remi needed to find a good blacksmith to help make the female armor and a place the sold on medieval armor for crusades. The generations had come and armor wasn't needed much anymore. He knew the battle ahead needed them. France wouldn't be free from an attack until Jean-Paul had come to Christ.

The young servant came to door and knocked, "You may come in." He said.

"Are ya ready?" She asked.

"Yes, mademoiselle." He replied.

Ciel-Remi followed close to the servant, she had a few bruises, and wore a pretty pink dress, with white fluffs on the shoulder. "My name is Elissa, my lord." She introduced, "you may call me Lissa for short."

"It is alright, I will call you Elissa." Ciel-Remi proclaimed as they came to a set of steps leading down the great castle's hallways.

"You are a gentleman, my lord." She commented, as she held a kerosene lantern in her hand.

"Thank you, Elissa." Ciel-Remi said, "You are beautiful lady, as well."

"Yes, my Lord." She giggled.

Ciel-Remi loved to hear people laugh more than be depressed and cry a lot, He just followed close behind her.

"My lord, what are ya plans for today?" She asked curiously.

"Elissa, do you know of any good blacksmith's here?" Ciel-Remi asked.

"Not right off hand, I believe our King knows some of them." She said, and then asked. "What do you need a blacksmith for?"

"France is preparing for a great battle against a foe, I have the knowledge to make a great warriors armor for battle." Ciel-Remi explained.

"We have some armor from the crusades still sold through antique shops in town. Ya wouldn't have to have a blacksmith to make them." She said, as they cleared another hallway and headed for another set of steps.

"Thank you for the information of where to buy the armor, except I would still need a blacksmith for curve the armor." Ciel-Remi told her, which stopped her dead in her tracks. She turned around facing him, "Wait a minute, my lord." She insisted, "What type of armor are ya makin'?"

"Some female armor." He said, "My daughter and her friends are old enough to help fight, the men of France are getting older and do not have the strength to fight a battle of this magnitude, we need female warriors, except, the armor is for male warriors, I have already done my daughter's, now I need to do her friend's armor as well."

"Oh." she said, as she turned and continued down the steps to the main hallway of the castle, "Would you be kind enough to make one for me?"

"Yes, Elissa." Ciel-Remi said with joy, "I will make you a set."

She was only a servant girl, but he was kind enough to do anything for another person, Elissa turned around, with a great smile, and hugged Ciel-Remi.

Ciel-Remi looked into her eyes, she was a bit sad by something in her life, and he asked, "Do you know Jesus?"

"Well, sort of." she said, "I attend church regularly."

"Do you know Jesus as personal Lord and Savior?" Ciel-Remi asked again.

"Not really?" She hung her head down, "I have been a good person and went to church all my life, I served in this castle for years and no one has asked such a personal question."

"Would you like to know him as your Lord and Savior?" He asked, and waited a few minutes.

"Yes, my lord, I would like to know Jesus Christ, but what do I have to do?" She asked, confused and unaware.

"When Jesus died for us, He did it to give us the free gift of salvation, it is yours only if you ask for it, also you are new creation and everything old will pass away, Salvation is not by the good works we do, but by Faith in God. If you believe Jesus died for your sins, you have only to ask him for his salvation and grace, and then He will give you it freely." Ciel-Remi explained.

She was overwhelmed by tears of joy, "That's it, just pray, ask Christ for Salvation." She said, "I always thought you did it by hard work and my serving to go to Heaven."

"Elissa, God does not want the world to go to Hell without knowing Him as their Lord and Savior. God wants us to have faith in Him and His Son, Jesus Christ who was the only perfect person and spotless from every sin imaginable. He was sent to be a sacrifice for all mankind. When Adam and Eve sinned by disobedience, Adam made us not perfect, but because of our Savior, Jesus, we have a chance to receive all God has given to us."

"You are very wise, my lord." She commented, "I would like to know God and Jesus Christ, please would you pray with me."

"Yes, Elissa."

"Thank you, my lord." She said.

"You may call me, Remi." Ciel-Remi said. "And, you are very welcome."

"Alright Remi, let us go into this room." She opened the door to another different room in the castle, it was small and nothing was in it. She went in a knelt down on her knees, Ciel-Remi joined her.

Ciel-Remi and Elissa held each others hand, they bowed their heads. He knew she was a bit nervous of doing this with her. "Now, Elissa, I will pray a simple prayer, then you will need to repeat it back, but do it will an open heart to God, not me."

Elissa only agreed and Ciel-Remi prayed, "Father God, Please forgive me for my sins, I know you sent your Son Jesus Christ to die on my behalf and to give me salvation through your son, please give me your love, faith and hope for my future, I am now yours, my ways are now your ways, my plans are your plans, please fill me in the Holy Spirit to help guide me through this world, until the day I go to heaven, thank you, Lord God, Amen."

Ciel-Remi heard her start praying, He knew it was rude, to open his eyes during her prayer to God. She repeated the prayer in her own words, afterwards, she opened her eyes, he saw Elissa crying, but she looked happy. He asked her, "How do you feel?"

"Thank you, Remi. I feel joyful and alive, oh, thank you." She said joyfully, and hugged Ciel-Remi.

She laughed joyfully, "We should get back to King James."

"Yes, Elissa."

As they left the small room and walked down the hallway. Ciel-Remi knew she had joy and happiness inside. She was free to serve God, they continued down the hall until they turned the corner and went to down the hallway where throne room was, and they entered it.


Elissa Reid was born in England, both of her parents were from Scotland, they came down to London, Elissa is thirteen years of age, she had beautiful brown hair, with green eyes, she was easily able understand the British accent. She was so admired by King James, she was asked to serve the king as his personal assistant and servant. She accepted the job. She lived with her mother. Her father was killed in a war.

Elissa worked hard everyday to please King James, She bent down on her knees on the floor and even got her hands messy. She helped guests to the guestrooms, she loved her job.

Elissa had something missing inside, even though she loved her job, she was sad and depressed. She wanted much more than her daily routine life. She went to church every time with King James. She would pay attention to the minister. She didn't put the words in her heart. She was surprised when Ciel-Remi asked her the question; of course, she believed work was her life, her serving King James was her work to get to Heaven.

Elissa and Ciel-Remi walked into the throne room, the King greeted them warmly, and she knew he recognized her new spirit. "Ah Elissa, You look radiant." He commented. Would you like to stay around here for a time while I talk with Lord Ciel-Remi?"

"Yes, Your Majesty," She was overjoyed, "Thank you, Your Majesty."

Two other English men stood there, "Lord Ciel-Remi, these people are the scribes and writers who are helping us to write the bible, we have many Hebrew scrolls of the words of God."

"Your Majesty." Ciel-Remi spoke up, "I had been given an artifact I lost to our enemy while I was imprisoned. I have sent word to France to get this artifact to England after it has been retrieved."

"What may this artifact be?" King James asked, then laugh, "A dinosaur bone."

"No, Your Majesty," Ciel-Remi began, "The artifact is called the Great Bible. It has every bible scripture words and those words are written in Hebrew. Most of your scrolls are compiled into the artifact. Let us wait until my daughter has retrieved it, before finishing our work on it."

"Ah, my Lord, that is good idea." King James laughed, "What will you do until then?"

"My work in England is not just the Bible, your Majesty." Ciel-Remi said, then asked, "Do you know of a blacksmith in England which many help us make armor."

The King was stumped, "Armor, What kind of armor?"

"Armor for female warriors, my daughter, Victoria, Marie LeCoeur and two of her friends, and I have been asked by Elissa to make her some."

"Elissa, Is this true?" King James asked.

"Yes, Your Majesty." Elissa agreed.

"Ciel-Remi, Elissa will help you with the armor. We will wait until your daughter has retrieved this artifact to finish the Bible. You are dismissed."

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Ciel-Remi bowed.

Elissa was overwhelmed, she never was asked to do anything except be a servant to King James. She followed Ciel-Remi out of throne room. The King spoke up; "I would like to meet your daughter, Lady Victoria Lebejioux, would you be so kind as to send her here with this artifact."

"Yes, Your Majesty." Ciel-Remi agreed.

Elissa and Ciel-Remi were back in the hallways, "Remi, what do you need me to do?"

"Please take these coins, go down to antique store and buy five sets of armor." Ciel-Remi told her, he handed about four golden coins to her.

"Thank you, Lord Remi; I will not let you down." She said.

"I know you will not." Ciel-Remi said, "I have to meet the LeCoeur's later today, would you be kind enough to bring them to the church east of castle."

"Yes." She said, and ran off down the hall. She looked and winked, Thank you, thank you, Remi, I may not know Christ, as well as you do, but I feel I am able to be used for whatever may come my way.

Chapter 7

THE HARD FLOOR was too uncomfortable for Victoria to sleep. The darkness outside was not helping her to know what time to wake up, so she woke up and perched herself against the wall for a moment of prayer to God and to meditate on God's words.

"Lord, My Father and God to all creation on earth. You know our needs and give us shelter in the unknown strange places. Lord, Thank you for your son, Jesus Christ, the Savior of world, thank you for everything you have done in my life and my father's life so far. Give me strength, courage and the will to do your plans for France and everywhere else. Lord, be with my father while he does his duties in England. As I venture off toward the caverns to retrieve the Great Bible from our enemy, please forgive any actions or defense I may inflict on the guards. Lord, I am scared, but your word says, we have not controlled by the spirit of fear, but of love, power and sound mind. Before I must go, help me overcome this great fear inside. Thank you for everything, Lord God, for your love, your way and your plans. In your mighty name, the name of Jesus, Amen."

Victoria felt less fear, except she was greatly at God's will to do whatever to retrieve the Bible. She sat and listened for an hour or two to the Lord's words to her, she concentrated on them. She was open to obey anything and everything, the Lord was merciful and brought great grace, His word wasn't failing nor did He reject her request. She finally felt the strength and motivation to do what is was she was called to do.

Victoria wasn't worried how God would lead her through the caverns. She knew what needed to be accomplished. She grabbed the dagger off the desk and studied it closely. The sheath was leather, she unsheathed it, looking at it closely, the gold brass handle had a medieval design, a loin and a lamb cover, only reminded her how grateful she was for her friends. She was greatly disturbed by the fact that one day she may have to use the dagger to kill someone, as she sheathed the dagger again.

Victoria walked up to the window and leaned against window sill and looked out at the starless sky, the spell and curse of darkness was still eerie to her. Thank you Lord for my father being far away from this place, he is not still in this castle. You are a great God from rescuing him from our enemy's grasp. Thank you, Lord, for allowing him this opportunity, to help me train for this mission.

Even though the sky didn't show it, Victoria knew it was early morning about five o'clock. She went back to the table and grabbed her bag. She began dress in her armor, starting with the breastplate, and then put on the leg and arm shoulds. She took a deep breath as she put on the belt and placed the dagger at her side. Her sword was hung in a hook in the middle of the parlor. She grabbed the sword from the hook and latched it onto her waist.

As Victoria approached the door, she took out her last item, the silk hood to cover her appearance to anyone and become a shadow in the darkness. She put it on the belt for later. She didn't need the bag. It would be too much weight. She grabbed a few items and put them in black pouch she would carry on her belt.

Victoria opened the door. She took another deep breath and kept walking into shadowy areas. She snuck through the surrounding guards. She didn't have anything to fear and didn't look around. She kept going toward another forest of trees. She needed not to be spotted now, she was going to have to be mysterious and stealthy or else she could have been caught by the guards. She finally reached the forest edge and entered it.

The thick shrubs and trees surrounded around her. It was darker in the forest, than the one near Paris. She quickly pulled off the mask from her belt and pulled back her hair and tucked her hair into the back of the black clothes she had on. She firmly put the mask on her head.

Victoria was ready for anything to come her way. She came back to the south edge of forest. She peered out from the trees to watch the guards. She saw a guard pacing close nearby the edge of the forest. He didn't have any idea what was happening, which was a good sign for her, and she waited a few minutes more.

Victoria heard her heart beating as she waited with patience for the guard to approach closer. He came around the corner of tree. She reached for the dagger and unsheathed it. She knew she couldn't get by this guard without having to kill him, she didn't want to, except she had no choice, either that or get caught before completing her quest.

As he approached, she turned and grabbed him firmly around the waist. He tried to grab his sword, except it was too late, the body dropped from Victoria's arms onto the ground. She sheathed the dagger and continued down the road. She was still cautious and moved slowly. She wasn't in a rush to get there. One problem, she would have to kill again.

"Do not kill." Victoria encouraged, "Unless you have to defend yourself."

There was a little brush from the forest to the entrance. The only thing which helped her not be detected was the spell of darkness. Victoria walked stealthily and quietly through the path to the caverns. Every new few steps she stopped and looked around, no guards yet. She went on a few more steps, but still nothing. She was thankful for the emptiness around her at the moment.

Another few steps and Victoria stopped all of a sudden and froze as she saw another guard approach her. She hoped the guard would turn around and begin walking again in the opposite direction, but he didn't, and only continued her way. She couldn't just stand there, or else he would see her. She had nowhere else to go beside off the path and wait until he passed by, which meant another trial.

With blind thinking, Victoria looked for a way not be detected, and began to quietly sidestep away from path back into the darkness so she wouldn't be spotted, she just heard her heavy breathing. She sidestepped a few more times, as the guard approached ever closer. Dang, Victoria, How are you going to get past this one?

Her cool sense about her, she simply froze, quietly waiting for guard to pass by, as he drew closer, she got a good look at him. He was heavy set with a great armor around his waist, with a huge sword, that he held in his hand, and with the other hand he proudly held his torch waving it back and forth from one place to the other. He was searching for intruders. He yelled out, "Man, Do you see anyone particular this night?"

The guard got no answer, nothing, not a peep from anyone. He became worried and Victoria just stayed quietly watching him.

The guard was disturbed, as Victoria stepped back onto a twig of some kind, it broke, the loud crackle sounded. The guard turned into the direction and motioned, he asked, "Who is there?"

Now you have done it, Victoria.

She began to side step again; hopeful she didn't have to kill this one. Victoria wasn't here to kill everyone she came across, she hoped that they were just a few or none at all. She wanted to be undetected and silent, but if she had to kill again, it would be in self-defensive and not murder. She stayed quiet, but the guard asked again, "Who is there? Whoever you are show yourself."

The guard came closer toward Victoria. She would run if she had to, she would be discovered by the guard, but at least she didn't have to kill him. He came closer and waved the torch, "I know you are in there somewhere."

Victoria decided to dash and ran down back toward the path and ran, "Stop!" the guard yelled, "Intruder!"

The guard began to run toward the direction that he had heard the footsteps. Victoria had no choice. The guard would catch her or alert the other guards. And with this guard dead, he would be silent and she had no other option.

Victoria didn't realize how close to cavern she actually was, she grabbed her sword handle and stood ready, she turned around, the guard finally caught to up to her and again asked, "Who are you?" He asked curiously.

She remained silent.

"Now, mademoiselle, go home or die this night."

The broad guard swung down his sword toward her head, she quietly unsheathed the sword and raised it speedily and it clashed with his, the sparks flew from them and he was amazed and asked, "How did you do that?"

"I have been trained." Only thing she said. "Now, who is going to die?"

He quickly pulled back the sword and approached another hit toward her legs, she jumped up and as the sword swiped through, after she landed, she stepped back and prepared once again for another blow.

In anger, the guard spoke loudly, "I don't know who you are, or why you are here, but you will die this night!"

The guard struck another blow toward her head, she blocked again and this time caught him off guard. She spun the sword around to an open body part and the blow was great. With a wild expression on his face, and she told him, "I am sorry, sir, but I must defeat anyone who gets in my way of the destiny set before me."

His body toppled to the ground and she sheathed her sword once again, This is going to be harder than I thought.

Victoria continued down the path to the caves, a short way down the path another two guards stood there waiting for anyone daring to come inside. She knew it would difficult to get past these ones without being caught. What would she do now? She couldn't kill two guards with one weapon. She had to come up with quick plan of attack.

Victoria was careful not alert them, she backed up, slowly as to not lose her footing or make noise, or fall down. She wouldn't be able to escape these ones. She had to keep watching her footing and go back to where the dead guard lay. She came up with a plan, she knew would be suicide, but it had to work. She didn't want to kill in an offensive position, so she would have to lure them to come after her. She bent down and picked up the sword from dead guard's hand. "You do not mind, if I borrow your weapon, do you?" Victoria jested knowing he was already dead. "Good, I thought not."

She headed back as silently and as slowly to where she saw the guards in the distance. She silently unsheathed her sword. She now held two swords in each hand, Now to get their attention.

Victoria saw a twig laying there. She stepped on the twig it broke, the crackle alert the two guards. She only stood in front, both swords in her hands and no where to run. The two guards came running toward the alert. "Who goes there?" they both yelled, as they ran her direction. She bent down on the ground, the two swords lined like a cross. "Lord, Have mercy!" she yelled, then cross them together into an X shape. She waited a few seconds before doing a spread eagle, her arm reached out like eagles wings. She had her eyes closed, so if she missed, the guard who would be approaching would kill her. As she opened her eyes slowly, she heard a great thump noise on the ground next to her. Had she actually pulled it off? Did she kill the guard? Were they standing when she spread her arms out? She looked down at the two bodies, her plan had worked.

A bad gut feeling came; Victoria didn't want to kill anyone. She knew Jean-Paul would have heard shortly of the news of her whereabouts. Except it didn't matter, what was important was her quest for the Great Bible. She threw the second sword to ground, sheathing her sword, and she continued down the path and reached the dark entrance to the cave.

Victoria's mission was half over. She was aware there would be more, except nothing would stop her. She was determined to see this out until the very end.

She only looked back outside the cave, placing one hand on the wall, she looked towards the north, Father, thank you for all your knowledge for getting me this far, I know I have more to do before bringing back the Bible.

Victoria looked at the night darkened sky and prayed, "Father God, You are great to have helped me this far, Please continue to protect me until reach what I have come here for and have returned back to my family in Paris."


The rocks fell from the castle into the valley below Jean-Paul. He stood on the castle tower still awaiting news of the artifact. Dressed in his black clothes with a black cape, he stroked his black mustache. He stood prideful and brave.

His servant, Xathis walked onto the balcony. His expression wasn't great and he feared much. Xathis spoke up with snakes hiss, "My Lord."

"Ah, Xathis." Jean-Paul acknowledged, "Have you found the eye?"

"Yes." said Xathis, "We found it, except, time is in order."

"Time!" Jean-Paul yelled while grabbing Xathis around the collar. "We do not have time. Ciel-Remi is planning our death everyday, and this eye will bring Paris down. Get me that demons' eye!"

Xathis was angry, "Put me down! I will get you the eye."

"Good," He said, "God always gets in the way, now its time I get in his way. I will have my way."

"Yes, master." Xathis acknowledged.

"We have one advantage; the Great Bible is still in our possession."

"Yes ..." Xathis hissed, "If they were to get the Bible back, we may lose."

"Exactly!" Jean-Paul acknowledge with a great smile.

Another servant came out onto the balcony and spoke in deep voice, "We have a problem, my lord."

"What is this problem?" Jean-Paul said gripping his hand on the wall; some more rocks fell into the valley below.

"A few guards found three dead guard bodies outside the caverns of lust." Trest explained.

"What!" yelled Jean-Paul, "How many guards were stationed from the forest to the caves?"

"Four. Four guards were stationed there." Trest said.

"Does anyone know what happened to the fourth?" Jean-Paul asked. "Does anyone know who this intruder is?"

"We had no word from the guard about the fourth one, if it is possible for our intruder to have killed the three guards, she must have killed the fourth." Trest explained. "No one, not enough the guards to know who this intruder is."

"Damn," He slammed his palm on the wall. "God will have upper hand once again, if His children get His holy word! ... I cannot let that happen!"

"What should we do?" Trest asked.

"The intruder is already in the caverns. Place two guards outside them, for when he or she returns, and then bring that person to me alive." Jean-Paul ordered.

"Yes, sir." Trest acknowledge, bowed and left the area.

"Xathis bring me Chaos, and then get back to work finding the artifact." Jean-Paul ordered, and then turned and faced the sky. "You have always gotten in my way. I will not let another ruin my plans."

"God will never ruin your plans, Mephisto." A voice appeared behind him, "everything is working out according to the plan set before you."

Jean-Paul with caution, turned around, he bowed before the shadow in front of him. "Master."

"Mephisto, You may rise, my friend." Satan acknowledged through a broken wing, "These people can never come between anything we are planning."

"Thank you, my master." Jean-Paul stood and spoke, "Once we have the demon's eye we will be able to bring havoc to this place."

"Yes." He said, and then asked. "What about this intruder? What are you going to do?"

"Capture this person, they will die." Jean-Paul grinned.

"No, Mephisto, Do not kill the intruder, only release this person."

"What?" Jean-Paul quickly became confused. "Why shall I?"

"You have the knowledge of what to do." Satan disappeared ...

Jean-Paul still confused turned around and looked at the sky. "Ah, of course, release the intruder to Paris, and then send someone to follow them back into Paris. Without warning to learn the plans of our enemy before they a chance to strike, we would have the upper hand in Paris."

Renee approached quietly behind Jean-Paul, placed her arms around him and asked, "Is something bothering you, my love."

"Yes." Jean-Paul turned around and held his wife, "the Christians have everything against me."

"What is happening?" Renee asked.

"The artifact is within my reach, except not in my grasp."

"Yes." She acknowledged.

"And now there is an intruder in caverns of lust." Jean-Paul told her.

"Do you know who they are?" She asked.

"No." Jean-Paul grabbed her hand and kissed it. "My love, would you mind checking to see who they are, or their description."

"You know, I will, I would do anything for you, hun." Renee said.

"Do not harm the intruder, just observe and see who they possibly could be."

"Yes, My love." She obeyed. Chaos left Renee, Renee collapsed unconscious to the ground.

Jean-Paul looked down at Renee, "oh, my love it pains me to see you go through such suffering, you will be unconscious for a few hours." He said, then turned back, toward the direction in which the cave was. "Soon intruder, you will be in my grasp, I will know who you are, and then all of France's doom will begin." He laughed.


The bells hanging on the door rang, as Elissa opened the door and walked into the antique shop. On the walls were many antiques, old lanterns, crossbows, rusty swords and shields, and the armor which lined the eastern walls. The armor there was silver with metal plating and rough edges, there were golden ones also.

The owner of the shop approached her and asked, "What may I do you, ma'am?"

"Yes, I would like to see the gold and silver armor." She said.

"Ah, yes, this armor is from Joan of Arc's time." He began, "Right now they are very thin and easily penetrated, with a bit of work and they will be able to with stand any weapon, would you like to buy them?"

Elissa was ordered to get the armor and take them to Ciel-Remi at the old church, so she simple said, "Yes, I would like to buy them."

He leaned down over the wooden counter, "this armor is not cheap, missy, 'ow are you goin' to pay fer it?"

"I will buy them with these coins, sir." She told him reaching in her pouch and pulled out the coins Ciel-Remi gave her.

The eyes of the shopkeeper went very wide and broad, "How many?" He asked.

"Five." She simple told him.

He began to grab the five pieces of armor to set them down on the counter, "Where are you storing these?" He asked curiously.

"The carriage outside is where they are stored for now."

"Ah, good show, would you be friendly enough to help me load these." He said.

"Yes." She replied.

He took the gold coins and gave Elissa back a few silver coins. She was polite and said, "thank you."

"You are very welcome." He replied.

She smiled.


Dusty and rocky walls in the caverns were only a few different obstacles in the caves, bats slept in the high rocks and beetles ran from rock to rock, hissing came from some where in there. Victoria lit a torch and held her right hand on the walls to feel around inside the dim cave. She walked slowly and cautiously.

Victoria wasn't afraid of small animals in the caves. She knew how to deal with them. She kept going until the walls became slimy and wet. She bent to mark her way and to see where she was going next. She could hear different sounds within the caverns.

She came around the corner and turned west before a strong wind made her torch go out and left her without a torch light. She couldn't see around her, she needed to get a flint soon or else she would have to get around in the dark. She felt around for another flint to light the torch, but she couldn't find one, she didn't give up, she prayed, "Lord, please light my way."

Victoria stood up and began to walk a few steps before a dim light lit the path she was on, the Lord was great to help her light her way through the cavern, and she looked at her ring which was lit, but barely. "Thank you, lord." She said, while walking down the corridor to the next turn in the caverns.

A few steps into the next corridor and a voice sounded for some where, "Ah, so you are this intruder." The voice was quiet and raspy like a hissing sound. "You are female, huh?"

Victoria was surprised looked around her, but saw nothing, only the rocks, she was caught off guard, but who was speaking.

"Alicia?" the voice asked, then quiet again.

Victoria stayed silent and quietly kept walking forward. She began to wonder who it was and why she was hearing the voices. She knew God's voice inside was different than the voice she heard now, and she kept going down this corridor. What was that? Do they know I am here?

Victoria walked into the next corridor. She heard a few droplets of water and the sound of a stream flowing in the background. She stopped and thought for awhile, something about Alicia reminded her about the map. Oh, that is right; the map Alicia made me to help navigate these caverns.

She reached into her pouch and pulled out a folded parchment. The ink was dried on the paper. She leaned against a curved rock.

Victoria studied the map, "alright, the entrance is here." she said while pointing to the entrance on the map and then pointed to where Alicia wrote "To castle" and then lastly "to forest of lust."

She looked around the room. The dripping water suggested where she was standing and said, "This must be the stream room, where is this fork in the road?"

Victoria bent down and inspected the ground; the wet rock floor helped her find the stream ahead. She stood again and began down the corridor before she stepped into the flowing water, and it soaked her boots.

She studied the map again, looked to her right, "according to this, the castle secret entrance is to my right and ..." she began and looked to her left, then pointed down that way, "... the forest is to the left, that is where I am headed."

Victoria splashed through the water onto the other side. She headed left into the next corridor leading to a room with brilliant colors. The room was lit well and she didn't need the ring's dim glow. She cautiously walked through it.

Halfway into the room, she saw another opening at the opposite end. She began to cross forward and a great rumble sounded forth. The opening and a big rocky color wall began to close. She had an option to retreat or ran forward before it closed. She began to run, except it was too late, she was trapped in the colored room.

Victoria remembered Alicia tell her that Chaos and Mistresses of Lust invaded this great room. She wondered if Chaos is trapping her in the room for a purpose. She waited for something to happen.

A woman stood at the opposite end of the room. She was dressed in white garments, arms folded and asked Victoria, "What brings into these caverns? Who has sent you?"

Victoria didn't know whether she was good, nor evil, so she cautiously said, "My mission is to get the Great Bible in forest."

"And who has sent you?" The woman asked.

"God, our father, His son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, which indwells my spirit to lead and guide me, My Lord and Savior has sent me." Victoria answered.

"For what purpose are you here for the bible, to take or to just look at it?" She asked.

"Before I answer your question, would you be kind enough to answer mine. Are you good or evil?"

"Neither, Good nor Evil." the woman said.

"Then ..." Victoria began, "My mission here is to retrieve the Great Bible for the battle of France."

"You are not Alicia Borjour, daughter of Jean-Paul Mephisto."

"No, I am not her."

"Are you the one who's name means 'victory'?"

"Yes, I am---"

"---do not speak the name, for you have enemies who could be watching you at this present moment." She interrupted and began to explain. "Be careful, young one, for the path to the Bible is difficult and full of obstacles. In the first room, you will have to guard your eyes so as not be killed. Trust God to get through it. The second is to keep your answer in the truth of the word and lastly to defeat your enemies by what you have learned so far about the word 'love'."

"Thank you." Victoria simply said, as the woman faded away and the opening began to open back up allowing her passage. She kept in mind those words and the advice of the woman.

The next room was huge and circular; the ledge was about two feet from the wall, very narrow rocky ones. Below her was a big chasm with a white glow coming up, above her was another opening with a bright light coming down into the caverns.

Victoria began walking up the ledge. Ghost like figures lined the room and flew around her. She slowly and cautiously walked up the ledge. Since the beginning of colored room, she didn't need the dim glow of the ring. She could see around her, she also trusted God to direct her upward path.

She was now halfway up the slope and she was still being careful. A white figure came up. The squeals caught her off guard. The white figure went directly in her path, and she slipped and knocked a few pebbles down below. The sounds stirred the others down below her and the figures began to surround her.

Victoria grabbed the map, "Which room did Alicia say this one is."

She saw the colored room and then saw the room named 'Den of lustful women.' She wondered what the lustful women were. And why were they in these caverns? Victoria saw a description, 'see lustful women.' on the paper where the room represented where she stood, she moved her fingers over the surface of map until she found the descriptions of the lustful women and read: "the lustful women are white glowing figures with a sound that would break the ear drums, their looks are lustful and if they look at guy in the eye, they will kill him. They only petrify a woman, which is just as deadly. If they approach you, close your eyes and kept from their deadly stare."

Victoria was frightened a bit by the description. She was reminded about the woman's advice, 'you will have to close your eyes and trust God to get through' she watched as the ghostly figures flowed around her. They were pale skinned with a glassy figure, they wore nothing and they glared at her with their bright red eyes. She only stood still for a moment and closed her eyes.

As she prayed for safety, protection, and guidance through the rest of ledge into the forest. A strange feeling came as though another hand took hers. She was greatly couscous and slow; she walked up the ledge toward the forest, with her eyes closed and trusting God to not let her fall into the chasm below.

Many times, she lost her footing, except she was pulled up and kept on course toward the next room, which is the forest. Since her eyes were closed the lustful women weren't able to harm her or look her in the face. She came onto the last turn on the spiral ledge. She decided that for the rest of the way it would be easier with her eyes open, she asked, "May I open my eyes?"

Victoria felt the hand slip away and she opened your eyes and saw a bright light before her. She had a few steps more to take and she would be in the great forest.

The forest was like a normal forest. The trees rose hundred feet into the air and the light shone through the leaves, the gentle breeze rustled them.

She watched around her, as she stepped into the forest. She heard voices. Her first thought, this forest is alive and moving. The thick scrubs were staring at the young female. They watch as she moved through the forest. She didn't have any fear, she did looked around at the beautiful trees. A few differences from the normal forest in France, the trees were odd looking as though they had a human figure, and they were both female and male types.

The female looking trees were hour glass shaped, with breasts, and a white linen covered their breasts; it wrapped around to cover the lower part, and around the bark represented by the leg covering the floor.

The male shaped ones wore a linen cloth below their waists all the way down to the floor.

Victoria began to understand, they looked like an ancient Greek or Roman civilization, she didn't know why they were in a cavern forest in southern France, and she would love to learn more. She was just marveling at beauty of the forest.

"Wow! This is beautiful." Victoria said.

A tree spoke up; her eyes glittered in illusionary sunlight. "Those who are great in wisdom will reach the Bible, but those in SPIRITUAL WARRIORS GUIDE will be able to defeat the enemy, if you are the one whose name means 'victory', then give us the advice you would give to a great warrior who loves God. In the Bible Jesus says, "I am the way, truth and the life, no one comes to my father except through me." and Paul described a spiritual warrior, they have been equipped for SPIRITUAL WARRIORS GUIDE. Please explain both scripture and their meanings."

"My father has given me the knowledge," Victoria began to explain, "the greatest gift is Jesus Christ, the Lord and Savior, except the only way to the father is through a daily renewing of the mind and God's heart. Salvation helps us with the mind and Righteousness is the protector of our hearts, the enemies' deception is through these places and will keep you from reaching the truth of God."

Victoria took a breath before continuing with the explanation, "With the truth, we will be able to keep from great temptation and bring God's peace and rest to our daily lives. When we trust God, we believe in faith of the truth of the Bible. It helps us hold our lives up in difficult obstacles which stand in our way, bringing us peace into our lives to stand firm on God's gospel of Jesus Christ and his life. The truth is full of faith, with faith we are brought to the knowledge of truth and peace of God, Faith is shield to defend against those who do not know the truth and our enemies who have no truth in them.

"When we have God's plan and purpose in our lives, we have been given some great commandment to help understand and keep our spiritual growth. On a daily basis we need to read the Bible and pray to have communication with our Father God. These are also weapons to use against our enemies which keep us from God's plan and purpose for our lives. As we study and memorize the scriptures and verses in the Bible, we can resist the devil and he will flee."

"Later in the scripture in the Revelation from John, God gave some other weapons which come through prayer, the blood of Jesus and our testimony of the Word of God. With these we can protect ourselves from the temptations and tribulations of everyday life."

"Lady Victoria, We are the great treeants of this forest, you have answered the first question correctly and we have two others, proceed to my brother over there." She pointed over to the tree in the middle of forest, "He will ask the next one."

"Thank you." she smiled.

Chapter 8

IN THE THRONE ROOM in the castle of Bourge, Jean-Paul Borjour waited for word from Chaos, about the intruder in the caverns. He plopped down on his throne. He was anxious and very worried about the Great Bible being taken back to Paris where Ciel-Remi or anyone else could learn more of the Book's lie. He hated waiting for news good or bad, never liked the negative news he had received for years.

Renee entered the room from the outside.

He got excited and asked, "What news of our intruder?"

"The warrior is not Ciel-Remi, the intruder is a female."

"The intruder is a female, huh?" Jean-Paul said, "Do you believe it could be Alicia?"

"No, my love, Chaos has gone to check further with her mistresses." She said greatly in despair."

"Who else would be female and an intruder to the caverns?" Jean-Paul asked with great disturbed.

"I do not know, my love." She said, "Whoever it is, they have the same speed and smart thinking of the Ciel-Remi Lebejioux."

"Yes, it is very peculiar, she is stealthy and can easily kill others, the knowledge of God is great within her and is also always getting in the way of our plans." Jean-Paul agreed.

"No matter, she has to be very intelligent to get through the lustful women, treeants and the ladies of lust." Renee explained. "She has to have the name that means 'victory'---"

"Hold on." Jean-Paul interrupted, "How does she need that name?"

"The treeants talk about the one who's name means 'victory', only she will have great knowledge in the Bible." Renee proclaimed.

"Do you know Ciel-Remi's child name?" Jean-Paul asked.

"No, my love." Renee replied.

"While we held Julie captive, Ciel-Remi was occupied with birth of his child; do you believe his child's name could be 'Victoria' which means, 'victory'?"

"You have a great point and we will have to wait for her capture." Renee said.

"Yes, you are right." Jean-Paul agreed.

Renee sat on his lap, she was brushing her hand over his chest, "my love, I have a better way to past the time." She brushed his lip and kissed him gently.

"Ah ... yes." he motioned her to stand up, she obeyed and he stood next to her, picking her up and carrying her out of the throne room.


Victoria looked around at the beautiful treeants, which were beautifully made by God. The forest was alive as they communicated amongst themselves. She finally came to the young male one. He stared upon the beauty of another female one.

Now, I know why they call this the forest of Lust.

"Ah, my Lady, the first question was answered correctly." he told her, "I am not watching my beautiful wife with lustful eyes. She was a beautiful woman given by God."

"Oh?" said Victoria confused.

"As God brought forth Adam for Eve, so He does with us, the story of the treeants is a difficult one to explain."

"Well, do enlighten me." Victoria demanded.

"Alright, I will tell you after you have answered my question." He began, "In the Bible, God give us a commandment to work, "Hard work leads to prosperity, playing around leads to poverty." And the apostle Paul said, "Yet, we hear that some of you are living idle lives, refusing to work and wasting time meddling in other's business. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we appeal to such people---no, we command them: Settle down and get to work, earn your own living. And I say to the rest of you, dear brothers and sisters; never get tired of doing good." What do these two verses mean?"

Victoria cleared her throat and began to explain. "In the Bible, Solomon asked for wisdom and God gave it him that wisdom through the proverbs many times he said things about the laziness and working hard to accomplish some things for the glory of God and His Kingdom.

"Paul showed us an example of those who refused to let go of their fears and pride to work hard, except became lazy in their ways and the Kingdom of God is greatly affected by these people. Work is doing something productive to benefit and accomplish tasks for God's kingdom, besides work also brings forth our income for daily living; with this we benefit the kingdom of God by giving back to God what he has given to us, as a seed. In God's eyes, any work that is small, large or great, if it glorifies our Father in Heaven it is well worth doing.

"Work helps us with self-confidence, achievement and dedication to get our tasks done, whether paid for a task, or just working to bring something to light. God honors all types of work."

"The hard work and task before me is going to affect the kingdom of God and the kingdom of France. The reward for my task this day is going to bring forth God's glory and help us win this spiritual war. No matter, if I am paid for this task, the reward I have done will be great."

"Thank you, my lady." He began to speak, "work should not be about performance or trying to accept God's approval in your life. Jesus Christ gave his life for us, and we should just work at the task at hand. Great is our reward, whether, a Bible, money or just God's unconditional love for us. Those who put work before resting in God will deter our relationship to God, their relationships to His people."

The male treeant took a breath and continued, "You are great in the words of the Bible and its meanings. Would you like to know the story of the treeants, why we look human but really are trees?"

"Yes, that would be greatly appreciated." She told him.

"The myth of treeants was more of a curse, than a blessing. We thrived as humans once; we worked hard for a living and gave everything to our lives. We even chose to serve God. One day, a terrible beast came to us; he began to put a spell on us. The black dragon was evil and brought destruction. Many of us died, but we were still alive. He didn't want to kill everyone, he placed a great spell on us, the spell was that he cursed us into these trees, we became immortal, our brothers and sisters spread out throughout the forest, and my wife is over there." He pointed to the tree, which was staring back at him. "She is beautiful and I love her dearly. Please, my lady, free us from this curse."

"How shall I?" Victoria asked curiously and confused.

"The curse of this age will come to end, when God's servant is able to answer the three questions of the Hebrew bible, and then retrieve it, and then defeat the one responsible, the black dragon demon.

"Thank you for your story, Only God can free this curse, believe in God fully and you will be freed." Victoria explained.

"You are welcome, my lady, and thank you for your kind words of encouragement." He said as he pointed, "My sister and last tree of the forest has your last question. God Bless you."

"God Bless you, as well." Victoria began walking toward end of the great forest. She had an idea why the trees stared at each other and then many just worked to bring the forest alive, some of them prayed to God, many still complained and made excuses.

The last tree was different from the rest of them; the tree didn't just wear the linen around like the others, she was wearing full length white Greek dress, like those of the goddess. She always looked down at the Bible, hoping and waiting; even Victoria had to get her attention.

"Your brother has sent me here to answer the final question. First, may I ask why you have a dress unlike the other trees in the forest?"

"Yes, my lady." She began, "as you can tell the spell made us all trees which communicated to people, your friend, Alicia is a good person and I have spent some time with her. She told me one will be back to answer my question, see the spell makes those who fail the questions become just like us, the questions are beneficial for life and are given from the word of God. Since your friend was child of God, she was able to come and go."

"Chaos and her mistresses are spirits, which cannot be cursed. So they too, were able to easily to get through to place to the Bible there." She pointed down the way.

"Since, I was gone when spell was cast upon the people here and I had no idea what had happened, I began to walk through the forest, covered in a garment like no other, and I was frightened. What had happened to my family, two people gave me questions. They were easy questions, since I was a strong believer in God."

"After finding out about the spell placed on these people. I bent down on my knees and cried and wept. They were lost to me and tried so hard to leave the forest from this spot, a black dragon appeared before me, "What are you doing here?" he said in a deep voice."

"Who are you?" I asked."

"My name is Mephisto, the demon of darkness. I am now Lord of this great forest." I got angry and cursed him, "you are a murderer and a monster, you killed my family and placed this evil charm on them, you should not be here." He turned into a serpent and told me, "Do you know who are messing with woman? It because of me, you humans are under the plenty of sin and death."

He was cunning and smooth, and about to climb up my body, except an angel appeared before me and crushed the serpent underneath his feet, "Thank you for your bravery my dear, Mephisto has been subjected to his own realm for your actions." The angel spoke, "Do not be afraid, one day, you will be brought back from under the curse and human once again with your kin folk." Being frightened, and scared, I stood frozen in my tears. I felt my legs started to give way. He waved his hand over my body."

"After the spell was completed, my eyes looked down at my body, the only things not bark were my beautiful dress and my leaf tiara, "you are bearer of the last question. The forest will grow if they do not answer it. One day, a few will be able to answer it and pass through. God's plan is to help bring your kind back from the curse to humanity."

"So, my lady, I still became the treeants like my kind, different with a long beautiful Greek dress I wore into the forest, and since the Bible arrived I have stared down that way, hoping that one day I would be able to see it."

Victoria had some tears running down from her cheeks. The female treeant carefully wiped the tears from her cheeks, "now, now, my lady, how can you be crying, when you have one more question to answer."

Victoria sniffled and wiped away the tears, "you are right, please continue to ask the final question."

"Ah, thank you, what is opposite of lust? And how can do you earn it?"

Victoria once again cleared her throat and again began to explain, "Why have not people in past been able to figure this out, I do not know. God's love is truly opposite of lust, for lust comes into the world from the lust of physical pleasure which is the flesh, what we can see; the eyes and greatly the pride of possessions, which is pride. We need to have God's love which brings us patience, kindness, faith and hope, the love that doesn't demand its own way, it does not keep track of the past and it delights in the truth, it does not get proud, jealous, boastful or rude toward others. The love which enemies do not have, we are to show this love to the world, but only through Christ can it be given. We do not need earn this love, it a free gift given from God when we choose him as Lord and savior of our lives. Lust is physical, when God's love is spiritual."

"Jesus told us, anyone who lusts in their heart after the opposite sex, they have already committed adultery in their heart and this displeases our God. The love we feel for a man should be in marriage and committed to our loved ones ... because also, Paul told us, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit and we have been bought at a price, our bodies should honor God. Which means the sin of the physical is lust. God made love pure for those who are committed in the covenant of marriage."

"Very good, Lady Victoria, be careful as your head down this corridor toward the Great Bible, the Ladies of Lust, also known as the Mistresses of Lust are lurking around waiting for you, and they will not let you approach the Bible."

"Yes, madam, what will happen to Forest of Lust?"

"The forest is greatly cursed, only God will free us from it, within time you will have a mission to come back here. God will help you then, take care for now and be careful the journey towards the Great Bible is a great reward."

"Thank you." Victoria bowed and began walking down the long corridor.


The eastern church of England was beautiful on the outside, as well as on the inside, the pews lined the aisle all the way back to the door, a balcony was above with a few pews there. The front of the church had an altar for the preacher or minister to stand at and preach the lesson. Unlike, the cathedral of Notre Dame, the church didn't have a cross with Jesus still on it or a booth for confessions.

Ciel-Remi and the LeCoeurs were to have a bible study and learn more about the word of God from what he had gotten during the time of the imprisonment. He kept watching the back door, as though, he was waiting for someone. Richard noticed it and asked, "What bothers ye, me friend?"

"Oh nothing, I am awaiting another person." Ciel-Remi calmly said.

"Who it is?" Marie asked jestingly. "Jesus?"

"No, Marie." Ciel-Remi said, "Her name is Elissa, she is a servant of King James, except he asked her to help me with anything I needed."

"Is she a Christian sister?" Richard asked.

"Just barely," Ciel-Remi began to explain. "When I met her, she was serving politely. She met me this morning near my room, and I asked her if she knew Jesus and she hesitated, before asking me to pray with her. She is now a believer."

"That is wonderful, and glad to hear." Diana said excitedly in her British accent.

"How old is she?" Marie asked.

"About fifteen years of age." Ciel-Remi replied.

"Where did ye send her?" Richard asked, as Marie began to watch the back also.

"I sent her to the antique shop, to buy some armor for the blacksmith." Ciel-Remi said. "She should be coming back any minute now."

"Great." Richard said, and then laughed. "Because, I think Marie is excited to meet her."

Ciel-Remi and Diana were watching Marie, she didn't understand right away, and then they all began to laugh, a great laugh of joy.

The door creaked opened. Ciel-Remi stood and walked down  the aisle, Elissa appeared at the door and began to walk toward Ciel-Remi ...

"The armor is in the carriage, here is the change from the coins you gave me." She said handing Ciel-Remi the coins.

"Thank you, Mademoiselle." Ciel-Remi told her as lead back down the aisle, "There are a few friends I would like you to meet."

Ciel-Remi and Elissa went back to where the others were sitting. "Elissa, my friends, the LeCoeur family." He started to point them out one by one, "Richard LeCoeur ..."

She put out her hand, Richard wasn't afraid to shake her hand, "Nice to meet ye, lass."

"Likewise." She said.

"Diana LeCoeur ..." Ciel-Remi said, Diana smiled and shook hands, saying, "Welcome to the family of Christ, Elissa."

"Thank you, Lady LeCoeur." Elissa said.

"... And lastly, their daughter, Marie LeCoeur ..." Ciel-Remi said.

Marie was not afraid of anything, she didn't shake hands. She gave Elissa a hug, "Nice to meet you and welcome to our family, hope you enjoy this new life."

Ciel-Remi could tell that the hug completely shocked Elissa. She stepped back in haste.

Marie didn't understand quite why she didn't want to be hugged, "Richard, Please talk with Marie."

Both Marie and Elissa were a bit shaken. Elissa walked back and took a seat on the pew. Richard and Diana went a few rows back and began to tell Alissa of Marie's sudden hug.

"She did not mean you any harm. She was excited to meet you." Diana told Elissa.

"I know, It is just I have not been hugged before in my life, it was a bit uncomfortable for me." Elissa explained.

"You have never been hugged once in your life? Your parents did not hug you. Oh dear, no wonder it was a shock."

"No, no hugs or kisses from anyone, my mother works long hours and I would be at castle to attend to the King. We would not see each other at all. It was with King James I would attend church. No one has ever hugged me before, especially not on my first meeting. Even though I never had been hugged before in my life, and even though it felt uncomfortable, I needed a hug, I was just shocked to actually get hugged."

Richard and Marie had come back to join them, Marie asked, "Would you forgive me, I did not know."

"It is alright, I do forgive you, and I want to say thank you, since I came to know Jesus Christ. I could feel a bit of his arms around me. God wanted me to know what it was like to have someone's arms around me." Elissa explained, then asked politely, "May I get a hug from all of you?"

"Sure, you may get a hug from us," Ciel-Remi said, leaning over to embrace his new sister in Christ, she had a tear in her eye, it flowed down her cheek.

She was embraced by Richard, and then Diana, did she need one from Marie again? Even though they both hugged once more and Ciel-Remi knew she was grateful for the new family of believers in Christ.

Once they were finished with everything. They began again in the bible study, Marie asked, "What do you plan to do with the armor you have just bought?"

"I am going to make, you, Alicia, Samantha and Elissa here sets of female armor for your venture to Bourge in a few years."

"Oh." Marie said, still confused.

"Years, lad?" Richard asked, "Is not your daughter searching for the Great Bible now, then I would believe Jean-Paul already has plans. Years will be too late and we would have already lost Paris."

"Paris is under God's protection for a time, nothing or no one can harm the city. We must prepare our hearts for things to come, even if they are a few days from now. I have sent a letter to Corrine. This is the perfect time for the Great Bible to be used in England. Since I cannot go home now, I have asked Corrine to have them join us here after Victoria has gotten back from her venture." Ciel-Remi explained.

"Do ye think it wise to have young Victoria and your wife, Corrine, come to England, with the Bible in hand, the enemy will try everything to destroy those two on a ship, the waves and storms could come."

"When Jesus was sleeping in the boat on Sea of Galilee, He was on his way to go ashore to cast out demons from a man, but the winds and storms came. He was fast asleep, his disciples had to wake him, "master, master, do you wish us to drown?" He did not move, he slept, the pushing of everyone awoke our Lord, he stood up and said "Peace be still." The winds stopped on his command. He looked back at them, and said, "Ye of little faith." My daughter and wife have faith in anything, if the storm arises they will be praying for God's peace and comfort. My family will be alright to get here."

"Amen." They are all said simultaneously.

Everyone began to listen to Ciel-Remi has he spoke more about the story he had just given them and much more of the bible. They sat quietly and listened, after he was finished, they prayed for everything around them.


As Victoria stepped into the next corridor, it was full of darkness and it seemed as though the ledge stopped and she would fall into the chasm below. She watched around her and began to walk onto the normal bridge floor. It was invisible from her sight, and she had to have great faith to step onto it. She was careful and walked slowly not to fall.

Victoria didn't have to worry about the lustful women and have to close her eyes. She had to keep her eyes forward towards the light.

Again, halfway from on the bridge, she was caught off guard as three beautiful ladies appeared before Victoria. One wore a string bikini, the other was wearing a nightgown of some kind and the third was draped greatly in jewels and beautiful golden dress. They spoke, "We are the Mistresses of Lust! Please leave now. You are an intruder to this place."

"You must be the Ladies of Lust, Chaos, Seduction and lastly Lust herself. I will not leave this place for I am after a great treasure that does not belong here."

"Yes, you seek the Great Bible." Lust said.

"You are right, and you are going the let me by." Victoria demanded.

"How dare you give us orders?" Chaos yelled. "Jean-Paul knows you are here and if you take the Bible, you will not be able to escape without being caught."

"Jean-Paul does not have authority over me. Please leave so I may get what I have come here for, In the name of Jesus! Be gone!" Victoria ordered and demanded.

"No!" Chaos put her hands over her ears, "You have been warned. Let us away, Mistresses of Lust!" They all disappeared and Victoria continued down the long bridge.

After a few minutes, Victoria reached a golden gate. The gate had an angelic structure and angels on it. She began to open the gate, the creak was loud and noisy, the cavern echoed throughout, and she heard the treeant's praises. They all knew she had reached the Bible and they were grateful, the door opened slightly and she squeaked through it.

Victoria almost caught her foot on a bar and tripped onto the ground. Except she didn't fall and began close the gate and a light flooded the room. The light was so bright she had to cover her face. She walked through the light until she found the Great Bible on its pedestal and it was about the size of a book with Hebrew language.

A great voice came from within the room. The voice was recognized to be God's words to Victoria; My Lady Victoria Lebejioux and My child, great is your faith toward me. You are like your father. My word was given to Ciel-Remi when he was your age. Your father named you with the meaning of 'victory', because your purpose was given by Us is to help the Kingdom of France and My kingdom to overcome the enemies before you. Those enemies are not of your realm, but the spiritual realm, which means much prayer and fasting. Like many women of Bible, you are great among them. Please, take the Bible to Ciel-Remi in England, for he needs it, do not worry about being caught by Jean-Paul, nor be afraid, For I am always with you, now and until to end of the age.

Victoria stood in awe of his glory and the light, it began to fade. A great supernatural thing happened and the bible began to turn its pages to close itself As the Bible began to close the seal which kept anyone from touching it was broken so Victoria was able to pick it up. She was almost thrown back onto the ground because of the force of the breaking of the seal. She recovered quickly and instead of falling down, she held her ground and took the Bible into her hands and said, "Thank you, Lord."

Victoria began to turn back toward the gate, another glowing light came through the room and last thing she saw was that the light seemed to blow right through her body before she lost consciousness.

Victoria felt a pain inside her head. She rubbed it and looked up, she was back inside the colored room, and she lay on the ground. She checked around on the ground for the Bible. "Do not worry about the Great Bible, It is still with you!" a voice came from a woman dressed in white who was standing there.

"You!" she recognized the woman. "Thank you, without your help I would not have known, my way."

"There is no time for an explanation of who I am. You must get out of here, one day, and you will be able to return to this spot." The woman told Victoria as she stood up, a reaction as though a bomb hit the caverns. She almost lost her balance, "What is happening?" She said while looking back at the lady, who was no longer there.

Victoria quickly grabbed the Bible, and Alicia's map, and began to run throughout caverns. She didn't walk slowly, she ran directly through the stream room, which was starting to flood on her feet. Pebbles began getting bigger as she ran through, and she prayed as simple prayer, "Lord God, please supernaturally move these rocks so one day we may get back inside during our raid on the castle. Help protect me and get me out of here. In the name of Jesus, Amen." She ran through rumbling around her, and she was determined to get passed the rumbling and she wasn't going to give up, the rumbling got louder and closer to her.

Victoria almost tripped on a rock and she couldn't afford to get caught lying down on the ground right then, she regained her balance and began to run closer to the entrance of caverns. She didn't look back at the falling boulder size rocks.

Victoria ran forward and watched everything in front of her. She bent down to catch her breath, outside. She praised God for the victory of the Bible, after which she heard the last bit of rock, the silence, she began walking toward the forest, "Madam, Jean-Paul would like word---" she heard from behind as the butt end of the sword hit the back of her head, she felt a big headache, her body began to give way and then she felt nothing.


Alicia hadn't been out of bed for two days. This morning she felt relief and she put her hand over head. Her lungs were healed and in her spirit, she said, "Thank you lord for your healing." She finally was able to change her clothes. She changed into a pink dress and brushed her hair.

Francine entered the Queen's bedroom, the smile came upon her face when she found Alicia up and feeling well, "My lady, How do you feel today?"

"Oh, yes, Francine." Alicia said. "I feel great, my lungs are healed."

"Even though you are feeling well, I would have to ask you keep taking the medicine on a daily basis until you have completed healing." Francine said.

Francine handed Alicia a cup with water and a cup with herbal medicine. She took it with a great smile on her face, "Thank you, Francine, yes, I will continue these, may I ask a favor?" She said.

"Yes, Mademoiselle." Francine said, "I would do anything you ask."

"I would like to see Queen Marie, please, would you please bring her here." Alicia asked.

"Yes, my Lady."

Francine left the room.

Alicia waited quietly and kept God's grace and mercy in her heart. She thanked God for her healing and great friends like Queen Marie, Victoria and even Corrine. Sometimes Alicia remembered back to the day when she was saved from her bad actions and thanked God for saving her before she did anything terrible to Corrine. She thought greatly of her friend, Victoria and hoped she was protected by God, that she would come home victorious.

Alicia had her head down, as Queen Marie walked into the room, "You have requested my services." She said.

Alicia looked up very excited to see her Queen. She stood up and turned around to show Queen Marie, that she was better and ready to do whatever she asked.

"My dear, you are feeling better, and your lungs are healed?" Queen Marie asked, very happy for Alicia.

"Yes, My Queen, I am feeling better and I ready to protect and serve you again." Alicia said, "I have been in the bed for too long. I am willing to help you with anything," then paused. "Just nothing dangerous."

"No, we got what we needed from witch's lair, nothing more dangerous, right now." Queen Marie said. "I do have request for you, how would you feel about seeing Corrine today?"

"That would be great, my queen." Alicia said, "What do you want to see her for?"

"I have received a letter from England, from Ciel-Remi earlier today, It is important someone get it to Corrine and Victoria." Queen Marie explained.

"Do you have any word from Bourge about Victoria?"

"Yes, Alicia, she is doing alright." Queen Marie said worried.

"What is it, my queen?" Alicia knew the Queen had something on her mind that was troubling her."

"Victoria is alright, right now, except Jean-Paul knows she is there and has posted a few guards outside to catch her and take her to him. Victoria is in danger no matter what happens."

"My Queen, God is our Lord and Savior, He will protect Victoria. She knew about the dangers and went along with God's plan. How, My Queen, are you getting this information?" Alicia asked very curiously.

"I have an informant undercover down there; someone is spying out the plans of Mephisto and his minions. The demon's eye has to do with his plans, except they cannot find it."

"He is growing restless, right?" Alicia asked.

"Exactly!" Queen Marie said.

"Both of them will be protected by God and even in the den of lions. God shut their mouths. God will do the same thing for Victoria. Shall we pray for safety, guidance, protection and a strong will before the enemy?"

"Yes, my sister, thank you." Queen Marie said, and then they held their hands together and began to pray for the welfare of their friends in Bourge and even their friends in England. They gave great thanks to God for their friends and their days ahead, their lives and they didn't worry about what was to come, for God was going to be with them through the good and the bad.

Chapter 9

HEAD throbbing, sore bones, the blood soaked through the hooded mask, partial hair stuck out from it and hands tied behind her back. Victoria could hear a bit of what was being said, but didn't respond, but it was great blurred, "The intruder has been caught, my lord" he paused. "And this was with her."

The guard handed something to Jean-Paul. He was disgusted with it, he irritatingly handed it to a near by person, "I do not want this, this time destroy, dispose of this, we do not want another believers getting their hands on it."

He gladly said, "Yes, sir." And Victoria recognized the voice, and she looked down and thought. That sounded like ... no it can not be.

She heard footsteps walk away from Jean-Paul, and he spoke up, "My dear, you have brought a great disturbance to our caverns, you have upset the lustful women, not to mention my forest of beautiful tree people, and you should be punished."

Victoria kept silent.

"She does not speak." Jean-Paul began, and then changed his tone, "You can not be Alicia Borjour, Who are you?"

She still kept quiet.

"Well, if you are not going to tell us your name, I must insist reveal your pretty face to me, you have a hooded mask ... why?"

Why would you want to know? My father is your enemy and my mother you tried to kill years ago, you reveal the daughter of both now, you are mistaken.

"She still does not answer, only keeps quiet." Mephisto taunted, "Nonetheless, we will see my intruder."

You are about to see your death, Mephisto, are you ready?

"Unmask her!" he ordered.

"Yes, sir." The guard agreed. He pulled up the mask off her head, the pain inside her head became great again as it came off. The blood leaked more down her cheek, like a teardrop. Her hair was standing on ends and still tucked in the back. She couldn't bare the discomfort any longer and shook her head to pull it out, and it beautifully waved through the room.

"Ah, the same beautiful blonde hair, green eyes and reflection of her mother, and what else do my eyes detect, an image of her father." Jean-Paul studies her features and beautiful body. Her youth was great before Jean-Paul. He took a bit of the hair and smelled through it, except blood lined his face. "Blood? You are bleeding, my dear."

Victoria finally broke the silence, they knew who she was, so why stay quiet, "Yes, sir."

"What may I ask is your name, my dear?" He asked. "You are a Lebejioux, I presume."

"You are correct; my name is Victoria Lebejioux of Paris. I am a Lady of the court and demanded to be treated as such." She said out of haste.

"A Lady, huh?" Jean-Paul began to return to his throne, "You, my dear, have cause a great deal of harm to us. I could have you killed, and your father would be devastated." He paused. "You have nothing to do with our plans, what you came here for is not going back with you. So you have failed and that is good enough for me. I will release you to go back to Paris, but be warned. You step on this soil again it will be your last time and you will be killed. Now, away with you, I have other matters to tend to."

The guard came back into throne room, approached Jean-Paul, he said, "The Great Bible is disposed of, sir."

"Thank you." Jean-Paul said, "Guards take Miss Lebejioux to the front of the castle, and send her on her way home."

Before she turned around and was released, the guard recognized her, she thought again, it can not be, he is in Spain with his family. She saw him mouth to her, I will join you shortly then I will explain everything.

"Come, Mademoiselle, we must not upset our Master anymore." The guards said giving her a cloth towel to put on her temple to stop the bleeding.

Victoria quietly left the throne room of Jean-Paul, she was taken back outside, after they took her away from the castle, they gave the warning again, "Our Master does not usually allow intruders to go their way, be careful and do not come here again."

"Thank you." She politely said.

Not all of Mephisto's guards are under his spell, they are normal men, doing their job, and it could not have been Stephan in the castle. He is with Anne and Samantha in Spain with Princess Anne, well, not all was lost from my journey down here. I have greater knowledge of the Bible and one day somehow God will reveal the Bible to us, for without it, the battle will be lost.

Victoria trusted God's plan and purpose and knew that if the guard in there was Stephan, the Bible was safe and would be their hands soon enough. She could only hope everything was fine, except, she still had the throbbing headache from the blow to her head. She firmly held the cloth up to her temple, as she began to walk towards Chameceaux.


After Victoria left the throne room, Jean-Paul was disturbed by letting her go, as long as the Great Bible wasn't in her hands and not taken by believers back to Paris, he was happy and proud.

A guard stood right near the throne, this guard was silent, Jean-Paul wanted to get information about the believers plans for attack and he would have to send a guard. The same guard he trusted to dispose of the Great Bible.

"Guard!" Jean-Paul ordered, "Follow our young Lady back to Paris and collect any information you can get us!"

"Yes, sir." He obeyed.

"Do not let yourself be seen, for she is skilled in weapons." Jean-Paul commanded.

"Yes, sir." He obeyed again.

The guard turned and left the room.

Renee entered, her expression was of fear, and Jean-Paul recognized it and asked, "What is the matter, my dear?"

"Do you know why Victoria's name is means 'victory'?" She asked.

"Why?" Jean-Paul asked clueless.

"God had Ciel-Remi give the name 'Victoria' for a purpose. She is to bring destruction you and your minions."

Jean-Paul laughed, "She? A girl which was captured and faced me, she is to bring me to destruction, you have to be joking, my dear."

"No, my love." Chaos spoke through Renee, "Mephisto, the tree people have known this for many years, since you took the Bible from Ciel-Remi. Victoria will destroy you and you legions. With God's help, she will bring peace back to the people you turned into trees, with God's healing power, and the spell will be broken."

Mephisto was angry, How could he let go of the very person who would destroy him? Jean-Paul was becoming weaker through God's word to him. He remained calm.

"Nevertheless, my dear." Mephisto began, "Our plans are still taking root, we will have the demon's eye and bring this world to bow before our Master, Satan, before long, Paris and its believers in Christ will know our true power."

"Yes, my love, the demon eye will be yours again, only before you are killed by your pride. My mortal is becoming too weak to hold onto, she is growing apart and will turn on us, soon enough." Chaos warned Him.

"Shall we kill them, these mortals?"

"No." Chaos warned again. "Alicia would have a great rage for you. She is a friend of Victoria's and they would destroy our plan before we were finished, if they found out about the death of her parents, no, we will let them choose God's way or Satan's way after we have the artifact."

"Alright, then so be it, the spiritual realm is opened by the demon eye, they will be free to decide their fate. If they become subject to God, then we will have to kill them later." Mephisto began to laugh evilly.

"If they still serve our Lord, Satan, they will live forever." Chaos joined in the laughter and evilly grinned through peering eyes.

Nothing else could be heard around them except their evil laughter.


Alicia was as fit as a fiddle, as she walked into the throne room. Again a crowd was there, they were there for the food and the coins. The Queen gladly gave a bit of each at a time. Many would say, "God Bless our Queen." But still, some had complained to the Queen, "You don't give us enough, why not more." They would cry.

Alicia squeezed herself through the crowd to get to Queen Marie, even though she was ready to work again even though her side did still have a twinge of pain every once in awhile. "Please, let me through." She said politely.

The crowd didn't let her through, they yelled, "Wait your turn!" and Alicia would have gotten offended, but she still squeezed through. "Please let me through, I have to see Queen Marie for something else other than bread or money."

Did the crowd finally know who was saying it, they still told Alicia, "Wait you turn and stop trying to get through."

Alicia had become impatient. She yelled to Queen Marie, "My Queen, I can not get through the crowd to get that letter for a friend of ours!"

Queen Marie recognized her voice, and told the crowd, "Lady Alicia Borjour would like to get through, she is great friend of mine and I have something to give her, a letter for our Lady Corrine Lebejioux from Lord Lebejioux."

The people realized what was being said and stood silent, they moved aside a bit to let Alicia through to get the letter for Lady Corrine. Alicia moved forward slowly, she was still having trouble with the side pains. She held her hand on her waist as she approached the Queen.

"Are you alright, child, do you want me to get Francine?" Queen Marie said out of great concern.

"No, I will manage, it is just a few twinges of pain, and it is nothing major." Alicia said, as Queen Marie handed her the letter, "It would have helped if I had gotten passed the crowd easier."

"Yes, you are quite right." Queen Marie said.

"Sorry, your Majesty, with all the voices yelling for food, we did not know it was Alicia, we are truly sorry."

"That is quite alright." She addressed them.

Alicia didn't pay attention to the pains, minor as they were, she had a job to do, and they all let her through to go out of the throne room.

The doors suddenly opened, almost knocking Alicia onto the ground. Prince Louie was still angry, "Mother, what is the meaning of this, why do you give our money to these people!" He yelled loudly for everyone to hear throughout the castle.

"God has commanded us to help poor and needy, I am not about to break God's commands." Queen Marie explained.

"These people are well healthy people, they can go out and look for work to survive." Prince Louie walked over to a person waving his arms for food. He forced his arm down and said, "No, get to work you lazy bums!"

Alicia stood up and began to leave the throne room. Prince Louie turned and yelled at her, "Where do you think you are going? Get back here and guard my mother."

"Prince Louie, until you are King of this Nation, you have no right order me around, as to where I am going, it is to visit our friend Corrine, Ciel-Remi has sent a message from England and needs it delivered, so I am doing my job."

"Deliveries, Mother, What are you going to have her do next, visit with Corrine and Victoria everyday until Ciel-Remi gets back, then who will protect you if you are stabbed through with a dagger and lay here bleeding to death?"

"Louie, I will not die until God is ready to take me, for you, you should honor your mother and your father would be proud if you did so."

"Honor!" He laughed, "A Queen who gives her life's saving to people who are lazy and beg for money, instead of work, like everyone else ... honor this!"

"Alicia, you may go! Do not mind, my son, you have a job to do, all that is appreciated."

Alicia bowed, saying, "Thank you, my Queen and my friend." Alicia turned and left the throne room, the noise and Prince Louie yelling at his mother made her so grateful she was going to see Corrine.


The bleeding stopped by the time Victoria reached the Chameceaux ruins. Her horse was still there, grazing on the green grass and stood over the hay. The black stallion saw her coming toward it. She untied the reigns from the tree and patted it on mane and said, "Have you been a good boy while I was gone?"

The horse nodded and neighed out, "Good." She praised it as she grabbed the saddle the launch herself up on the horse. Victoria was glad to be away from Bourge for the time being and hoped everything would work out for the best and not the worse.

The darkness didn't help her know what time it was. She had to play by instinct and knowledge of God. She trusted God and just rode down the path back the direction towards Paris. She would be glad to get home and tell her mother everything, well, everything except that she lost the Bible and was captured by Jean-Paul. The testimony of her being freed to go home would be a great story, the tree people, the lustful ghostly women and the experience with God and his light. They all were great stories and testimonies of God's glorious works.

She kept going past the old mansion until she reached the forest edge. She watched the dark sky and thought how it would look after the spell was broken and the darkness was light, and the sun shining brightly in the sky again. She would like to come out and gaze at the stars in the sky on non-cloudy nights and the moon glowing down on her warm face. She would give thanks to God for his complete and wonderful purpose of making this world.

Victoria reached the forest edge. She looked at the still trees, and imaged the tree people and their human lives and that would happen after Father God takes the spell off of them and they would live as humans again, of course, they would be clothed.

She sensed something come from back of her as though she was being followed, as the trees leaves waved through the dark forest, the eeriness of the darken sky didn't help her, and the bushes rattled a bit. Victoria wasn't frightened by it and was hoping the wolves were prowling around in the forest. She only kept her eyes forward and listened intensely for any other noise. About halfway in, she heard the brushes and trees wave loudly from behind her. Was she being followed?

Victoria decided to check behind her from behind the trees. She patted the horse and told him, "Keep going I will be with you in a moment."

She hopped off the horse, it slowly went forward.

Victoria was very agile and jumped onto the tree branch above her. She watched as the horse headed forward, and out of sight.

She heard it again, the trees moved, the bushes rattled. Victoria knew someone was with her in the forest. She had to be still and wait for them.

It was too dark to make out the person from afar. She would wait until he had come closer to the branch, to jump down and hit him. His figure got close; the silhouette of a guard was close into her sights. She unsheathed the dagger, and held it with a firm grip, she didn't want to kill anyone, and hopefully she wouldn't have to. He was directly below her.

Victoria turned around, as he walked passed the branch, with one slick jump she landed in back of him. She grabbed his arms and reached around in front of him, and brought the dagger close to the front of his neck. She was curious and asked with a great demand, "Who are you? Why are you following me?"

"Relax, my lady," came the voice of Stephan Lionheart, "You do not wish to harm a trusted friend, do you?"

A smile came upon Victoria's face. She released him, and took back the dagger, and sheathing it. He carefully took off his helmet, turned around to face her and presented with a gift she knew quite well by now, it was the Great Bible.

"So, you did not dispose of it." Victoria said, as she took it, it was in the leather bag.

"No, Victoria, We need it and no one can dispose of God's word." Stephan began to explain. "I had to make Jean-Paul believe I was trusted, so I took it to Ciel-Remi's old house and put it in the leather bag you left there. I knew of his plans to have a guard follow you, since Satan lied to him. I killed the guard and took his place in case Jean-Paul had the Bible destroyed."

"Stephan, it is so good to see you. My mother and Alicia will be pleased, as well, except this isn't the only time you have been somewhere we did not expect you."

"Yes, Victoria, my job is complete in Bourge. I will join my family soon enough." Stephan said, as they walked through the dark forest.

"Why were you in Bourge?" Victoria asked.

"I was there as an uncover informant for Queen Marie." Stephan said.

They finally caught up with the black stallion which had already reached the forest end, the south gate stood directly in front of them, except Victoria motioned Stephan to the west side. "We must go inside the west gate, it is Queen Marie's command and we can easily get to mansion from there."

"Do not worry, do not be afraid." Stephan said.

Victoria recognized the saying, "You know. God gave me that saying when I got caught by Jean-Paul."

"Yes, they were given to me while I was there also; the last part was; for I am with you always." Stephan commented.

"Yes, Stephan, God is a great and a wonderful God to protect us while we are in an unknown land." Victoria told him as they reached the west side of the castle walls. "Do not worry about wolves I have learned to tame them ... just a few pieces of meat and they are satisfied."

"Amen." Stephan said, as they rode up the path going the rest of the way to the western gate of Paris.


Alicia arrived at the Lebejioux mansion. Corrine was washing her dishes before doing a quick Bible study. Corrine hadn't heard from Ciel-Remi or Victoria for a few days. She knew Alicia was in bed with a lung injury. She felt alone, but knew she wasn't, not really, God was always with her.

Corrine heard a knock on the door. She took a dish rag and wiped off her hand. She walked into the parlor, and opened the door. She was surprised to see Alicia, "Alicia, my dear, please come in."

Alicia stepped into the mansion and gave Corrine a big hug, "How are you?"

"I am doing well, for being by myself for awhile. I know I am not alone, for God is always with me." Corrine said, "What brings you here?"

"I have something for you from Queen Marie. It is a letter from your husband in England." Alicia said handing the letter Corrine.

"Thank you, my dear." Corrine said. "I have been waiting to hear from him for awhile now. How are you feeling? That was a pretty hard blow to your side."

"Yes, I am grateful to finally be out of bed, if it was not for Victoria, I could have died." Alicia said sadly as they walked to living room and sat down.

"Thank God, you are alive and doing well, God is so wonderful." Corrine said, opening the letter with her index fingernail, a smooth opening and she pulled out a fresh new parchment, folded in thirds.

"How is everyone in England? Have you heard from Victoria?" Alicia asked.

"No word from Victoria." She said as she skimmed through the letter, tears filled her eyes and dripped down her rosy cheeks. She read intently into the letter, she muttered under her breath, "I love you too, I miss you, my love, and I will see you shortly."

Corrine longed to see her husband in England, to hold him and to loving kiss him on the lips. Except Alicia stared at her and asked, "What is it, what did Ciel-Remi say?"

"Let us wait for Victoria, and then I will explain the letter." Corrine said, as she wiped a few tear drops from her cheeks.

"Do you expect her back?" Alicia said.

"I expect her any minute now." Corrine said.

The door rattled, and slowly opened up, Victoria appeared in the doorway and proclaimed, "I am home."


Victoria and Stephan approached the western wall. The wolves sensed the smell of her and didn't approach them.

A guard on the wall saw them coming fro the west and yelled down, "Welcome home, Lady Victoria." He recognized who with her, "what a surprise to see you, Lord Stephan."

"It is good to be home in Paris." Stephan said, "I will join my wife and my daughter in Spain soon enough."

The iron gates rose up and they walked through, "My lady, Was your adventure successful?"

"Yes, sir." Victoria began, "With the help of Stephan here, I will tell you the story some other time. We need to go home to Mama now."

"Yes, my lady, take care, God bless you!" He yelled down.

Victoria led down the path through hills to outskirts around Paris. The mansion could be seen over the hills. They eventually came to the mansion's front gate, and the guard greeted them, "Good day, my lady and lord."

"It is good to be home." Victoria said.

He opened the gate and they entered. She walked the horse to stable in the back, and Stephan walked up near the doorway and waited for Victoria to return.

Victoria carefully tied the reigns around a post in the stable, and patted the horse on his mane, "Thank you for your behavior." And it neighed loudly.

Victoria went back around the mansion, to where Stephan was waiting. His arms were folded and foot tapping.

"Relax, Stephan, patience is a virtue." Victoria told him.

She quietly opened the door, a slipped into the mansion. She didn't expect to see Alicia there and proclaimed, "I am home."

Alicia got excited, stood and ran toward her, "welcome back home, Victoria."

"And I have a surprise." Victoria said, and then turned back toward the door, "You may come in, now."

Alicia gave Victoria a hug when the door opened. Stephan appeared and she was in shock, "Stephan?"

"Corrine finally stood up and came into parlor. She hugged Victoria, "Stephan, How are Anne and Samantha doing?"

"They are doing well. I will see them again soon." Stephan said.

"Were you successful with your adventure?" Alicia asked.

"Yes, I got the Great Bible back, except, Stephan had a great role to play in getting it back." Victoria explained.

"What were you doing in Bourge?" Corrine asked.

"I was an informant for Queen Marie." Stephan said.

"Oh." Corrine said confused, "Victoria, your father wrote us, he would like us to bring the Great Bible to England. It will help with the published version of the Bible. King James has planned to publish it."

Victoria got excited, "I have missed Marie. I will get to see her."

"Yes, Victoria, I think we should tell Queen Marie of this before we decide to go there right now."

"That is a good idea." Alicia said, "Stephan can talk with Queen Marie."

"Yes, I have to tell her more details of the plans that Jean-Paul is coming up with." Stephan said, as he turned Alicia, "Alicia, your parents are in danger. When we find out the demons' eye is in their possession. We will need to get to your parents out of the castle, whether they choose Christ's salvation or not."

"That is understood, how will we know?"

"God always comes through before and Ciel-Remi is a prophet. We will know when your parents are mortal danger." Stephan said.

"Yes, thank God, you are back in France. Stephan, Prince Louie's anger is getting worse, and he orders everyone around like he runs the throne room." Alicia said.

"He can not handle the death of his father. Prince Louie was to become a king and does such things. He will destroy Paris and the protection of God. He has got to be disciplined and settle down, before he is married." Stephan warned.

"Maybe you can speak with him." Victoria told Stephan.

"I will talk with Queen Marie. I would like to go back to Spain. Even though, she may want my help here in Paris." Stephan said.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let us speak with the Queen at once." Corrine commented.

Victoria, Alicia and Corrine went outside. Corrine locked the door behind them, the four set forth in the carriage for the castle. Victoria was glad to be back in Paris, the sun was shining down during the day and the moon at night. She enjoyed the friends around her. She couldn't wait to see her father and her best friend again.

Victoria didn't know what would happen, but when Jean-Paul finds out his plan to follow her didn't go down as planned. He would try to do something to hurt her and her family, not to mention Alicia's mother and father. The battle may be won, but a new battle for Alicia's parent's souls has begun.


Jean-Paul was sitting bored with a new grape looking drink in his cup. He was concentrating on the plans. He was anxious and wanted it, right now. A guard walked into the room, throwing him off guard, "What is it?"

"We have some bad news, sir."

Jean-Paul straightened up in his chair, "What is this bad news?"

"The Queen of France knew about Victoria's whereabouts down here. Some one or another believer was posing as an informant for her."

"What?" He got angry and threw his cup, the drink spilled everywhere. "We have a spy in our land, where is he now?"

"We have reason to believe he was the guard sent to follow Lady Victoria, and dispose of the Bible." the guard said fearfully.

"Damn, the believers have the Bible." He stood up, walked over to the guard. "Do you know what this means?"

"No." the guard was scared.

"Queen Marie knows about our plans for the demon eye! Also they know everything about Alicia's parents! They now know of every plan we have for France!"

He picked up the guard by his neck, and the strength in Jean-Paul was great, "See you in hell, my loyal failure!" He became so enraged that no one could have stopped him. He came to the window, and with a great force threw the guard out of it. "I have decided to move up the plans; no longer is it when I get the demon's eye, since no one can locate the stupid artifact. God has played a fool with me for the last time!"

The great demon emerged from the body of Jean-Paul Borjour and he collapsed down upon the ground unconscious and commanded, "All demons come forth and the entire spiritual realm emerge, bring destruction on the land and the oceans!" A great portal began to open, "We can not find the demon eye in this realm, we will search throughout the spiritual realm, and anyone standing in our way will be killed instantly!"

Renee entered the room, she was dismayed, as her husband lay unconscious on the floor. The portal blew her hair and she covered her face. Chaos apparently was away on business and now she knew the destructive power of these demons, she was knocked with force to the floor.

"You are worthless, flee Bourge and never come back! Or else die this day!"

"Never! I will not leave my husband again." She said through the portal's velocity, "You have lied to us, you have lied to my husband, my daughter and now, you have lied to me."

"Ah, you mortals are easy to convince, especially, your husband, we needed you here for your committed marriage to him."

"You are a monster! You did not have plans to bring peace to France by conquering our land, you want to destroy it. The Lebejioux's god is the one true God, and He is Love and will do everything to stop you. Our daughter was correct!"

"Ah, your daughter was weak, we tricked her into believing a lie, she proved useful, except her journey up to Paris was worthless and she became a believer in Jesus Christ, oh, that name, it does not scare me, no, those tree people had it coming." Mephisto transformed into a small snake, "Do you recognize it, Renee, the voice to Eve, it brought great sin into the hearts of man, and they would sin, over and over again. God even tried to destroy them, ha, they did not see their lives, except he spared one family, a faithful family,  and next generation would either serve Him or sin against him. The serpent would grow into a black shadow dragon and rule the earth, but God crush me under his feet. My army was forced into the spiritual realm and forced us to never return. The witch was of great importance to us, I was freed to carry out our plan through your husband."

"You are liar and a murderer."

"Oh, you have no idea, see Jean-Paul did not kill the King of France, I killed him, Ciel-Remi would mourn the death of someone which would keep him away from Bourge and nevertheless not stopping my plans."

Renee was on the floor crying, tear rolled down her cheek. "No!"

"Victoria Lebejioux, the young daughter of Ciel-Remi came to take back something which harmed us for many years. She almost succeeded, until she let herself be known. She was caught and brought here, my Master, Satan told me to release her for the sake of spying out the city under God's protection. Queen Marie was ahead of us and sent another believer in our midst, and now the Great Bible is her hands. Ciel-Remi and his family could attack our kingdom at anytime."

The tear drop fell to the ground, Renee cried out, "Lord, What have I done? Lord, Please save me!"

Mephisto laughed, "God will not save you. You are worthless. You have done terrible things here. How can a God forgive such disobedience?"

A glowing light burst into the room. Mephisto was blinded and put his hand up, a man stood there with gold armor, an angelic mark on it, he spoke, "The Lord has heard your cry, please go now to Paris, there seek out your daughter, she will be able to help you, do not worry, nor be afraid, your husband will be saved in time. Go now!"

She also held her hands up, as she stood up and politely told the man, "Thank you, sir."

Mephisto yelled through light, "No! you will not go anywhere" a fireball formed in his hand, and struck it towards the direction she was, as the light disappeared, a black spot burned in the floor and yelled, "How could I have missed? Nevertheless, I will find the demon's eye and France will be mine!" His laughter could be heard loud throughout the castle.

Chapter 10

THE CARRIAGE pulled up to the castle's gate, the guard saw Corrine and Victoria from above, "Good day, Madam and Mademoiselle."

"Good day to you, as well," Victoria said.

"We wish to see Queen Marie." Corrine commented.

The gate opened up slowly, and they began to ride into the castle courtyard. "Thank you, monsieur."

A little bit of the way into the courtyard, Corrine had the driver stop. They all got out and headed for entrance hallway.

Alicia approached the guards, "Lady Corrine, her daughter, Lady Victoria and Lord Stephan Lionheart would like audience with her majesty, the Queen of France."

The guards stepped forward and opened the doors. Alicia went into the throne room first, followed by Corrine, then Victoria and lastly, Stephan.

"My Queen, the Lebejiouxs and Lord Stephan would like to speak with you. Are you too busy to talk to them?"

Queen Marie stood up and held out her arms out, "Ah, Child, you have been successful in your adventures in Bourge."

"Close, my Queen." Victoria explained, "Yes, I indeed retrieved the artifact, but my foolishness got me caught by Jean-Paul. If it had not been for Stephan's deception in Bourge, the Bible would have been destroyed and I would have failed."

"No, Victoria, you would not have failed, even if Stephan was not there at the moment." Alicia said, "You would have learned a great deal from God and His word to help win the Bible. God would not allow the Bible to be destroyed."

"You are right, my friend." Victoria said.

"I am sorry for the deception in Bourge, Lord Stephan had agreed to go undercover and go down there to bring information about Jean-Paul's plans for Paris' destruction. I believe we are not safe passed the Paris' walls. When Jean-Paul gets word of Stephan, who knows what he will do."

"All is forgiven and forgotten, I am grateful for Lord Stephan being there in Bourge, even if the Bible would have gotten back here safely with or without him. He took a great risk to get those plans." Victoria explained.

"The letter from Ciel-Remi was important, thank you for having Alicia deliver it to us." Corrine began through tears of joy. "Ciel-Remi would like Victoria and me to go to England, King James would benefit from this Bible."

"Ah, you are asking me permission for you to leave the city walls, am I correct in this?" Queen Marie asked.

"Yes, My Queen." Corrine replied, as she handed the letter to her.

Queen Marie skimmed through the letter, and handed it back to Corrine, "He really does love you, and I am giving you and Victoria permission to go to England, but be warned and be very careful. Now that the Bible in our hands, we are no longer safe outside Paris' walls."

"Yes, My Queen, thank you." Corrine replied, "We will take the carriage to northern France."

Corrine and Victoria gave a few hugs around to everyone, "We will miss all of you." Victoria said with a tear running down her cheek.

"We will miss you, as well." Alicia said, as they hugged each other.

"Remember, do not worry, nor be afraid, the Lord God is with you always." Stephan told them.

"Amen." Victoria and Corrine said simultaneously.

Queen Marie wrote down a note on a fresh parchment. She gave it to Corrine saying, "Show this to castle gate guard and to the northern city gate guard. Have a pleasant journey and give our regards to Ciel-Remi, and the LeCoeurs."

"Yes, my queen." Corrine bowed, as they went out of the throne room, and headed back to the parked carriage.

The rider sat there waiting, "We are going to northern France, Monsieur." She commented getting in the back of the carriage.

"Yes, will do, my Lady." He said.

They rode off toward the castle gate.


Ciel-Remi and Elissa walked outside the Eastern Church together. She was very fascinated by his knowledge and wisdom of the word of God. "Lord Lebejioux, How did you come to know God?" She asked.

"Before I knew Christ, I was given a commandment by God to leave my hometown and travel to Paris. Now I was hesitant to obey God's command, I would make excuse and complain. My father would have punished me for leaving home without as much as a 'goodbye'. My father harm and strict I was shepherd boy to him. I had to leave my comfortable place and travel there."

"Once I arrived in Paris, I was commanded to go to a church there, a small catholic church. I went in and the priest approached me, I asked him how I could know God. He told me and I prayed a simple prayer, but that was only the beginning of the journey."

"That is quite a story. Where did you learn your knowledge of God's word?" She asked again.

"Before I went into the church I gave ten coins, after I came out, the man sat there and gave me a ring and a Bible. The Bible was taken by our enemy, and while I was imprisoned. I listened and meditated on most of what God told me, of throughout it all, the devil kept tempting me and taunting me, the enemy would harass me."

Ciel-Remi got inside the carriage with all the armor. He extended his hand to be a proper gentleman to let her inside. She grabbed his hand pushed her way in it. She sat quietly and commented, "Your wife is a blessed and lucky a woman to have you as her husband."

"Thank you, Elissa." Ciel-Remi said. "You will be able to meet them shortly, for now we must go to the blacksmith to help get these armors built."

"True right you are." She said.

Ciel-Remi got out of carriage and hopped up on the seat, "Are you okay back there?" He asked her.

"I am well, Ciel-Remi."

He clapped the reigns and the four horses started to gallop towards the west direction into the city of London.

Once in the city, he came to the blacksmith shop. The noise of metal, clashing against metal was loud and could hurt the ear drums.

The proud Elissa whistled a happy tune in her head. Ciel-Remi looked back at Elissa and told her, "Let me speak with the blacksmith, wait until I give you the word."

"Yes, my Lord." She agreed.

Ciel-Remi walked into the blacksmith shop. The blacksmith was busy pounding a metal hammer down on an orange-red glow, and the steam rose to the ceiling.

"Excuse me," Ciel-Remi got his attention.

"Ah, Lad, 'hat can I do for ye?" The blacksmith said in thick Scottish accent.

Ciel-Remi pulled out a drawing he did on a parchment. It was a drawing of the female armor. He spoke while handing it to him, "yes, I have some armor that need to be reformed to these drawings."

He began to laugh, "Female shaped armor, for whom?"

"It is for my daughter and her female friends." Ciel-Remi replied.

"Who has heard of a female warrior?" He asked still laughing.

"I have five armors, how much?" Ciel-Remi demanded.

"It will be ten golden coins or twenty silver coins or fifty bronze coins. Do you even have that much?"

Ciel-Remi pulled out twenty golden coins and placed of ten on the counter, "Does this answer your question?"

"Yes, lad, very much," he said, "Alright, you are payin' me to make this design, it'll will take a few days, come back in four days, and see if they are ready then."

"Thank you," Ciel-Remi said, "My friend and servant, Elissa, will help me bring them inside, discard what you do not need."

Ciel-Remi left and went out to the carriage, "Elissa, they are paid for, would you, please help me bring them inside the shop."

"Yes." Elissa said, as she grabbed some of the small pieces. Ciel-Remi lugged the two breastplates over his shoulder. They both walked them inside and laid them down on the counter. It took about a half an hour to bring everything into the shop.

The blacksmith looked over the qualities of the armor. "As I said, come back in a few days. I should have them ready for ye."

"Thank you, sir." Ciel-Remi told him leaving the shop. He returned to the carriage.

Once again, he helped Elissa inside the carriage as he hopped onto the front. Elissa was curious and asked, "Where are we goin' now?"

"Corrine and Victoria should be on their way to England soon. We will wait for them at the docks."

He grabbed the reigns of horses, they headed towards the docks.


After the Lebejiouxs left the throne room, Queen Marie asked Alicia and Stephan to gather together to pray for safety of Corrine and Victoria. They all held hands firmly as she prayed, "Lord, We call upon your name to be with our two sisters in Christ as they journey to see our brother, Ciel-Remi. Please, keep them safe from any obstacles along the way, also, keep your safe hand and guidance on the rest of Lionheart family as they travel back to France for safe keeping. Thank you for your son, and his blood, we give you glory and honor, in the name above all names, Amen."

Alicia wondered if she heard the Queen right. Were Samantha and Anne coming back to Paris from Spain? She inquired, "My queen, did I hear you right? Are Anne and Samantha coming back to France?"

"Yes, Alicia, I have sent a letter, since Stephan's work is finished in Bourge. I would like them back here for a time. Anne of Austria must stay with her father, but we need as many families to pray during our battle on Bourge."

"We will have Corrine, Julie, Diana,and Anne. Queen Marie prayed for the men and their children while Bourge. Even though, they have not found the demons' eye. Do you believe it will be soon?"

A blow wind came into the throne room as the doors flew open, "Here we go again." Alicia muttered under her breathe.

Prince Louie entered, "Well, well, well, Stephan Lionheart is back from Spain, maybe now you will have a person to help you, mother." He ordered.

"What do you mean, my prince?" Stephan asked.

"You don't know, Stephan?" Louie began, "Since Ciel-Remi left for England, my mother has not been protected, Alicia and Victoria have not done their jobs. Please, mother keeps giving our money and food to the poor."

"And may God bless her for such generous gift." Stephan said.

"What? You support her foolishness?" Louie said.

"Louie, it is our goal to give what we make to God, and help those who can not support themselves. Not everyone can work to make a living, and most of the people are women who run their homes. We keep taking away from them in taxes; they cannot support their families. Now, what is this about Alicia and Victoria?"

"Stephan while Victoria was in Bourge, Alicia was healing from a great injury which could have taken her life; she could not stand, let alone walk." Queen Marie told him.

"Since my father's death, everything in this kingdom has gone downhill; my mother has used and abused our kingdom." Price Louie said.

"Louie, you are holding onto your mother's life way too much, you are bitter about your father's death. She is doing everything for not this kingdom, but a much higher Kingdom, God's Kingdom. Your father's death was not Ciel-Remi's fault, nor do you have to protect your mother, day and night. She going to die, one day and you have let go of this anger. You father would be proud of your mother's deeds and faith. While we sat in that cell, Henry sat in silence, he knew for some reason that he was not going to come home."

"No one should have the blame of your father's death, not you, not Ciel-Remi, nor even Jean-Paul Borjour, no one. God does not have to tell you why this happened. His plans are far greater than ours, and this kingdom needs a strong Christian support to get through the next few years."

"Now, please stop coming in here and trying to run the kingdom yourself. One day you will be king, and you need to be a strong one."

Prince became angry and yelled, "You all are fools. You do not care about my mother's death and I do blame Ciel-Remi. His job was to protect my father, and I blame Jean-Paul Borjour or Mephisto, or whenever you call him. Both of them caused me to lose my father! If we need a strong Christian support then I will search for one."

"I warn you, Prince Louie, you do anything outside of God's plan for Paris, this city will fall because of your pride."

"You do not know what you are saying old man." Prince Louie criticized. "When I am King, this kingdom will be run correctly, the poor will work hard for income, or they will not get something from my kingdom ... and I will have a great Christian support from somewhere."

Prince Louie had turned into a spoil brat, turned around and left the throne room. "Do not mind him. No one can get through his harden heart, which is going to be bad for this kingdom, when he becomes King of France?"

"How close before he becomes King?" Alicia asked.

"Even though he doesn't like it, Anne of Austria is destined to be his bride. When she ready to marry, they will wed."

"How do you know she is destined?" Alicia asked again.

"He had a love for Samantha, except Samantha was Anne of Austria."

"After he lost his father, I do not believe he wants to marry, neither Samantha nor Anne, since they are both from Spain. No matter whom the Prince is married to, He will neglect his responsibilities to his wife and run the kingdom in such a way, the people will be displeased. His anger and bitterness will consume the King and France will fall because of his pride." Stephan said.

"My son is determined to overthrow the kingdom of France. He has threatened to banish me from this city when he becomes King. That alone would be a downfall of God's plan and protection." Queen Marie explained.

"He is troubled and rebellious towards anyone. We will pray to God get to his harden heart before anything happens to you, my Queen." Alicia smiled, and hugged the Queen.

The doors to the throne room opened up, the guard announced, "Your majesty, Lady Anne Lionheart and her daughter, Lady Samantha have arrived, and they wish audience with you."

"What are you waiting for, let them in." Queen Marie ordered.

"Yes, you're Majesty." The guard bowed, and then left.

A moment later, Anne and Samantha entered the throne room. Stephan saw Anne coming, ran up, grabbing her and spinning her around, and then kissed her softly on the lips. "Welcome home, my love." He ran his finger through her hair.

Alicia walked up and hugged Samantha, "Welcome home, my sister in Christ."

"Yes, Alicia, we have missed all of you." Samantha said.

"How are the Douvicioux's?" Anne asked.

"They work most of time, we do not see them. We could have a visit in Paris later today." Stephan told her.

"What about Prince Louie?" Samantha asked.

"He is still angry about his father's death." Stephan replied sadly.

"My queen, thank you for sending the letter. We are glad to be home. I have missed Stephan, I am grateful he was not killed in Bourge."

"Anne, he did a great service, we know every plan Jean-Paul was planning for France, plus he helped save the Bible from being destroyed by his guards after Victoria was caught." Queen Marie said.

"Oh my goodness, is she okay? Where are Victoria and Corrine?" Samantha asked.

"Ciel-Remi has asked them to come to England. King James would like to use the Great Bible." Alicia said, "They have left for Northern France."

"Does Jean-Paul know about Stephan's deception in Bourge?" Anne asked.

"No, He does not yet know." Queen Marie said.

"Thank goodness, who knows what Mephisto will do when he finds out?" Alicia told them.

A voice appeared behind them, "He already knows, the Lord is great to protect those around you and this city from the upcoming destruction of France."

A man in silver armor stood there, his hair was white as pure snow. He had a glowing light around him.

"Gabriel, we have friends on their way to Northern France. What is going to happen and how will they survive it?" Alicia said out of great haste and concern for Victoria and Corrine.

"Do not worry, nor be afraid, God is always with them." He said.

Alicia was still a bit worried about her friends, she silently prayed, "Lord, Keep them safe, thank you for bringing us Anne and Samantha, please help the Prince Louie, in your name, Amen."

"Queen Marie, You have served France with God's plan and you are great in your faith, there will be a visitor to the castle shortly, she is a friend, not an enemy, God be with all of you." Gabriel told all of them, and then disappeared.

Alicia saw Queen Marie stand up to her feet, "Alicia, please follow me, I must address the city of Paris of this great warning that has besieged us this day." She proclaimed as they followed her closely to a balcony over looking the city.

"Yes, my Queen." Alicia followed close behind her, the Lionhearts were next.

"People of Paris," Queen Marie announced, "I have been warned of great destruction outside this city. God has a hedge of protection on this great city. Please, I urge you to take great caution when stepping outside our city to go on your traveling needs. I have no idea what destruction has befallen our land, but our Lord is always with us. Good day and God Bless."

After she was finished, she stepped inside the throne room, and they gathered around into a prayer circle, "We shall continue to pray for our friends in England and on their way to England, and anyone who is coming from anywhere in the world." Queen Marie announced to everyone there.

They began the prayers for the nation, their friends and their families. Alicia was grateful to God for his mercy and she felt a peace within for Victoria and Corrine. They would get to England safely. They were under Jesus' blood, and God's protection. Alicia smiled and looked towards the sky. She didn't have to worry or be afraid. She knew the Lord would help them through anything and she listened as Queen Marie prayed.


Victoria sat quietly in her seat on her journey to their destination. She only meditated on the Lord's plan for France. She wondered what would happen when Jean-Paul found out about his plans having backfired. She wondered how her friends in England were doing. She missed Marie and longed to see her smiling face again. Most of all she missed her father. She would be happy to see her father's face when she handed him the Great Bible. Here you are papa; I have gotten the Great Bible for you. She would cherish that look for years to come.

She came to a place of peace and quiet when something hit the roof of the carriage, the driver was alerted. Victoria watched out the window, rain drop, two inches in diameter were raining down, not to mention the hail stone the size of golf balls, 'boom' thunder and lightning striking came from almost every direction.

The driver yelled into the carriage, "Lady Corrine! This does not look good, should we turn around?"

Corrine gave a thought and told him, "We need to keep going."

"What do you think is going on, Mama?" Victoria asked curious while watching them start to come down harder.

"My daughter, I have never seen giant hail stones this big around. I know one thing. God would never bring such destruction."

"You are right, Mama. God would not, but Mephisto would. Do you believe this is he answer for what happening there?" She asked.

A big hail stone barely hit the roof, and tore right through the leather. The driver was cautious in his driving. He still was worried and yelled inside, "Lady Corrine, I am afraid this is going to scare the horses."

"Yes, we will stop for a minute and gather for prayer for a peaceful ride down the road." Corrine said politely.

He stopped the carriage. Victoria and Corrine held hands, closed their eyes and began to pray, "Father God, We ask you to come be in our presence, we believe this storm was not made by you, but our enemies. Please calm the storm for a peaceful ride to the dock in Northern France. Thank you for your blessing, in the name of Jesus, Amen."

Suddenly a light appeared inside the carriage, very bright and figure was about six feet tall and dressed in garment for white, a purple stash around him, it came down his shoulder to his waist. He had a beard, and he had long brown straight hair.

Victoria was awe of the figure that appeared before her. Her eyes were wide and she had an expression of great joy. She looked over at her mother. She too was in awe of him, "Lord."

He spoke with deep mellow tone, proving he was Majesty of All, "My daughters, you have called upon my name to calm the raging storm outside," he paused and waved his hand outside, "While I am with you, this storm will be still and at peace and your journey will be smooth."

He turned to Victoria and asked, "Do you have anything to ask of me?"

"Yes, My Lord, for who has commanded this storm to come upon this beautiful land?"

"Our enemies, which are not of flesh or blood." He answered.

"My Lord, Why has our enemy struck us with such destruction?" Corrine asked him.

"You will soon find out the answer to that question."

"Thank you, Lord for everything; you helped me within the caverns."

"You are most welcome, my child, for you have obeyed us, well." He replied, "Young Victoria, look outside at the storm, close your eyes and tell me what you see before you."

Victoria watched the storm, as commanded; she closed her eyes, and what she saw shocked and amazed her. A great number of demons came from every direction. They held bows and arrows in their hands. The arrows had flames on them and they were marching in a southern direction. She opened her eyes quickly and looked back at the figure. "Lord, these great armies are the fallen angels of Satan. They are marching toward the south, if they were to be unleashed on earth, the world would be destroyed. Lord, will Mephisto get the demon eye?"

"No more questions, my daughter, for you will find everything out in time." He waved His great hand outside the window of the carriage and spoke with loud voice. "Peace, be still!"

Suddenly the storm around them calmed down, it was dry. The driver was amazed and also in awe. Victoria turned to Jesus, except he had disappeared. She could still hear his voice. You have great Faith, the journey is not to going to be smooth, all the time, remember my word, do not worry, nor be afraid, and for the Lord your God is with you.

Victoria sat back in her seat. A peace like a dove fell on her and she closed her eyes. She knew trouble surrounded her, but it didn't seem to matter anymore, and she was fast asleep.


Alicia was discussing some plans with Queen Marie about Jean-Paul. She longed to have her family back, safe and sound. Her mother was stronger than Chaos could take her for, and she knew it.

The Lionhearts decided to visit the Douvicioux's in Paris, since they hadn't seen them for a few years. The whole day was quiet. Prince Louie didn't even disturb their time.

The door flew up, Alicia believed it was Prince Louie trying to threaten his mother again, but it was a woman, "We can not see any visitors---"Queen Marie said she had been interrupted by the sight of a beautiful woman.

Alicia knew exactly who she was; it was her mother, Renee Borjour. Alicia first impression was to run up and hug her, except she didn't move, the surprise was too much. She did not know whether it was Renee or Chaos, the guards came in from behind her, "We apologize, your Majesty, she insisted on seeing her daughter, Alicia." He said and waited.

"It is quite alright, you may leave now." Queen Marie pardoned them.

Renee stood there, dripping wet, her pink dress soaked, her beautiful brunette hair a mess and she looked at them strangely and spoke up, "My Queen, I must have audience, Chaos has left my body for good, and I am ready to become a believer in your Lord and Savior, plus I bare bad news for France."

Alicia knew it was her mother, with every ounce of strength, she ran up and gave her mother a giant hug and said, "Welcome home, Mother."

Alicia could tell she was overwhelmed, tears rolled down her mother's cheek, tears of joy, and she just was happy that her mother was standing there.

"My goodness, child, why are you soaking wet?" Queen Marie asked concerned.

"Your Majesty," Renee bowed, "the nation of France is in danger, Mephisto has opened a portal to the spiritual realm and has unleashed a major storm, the raindrops are three inches in diameter and hail stone are the size of rocks."

"Oh my, no wonder you are soaked," Queen Marie said.

"Not just the storm around the country, the sea has major hurricanes and storms also; those who are traveling by ship are in mortal danger." Renee sounded concerned.

"Oh, no!" Alicia fretted, "Victoria and Corrine left for France in mid-day this day, and they were going to England to see the LeCoeurs and Ciel-Remi.

Renee was shocked asked, "Ciel-Remi was not here when his daughter invaded Bourge for the Great Bible?"

"No, He was in England. Also, Mother, Victoria had a mission from the Lord to retrieve the Bible, and she was not invading Bourge."

"Oh, I apologize. To your father, it was invading his land." Renee said.

"What happened? What made you change your ways?" Queen Marie inquired.

"Alicia, your father got in a rage I never saw before when he found out the plans to get the demon eye was into your hands. He threw a guard out the window and Mephisto apparently appeared outside of my husband's body. He told me everything and I could not take the deception any longer. A man in golden armor rescued me. He told me to come here."

"I am glad you are doing well, Mother, I know you have done bad things while in Bourge, even gave me bad advice, but our Lord forgives those who call upon his name and ask forgiveness for their sins, then believe that he already took them away by dying on the cross and rising again to show the world His power and authority. You must have said something from your heart for an angel to help you in midst of the demon of darkness."

"Yes, Alicia, I asked the Lord to save me, I knew I was wrong and now know the truth, but isn't there more I have to do to become saved, I don't know Christ as well as you do."

"Madam Borjour, you have been through a lot there, you may have asked salvation in midst of hurt and anger, you have realized the awesome power of our Lord Jesus Christ, the storm hasn't hit Paris yet, why? Because it is protected by God, the plans Mephisto is trying to carry out are earthly and to bring destruction. You must believe God has already saved you and believe in his son, Jesus Christ, and then you will know God. For starters you risked your life to come here and tell us what happened in Bourge this day." Queen Marie explained.

"Mother, A lot of us believers in God, we have done terrible things in our past, but God forgives our sins of the past, and then forgets them. He carries them far away as east to the west. The Angel Gabriel has given us a word from God, this word is simple for those who are afraid to call his name, and fear for friends and family members. The word is simple, do not worry, nor be afraid, for the Lord our God is with you always."

"Alicia, and your Majesty---"Renee began.

"---You may call me, 'My Queen or Marie.' I do not like the formalities among friends." Queen Marie interrupted her.

"My Queen, I would like to pray this prayer again, this time while not being afraid to be killed. I would like to know God and his son Jesus Christ. For it is already amazing the protection he has placed over this city."

"Yes, Mother, we will pray with you for your salvation. It is really simple, pray to God as you are talking to me, tell him you know you have sinned, and you are ready to know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior and also believe from your heart that we do not deserve to be saved, but forgiveness is a gift from God, by grace and not of ourselves, any good work done or anything, do not boast about it either." Alicia told her.

Queen Marie, Alicia and her mother, Renee gathered in a small circle, Renee began to pray with a tear in her eyes, "God, I am a sinner; I would like to ask your forgiveness for anything I have done to sin against you. please forgive the wrong and give me a salvation, a gift from you, I would like to know you more and get to know your son Jesus, who died for me and took my place, thank you for friends and family members who know you, my life is in your hands now, take and use me to do whatever you are willing to do with me. Give the two sisters safe passage to England to be with friends and the father of Victoria. She is brave female warrior for you. Please bring my husband to know your salvation as well, God, Lord Jesus, Amen."

Alicia reached over to Renee, took a tear drop from her cheek and asked, "How do you feel now?"

"Oh, Alicia, I feel great joy, I am glad to have you as a daughter, even though I was selfish and rude to you, I am proud of who you turned out to be." Renee said, and then turned to Queen Marie, "do not blame Jean-Paul for your husband's death, he was being controlled."

"He will be forgiven in time, shall we?" Queen Marie stood up and walked over to where the plan laid across the table. "These are plans we have for Bourge, we plan one thing, get your husband out of Bourge's castle before the spirit realm is opened."

Renee walked closer to see the plans. She saw the words from the witch lair, "You were not planning to harm my husband, but bring him to salvation, as well."

"Yes, Mother, I have longed for the day when we all could be in the family of God, because of him being still stubborn and weak for enemies attack, even if we don't save him within Bourge's castle. We need to get him out of the castle before Mephisto decides to kill him for your betrayal."

"Which means?" Renee asked.

"It will take careful planning and an informant to go back into Bourge. Since Stephan has betrayed Mephisto, Victoria and Ciel-Remi are enemies of Mephisto's, and of course Alicia told her father that she was a believer. We need someone who we know that is not from France or Spain, perhaps someone from England."

"Who might this be?" Renee asked.

"No one has met her." Queen Marie began, "King James has written me a letter two days ago. He appreciated our help with the Bible publishing. He has asked a servant girl named Elissa Reid to help Ciel-Remi. He would like her to come back with his family to France. He informs me she was brought to salvation by Ciel-Remi and would like to help us in Bourge in anyway possible."

"Wait, My Queen." Renee became concerned, "We are sending a female in undercover to watch Mephisto's every move and plan, and do you not believe he will be suspicious of her."

"Yes, Renee, you are right, Mephisto will be suspicious of her involvement, but she will not need to go undercover. She will be given over by King James himself, with this letter he sent me." Queen Marie reached across the table for the letter, and then handed to Renee.

Renee carefully skimmed through it. The letter read something about sending young Elissa to France for his benefit, that she will be servant girl to treat her with respect. Renee handed it to Alicia, "I believe this is going to be risky, I should suggest some else, a male to play as one of Mephisto's guards, do we know anyone?"

"Yes, it will be very risky; one guard has already betrayed Mephisto. Would not he get very suspicious of him around?" Alicia asked.

"He will only be around to watch her, not report anything back to us, she will be protected by God, but we need a person there. I know it will be risky, if we do not send someone else in after her, she could be caught easily, as Chaos is very nosey, and now that I am gone, she will be nosey around another female, trying to possess her." Renee told them.

"Except, she cannot be possessed, she is believer in Christ Jesus." Alicia commented.

"Exactly," Renee replied, "she will easily be caught."

"Ah, I have a new plan, not a male, I am sure this will work, please keep in total faith and prayer that God will protect Elissa while in Bourge, if Angel Michael could save you from Mephisto, I believe he could protect Elissa from him."

"Yes, My Queen." Renee coughed.

"Mother, we should get you into some dry clothes." Alicia said, taking her hand and leading her out of the room, "I will be back shortly, my Queen, I believe you will be safe."

"Yes, Alicia." Queen Marie agreed.

Alicia and Renee left the throne room, Queen Marie went and sat on her throne, she began to pray and meditate on God's goodness and plans for their lives.

Chapter 11

ON BOARD the ship for England. Victoria and her mother sat with a blanket around them, the storm was worst, hurricanes lined the coast and the waves crashed around them. They were given advice for safety from the harbor captain about the hurricanes.

She sat down on the hard wooden board floor of the ship. Every man around them was frantically running back and forth trying to secure the sail from the heavy waves around them, and Victoria sat praying in tongues and meditating on God.

Victoria watched her mother, she was paying attention to the men running from one side to the other. The waves splashed the side of the ship as it rocked back and forth. The men were soaking wet and working hard.

Beside they cursed the Lord for the terrible storm, the men were yelling out to get things done, many complained and whined, they were saying 'we are going to drown,' or 'we will go off course and be lost.'

Victoria didn't worry about anything around them. She took out the Great Bible and put it down on the floor, she opened it up, and she only saw Hebrew language. Father, how were you able to read this.

The captain approached them saying, "do you care? We are going to die."

"Do you not have any faith in anything? We will get to England without losing our lives. Just have faith that God can do it."

"God?" he laughed mocking her, "He is punishing us with these storms."

"Sir, the storm has not come from God, God said this in Jeremiah 29:11, the plans I have for you says the Lord, are not for disaster, but to prosper you, to bring you a hope and a future. You will cry out to Lord and he will answer your prayers."

"Alright, Madam, you will pray for us to get to England safely, I will work with my crew to keep us from drowning."

"Sir, do you know who Christ is." Victoria asked.

"No, why should I?" He asked impatiently.

"He is our Lord and Savior." Corrine spoke up from under the blanket.

"Savior, why would I need a savior? I have not do anything wrong." The captain said and turned to walk away from them. "You are Christians; you believe you are better than us, keep your God to yourself and leave us alone."

"Ye of little faith." Victoria said under her breath as he walk away to get back to work to help his crew members.

Victoria felt dejected and knew not everyone would accept Jesus Christ. She kept her eyes on God's words. She place her hand on the Hebrew words, the letters transformed before her eyes, they were in her language, "seek ye first, the kingdom of God and all his righteous, and all these things would be added unto ye. Do not worry about tomorrow, for your worries are for today."

"Thank you, Lord." Victoria prayed.

A big wave splashed against the ship, it broke the boards on the side, some water leaked into the boat, except nothing hit around Victoria or Corrine, another wave splashed in, the water was leaking into the ship, Victoria knew if they went down, some how they would end up in England, the winds blew seventy miles per hour through the rain of the terrible storm.

Another man slid around boat. Victoria had enough whining and complaining of the ship crew. She stood up and walked casually through waves. A rope which waved loose and she grabbed onto forced it around a pole. She yelled back at her mother, "There is another rope flapping near you, would you please secure it?"

"Yes, Victoria!" Corrine yelled back, stood and grabbed the rope, she tied it around another pole, the flaps of sail waved in the strong wind, and waves splashed into the ship, the blowing rain in her face, and both of them were not afraid of these winds. These people were scared and worried about dying, she moved down the lines of the ship, other waves splashed up and hit her. She braved the wave and found another rope. She grabbed it, the wind blew her away from the pole, and she tried to reach the pole to tie the rope around it.

Victoria was tired as she slid down the ship as it rocked up and down. She caught the rope and tied it on the nearest pole.

The men were trying to get the water out of the ship and afraid of the weather. Victoria prayed to God, "Lord, this would be great time to clear this storm and bring  peace to be still throughout the rest of the journey."

Victoria looked back towards her mother, the Bible was lying loose on the floor, another person went to the Bible, and he grabbed it. She was troubled, he began to sneak away, and "Mama, that guy has the Great Bible!" she yelled.

He was close to edge of the ship. Corrine forced herself up the ship's side arm, holding onto the side to reach the Bible, He was close to diving off, he stuck it inside his shirt, "I found this, now I will keep it, and trade it for wealth."

His eyes glowed with a bright excitement, "No!" Victoria yelled through the whistling winds, the Great Bible lit up, and the guy was killed suddenly, his body fell backwards off the ship. The bible landed near where Corrine stood, she picked it up. She placed her finger were it had opened.

Victoria was in complete shock, "Mama, What happened?"

"I do not know, he touched the bible!" Corrine yelled.

"Mama, read the verse!" Victoria yelled again towards her.

"Alright," Corrine opened the Bible, and looked at it yelled, "It written in Hebrew!"

"Trust in the Lord, not your own understandings, in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your path." Victoria quoted.

Corrine looked down, the letter was readable, and she shrugged her shoulders, and then begin read: It is in Acts, chapter five, verses one through five. There was also a man named Ananias who, with his wife, Sapphira, sold some property. He brought part of the money to the apostles, but he claimed it was the full amount. His wife has agreed to this deception.

"Then Peter said, "Ananias, why has Satan filled your heart? You lied to the Holy Spirit, and you kept some of the money for yourself. The property was yours to sell or not sell, as you wished. And after selling it, the money was yours to give away. How could you do a thing like this? You weren't lying to us but to God."

"Victoria!" She yelled, "I believe he's intentions for what he was going do with it were not according to God's plans, so he was killed."

"Yes and No, Mama, There is another reason why he was killed. The Great Bible is artifact from God; father told me a story about the Ark of the Convent."

"Ah, you are right." Corrine said, again the bible turned the page backwards to somewhere in the beginning of the Bible, the Hebrew turned to readable and she looked at the passage, "I believe your father read these scriptures."

"They are found in second Samuel chapter six verse one through eight; Then David mobilized thirty thousand special troops. He led them to Baalah of Judah to bring home the Ark of God, which bears the name of the Lord Almighty, who is enthroned between the cherubim. They placed the Ark of God on a new cart and brought it from the hillside home of Abinadab. Uzzah and Ahio, Abinadab's sons, were guiding the cart with the Ark of God on it, with Ahio walking in front. David and all the people of Israel were celebrating before the Lord with all their might, singing songs and playing all kinds of musical instruments---lyres, harps, tambourines, castanets, and cymbals.

"But when they arrived at the threshing floor of Nacon, the oxen stumbled, and Uzzah put out his hand to steady the Ark of God. Then the Lord's anger blazed out against Uzzah for doing this, and God struck him dead beside the Ark of God. David was angry because the Lord's anger had blazed out against Uzzah. He named that place Perez-Uzzah (which means "outbreak against Uzzah"). It is still called that today."

Corrine took deep breath; Victoria now understood those verses together, "Mama, the Great Bible is like the Ark of God, and the man was going to use the Bible for greed, unlike us, who is going to use the Bible for defeat of the enemy and bring those lost to God."

"Yes, Victoria." Corrine said.

The captain became angry and grateful; all at the same time, "What was that?" He asked curious.

Even though the waves were still splashing around them, the storm was so large, Victoria came back towards her mother, she bent down a grabbed the soaked leather bag. Corrine handed her the Great Bible and she stuffed it in the bag, and then replied, "That is God's Great Bible, It is why we are headed to England. King James will be using it to help those around. He doesn't plan to sell it for petty money, as the guy before us."

"I have to thank you for your help, my men owe you a great deal of gratitude, the sails are secure and the thief among us is dead, please I assure you, I apologize for my rude behavior earlier today." The Captain said. "The storm seems to be dying down."

"With God all things are possible, except the storms will not let up until the enemy causing it is stopped." She explained, and then asked. "How far off course are we from our destination?"


Ciel-Remi and Elissa arrived at the docks in the middle of the day; they had crates stacked up and ready to board a ship. The dock captain ordered the dock gang to take the crates and pass them hand to hand on the ship until all of the crates had been loaded. The business during the day was always like this and he stood looking out at the sea.

Ciel-Remi ordered Elissa to wait inside the carriage until he knew further what to expect. She acknowledged him and obeyed the command, "Yes, Remi."

He walked a bit further into the docking area. A man almost bumped into him. He noticed they were too busy to acknowledge him, so he boldly asked, "Which one of you is the dock captain and in charge?

A man about few feet tall, musky looking sailor type, with a worn down sailor uniform approached him. He had a deep British accent with a bit Scottish mixed in as well, he had a mustache and beard, "Ah yow there mate, I would be the captain, what could I do for ya?"

"How long ago did the ship for Northern France leave?" Ciel-Remi asked.

"Not long, there mate, the ship just left a few hours ago. It wasn't scheduled back here for next two days, would ya be waiting for something or someone."

"Yes, my wife and my daughter are on that ship." Ciel-Remi told him.

"Come back in two days, if they are not here, and then keep on coming back here until they arrive." he said.

"That will be the plan. I will be back here in two days time, good day to you." Ciel-Remi warmly said to him.

"Good day to ya, my Lard." The captain said, turning to face a few men sneaking some crates aboard the ship, "Where do ya think ya be going with that?"

Two days, the armor should be ready. I will come back here after I pick up armor from the blacksmith to see if the ship has arrived by then, if not, hopefully God's plan aren't falling behind ...

Ciel-Remi went back to carriage, explained everything to Elissa, and they both went back to the castle. Their day was finished and they would need all the rest for the next days to come.


The day was almost over for Alicia's duties in the castle. She was able to catch up with her mother as they discuss the Lord's great work and where they both came from, Alicia remembered Ciel-Remi telling her the verse Paul said in Philippians 3: Alicia quote the scripture which talked about forgetting what was behind and live for the great reward in Heaven. The topic was enlightening for her mother.

Alicia told her mother about seeing the demons spread far around Bourge when she delivered the mail to Ciel-Remi and King Henry. She told Renee about her looking at the Great Bible, but not being able to take it with her, that young Lady Victoria must be the one. Renee was grateful to Alicia for all the insight.

"Mother, do you know why Mephisto brought the rainstorm and darkness on France?"

"No, I did not know the demon's deception until he opened that portal to the spiritual realm. I was also so afraid of the being, he could have killed me."

"Yes, the devil comes as an angel of Light, sometimes to deceive those around him."

"Yes, Satan appeared many time to Mephisto while I was there. It was Satan who told Mephisto to send back Victoria, and have her followed." Renee laughed, "Satan is a liar and a thief, he did not know about Stephan being there, but God a had plan to bring the Bible back safely and used Stephan to do so."

"Yes, Mother." Alicia agreed with her. "Satan will deceive everyone and bring them to his side one day."

"Ciel-Remi does know a lot from the word of God. Where does it say that Satan will do so?"

"He told me it is at the end of Bible, the book of revelation; the Apostle John was given a vision of the future events, where God would bring the last seven years of tribulation to people. Judgments from him would destroy most of the earth and kill many, but Satan will rule with an iron fist and destroy the Christian believers, who do not accept and worship him. You would have to ask Ciel-Remi for more information or wait until they are finished with the word of God in England."

"Hun, I would wish to stay and learn more, but I must be going to the market. I would like to buy a few things. Stephan and Anne were going to introduce me to the Douvicioux family." Renee explained.

Alicia hugged her mother, "You have a great time. I will always be in the castle if you need to talk or pray with me."

"Thank you, my daughter." Renee said, and stood to leave.

First darkness, now hail and rainstorms in the land, what is will be next, what does the monster in my dream have to do with these storms? I must find out what is happening outside of Paris, I should be able to see over through the city walls. I would not leave the city.

Alicia approached Queen Marie who was writing a letter, "My Queen, the day is almost over and I wish to see something that would help our kingdom. May I be released for the day, to come back tomorrow to serve you?"

"You may, the day is boring, no action at this moment. Louie left the throne room and I have not seen him since, please becareful and do not go beyond the city walls."

"No, my Queen, but I must go to city walls to see this storm."

"You have my permission. You have been injured before, and we need not have you injured again."

"Yes, my Queen." Alicia said, and then hugged her dear friend. "You will be alright, you are never alone and God will protect those of His kingdom."

"Yes, thank you for your words of encouragement." Queen Marie said.

Alicia was so grateful for her Queen and her friend as she left the throne room.

Whatever is happening outside Paris has to do with the dreams and visions I have been getting, God will show his way true, I have to do my part to understand what is going to happen. So I may walk in the footsteps and direction he has planned for me.


Back on the ship, the captain was stunned to find out from his men they were only a few knots off course from England. Victoria's question apparently fazed him as odd, and how did she know they were not taken off course from land. He smiled saying, "We will be in England in about two hours, for we are only a five knots off course."

Victoria smiled back, and then looked at the sky as she said, "Thank you, Lord." She went and sat back down. The water still splashed into the ship, the sides were broken apart, the ship was ready to sink at any moment, but something kept it afloat. The Lord wouldn't let her or her mother drown before getting them to England. The seas were rough. Except, God was able to do the impossible things, man couldn't. She sat back down, leaned against the middle pole, putting the wool blanket around her body; she looked at her mother fast asleep. She pulled the leather bag close to her. The night sky was a joy to look at, the stars and a peak of the moon through the blacken cloud. "Lord, you are so good to your children. I do not know if I could be able to help him learn about Christ now, please soften his heart for later when we come across the dear Captain again. Thank you, Lord God. Amen." Victoria prayed through the howling winds.

She yawned, her eyes barely open now, two hours away from England, and she would be in her father's arms. Her eyes now closed and she fell fast asleep.


Queen Marie finished the letter. She folded it into thirds and placed it in the envelope. She took a liquid stamp and stamped it. The letter was important and needed to go to England at once, Alicia didn't interrupt her letter, and Queen Marie was grateful for her service to her.

She prayed a quick prayer, "Lord God, we must have this letter sent to England, the seas are roaring and hurricanes come bring it into the wrong hands, please if there is way to send the letter to my friends in England. I will be grateful. Thank you, Lord, Amen."

The door of the throne room suddenly opened up, the guard didn't move and a bright light shown into the room, "Who is there?"

"Do not worry, nor be afraid, Queen Marie, for God has heard your prayer and asked me to deliver the message to your friends in England." A voice said through the light.

Queen Marie was covering her eyes; the light dimmed and a soldier stood there, "Gabriel." She announced.

"Yes, I am he." The angel proclaimed, "Glory be to our Lord forever and ever more. Corrine and Victoria are delayed in getting to England due to Mephisto's wrath on France and the sea, but they will arrive safely. Please do mention this in the letter."

She was about to open the seal and pull out the letter, when Gabriel placed his hand on her hand, "No, My Queen, the letter has already been written. God has ways to do things humans cannot, please do not break the seal." The angel said.

Queen Marie didn't argue, she handed the letter to Gabriel, He walked away, "Lord, the letter is in your hands now." She prayed.

The door shut as though it had not been ever opened and the room stood quiet and she sat there and meditated on God's goodness and glory.


A few days later, Ciel-Remi watched outside the window of his guest room within the castle of England. The torch lit close by to see the day sky, the darkness did not plague England, so he knew day from night, just like when he was in Paris, which had not the same darkness magic spell across it. The early dawn and sun began to peek through, he was worried; he burden was for his wife and child.

Two days before, Ciel-Remi went and picked up the armor from the blacksmith and went back to the docks, as he arrived there, a mighty wind almost knocked over the carriage and armor which lay within. He approached the dock's captain, "No sign of the ship, my Lord."

"When did the winds and storm begin?" Ciel-Remi asked very curiously.

"A few hours after we talked two days ago, the winds are strong and the ship could be in hurricane in the sea, it may take them much more time to get here or else be lost at sea forever. Ever since the storm appeared, many ships haven't come back on time or at all, please, go home, and get some rest, check again back every day until we have word."

Ciel-Remi knelt to floor of his guestroom and began to pray, "My Lord, the One Creator of all mankind. Whatever has happened, please bring Corrine and Victoria out safely, bring peace to the ship and bring them to England. Please, I have a great burden for them and the artifact they are carrying, thank you, Lord, you are so good."

The door was knocked upon; Ciel-Remi opened it. Elissa and Marie stood there, Elissa told him, "Remi, we went down to dock early this morning, also a letter from France, it is from Queen Marie to you, Corrine and Victoria." Marie handed a letter to him.

"Thank you," Ciel-Remi calm and bold, "Do you have any word for the dock captain about Corrine and Victoria."

"Sadly, Remi, No." Elissa said as they walked into the room. "It has been two days, no sign of a ship, the winds are strong and they may still be lost at sea."

He opened the letter, "Would you like me to read aloud or silently?" Ciel-Remi asked them.

"We have not read the letter, it just arrived. We believe it may bring us the conclusion of the storms on the sea and why they have been delayed so many days." Elissa explained.

"Yes." He agreed, and then read it aloud:

Lord Ciel-Remi, Lady Corrine, and Lady Victoria,

This day a woman showed herself in the throne room in Paris; it was Alicia's mother, Renee Borjour. She had very grievous news about France, and Mephisto's rage toward it. After learning about Stephan's trick to bring back the Great Bible. He went into a rage, opened a portal to the spiritual realm, which caused on the land and sea a great and terrible storm.

We have a plan to bring your servant girl into midst of Jean-Paul Borjour, our plans to get Jean-Paul Borjour out of Bourge alive before Mephisto's plan for the artifact come to pass and he finds and lays his hands on the lover's tear which becomes the demon eye when used in the hands of the enemy or that of a hardened heart.

Marie LeCoeur will be responsible for the Great Bible's safe return to France. We need you to come back in France as soon as possible. Ladies Corrine and Victoria should have arrived, if they have not, give it a few hours, and then send word by letter to France so we may pray for their safety.

Have wonderful day, God Bless all of you, Ciel-Remi please show this to Lady Corrine and Lady Victoria when they have arrived in England, Our God is great and He will never fail us for a moment.

Your Friend Always, And Great Queen of France, Marie

Ciel-Remi folded the letter, and then told Elissa and Marie, "I must talk with King James on your behave Elissa, and then a few hours from now I will check to see if ship has arrived, before writing back to our Queen in France.

"Does this mean you are going back to France, even though the weather conditions have not changed?" Elissa said.

"Yes, Elissa." Ciel-Remi began to explain, "After everyone has arrived, and after a night's rest, you, my daughter, my wife and I will leave back for France. You are going to be part of a great adventure in Bourge. Since Jean-Paul will not recognize you, we have an opportunity to know when Mephisto does receive this artifact."

"I will miss ya, my lord." Marie said.

"Marie, you know what must be done. Please do not lose the Great Bible. We will see you again in France, when the time comes for you and your parents to return there. God will provide peace on the sea and will make your voyage home shorter than Victoria's and Corrine's."

"Yes, Remi." Marie acknowledged.

"By the way, how did you young ladies receive Marie's letter?" Ciel-Remi asked with curiosity.

"A man on the dock gave it to us, we didn't know how he got the letter, and we decided to bring it to you straight away." Elissa said.

"The man was dressed in rugged clothes, and held a cup, a beggar." Marie said.

"Thank you for bringing it to me, The Lord has ways with everything. Victoria and Corrine will arrive, Satan would like to destroy the Great Bible, but God has a plan and purpose for it and they will survive." Ciel-Remi told them.

"Well, My Lord, of course, Victoria must survive. She is our victory in Jesus in the great battle to come. The Lord will not design such a plan to have it ruined by merely humans. God's ways are not our ways. God had you name her Victoria for a purpose. The meaning of the name is great and will bring us to victory against these demonic enemies." Marie explained.

"Yes, Marie." Ciel-Remi agreed, He turned to leave, "Please, go tell your parents about the letter and to meet me at the dock at mid day this day."

"Yes, my Lord." Marie said.

"Elissa, would you please come with me."

"Yes, Remi." Elissa acknowledged and joined with him. They walked down the hallway toward the entrance to throne room, "the King of England must know about France's plans and the ensuing battle at Bourge."

"Yes, the letter did state it clearly."

"Do you think King James will be merciful to release me from my duties to the castle to come to France with you?" She asked.

"I do not know, Elissa." Ciel-Remi said. "I do know Queen Marie would like you there and I believe she had to know about you somehow. So, yes, I believe King James could be merciful in such areas."

They reached the throne room of King James. He smiled and gladly announced Ciel-Remi's presents, "Ah, My Lord, have you any word of the Great Bible, when you will have it." He asked.

"No, Your Majesty." Ciel-Remi explained, "The hurricanes have delayed my daughter and wife from bringing it. Queen Marie is asking for me to return to France with my wife and daughter the day after their arrival. Please would you allow Elissa to travel back to France with us?"

"She is no longer my servant, The Queen of France would like her presence, and the Lord has been most gracious that I have her as my servant for these several years. Now, she is your servant, so she may travel back to France with you."

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Ciel-Remi began, "You have freed her to be my servant. She a great girl to have done this much, I will not keep her as a slave or a servant; she is a servant for God's plan and purpose. I will not be around to take care of her, so I am asking that you trust God and me that she is free and no longer anyone's servant but His. She is God's now and He has control of her life."

"My Lord and my friend," King James explained. "That is a great idea. Because when she became of age as the full grown woman I was going to give her freedom. Her father was killed early in her life and I have been able to raise her as my own daughter. Even though her mother was beautiful and was able to look after her, she was grateful for me being there for her daughter. She died a few months ago, before you brought her to Christ. Our Lord is gracious to love such as these."

"After her mother died you decided to let her be off on her own?" Ciel-Remi asked.

"That would be her choice, but yes, I would have let her be her own person and make the choices she needed to make of her own accord."

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Elissa said gratefully. "I am grateful for you being like a father to me. You have taught me a lot, my mother's death was hard to take, but I was able to get by alone, thank you for giving me such an opportunity to share in your life."

"You are most welcome, my sister." King James said. "Please, Ciel-Remi when your daughter and wife have arrived, please come back here, I would like to meet them."

"Yes, Your Majesty." Ciel-Remi bowed. He turned to Elissa, "Would you like to meet Corrine and Victoria at the docks?"

"Yes, thank you, Remi." She smiled.

"Meet me at the docks at mid day this day, the storms are great, but our God is greater."

"Amen." King James and Elissa said simultaneously.


After Alicia left the castle, she was greeted by the guard at the castle gate, and without hesitation he opened the gates. She continued into the market place, people were busy buying items and the crowds were very large.

She came upon the sign explaining the east city gates, a warning was labeled, Please do not go outside the wall without informing the Queen of France, thank you.

Alicia turned the corner; there she bumped into Jean-Pierre. He landed on the ground. He was carrying books, and they scattered across the ground. He went to pick them up and they grabbed the same book, they looked into each other's eyes, "I apologize I was not watching where I was going." Alicia told him as she broke the glaze, Jean-Paul stood up, and she handed him the book.

"It is alright. I went home after work, and I saw your mother there and she reminded me about seeing you this night, where are you going?" He asked.

"My mother also reminded me about what I saw in Bourge. I am certainly on my way to eastern city walls to find out what is going on around France. I would like to see the storms and anything else. Would you like to come along?" Alicia asked sweetly.

"Yes, Mademoiselle." Jean-Paul said. "Except, first we must go by my home, there is something my father has to help you there." Jean-Paul told her.

They both walked through the busy market place to the west Paris residences. They communicated with each other.

A white horse approached them. A man with a musketeer uniform looked down at them. He spoke in French accent, "Bon jour Mademoiselle Alicia, and Jean-Pierre."

"Bon jour Jean, are your duties keeping you occupied these days?" Alicia asked greeting him.

"Papa, We are going home for the telescope." Jean-Pierre proclaimed.

Jean reached into his belt, pulled out the telescope, "Here, Alicia, It was with me. We keep it for watching things from far away, please, be careful and have Jean-Pierre return it to the house later, have wonderful day, you two."

The evening was early.

"Thank you, sir." Alicia said, "You have my word about the telescope."

"Yes, Alicia." He said, then told the horse, 'he' and began galloping towards the opposite direction.

Alicia and Jean-Pierre returned to the spot where they had met earlier, as they walked down the path toward the eastern city walls. They talked about her mother and how grateful they were to God for His mercies on mankind, as she explained her mother's situation.

"I am still praying for your father's salvation. Please keep your hopes alive. Alicia, he will survive and be God's child one day." Jean-Pierre encouraged.

"Thank you for the encouragement." Alicia smiled.

"You are welcome." Jean-Pierre politely said.

The path to the eastern wall grew closer. Alicia stopped close, and spoke seriously to Jean-Pierre, "I am glad you remembered the invitation to be with me this night. After I am finished here, I will be able to spend the rest of the night with you. I would like to get to know you better. I believe God always has a plan and why we keep bumping into each other. I do not know where this friendship will go, please be patient with me."

"Would you like me to court you?" Jean-Pierre asked.

"You could say something like that." Alicia replied.

Alicia knew Jean-Pierre was caught off guard, and he smiled, "Let us talk about our friendship after you have seen this storm or whatever else you are trying to look for up there."

"While I was in Bourge helping Stephan deliver the mail. The Lord helped me see into the spiritual realm. Demons or fallen angels armies gathered around. Some of them were shadow like, some were dressed fully in armor, and most of them were huge and deadly. These monsters will bring terror to France, if they are released upon mankind." Alicia explained, "I would like how many roam the darkness and storms of France this day."

"That does sound crazy, but knowing our Lord, He is able to do impossible and crazy things through his children." Jean-Pierre replied.

"Yes, Jean-Pierre." Alicia said sarcastically and rolled her eyes, she began walking towards the walls.

Chapter 12

THE WINDS blew heavily through the docks, mid day came quickly. Ciel-Remi met Marie's parents, Marie, and Elissa there. He hugged everyone and addressed them, "Please wait here, I will talk with the dock captain and find out if they have arrived."

"Lad," Richard began, "Don't give up hope. God has their lives in His hands. They will show up."

"Yes, my friend." He sighed, "They will show up soon enough."

The dock was busy with hurricane storms and everything around the seas. Ciel-Remi finally found the dock captain which held a telescope watching the deep waters, he noticed Ciel-Remi coming from the opposite direction, "ayo there mate, there has been no sign of any ship for days, we are loading docks with crates, except nothing, new ships are being built, don't give up hope, please wait with your friends, if anyone shows, I will find you, my lord." The dock captain explained.

"Thank you for all your help." Ciel-Remi acknowledged. "My friends and I are near the docks in the street."

Ciel-Remi turned to return to his friends, the captain turned and began to look through the heavy fog, something floated their way, and it was small to the naked eye. As he adjusted his telescope to his eyes, the focus was a mile away, "my Lord, wait!" he yelled

Ciel-Remi heard the captain, and ran back, "Do you see something?"

"Look, my Lord." He said, handing Ciel-Remi the telescope.

Ciel-Remi looked through the telescope, a smile marked his face, and he had a great joy as he saw a ship. The boards barely held the ship up. The captain wouldn't believe what he saw. Ciel-Remi did believe. God was still keeping the ship a float because something special was on the ship. He was happy and praised God greatly, his daughter and wife had finally arrived, "They are here, captain, I must go tell my friends, even though these winds are strong, our God is stronger and anything is possible."

The captain shrugged his shoulders, like he didn't know what was going on, and went on looking through the telescope.

Ciel-Remi returned to his friends, Elissa asked, "Did you find out anything else?"

"God is awesome, the ship was wrecked, they would have gone down, but our God is great to have the Bible survive this storm."

"That is great news, lad." Richard exclaimed joyfully.

"Come!" Ciel-Remi ordered. "Let us go see Corrine and Victoria."

"Good idea, Remi." Elissa said. "Finally I will be able to meet this lovely wife and beautiful daughter you have been talking about."

"Yes, Elissa, you sure will."


An earthquake sound awoke Victoria from a peaceful sleep. The waves were crushing against the ship. The storm turned terrible. Two hours turned into four and lightning struck around them. Corrine was still sleeping peacefully. The captain had his arm in back of him, his head down looking toward the wrecked ship.

The storm ripped apart many different boards. The ship's sails were torn apart and flapping in the wind, the ship completely destroyed. Victoria watched and wondered why they were still a float. The ship was barely alive and they could have drowned at any minute. The clouds were dark and even though the time suggested early morning.

Victoria shook her mother's shoulder, "Mama, please wake up, something dreadful has happened." She said, Corrine stirred and also looked around.

"My word, Victoria," Corrine asked. "What has happened?"

"I do not know, I will ask our Captain, I promised no one would get hurt, this has to be the work of Mephisto. Somehow he was trying to drown us."

"Good idea." Corrine told Victoria, "I will wait here."

Victoria quietly approached the Captain, "Ruin, everything is ruin, men dead and everything gone. How did we survive this is beyond my comprehension." He said sense another presence behind him.

"What happened here? The ship was ripped apart, but not torn to pieces by the hurricane, why did you not wake us?" Victoria asked curiously.

"Last night, lass, I told ya we would be England in two hours, a mighty wind began to stir, I really thought nothing of it. The winds did blow greatly last night. I decided to handle things on my own. I didn't think of any storm bruin, it took us by surprise. Lightning struck in many places on the ship, many of sea men were killed instantly. I didn't wake ya, you were lyin' there so peaceful. The lightning still struck down near us, but not at us."

"Oh my, we could have been of great help, why is it we have not gone down?" Victoria asked.

"I dunna know, lass, I dunna know." He said.

"Victoria, Captain, You may want to see this!" Corrine yelled through the winds.

Victoria and the captain walked over to Corrine, "What is happening Mama?" She asked.

"Captain, God's everlasting love has saved our lives. Did you cry out something while in the middle of this storm?" Corrine asked.

"I dunna know, I was trying to save my men, I didn't want to die, I yelled "God of Victoria and Corrine, please dunna let me die, I have much to live for, please, save me! The wave stopped and a light glowed from the Bible next to ya. Since then I been waitin' and waitin'."

"Mama, what does the scripture read in the Bible?" Victoria asked Corrine, She was careful to pick up the glowing Bible, it opened up, it turned pages all by itself and stopped. She read silently the passage and then told her. "John 3:16 and 17, God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that those who believe in him will not perish but have everlasting life, for the son of man was not sent into the world to condemn it, but that everyone would be saved." Corrine stopped speaking and pages turned again. She read silently, and then proclaimed, "It was the story of man who built his house on sand, the other one who build his house on solid rock. Since we have faith that is built on the rock of Jesus, the Bible or God's hand is guiding the ship to shore, well, what is left of it."

"Just asking to save me spared my life, but I still dunna ever detail of who God is or why he would spare me and not my men."

"It was out of protection, sir." Victoria began to explain, "God is our protector, provider and much more, no man can understand God's ways, they just walk by faith in them. The Holy Spirit guides us to places we never dreamed of going through God's written word. The Bible is not just an artifact, but a life long book for everyday living. Sir, the protection of God is keeping us from drowning, what we say is impossible, God calls us to believe in the impossible, even stuck in the sea without food or drink or land to settle on. We do not know why he only spared you and we may never know. Praise the Lord, you of all people, is alive and ready to serve God."

"Ah mate, isn't there a requirement for God, the gods of Greek and Roman empires believed in good deeds to get to eternal rest."

"Yes, sir." Victoria explained more. "It is not good works, but belief in God and his son Jesus Christ, when Man does sin and will going into Heaven, God will pass judgment for their sins, Jesus paid a great price on cross, while were yet sinners Christ died for us. Jesus took our place so we may live eternal lives in Heaven with him. Do you understand a bit, sir?"

"Ya, lass, Jesus is the way to Heaven. How do I know Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior?"

"Just tell him, pray to God, prayer is a form of communication between God and you. Tell him you believe you are sinner and need salvation. Then believe from your heart that He did what we as humans could not do and sent his only son to die for us on the cross, and then arose to life three days later. God will accept who you are, through faith and grace God has mercy, many may believe him to be a cruel God, but to those who know Jesus. He is their close friend, the father for the fatherless, and a mentor where there is no mentor. Jesus is our savior and when we acknowledge this, we know God's plan and purpose for our lives. It is great for mankind around and brings us a great joy to our heart."

Victoria paused to take a breath, then continued, "you alone can not get to Heaven or eternal rest, you must believe in Jesus Christ, Jesus said, 'I am the way, the truth and the life, no man come to my father except through me.' Jesus took everything for our freedom and our hope is in Christ, those without Christ, keep trying hard to find satisfaction and comfort in their lives. Even though we as Christians sometimes suffer trials and tribulations, we need to be joyful in God plan's our not for harm, but bring us to a hope and future. Sir, are you ready to know Jesus as Lord and Savior?"

"Yes ..." He said nervous as he closed his eyes and began to pray to God about salvation, the prayer was long and heard from the heart, and Victoria held his hand to give him confidence in the prayer, he had a tear rolling down his cheeks. After she was finished, the Captain looked up at her with a big smile upon his face.

"Welcome to the family, may I hug you, sir?" Victoria asked.

"Sure, lass." He hugged her, "by the way, my name is Fredrick."

"Glad to meet you, Fredrick." Victoria said.

Corrine spotted a piece of land, "Captain, the fog is great, but is that land ahead of us?"

Fredrick grabbed a telescope. He became over excited, "Yes, my sister, we are close to the shore of England."

"Praise the Lord, we finally made it." Victoria became joyful, Soon Father, Marie and our new friend Elissa, we will be there. Hope everyone is doing well, and ready for our big adventure.  She only stood there reflected upon the sky, the mid day had come and they had found their destination. Everyone was grateful to God for his mercy over their lives.


The city wall was gray bricked with gray molding, the walls held firm in place for an invasion of sorts. The torch that kept lit during the night was out during the daylight hours were bolted into place.

A guard saw Alicia approach them from afar off, he yelled, "Good evening! Mademoiselle Alicia! We have orders to not let anyone pass through the east gates, if you are wishing to travel outside Paris, the north and south and sometime west gates are open."

"No, Monsieur. Would you allow me on top of the walls? I would like to investigate the storm outside of Paris." Alicia asked.

"Yes, Mademoiselle," The guard began to ask, "The storm is at least a mile from the walls, what do you plan to see it with?"

"A telescope, Captain Jean gave it to me." Alicia told him.

"Ah, Captain Jean, Jean-Pierre's father, he is a great man." the guard commented.

"Yes, he is," she paused, "and so is his son, Jean-Pierre."

"Alicia, please join us, there is a ladder a few meters from the gate."

"I do see it." Alicia said, as she reached the ladder. She climbed up it, with one hand over the other one, about a fifteen steps, she reached the top of the wall. She did not look down below her. She kept her eyes focused on her mission.

Alicia took the telescope from pouch latched onto her dress. She looked through it and focused it onto the ground. Its range made it feel as though she was standing in the middle of the storm, but she was completely dry. Hail stones fell down, and big rain drops would hit the ground. The storm was bigger than any rainstorm she had ever seen. She hoped that Victoria and Corrine had made it to the coast before it hit, or God had their lives in his hands and he would have helped to calm the storm. No wonder Mother was soaked when she came into the throne room.

Something in Alicia's spirit told her to close her eyes, she obeyed and watched as the demons gathered around Paris, they headed south, small shadow ones, the lesser ones, and great large ones, she almost became to anxious that she almost fell out off the wall, but kept her balance. She only thought, if Mephisto were to get the demons' eyes, we would be in the dark ages again. I must tell the Queen straight away, so she could let Ciel-Remi know, this is bigger than a few years ago.

She opened her eyes again, then put the telescope down, and watched the horizon to the south, Father, we will get you out of harms way.

Alicia put the telescope back into the pouch, "Thank you, I must go back to Queen Marie and give her my news."

"You are welcome, Mademoiselle." The guard said. Alicia knew they were a bit confused, "Did you see what you needed to see?"

"Yes, very much, no more questions. I must get back to the castle."

"Take care, Alicia." A guard commented.

"Of course, Monsieur." Alicia began to climb down the ladder to level ground.

Once she stepped onto the ground, Jean-Paul approached her. She calmly told him, while handing the telescope. "Please, take this back to your father, and tell him thank you, I must report my findings to the Queen, and then I will join you and your family at your house."

"Yes, Alicia." He said, he hugged her and took the telescope from her hands and then he ran off towards his home and she prayed, "Lord God, My Father's soul is in your hands, protect him until it is time for us to invade the castle and bring him salvation. Let us be ready for anything at any given time. You are to be glorified forever and ever, Amen."

Alicia smiled with overwhelming joy. She quickly made her way through the city market and back up to the castle. The guards let her inside without a comment and she rushed to Queen's throne room to tell her about what the Lord had shown her. She knew in her heart that God wouldn't allow anything to happen to Paris before the given time.


Ciel-Remi patiently waited on the docks for Corrine and Victoria. As the ship began drawing closer to harbor, the dock captain was in awe at the site of the ship, Ciel-Remi stared at the half broken ship, it drew close and hit the pier. He watched as the Captain gladly brought a big wooden board to the only part and threw it down on the ground. Elissa, Marie, and her parents were in total shock at the site. How could anyone survive such destruction?

Ciel-Remi praised the Lord for bringing his family to the safety through the destruction. He was full of joy when Corrine stepped onto the plank, and began walking down the steps, Victoria was joined behind her. After Corrine saw him, she ran down the wooden board, hugging him, Victoria helped the Captain of the ship with one hand to get onto the wooden plank, and step carefully.

After Fredrick and Victoria were safely on the ground, the board began to shake and rest of the ship began to sink underneath the harbor, the bubble marked the end of a wrecked ship. Everyone was safe and sound. Ciel-Remi kissed Corrine, "Welcome to England, my love."

Ciel-Remi watched the dock captain, "How did you survive such destruction?" He asked in shock, "The Lord saved my family." Ciel-Remi said, as Victoria and Fredrick approached.

Victoria hugged him, and then said, "Jesus saved Captain Fredrick, as well, Papa."

Ciel-Remi extended his hand and shook Fredrick's, "Welcome to the family of Christ Jesus, by brother, and are you ready for a great journey?"

"Have not I already been on the greatest of journies, mate?" Fredrick asked joking and laughed.

"Yes, the journey to Christ is greater." Ciel-Remi said.

"I am ready for anything, me lord. If I could survive destruction where I lost most of the crew, I am ready for anything."

"Great attitude, Captain Fredrick." Ciel-Remi commented.

"Thank you, me lord." Fredrick said.

"You are welcome, Captain." Ciel-Remi said with great politeness.

Victoria pulled from the bag she carried the Great Bible "Papa, The Great Bible is found."

"Yes it is, Vic, even though I have heard that if not for Stephan's trick in Bourge. We would have lost it for good." Ciel-Remi said, with a bit of authority.

"Rocks were coming down from everywhere around me. How should have I known they were there, I am thankful to be alive." Victoria argued.

Ciel-Remi laughed, "I know, Vic, I am thankful you are alive and thankful Stephan wasn't in Spain. It was God's will for you to be caught by Jean-Paul, then released, Satan always believes He knows what He is doing, except something anyways seems to foul it up, and that is what we give thanks to God for."

"The Lord brought us through the hurricanes and storm in France." Victoria said a bit concerned. "France is in the worst of storms. I will be able to tell you soon enough. First of all I would like to see Marie and meet Elissa."

"Oh, yes, I almost forgot." Ciel-Remi said, he motioned for Elissa to step forward, she obeyed. "Corrine, Victoria, this is Elissa, our new sister in Christ."

"I am very glad to meet you, welcome to the family." Victoria shook hands.

"Elissa, we have heard about you from Queen Marie, Welcome to the Family of Christ Jesus, and our family as well." Corrine step away from Ciel-Remi and hugged Elissa.

Ciel-Remi knew of Elissa's reaction to being hugged, except it was great and full of joy. He watched as Victoria spotted Marie and her family, she ran up and gave Marie a hug and they both giggled, "It is good to see you, Marie."

"Yes, Victoria, I am thankful you survived the storms." Marie said.

"Ah lass, we are grateful for your journey to retrieve what was stolen." Richard said.

Ciel-Remi almost forgot the letter he received, "Let us go see the King of England. He is anxious to meet you, and get the Bible to him." He told them.

Ciel-Remi turned and watched the captain of docks and Fredrick communicating something with each other, Ciel-Remi yelled, "Captain Fredrick, would you like to join us, I would like to ask you a favor!"

Fredrick paused, then said, "Give me one minute, my lord, then I would like to join you."

"We will be in a carriage, hurry along, the night is coming soon." Ciel-Remi said.

"Sure will." Fredrick said, as he continued communication with the dock captain.

Ciel-Remi, Corrine, Victoria, Marie, Elissa and the LeCouers went back to the carriage. The males sat in the front while females sat in back, the comfortable part of the carriage, once they were settled in, he wait a minute or so. Victoria was excited and anxious asked, "What is the delay, papa?"

"I have asked Captain Fredrick to join us, please wait a few more minutes." Ciel-Remi said.

Fredrick came a minute later; he hopped in the front with the gentlemen, "Thank you for invitin' me." He said almost out of breath.

"You are most welcome." Ciel-Remi said, as the horses galloped away from the docks back to the castle.


The throne room was empty as Alicia ran into it to give Queen Marie the news about the storm.

Queen Marie was waiting for something and kept a good watch, did she worry greatly about Prince Louie's behavior towards his mother, his disobedience. Alicia couldn't figure it out, she only approached her, "My Queen, Is something bothering you?"

"I am worried about Victoria's and Corrine's safety, did they get to England or are they on the open thrashing seas?" Queen Marie answered.

"I wouldn't worry, with God's hand upon them, they will be in England with the King enjoying a great dinner and communicating with each other." Alicia encouraged her.

"Yes," Queen Marie said, "You are right; there is nothing to worry about?"

"Of course, my Queen." Alicia said.

"Were you able to see what you wanted to, do you have news of it?" Queen Marie asked.

"Yes, My Queen," Alicia began, "The storm is huge, hail stones are the size of a large stone, and the rain is much bigger, the rain drops are about the span of three fingers in diameter. France is in the middle of plagues of Egypt."

"Except, Alicia, they are not coming from God's hand." Queen Marie laughed joking.

"Exactly." Alicia began again. "After I had just come to Christ and was helping to deliver the letters to Ciel-Remi, I closed my eyes and saw an army of demons. They were gathering in great numbers around Bourge. They had to be five hundred manlike creatures. As I looked through the storm, many more were gathering and they were many different types of them, huge, small, black shadow ones, and much more than five hundred, more like ten-thousands."

"Oh my, why so many?" Queen Marie asked curious.

"The portal, he opened in Bourge." Renee said coming into the throne room from the hallway. "Even though Chaos had that hold on me, I knew the plan of Mephisto, but he got impatient, before I left, he opened a portal to the Spiritual Realm, the demons were gathering and many of them were there."

"Mother, why so many demons? Does not the Bible say one third of God's angels were cast down out of Heaven?"

"Yes, Alicia, How many angels did God create before mankind?" Renee asked.

"You could be right, Mother, 'cause only God knows such things." Alicia said, "Why have not they surfaced into the physical realm?"

"Alicia, the spiritual realm cannot be opened without the very artifact Mephisto is looking for these days." Queen Marie explained. "The demons can gather for such a time, but not invade until they are ready, according to Bible, this day is not God's time for such an invasion, which is why we need to stop Mephisto's plans before he impatiently brings them to pass. This would be off from God's time. God's plans are right and not disastrous."

Alicia was a bit confused. The demon can not enter the physical realm unless Mephisto got his hands on the Demons' Eye, which could be right now, the Lover's tear, "If they are looking for the Demons' eye." She paused, and then continued, "They are not looking for a tear drop, which is why they have not found it."

"You may have a point." Queen Marie said, as they walked over to the book, "The legend says: The lover's tear will become a demon's eye when the hands of evil take it and use it for their own evil desires."

"Mephisto's men are looking for the artifact that has the representative of an eye, a red crystal eye; right now it is a clear crystal tear." Renee said, and then laughed joyfully. "These demons are dumber than their master."

"Ciel-Remi and Victoria should be heading back to France in couple of days from now; please wait for them, for now, Renee has asked to take your place in guarding my side, while you have a few days. We will tell Ciel-Remi everything when he gets here." said Alicia.

"Dear, I have met Jean and Julie, they are a blessing, their sons, Jean-Pierre really does admire you." Renee said. "Please, I really do insist you take a few days to get to know him better."

"Yes, Mother, I plan to." Alicia said. She began to wonder if her mother was acting like herself again, why did she laugh through the description, She wondered if her mother was still in Bourge and Chaos trick them into believing she was her mother, She thought, No, It could not be this way, she accept Christ into her heart, Chaos would not even pretend on that. Well, I am ready for a few days from work, and I would like to get to know Jean-Pierre better, so everything will work out.

Alicia believed it was humorous that Mephisto has not found such simple artifact, what were they looking for a red crystal eye, like her mother told them, now she understood everything, God allowed the humor of Mephisto's men to search the wrong place, so his follower would be able to stop him when he did figure it out, Mephisto's going to angry when finds out his men were searching for eye, not a simple tear. I hope he doesn't rage the storm to get even worst or else Ciel-Remi and Victoria wouldn't make it back to France in one piece.

"Mother, My Queen," Alicia began asking a question, "Do you believe when Mephisto get word his men have been searching for an eye, he will bring a bigger rage on France?"

"Who really knows, he will be enrage for their incompetence to follow orders." Renee said, "I am just glad Chaos was not controlling my body when I found out his evil scheme and evil plans. Then I would still be in there believing his lies."

"Yes, Mother," Alicia said, and then began to walk away, "Take will get care of our Queen, and I will meet Ciel-Remi, Corrine and Victoria in a couple of days. For now, I will stay at the Lebejioux mansion."

"Thank you, Alicia, for your service while Ciel-Remi has been away, you have been of great help to me while, my son has not been around since Stephan Lionheart scolded him, but no one knows why and where he has gone, please pray safety on those who are outside France." Queen Marie said in generosity.

"You are most welcome, my Queen." Alicia said, as she walked towards the door, "I will see you later, Mother."

"Yes, Alicia." Renee said.

Alicia was now sure her mother was real, that Chaos did still rule Bourge at her Father's side, the day would come when she would be able to have both parents in freedom of Christ, until that day she would have to wait, court Jean-Pierre and keep giving her heart to God, for he held her life and her friends life in His hands. She didn't worry about the Demons' eye being found, God knows when Mephisto will once again get a hold of the artifact and we will be ready to invade Bourge to stop his plan of death and destruction. She thought as she headed back to Douvicioux's house to share a wonderful night with Jean-Pierre.


Jean-Paul was once again awaiting news of the artifact, the darkness surround ed Bourge, the rainstorm and hail flooded the valley side, the blue-black portal swirled in a circle, and the plan was set. Mephisto would receive the demons' eye, open the portal and Paris would be in the worst war they had ever expected. He was joyful with an evil desire.

Xathis slithered outside onto the castle wall. He had news of the demons' eye. Jean-Paul asked without delay, "Well, Have you found my possession?"

"Not yet, sir, even in the Spirit Realm, we have no way of knowing where this artifact is, what we are looking for."

"What have you been looking for?" Mephisto asked curiously and pounding his fist into the surface of the wall, "A demons' eye?"

"We have been looking for a red crystal in the shape an eye." Xathis said fearfully.

Jean-Paul became angry again, "There is your mistake. What we are looking for will become the shape of an eye after it is touched by my hands."

"Then, my lord, what are we looking for?" Xathis asked.

"We are looking for a clear crystal tear." Mephisto said. "Have you been looking for a red crystal eye all this time?"

"Yes," Xathis said nervous and fearful.

Jean-Paul was in a rage, but calm as a fiddle, "Xathis, get me the Lover's Tear, a clear crystal which is God's beautiful handy work, the sooner I have it, and the sooner Paris fall to me." He paused; his hand in his fist, "Now go! Do not come back until you have it."

"Yes sir."

"Soon, I will be Lord, the Heavens will obey me and my Master, Satan, then I will be ruler of France, the all of Europe, and then the world will bow at Satan's feet." He said out of pride of himself. "And no one will stand in my way, Not Ciel-Remi, Not his precious daughter Victoria, nor his wife, no one will be able to bring me down to bow to my knees. Not even, you Son of God and Son of Man." Jean-Paul pointed his finger to Heaven. He laughed with an evil laugh that could be heard throughout the countryside.

Chapter 13

THEY ARRIVED at the Castle of England about early evening. Ciel-Remi told Elissa. "Would you show my family to the throne room? I will be there in a minute." Then he turned to Victoria, "Please present the Bible to King James."

"Yes, my lord," Elissa agreed.

"Yes, Papa." Victoria said. "I will present it to him."

Elissa led the others down the hallway toward the throne room, "Captain, I would like a word with you, we will join them shortly." Ciel-Remi told Fredrick.

"Yes, Lord Ciel-Remi, What can I do for ya?" Fredrick asked.

"I know this is a short delay, except Queen Marie of France needs our family back in France as soon as possible. She has a great plan for Elissa there. Our enemies are searching for something to destroy and conquer the world. England will no longer be safe."

"Are you askin' if I could be willin' to take you back to France through the storm?"

"Exactly, are you willing to do so?" Ciel-Remi asked.

"Of course, my lord, when do you plan to travel?"

"We plan to travel mid-day tomorrow."

Ciel-Remi could tell, Fredrick was overwhelmed, "That soon, eh, well, how many this time?" He asked.

"Four, Victoria, Corrine, Elissa and myself." Ciel-Remi explained. "The LeCoeurs will stay here until we are ready for them to come back."

"Ah mate, four people, you know those storms are nasty."

"Yes, Captain, and I also know God is bigger than those storms. He will get us through, you may be new to Christ, but this is a great adventure for you." Ciel-Remi said.

"A'right, do ya have anythin' else goin' back?" Fredrick asked.

"Yes, about five sets of armor, they are four female sets and one male set." Ciel-Remi explained.

"Ya have a deal, bring everythin' and ever'one bout noon tomorra to the docks, and then we load the cargo, and get goin'. I believe God now has the ship in 'is 'ands and 'e'll get us through the huge storm."

"Yes, now let us go to King James. I will send word for you to have a night of rest this night." Ciel-Remi said.

"Thank ya', ma lord." Fredrick commented.

"You are most welcome; you may call me, Ciel-Remi or Remi, which ever you prefer." Ciel-Remi explained going down the hall.

"Ciel-Remi, it is, thank ya." Fredrick said while joining him.

"Again," he paused, "You are welcome." They both walked up the steps to the throne room.


Elissa was obedient to Ciel-Remi and Victoria was grateful for her great servant hood. Victoria walked quietly through the halls. They went up the steps to the second floor to the throne room of King James. She held the Bible firmly, and the ring was around her neck. She was about give the Bible away, and it would be used for God's future plans. She was grateful to God to be part of His plans and the battle to come.

Victoria watched as Elissa opened the throne room's door and led everybody inside. The wall was gray in color and a carpet laid on the floor, different from Paris' castle, the color was purple (the mark of royalty) and tapestries lined the both left and right of them.   

Elissa approached King James, "Your Majesty, Ciel-Remi has been delayed, but I would like to introduce to you to his family, Victoria and Corrine Lebejioux."

Victoria stepped forward, and bowed in a lady like fashion. She only waited for his approval. Corrine stood beside her, they both waited quietly.

"You may arise, my Ladies." King James gave approval.

"Yes, Your Majesty." They said simultaneously as they stood.

"Your Majesty, I would like to present this ..." Victoria began as she reached and opened the leather bag. She pulled the Bible out of it and handed it to him saying, "... this is the Great Bible from God. Please take care of it and do not use it for your purpose, but God's plans for your life."

"Of Course, my Lady, God's plans are us to enjoy his word without compromise, the words of God shouldn't be taken lightly for they are his living words to us on earth." King James explained.

"Yes, Your Majesty." she handed him the Bible. He took it and she stepped back, He opened it up, the Hebrew came forth, he laughed heartily, and then he spoke to his scribes, "Take it to where they are publishing the Bible."

"Yes, Your Majesty." The scribe acknowledged.

Victoria turned around. Ciel-Remi and Fredrick stood in the doorway, the King saw them and politely spoke, "Ah, Lord Ciel-Remi and Captain Fredrick, would you join us. I have feast prepared to honor of the Lebejioux family."

The King led them down the hall into the dining area of castle. The table was made up of the most delicious foods around, turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, salads of many types and delicious pie, apple, cherry and even pumpkin pie lined the table.

They all sat where the King advised, first King James, then the person who sat next to him was Lord Ciel-Remi and then his family, then Elissa and last of all was the LeCoeurs. King James raised his glass and began to speak, "Welcome to England my noble Ladies. We are happy you could join us this evening. We hope you enjoy your stay while in England this night, even if it's only for one night. Please enjoy this wonderful food and here is a toast to the Lebejioux for their love and humility to come to England these days, God Bless everyone here!"

Everyone raised their goblets and honored the toast. Before they began eat the food and enjoy the evening dinner they prayed and gave thanks for it. Victoria didn't understand something and asked her father, "Papa, what did King James mean by this night and only this night, are we leaving tomorrow?"

"Yes, I am afraid so." Ciel-Remi began to explain. "Even though England is beautiful and lovely, we must return back to France. The Queen wrote a letter to have everyone except the LeCoeurs come back, she has a plan which includes Elissa, and I believe Mephisto's plans are coming to fruition soon. We need to know when he gets the artifact. He is most anxious to get his hands on it."

"Oh," Victoria said. "What about the storms on sea?"

"They are in God's hands. We need to get back to France. My purpose for England is fulfilled and I am ready to go home." Ciel-Remi told her.

Victoria was confused a bit; she had just arrived in England and was hoping to see some of England's sights around, the church where Marie's parent's served before coming to France as missionaries. She would have liked to have seen it all. Maybe one day I will come back here, for now I should just return home with Papa, Mama, and Elissa.

Victoria had been on the open sea. She wondered how she survived such a horrible experience, but she was now dry and warm inside the castle. She would have to brave the wind and weather of the open sea, and she would help the Captain or her father as much as possible. She knew God had everything in His control, so she only continued eating the dinner.

Victoria knew it would be a long night. She did miss and long to see her friends in France, Alicia, Jean-Pierre and Samantha Lionheart. She had heard from Marie that she was back in France with Anne Lionheart. She prayed for safety over Anne of Austria and themselves for tomorrow's journey. She hoped they wouldn't be as long getting home, as they it did to get here. She felt contentment in her spirit and kept praying for everything to be put in its place. The Lord told her not to be worry or be afraid, so she didn't worry about anything which was to happen.

Soon after dinner, Elissa and Victoria were talking amongst themselves, they had planned to go see a few sights of England before leaving tomorrow, and then Elissa told Marie the plans and asked her to join them, "I would have to ask my parents." She replied.

Victoria asked her parents, "Mama, Papa, Elissa would like show Marie and me some of the sights around England this evening before the darkness falls, and since we are leaving tomorrow, I would most like to have seen something to tell Alicia about. May I go with Elissa and Marie?"

"Elissa and Marie, eh, Victoria, you have fulfilled your responsibilities to England. You may go with them, as long as you get Richard and Diana's permission to let Marie go with you and Elissa." Ciel-Remi said in his father like caring voice.

"We do not see why not Marie couldn't go with you, lass, have a great time. Marie, please show Victoria, the church."

"Yes, Father." Marie gave her parents a hug, "I will show her the church, thank you."

Victoria was excited. She would be able to talk with Elissa and spend some time with Marie. She was grateful to her parents for letting her leave. She had to promise to be home before dark or not get too lost in this strange town, but Elissa knew England and they wouldn't get lost.

King James and Ciel-Remi talked amongst themselves as Victoria left the dining hall and headed down the steps. She was truly joyful and kept her hopes alive.

She, Elissa and Marie boarded the carriage, "We are not able to walk to the church, so we have to ride there." Elissa told them and they began to ride off.

"Whose carriage is this, Elissa?" Victoria asked curiously.

"This is King James' royal carriage. He lent it to Remi for the time he was here. I have driven and ridden in this carriage many times before now." Elissa replied.

"Oh, that explains the white horse, from the black or brown ones." Victoria said.

Elissa and Marie laughed, Elissa commented, "Yes, my Lady."

The orange clouds from the sunset were beautiful. Victoria sat back against the carriage seats and waited for them arrive at the Eastern Church. She couldn't believe how awesome God was, she only could image what Heaven would be like as she looked out the window at the magnificent sunset. Thank you, Lord for a beautiful and wonderful night.


Alicia had much worry for her father's salvation. Now she didn't have worry for her mother's. As she passed through the gates, she told herself everything was going to be okay with Queen Marie and her mother. She had a hard time trusting her mother at first, but she felt more peace had come into her mother's life.

Alicia continued through the market place, she wasn't very good at saying 'hello' to most of the people around her. She would watch them buy and sell things. Her purpose was to get to Jean-Pierre's families house in west Paris, near the southern gate, but more toward the Lebejioux Mansion. She was grateful for a time of rest, to be with those she loved in her heart. Did she begin to start to love Jean-Pierre? If so, she would still take it slowly and with great caution.

Alicia reached an alleyway, why did a Captain of the Guard decide to live in the alley was beyond her. She reached the Douvicioux's home and knocked lightly on the door handle and then waited for someone to open the door.

Without delay the door opened, and Jean-Pierre stood there smiling, with a bouquet of flowers in his hands, "These are for you." he said, as he handed them to her.

"Thank you, Jean-Pierre, they are lovely." Alicia said, as she smelled them.

"Would you please come in?" He asked her.

"Yes, thank you." Alicia said, as she stepped inside the warm and comfortable house.

Jean approached her, she gave him a word of gratitude, "Thank you for letting me use the telescope this evening."

"You are most welcome, Mademoiselle." He said politely.

Jean-Pierre opened the door for Alicia in gentlemanly fashion. She began to step outside when Julie said, "I know this is great night for both of you, please do not stay out too late, and be very careful."

"Yes, Mama," Jean-Pierre agreed.

"Lady Julie tonight is special to me, but I shall not have him out too late." Alicia told her as she waved and they began to walk back into town. She looked at Jean-Pierre, and asked, "Where are you taking me this night?"

Alicia walked beside him. She wanted everything tonight to be lovely and special. They continued to walk into the market's circle, not very many people were out at this hour and the street seemed bare. She would see a few people walking in the evening breeze as the moon shone down on them. They held hands and comforted each other, she always hoped for such a day when she would have that kind of love in her life.

Alicia continued down the street until Jean-Pierre and she reached a café near the center of town. He politely opened the door for Alicia, "Mademoiselle," Jean-Pierre said, she bowed and thanked him.

The host of the café approached them, "How many will we be seating this night?"

"Two, Monsieur." Jean-Pierre told him, as they began to follow the host.

The host placed two menus on the table, Jean-Pierre wasn't forgetting about the manners of a gentlemen, he pulled out Alicia's chair, "For you, my dear."

Alicia smiled in her gratitude to him. He walked over on the other side of table and pulled his chair out and sat down. He first took his napkin and folding it onto his lap. She began to see a different side of Jean-Pierre than she had seen before. She liked this side, and wished it would not go away for a long time.

Alicia knew she was taking a risk, a chance to see what would happen. For sometime after she had gotten saved, she considered Jean-Pierre just as a great friend. She didn't expect him to be more than just a friend to her. She was moved by his introduction and gentlemanly manners, it brought her to tears, small ones and barely recognized by him.

The waiter of the café approached them. After he had skimmed the menu, Jean-Pierre said, "Ladies first."

Alicia ordered a salad and French entrée for herself, she thought while he ordered his food, He considers me a lady. Depending on the time, maybe when the dreams are right.

She was lost in her dream world when the drinks arrived. Jean-Pierre began the conversation and asked, "Is everything alright, do you like it?"

"Yes, Jean-Pierre, very much so." Alicia said, as she waited, "Shall we pray for the food while we wait."

"Yes," He said, Jean-Pierre took Alicia's hands in his and he began to pray, "Father God, thank you for a wonderful time with a friend, tonight is special to Alicia and me. Please bless tonight and the food we are about to receive, in your name, Amen."

Alicia felt a tingle in her hand, she didn't want to let go of his for one moment. What was she feeling? She only looked into his deep blue eyes, as they sat waiting for the food to be brought to the table. She was nervous and overwhelmed at the same time. He then placed his hands again on his lap. She followed suit.

"Alicia," he paused to ask, "Do you like it when I call you, 'my dear'?"

No, she thought, it would be nice to be called 'honey or hun.'

He continued, "Or shall I just call you, Mademoiselle?"

Alicia didn't give much thought to it, she enjoyed right now, which ever name he called her, she only commented, "which ever you choose, Jean-Pierre, my dear or Mademoiselle is alright."

"What about 'my lady?" Jean-Pierre asked hastily as the server placed the food on the table. She was taken in by the question and politely told the server "thank you."

Alicia could not understand his motives, but how did he know she was a lady in Spain, she asked curiously, "What do you mean by calling me such a name?"

"Oh, nothing," Jean-Pierre said, "Let us eat, the night is still young, and I have much more to show you."

Alicia wanted so badly to know why he would call her 'my lady' she didn't give up and said, "Yes, we will eat, but I still would like to know why you would call me, 'my lady'."

"Alright," He sighed, "We should not have any secrets between us. My parents were talking with your mother. She told us you went to Bourge to find your father and mother. She told my family that you are royalty in Spain just like we are royalty in France. You would be a lady of Spain, just like Samantha Lionheart. So by such you would be called 'Lady Alicia Borjour of Spain'."

"Mother told you correctly, I am 'Lady Alicia Borjour of Spain.'." Alicia said, she was in shock, but she knew Jean-Pierre would have find out one day, and she told him, "you may called 'my lady, my dear, or mademoiselle, if you so choose."

"Alright, I will call you, my dear, while we are getting to know each other, then I will most likely change it later." Jean-Pierre said, taking a fork load of lettuce from his salad.

No matter what happened just now. Alicia still appreciated Jean-Pierre, even if he was treating her like royalty and with a romantic look in his eyes. She could not help wonder what was going to happen. He is sweet and kind, He is a gentleman, He does not hold back, He knows I am royalty in Spain, and I know he is of royalty in France, I do not know what will happen, but it could only be something wonderful and exciting.

They finished their dinner. He paid the server for the meal with a silver coin, as they were ready to leave. He stood and went to Alicia's chair, she stood as he pulled it back, "please, do not think I am doing this because of what I found out about you. I am doing because I enjoy it." He smiled.

"Oh, do not worry. I enjoy it, as well." Alicia commented and smiled.

He smiled back as they left the café and headed west.

Alicia had much joy, fulfillment and love. She wanted to hold hands, kiss him, and be in a relationship with him, except she knew she need not rush into the relationship. Only let it evolve at its own speed. She had a father in Bourge who needed prayer for his salvation. She would go with the flow for tonight.

Jean-Pierre turned around and took Alicia's hands, "Do not think this too forward, but I would like to go off some where to be alone with you, so we can talk and get to know each other, except I do not want to go too far away from my parent's home. Do you know of a place close by?" He asked.

Alicia had a perfect place to be alone. Since she was going to be staying there until the Lebejiouxs' returned from England. It was not too far from Jean-Pierre's home, she told him, "The Lebejioux Mansion, it is close to your parent's home, but we must not get carried away, only talk and get to know each other."

"No, we shall not." Jean-Pierre said. "And yes, that is a close place. Do you wonder what Lord Ciel-Remi would think of us being there?" Jean-Pierre replied politely.

"He would not mind, since Queen Marie has given me time from my duties in the castle. I have decided to stay there for a few nights, Victoria is a friend and I have much to give back to the Lebejioux's. The castle would be too far away, and the Mansion is close to your home."

"Great!" He got excited, and they began down the path to the Lebejioux Mansion.

Alicia pondered everything in her heart. She didn't know where the risk would lead. Again she just kept a hold of her thoughts and dreams. And even though Jean-Pierre was still as young as Victoria, Marie and Elissa, she knew age did not matter. Even Ciel-Remi was married by age fifteen. She thought. And Jean-Pierre's parents can see it, as well, I wonder what he thinks or has in his heart for me right now. She didn't have wonder, she knew something would happen before the night was over, what exactly she didn't know, but it would be something grand or something hurtful, but whatever it was she kept the hope alive. Her love began to bloom. She had lust when she was in Bourge, but now, in Paris, she would find true love.


As sun began to set over the eastern part of England, Victoria wondered how Alicia was doing in France. She needed the rest while they traveled to the church, Elissa and Marie sat there communicating amongst themselves. She knew God would give France new friends. Friends to help with the invasion that she lived in for so long. She only sat waiting for them to arrive. She hoped they would arrive soon, or else another promise to her parent's would be broken, and she would be in big trouble, but she didn't really think of it, as she sat looking at the orange sky.

The carriage halted, and Elissa announced, "My lady, we are here."

"Elissa, you may call me by my name." Victoria said as she stepped out of it.

"Alright, Victoria." Elissa said, "I take it the Lebejiouxs' don't go into the royal names."

"Not just the Lebejiouxs'" Victoria began to Explain, "Most everyone in France this day and age does not like their royal formalities, especially our Queen. We address her by "My Queen or her original birth name."

"So, Queen Marie does not like to called, Your Majesty."

"Exactly." Victoria replied as they entered the church.

Victoria looked at the wonderful place; it looked like a regular church, but was beautiful. To her, it was the house of God, no matter and she had much joy just looking around it.

"Not much to look at, but it was the first place I got hugged by your friends." Elissa said.

"No, its God's house for us to gather and to have fellowship, we take communion and get a message from God. The church gathers in this church to find more about God, and yes, to get the love God gives to us." Victoria said.

"Yes." She sighed.

"It is getting to be sundown, is there anything else in London you would like to show me before we head back to the castle for a nights rest." Victoria asked.

"You are right. We should get back to the castle. London does not have much to look at, but it's always a great joy to have friends to share England with." Elissa replied.

"Elissa, you could give me a tour of the castle, where are they publishing the Bible and places before we go to bed tonight." Victoria said.

"Yes, Victoria, that would be an honor."

"Do you already miss France?" Marie asked.

"Yes, Marie, I wonder how Alicia and Jean-Pierre are faring." Victoria answered. She could see the look in Jean-Pierre's eyes when she talked to him. He loves Alicia, and she believed Alicia could learn to love him as well.

Marie lay her hand on Victoria's shoulder, "You like Jean-Pierre as a brother. He loves Alicia, does he not?"

"Yes, Marie, he does love Alicia, as a friend or love one, I do not know. Everything will evolve in God's time and we will see what happens."

"Then, you shouldn't be worried about your friends, besides you see them shortly, I know you just came to England, but God needs the Lebejioux's at home."

"Yes, Elissa, you are right." She agreed, and then asked. "Are we ready to venture the wild seas?"

"I'm ready for anything." Elissa began to explain, "I'm ready to find God's purpose and the risks involved. I'm ready to face our enemies and put an end to the wars, and I'm ready for the wild seas."

Marie held the door open as they boarded the carriage for the ride home. Victoria could see the boldness in Elissa's eyes, she only commented, "Bourge is rough place these days, rain drops are three inches in diameter and hailstones the size of a stone."

"Victoria, I have been in much worst, I can handle the storms, and God's plan is my service in Bourge, and than I shall go without complainant." Elissa said, and also asked, "What is God's plan for you?"

"There is time and patience in God's plans. I know I must fight to bring somewhat of peace back to the country of France, my life is about my name's meaning."

"Ah, yes, Victory." Elissa said.

"We will know God's plan when the time comes. For now, we must be in service and obey him with what we do with our lives." Victoria said.

"Why isn't the LeCoeur family coming back with us?" Elissa said.

"Before the battle, the Great Bible must be returned back to France. Since King James is using it, we need stay and service God's plan for the Bible, that way we can return it back to France on such a given day." Marie explained.

The carriage rose into last part of sunset there was, Victoria prayed a quick silent prayer to God, Father God, thank you for friends and family. I know one day I will leave this place, for now, I must help and service the people. Love them and defeat the spiritual evil, and then one day, you will hold your arms wild and accept me into your kingdom. Thank you, Lord, you are worthy of praise. In the name above all names, Amen. Victoria sat back in carriage again. "Everything will work out in the end, just keep your eyes on God and ears open to his word." She told them as the horse galloped onward toward the English castle in the distance.


Jean-Pierre and Alicia found there way to the Lebejiouxs' mansion. They were greeted by the guard at the gate. "Good day, Alicia and Jean-Pierre, the lord and lady are in England and will not be back for awhile."

"Yes, Monsieur." Alicia said, as Jean-Pierre just waited quietly. "They are in England delivering the Great Bible to King James. We are here for another purpose and that being Jean-Pierre and I are together tonight, except he did not want to go very far away from his residence. And since Queen Marie has given me leave from my duties I decided to have a vacation and stay here until they get back. This way Jean-Pierre and I would be close to each other and not very far from where he lives."

Jean-Pierre being the son of Ciel-Remi's best friend, Jean Duvicioux, wanted to give Alicia a wonderful evening between them. Since he was young and bumped into her for the first time, he began to love the was she smiled at him. He loved her for being herself. She was a Christ-like person and he would like such a person to be the one he was going wed one day. Besides, he believed in God more than in his past. He still was marriage minded and would enjoy togetherness with someone who would be his wife.

Alicia made him feel loved and accepted, but God also did that. He was enjoying life since he had met her and wanted just to see what would happen, even though he didn't know what would. He was feeling a bit nervous around her and hoped the guard was able accept that she wanted to stay there. He did have worries about his parents, since he was only thirteen and Alicia was over the age of eighteen. This would make any parent worry about their child, but he knew Alicia wasn't looking for love in the wrong places and he just wanted to be loved by someone here on earth.

Jean-Pierre's parent's taught him about the things a women and men do to have children, and he knew how to have a friendly like conduct with Alicia. He would hold the door open, pull out the chair for her, the help when they were through, when he drove his loved one around the city. He would be like-wise. He didn't have any doubts. He loved Victoria as a sister and Alicia as more, not just a feeling, he wanted to do it for sake of doing it. He loved her as she was, not trying to get to be like him and he appreciated it.

The guard thought for a moment before letting them inside the Mansion, He warned Alicia, "Because you are friend of Lord and Lady Lebejioux. I would warn you while you stay to be extra careful of the vases and chandeliers around inside, and on the outside take care of the roses, or bushes that line the outward columns."

Jean-Pierre knew they should begin this slow and friendly like, but he wanted to be romantic, hold hands, hold her and even a quick kiss or hug to show they had a wonderful evening. He knew being alone he could do something more, but he was gentleman and wouldn't give into that temptation. He would touch her in right places and keep his thoughts to himself.

Jean-Pierre looked into Alicia's beautiful brown eyes, "Would you like to do something romantic, we have already had dinner, maybe look at the stars and hold hands or else hold each other?"

Did he come too forward? She hesitated before saying, "That would be nice."

The evening faded and night sky was overhead. Jean-Pierre quietly watched the stars glowing from afar and Alicia motioned for him to hold her because she felt she was cold. They talked for a while about God's goodness and his love for them and how He could have made such beautiful stars. He knew she wanted to be held, and he did so, they could have fallen asleep looking up at the beautiful night sky.


On the Mansion grounds, Alicia watched the night sky, she was being held by Jean-Pierre. She couldn't believe this was happening. She felt so loved by him, even though she knew God was doing the same, while still talking about the evening night sky and stars, pointing to different signs in stars, and the fact that they just gazed into each other's eyes.

"Jean-Pierre," Alicia said in mellow tone.

"Yes." He replied.

"Do you believe God put us together for a purpose?" Alicia asked.

"Yes," he answered, "God has purposed for us to be together, what that purpose is we will not know until a later time in our lives."

"Being our first night together, this is straight forward. If you were going to ask me to marry you, would you do it, before or after the plans in Bourge?" She asked, gazing at him.

"Alicia, we have been friends since you came to Paris. I am still way too young to marry. I would do it after the plans for your father is fulfilled. It is would be a great day to have both your parents give you away." Jean-Pierre told her.

"Yes," she smiled.

Alicia looked into Jean-Pierre eyes. She was totally lost in his kindness and sweetness. She only sat in his arms, if it weren't for Jean-Pierre having to return home, they could have laid there in each others arms all night long.

Another hour passed, Alicia felt whole, and she didn't want it to go away. Jean-Pierre told Alicia, "I wish I could stay here all night, but, alas, I cannot, I just want to say, I love you, I have enjoyed our time together."

Alicia stood up, and Jean-Pierre stood with her. He turned to look at Alicia. She was overcome with tears. He wiped them from her cheeks, "Please do not cry, with you having some time off from castle duties. I can have time off to spend with you."

"No, Jean-Pierre, these are tears of joy or happiness, I love you, too, I do not want this night to end so soon, but we have plenty of time to spend to get know each other. Please, you should leave now. I will be able to spend time with you at another time."

Everything of the night faded before Alicia. She couldn't believe it was over, her cheek wet from tears; she looked into Jean-Pierre's eyes. She could see that he loved her, and they came close. She didn't hold back, he didn't either. They kissed each other on the lips. The feeling she had was amazing and couldn't be put into words. She just did it, he was younger than her, but she loved him and didn't believe it was wrong to love someone with these expressions.

The night breeze was great, he pulled away from her. They looked into each others eyes. He brushed his hand through her brown hair, and asked, "Would you like me to walk you to the door of the Mansion, before I return home?"

"That would be lovely." Alicia replied, as he grasped her hand and walk slowly back to front door.

As soon as they found their way to the doorstep, she looked into his eyes, "Well," She sighed, "This is a good night."

"Yes, I will see you tomorrow." Jean-Pierre promised. "I may be younger than you, but I still know much about love, after all I cannot bear to lose you."

"I wish not to lose you either." Alicia said.

He then kissed her again. She didn't hold back, as he left she waved, the expression of love was a great love for him. She watched as he faded into the darkness. She opened the door and walked back inside the mansion, for once in her life everything was playing itself out. She thought, Becareful, my love, for tomorrow is a new day and we will see each other again.

Alicia began praying for everyone, she turned to the north, "Father God, please be with my friends and their family in England, give them safe returns back to France." She turned and faced South, "My father really needs your love right now, please give such love and help him to understand that your plans are not hurtful, but full of love and hope, and will bring a wonderful future." She turned to her west side. "Please be with Princess Anne in Spain right now, give her guidance for her life. She turned around faced the east side of the room, "Lord, please give Jean-Pierre a safe journey to his home this night, I love him dearly, as well be with Mother and the Queen of France, give them a wonderful night's rest, do not let any temptation come over my mother while she is here in Paris. Thank you for everyone and everything happening in my life, in your awesome name, Amen."

Alicia went up into an extra bedroom, undressed and went to bed. She barely held her eyes open and fell fast asleep to again to the letter dream. Everything was different, the letter was now a gratitude letter for Jean-Pierre for a wonderful evening and she wanted to try something. The day was fresh and new, and she began to understand the dream as it happened, the deaths and the people. Alicia for once began understand the purpose behind the reason God gave her the dreams. They weren't nightmares anymore, but visions of how to deal with the future. Alicia slept soundly as she wasn't able to for a long time. The dreams did remind her about her father's salvation, she knew God had it in his hands, she only concentrated on the present day, new things were happening. Her mother had finally come to be in Christ. Her friends were doing the Lord's work and she was being able to see what Ciel-Remi was telling her about Jean-Pierre. In the end, everything would work out according to God's plan and purpose, and then she would be with God in Heaven one day.

Chapter 14

NEAR the Chameceaux ruins, Elissa waited for a light clearing of the storms. The drops of rain pouring down on her head and the hailstones close to missing her. She was only grateful to God to be alive. She was ready to do this bold assignment, she held tightly to the letter in her hand, which was given her by Queen Marie in Paris.

Elissa had showed Victoria and Marie around the castle in England. And the next day they left to return to France. The boat trip was smoother, than Victoria and Corrine's trip to England had been. The waves still crashed and water was still leaking onto the boat. As they landed in France, the rains pouring down around them. Alicia waited in the carriage to take them to Paris.

Once in Paris, Queen Marie came up with a strategy for getting into the castle of Bourge without letting Jean-Paul and his men know she was from Paris. Ciel-Remi took Elissa down to the Chameceaux ruins, She kept in mind his words, "Elissa, if there is any trouble go to my parent's house east of Bourge, stay and wait for us there."

Elissa stood on the hill overlooking the city, quiet as usual, and guards patrolling for intruders. She quietly approached the city, not to alert any guards. Once she reached the gate of the castle. A guard noticed her coming and stuck his spear out into the open, and the other guard did the same, "No one is allowed into the castle without the Lord's permission."

She was shocked by what he said, was he talking about Jean-Paul or Jesus Christ? She gave the guard the letter. He skimmed through it, handed it to the other guard. She waited patiently.

"You have the Lord's permission. I will see you to Jean-Paul myself, please follow me, Elissa."

Elissa obeyed him.

He ordered the guard above him, "Open the gate, someone here to see Lord Jean-Paul."

She didn't understand all that was happening. She followed close behind him. He said quietly, "No questions until we are inside the castle."

The gates of the castle opened and the bridge descended over the wide moat. They crossed it without a word. Another guard was near the entrance, and he saw them approaching and asked, "Who goes there?"

"Lower your weapon, this young lady has been sent by King James to serve at Jean-Paul's side." He said with a deep voice.

"You know the rules, Jean-Paul ordered no one to serve him, since the time of the last person to come was from Paris and helped young Victoria with getting the Bible." the another guard told him.

"Please, step aside. I assure you, this one is from England, not Paris." He said.

"Alright, be it on your head." He warned.

Once inside the castle, she still followed him. She stayed quiet, "You have a great mission, young Elissa." He spoke up, "Even though, you have just met our Lord, you will be a warrior for our Army."

Elissa was now full of questions for him. She wanted to ask them, but kept silent, not to give her plans away.

"You are right not to trust me, but be assured; I will not harm you or bring you destruction. If you have any problems with your mission, the safe house on eastern hill is open, and you shall wait until your friends arrive."

Now Elissa was confused and asked, "Is the house you talk of owned by one of my friends?"

"Yes." He said.

"Are you good or evil?" she asked.

"I am neither good, nor evil, I am messenger sent by someone." He replied. "I was sent from the one who has called you forth out of the ashes, to give you a brand new life."

"Then, you are here to help me." She commented.

"Yes." He said, "No more questions. I have been sent by the prayers of a dear friend to help you if you are in any danger."

"Thank you." She said.

"You are welcome, Elissa." He said, as they approached the long spiral stairway.

She now understood, he was an angel sent by God to protect her in case of danger. She followed him as they ended the stairway and began to walk down the hallway. She looked around at the dim gray walls, and darkness of the tables came to be gray as well. She was amazed, since England's castle wasn't gray, with light, but orange-brown on them.

The angel and Elissa approached the throne room doors, "We are here." He said as he began to open the door.

What am I getting myself into? Here goes nothing.



Ciel-Remi was grateful to have returned back to France. More than fifty people crowded the throne room of the Queen. Many argued, asking questions and making excuses, most them complained, "What are you doing about our relatives outside Paris?" "When will the storms be over?" Ciel-Remi felt like Aaron was for Moses, and how many Israelites brought up excuses and complaints against Moses?

Ciel-Remi meditated on the bible and its words toward the whiners and complainers. He watched the Queen giving great advice and kept them from pushing and hurting each other.

The storm coming back to France wasn't as great as Victoria's first time to England. They arrived on the second day and Alicia and Jean-Pierre were there to welcome them back.

After arriving in Paris, Ciel-Remi's next mission was to get Elissa to Chameceaux ruins. Through the wisdom and advice God gave him, he told her, "If you are in any danger, seek out my parent's home and stay there until the given time." He would wish her well, and concentrated his prayers on her safety. Knowing she was in a dark and gloomy place. His meditation showed he or Elissa had nothing to fear. God was with both of them always.

The crowd started getting into Queen Marie's face and their complaining had become too much for the Queen to handle. Ciel-Remi took it upon himself to speak with the people of France. He moved quickly through mob yelling, "Excuse me, People of France!"

The crowd wouldn't let him through, they would say, "Go back! We were here first!" Ciel-Remi pushed by and told them, "I am a servant her Majesty, Queen Marie, also a brave and loyal friend, please let me through that I may help her with the crowd!"

They kept yelling out, "Queen Marie, our relatives are in that blasted storm! What are you going do about it?"

Ciel-Remi squeaked through the crowd, "Queen Marie, please advise them to step aside, that I may get through!" He yelled hoping she would hear him.

"Do you people have no manners?" Queen Marie began, "Please step aside and let my friend and trusted guard through. First it was Alicia, now Lord Ciel-Remi."

The crowd did step aside to make a path for Ciel-Remi. He made his way through the angry mob, "Thank you, My Queen." He began as He laid his hand on her shoulder, "Let me handle this, you are tired, have to rest, I'll help them calm down."

Queen Marie sat back down in her throne, and Ciel-Remi continued to address the people, "People of Paris and France! I know this storm was unexpected and difficult for family members who live in the surrounding cities. Until we have defeated this one causing the storms, right now there is no hope. We ask that you stay within Paris' protection for now. You will be able to see your relative in time. Pray God's mighty hand of protection on them, so they will be protected through anything. If you don't know Christ, here is an opportunely to reach out, if you wish so to send a message to your family outside, please write a letter and give it me. I will personally see it gets to where they are! This is all I can do for you right now until everything is at peace in France again. Trust in the Lord, lean not on yourself or your understandings, in all your ways acknowledge his ways and he will guide your path and he will make it straight."

The crowd began to leave; some of it was still muttering curse words and complaints as they left. Ciel-Remi was grateful, already people were bringing letters to him, "We will get these letters to your friends and family, as soon as possible."

After everyone cleared the throne room, Queen Marie told Ciel-Remi, "You always have a way of handling other people's problems, what am I going to do when you are no longer with us?"

"Alicia or Victoria have the same gifts. You will get through it okay. Have faith, He'll see that you always have a spoken word for these irate people. The bible tells us about a calm mouth being able to calm an irate person down. And getting angry and yelling will provoke it more than calm them." Ciel-Remi explains.

"One reason, my son gets on my nerves, except I just suffer under his anger." Queen Marie told him.

"Prince has chosen to keep bitterness in his heart. His anger is result of bitterness of the hurt he feels. Because of his stubborn attitude and spoiled emotions, if it were to continue, My Queen." He sighed, "God will not allow Paris' to be protected and he will take away what we have strived to work towards."

"Yes, you are right." Queen Marie said, and then curiously asked, "How do you plan to get those to people of France, you do not want to disappoint them?"

"My Queen, where there is no way, God will provide a way."

"Exactly, Ciel-Remi." A deep voice came, he peered up and behold Gabriel stood there, "Please allow me to deliver those to the correct people, also be of good cheer and not afraid. You have served France well, some day soon. You will be with God in Heaven."

"Yes." Ciel-Remi began, "You have delivered the letters and have kept our people from danger. Please, keep up your work for the Lord."

"From the beginning of time I have served our Lord faithfully. His mercy and his grace reigns forever more. I have been a great servant. I will continue to do so until our Lord returns to earth and brings us great peace. You have to serve him as well, and even when we do not feel the need or the strength, we will serve and please God all our days." He said boldly.

Ciel-Remi nodded in agreement.

"What is going on with our sister in Bourge?" Queen Marie asked.

"Do not worry for Elissa's sake. She has many worries and burdens. She is well protected. She is alright for now." He told the Queen.

Queen Marie also nodded in agreement with the bold angel.

In no time the angel disappeared again. Ciel-Remi had great faith in God's angels to do their part in the Spiritual battle. Queen Marie asked him, "Do you believe he will be able to share the letters and be able to attend to Elissa."

"Do not worry, My Queen, I have great faith in him. He has never yet let us down since I met him so many years ago."

"Yes, Ciel-Remi, I quite agree." Queen Marie said, "Thank you for serving our kingdom and God's."

"You are most welcome, I do not know if I will make it through the battle to see Mephisto defeated and France's victory over this enemy. Except I will always be watching over everything down here and I know God's plans are unfailing."

Queen Marie ordered the guard to bring out a bottle of juice for her and him. They obeyed and no sooner order told her, "Here you go, my queen."

"Thank you, you are dismissed." She said, grabbed two goblets with apple cider type juice, "Let us toast to God's unfailing plans and love for us."

Ciel-Remi raised the goblet and barely tapped on them, "Yes, My Queen." He and Queen Marie drank the juice. They both laughed in joy of the kingdom of France, and both agreed God's plans are unfailing. He knew when the demons' eye would be revealed.


Alicia was more in love with Jean-Pierre as when they began their journey through the romantic friendship and courtship. She began to hold on with great comfort. She wasn't as nervous as before. She only kept her dreams alive and hopes alive in her love for him.

Alicia and Jean-Pierre were spending as much time getting to know each other and decided to welcome the Lebejiouxs' back home. She enjoyed the bed in the Mansion and the comfortable pillows. She would have to give it up shortly, even though she did not want to.

The ship arrived on time and everyone introduced Elissa to Alicia and Jean-Pierre, She said, "Pleased to meet you." And Jean-Pierre did likewise, she and Jean-Pierre held each other and Elissa only commented, "Nice to meet all of you."

Alicia could tell Victoria was confused and figured everything out, Victoria asked as they boarded the carriage, "Are you two together?"

"Yes." She and Jean-Pierre answered simultaneously.

Ciel-Remi just laughed, "Congratulations. You make a beautiful couple."

Alicia smiled.

"Thank you, Lord Lebejioux." Jean-Pierre said.

Alicia needed to tell Ciel-Remi about the Spiritual Plain of France, leaned over to Victoria and asked, "Does you father know what is causing the huge storms?"

"Yes." Victoria replied. "He knows Mephisto is behind it."

"Good, Vic, Do you know what is causing these storms?" Alicia asked again.

"Yes, a thousand demons in the Spiritual Realm are gathering to destroy France." Victoria said.

"And they gathering greater numbers around France, how did you know?"

"The Lord showed me." Victoria told her.

"Yes." Corrine said. "He showed her on the way, also told her not to be afraid. If we were not brave and bold before Captain Fredrick, we would not have survived the storm."

"Captain Fredrick was your Captain." Jean-Pierre commented. "How is Fredrick doing?"

"Do you know him, Jean-Pierre?" Alicia asked.

"He is great friend of Mama and Papa. He comes to Paris some days when he is not on the seas as Captain to England." Jean-Pierre explained, and then sighed, "I would like see him get his heart right before the Lord."

"Ah, I would, as well, Jean-Pierre." Fredrick's carriage came beside the Lebejiouxs' "This would me last shippin' job for awhile until the storm calms down, so I decided to stay in Paris, and see Jean and Julie again."

"So do you know Christ?" Jean-Pierre asked.

Victoria just smiled.

"Ah, lad, I have given me life to Christ, if it were not for God's grace, it probably would have taken longer for us to get 'ere, because those seas are pretty bad." He told them, and then asked, "Who are you, my dear?"

"My name is Alicia Borjour. And yes, my father is the crazy one doing all these things." Alicia introduced and jested.

"How you are related to Jean-Pierre?" He asked.

"Oh," She laughed.

Jean-Pierre began to explain. "While Lord and Lady Lebejioux were absent from France, Alicia and I have started a romantic courtship, even though we haven't been together long. We are still considered a couple in many people's eyes."

"And they are a cute couple, at that." Ciel-Remi commented.

"Papa!" Victoria said.

"I remember when I saw the face of your mother the first time. I told myself, this is my mate, we were only six, but I believed it in my heart." Ciel-Remi remembered, and then asked, "Do you believe the same, Alicia?"

"Yes sir, I do." Alicia replied.

"And do you Jean-Pierre?" Corrine asked.

"Yes, ma'am, I do, as well." Jean-Pierre said.

"Are you going to be around Jean-Pierre parent's home a little more often?" Fredrick asked.

Alicia smiled and replied, "Yes."

"Remember this," Ciel-Remi began, "Whenever two people come together and love each other, before or after marriage. A doubt, an obstacle or anything else come between you. Those who can find the strength to fight for the love will keep it, but those who let the hurt overwhelm them, it will weaken them."

"Yes, we our living proof everything will work out in the end." Corrine said. "I knew God made Ciel-Remi for me, not Jean-Paul. I had to do something help get my love back from the spell Jean-Paul placed on my parents, that was when God gave me the plans for the letters to Queen Marie, because I felt imprisoned in my room.

"Since at the time, you would have been married to a separated man, with a daughter and a wife who actually still love him." Alicia commented.

"At the given time, we didn't know your father was married, and the spell placed on them, made my parent's believe otherwise." Corrine told Alicia. "After all he did try to kill both of us, that was a struggle and we survived. Now your journey is about to begin, please fight, and do not let anyone or anything stand in your way."

"Yes, My Lady." Alicia said. "And I agree."

Alicia looked at Elissa and Victoria chatting together about life in general. She asked both of them, "Are you ready for the battle ahead?"

"Yes," Victoria said, "this day, I am glad to be home."

"Yes, Vic, we all are." Ciel-Remi told him.

Alicia had a lot on her mind since they had arrived in Paris. She decided to spend a great deal of time at Jean-Pierre's parents and Captain Fredrick. While Elissa went down to Bourge and Victoria and Corrine stayed at home. They all prayed for safety on anyone who was going to battle with the tyrant that took over their land. She didn't want to consider her own flesh and blood relation of a tyrant. He was after all her father, but she knew his behavior and demonic behavior was that of a greater tyrant in the land.

Alicia hoped that she wasn't too late with Jean-Paul and they would have found a way to bring him to Christ. She only thought of possibilities of him being free with Christ's love and grace inside. She kept her heart focused on God's plan for their lives. She wasn't going to be married until the worry she had for her father was at an end.

Father, please do not wait until it is over for God to save your heart, I would like a father to give me away to my rightful husband.

Alicia was impressed in her spirit and knew that the time was expiring before the artifact was retrieved. She kept her prayer focused on the salvation of her father. He was loved by both her and her mother. She gathered her belongings from the Mansion to move back into the castle. Corrine walked into the room asking, "Did you enjoy your stay here while we were away?"

"I enjoyed it very much." Alicia smiled.

"We always have room if you decide to stay here." Corrine told her.

"Thank you, Corrine." Alicia again smiled. "I would like to stay in the castle until after the battle, I would like to marry, Jean-Pierre ..."

"Except," Corrine said.

"... I am still worried about my father in Bourge. I know Jean-Pierre would like to ask me, I would rather wait until France has calmed down, no storms, no demon activities and no worrying about Father's safety. If he would come to Christ, I would not worry about his death, because I know there will be a home in Heaven for him, and I will see him again." Alicia finished, "and then I could focus on my marriage to Jean-Pierre."

"Do you believe Victoria was in shock to see you two together?" Corrine asked.

"Yes, I believe she was surprised." She said, "Victoria know God's plan for her live and will live them out. She has to move on and let God take her life, one day, she too will experience this kind of love."

"Alicia, you are right." Corrine began "I believe you and Jean-Pierre will make a fine couple, just keep our advice in mind, and then everything will work out in the end."

"Thank you." Alicia told her, while hugging her.

Corrine sat back down and began weeping, "My lady, what is ever wrong?" Alicia asked with compassion for her.

Though the tears rolled down Corrine's cheek, she began to speak, "Our live have been full of joy and trust, but I believe this will be the last time I hold and kiss my husband. For once the Demons' eye is in Mephisto's hands and you go to battle him, I will lose him."

"Oh, Corrine." Alicia began to comfort her. "It would feel like the end of the world if anything happened to Jean-Pierre during the battle in Bourge. Just remember, if anything was to happen with Ciel-Remi and he lost his life on earth, he will be in Heaven rejoicing with God. God's plan for your husband's would be over here and he would be at rest." She sighed before continuing, "After he is gone, you have to be strong for your daughter, and see that she does her earthly duties."

"You are right. I will miss my husband and I will see him again." Corrine said, wiping a tear from her cheeks, "I guess the talk about Jean-Pierre and you is a hurt of mine, seeing what has happened in your lives and reflecting on what has happened in ours and not wanting it to end."

"Sometimes we have to let go of those we love, and go on until our time comes to be with God in Heaven, and then we will see them again. I know you will miss Ciel-Remi, be strong in the Lord and take care of what matters. God's plans will work out in the end."

"Alicia." She sighed and paused for moment, "You are right!"

They hugged each other, Alicia realized the time had passed, "I must be getting back to castle before Jean-Pierre gets off work tonight, you will do fine and you will see everything will work out for the best." Alicia encouraged her, grabbing her pack to leave.

"Thank you." Corrine said gratefully.

"You are welcome, my lady." Alicia told her.

Alicia couldn't be grateful for God's plan and if anything happened to Ciel-Remi in the fight she would miss him, just like she missed King Henry after his death. She continued to keep the Lebejiouxs' in her prayers. She hurried back to castle to unpack before she would spend another beautiful night with Jean-Pierre.


Elissa was nervous as they stepped into the throne room of Jean-Paul. She had hoped he wouldn't figure her plans out before the artifact was retrieved. She prayed a silent prayer for safety and protection while she was here. She would do whatever Jean-Paul told her to do with no complaining.

Jean-Paul sat there with a sneer of pure hatred on his face. As walked forward, he straight up and then asked forcefully, "What do you want? Do you see I am busy?"

"You are not too busy for another servant around this place." The angel guard gave the note to Jean-Paul.

Jean-Paul skimmed through it saying, "Ah, my dear, King James sends help in the castle, how thoughtful." He said as he walked over to her, checking out her figure, from head to toe, from her brown hair to her beautiful dress. After he finished, he told the angel guard. "You may go now."

"Yes, My Lord." The angel guard turned to walk out.

She caught a glimpse of the guard, he faded and then disappeared. Thank you, Lord, for your created angels in this horrible place.

Elissa was thrown off guard, by Jean-Paul's interrogations. "Why have you come here?"

"I have come to serve you, Lord Jean-Paul." She lied. Lord, forgive me.

"Are you willing to do anything spoken of you?"

"Yes, My Lord." She answered.

"Are you willing to get your hands dirty?"


Jean-Paul was amused at her obedience. He ordered a nearby guard, "Take Elissa and give her a job to do around here!" and then he turned to Elissa saying, "Stay out of my way. And I will stay out of yours."

Elissa had the feeling anyone could play him for a fool. He bought it easily, no wonder Stephan found it so easy to fool him. She thought while keeping quiet and what orders he was about to give her with which to proceed.

"Right this way, Mademoiselle." Another guard said, as they walk away from Jean-Paul.

Elissa stayed quite while walking down the hallways, "My lady, you seem very quiet, is something brothering you?" He asked suspiciously.

"No, sir." She replied.

Elissa didn't know if this guard too was Jean-Paul's guard or an angel of the Lord. She only kept her silence and would answer the questions with one word answers.

"God's plans are for better, not the worst, in the end Mephisto will get his judgment." He told her, and right then she knew he was another angel.

She smiled and then asked, "How many of your kind are in the castle?"

"God's messengers are many. We come and go as we are assigned to help those in need, God hears even the silent prayers. He heard yours for safety and protection. Others are praying for that very thing as we speak." The angel told her while proceeding down the hall.

"And you know what you doing and how to do it." Elissa commented.

"Yes, We know how evade our enemies. He is full of pride, anger and rage and that will only bring them all to fall. It has made them a fool in eyes of the Lord."

"Our enemies aren't human, are they?" She asked.

"Exactly, my lady." He told her as reach another corridor of the castle, "We do not fight against humans. What would we show for it? We fight against the immortal beings that are not of flesh, nor blood, they may live forever, but one day will be judged. God want us reach the lost and defeat our enemies schemes to bring them into the flames of Hell. God want us in Heaven to be at peace and comfort for our eternal existence."

As they approached the servants quarters, he stopped, put his finger over her mouth saying, "Quiet, let us not talk of this any longer. We will speak only when we are alone. Here are your quarters; you may rest during the night. You will work during the day, even Jean-Paul knows about human rest and won't deprive you of it."

After he was finished, another man approached them, he was in rags. She figured out it was another servant of the castle. He shoved a broom, mop, and bucket into Elissa's hands, "The master would like you clean the halls." he ordered.

"I will be with you always." The angel told her.

"Thank you, Monsieur." Elissa said, "I will get to work straight away."

The servant walked off, Elissa turned to angel, "Didn't he see or hear ya?"

"He saw the guard standing there, except he did not hear me." he told her, "I will be just a pray away."

"Thank you."

Elissa took the items and moved down the hall. She willingly got down on her knees and began scrubbing the floor as she prayed silently, "I am doing this for you, Lord." In everything she did, she did it because she loved God more, "Thank you for your angels to watch over me."

Elissa kept doing the job while humming tunes of praise to God. She slept peacefully that night, to begin again the next day with her assignment, she would wait until God told her it was time or she saw something for herself. Jean-Paul would suspect her being an undercover servant. She didn't get in his way. It was as though she was working for King James. She whistled a happy tune, as did her work and until her time there had come to a close and she would join her friends for God's plan of deliverance and salvation.

Chapter 15

FOUR months passed by, as Victoria was grateful to have returned to France. Her father was working at the castle again. She came home to a surprise, Alicia and Jean-Pierre had fallen in love. She rejoiced that God had finally brought those two together.

She was outside trimming the brushes and lawn when a voice appeared behind her, "Do not wait until you have word about the artifact to begin this battle between Mephisto and all of France."

Victoria was startled by the voice, and turned around. Gabriel stood there, "Do not be afraid. You have been chosen to be a leader in this coming battle. The day is near where he will retrieve the artifact. Venture down and wait in Ciel-Remi's old home until the given time."

With those words in Victoria's mind, the angel disappeared. She gathered the hedge clippers and tools. She headed back inside the Mansion.

Victoria rushed into the Mansion; Corrine was busy with the housework and asked, "Victoria! Have you finished the outside work?"

"I apologize for not finishing, Mama, except I must go see Queen Marie."

"What for?" Corrine asked worried.

Victoria changed her clothes into something presentable before the Queen of France, the yellow courtress dress matched her body perfectly, "Mama, Gabriel has given me information about our plans for Jean-Paul." She said, slipping into a pair of comfortable shoes.

Victoria walked slowly out of room into foyer part of Mansion. She was near the railing, "God's plans are not for us when he gets the artifact, but beforehand. I will have the Queen send for you after I have told her what I have just learned."

"Am I going to have to say 'goodbye' to your father again," Corrine said.

"I do not know." She sighed "If you have to, you can before we leave."

Victoria had made her way down the steps and toward the door, "I love you, Mama, you will have a chance to say farewell to us." Victoria said, then stated, "oh yes, keep praying for us."

"Yes, I already do." Corrine said, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Victoria approached the door to the Mansion. She knew the Queen would allow the ladies of the court to come say goodbye to their husbands. God's plans are for a few men to go with them to Bourge. She had no idea who would survive the battle.

She went down the road into the market place. She began to watch the people of Paris buying gifts, bread and more. Would she see this place again, after leaving? Or would she die trying?

Victoria reached the castle gates, and the guard knew who she was, he opened them, and they greeted her, "Good day, my lady, what brings you here?"

"Good day, I need audience with Queen Marie."

"What is this about, my Lady?"

"It is about the Lord's plans for Bourge." She said quickly.

"Queen Marie will be glad to have audience with you." The guard said, as he began to raise the gate.

"Yes, she is a great friend." Victoria told him as she waited until the gate was raise all the way up.

Victoria ran through the courtyard into entrance hallways. She reached the two guards outside the throne room, "I would like audience with her Majesty and our Queen, Marie."

"Please wait one moment, so, that I may see if she available." One of the guards said as they opened the doors and walked inside. She waited.

Soon, the guard returned, "Queen Marie is with your father discussing plans for Bourge. She would like to know the reason for your audience."

"Please sir. Tell Queen Marie, Gabriel has paid me a visit, and God's plans are for us to already be in Bourge before Jean-Paul know what is happening."

"Thank you, my lady," The guard said, "Please wait, while I give her the message." He went inside once more, she waited again.

Victoria looked at the lion and lamb tapestry, for a brief moment, she thought she saw it torn apart and then it was back together, what was that?

The guard returned shortly, "Lady Victoria, Queen Marie would like to have audience with you." He announced and opened the second door as she proceeded inside.

She walked through the throne room, everyone serving her was on both side of her and her father was in front next to Queen Marie, "Ah, Victoria, how grateful it is to see you, my dear, are you well?"

"Yes, my queen, quiet well." Victoria replied and bowed.

"Now, you have word from a heavenly being, Archangel Gabriel." Queen Marie commented.

"Yes, Marie." Victoria began to explain, "The Lord has asked us to go before Jean-Paul receives the demon eye and Elissa gets word back to us, we are travel to Bourge, and stay in my father's parent's old house until Elissa has a chance to connect with us."

"Who is accompanying you?" Queen Marie asked, "Surely not everyone could go with you."

"You are right, my queen." Victoria announced, "My father, my dearest friend, Marie, Jean-Paul's daughter, Alicia, and her loved one, Jean-Pierre, our other friends from Spain, Samantha and her father, Stephan Lionheart."

"Why have you decided these ones are to go?" Queen Marie asked.

"My Queen, Jean is captain of Guard in Paris, we still need him here, Richard and Diana LeCouer are serving their purpose in England and only yesterday did Marie get back from England with the Great Bible. Anne, Renee and my mother need to be here praying, just incase something goes wrong in Bourge. Anne of Austria is to come back from Spain; we need her here for safe keeping. This was not only my decision; it is God's plan for France."

"Lady Victoria, you are a brave woman for lead this journey. I understand why God has chosen your father, the great leader next to you, we will pray for your safety in the attack, of course, Elissa is already there and working for Jean-Paul. Do you plan to involve her in some way?"

"Yes, my Queen, She is part of party to going to castle, my decision is God's plan, except we are there for a purpose, to bring Jean-Paul to his knees before God, we are not there to destroy or kill the man. And if the demon' eye should fall in Mephisto's hand, we need brave warriors to pierce the Spiritual Realm."

"Why did you decide your father then?"

"My father is a great warrior; we could use his help and his wisdom, unless he doesn't want to meet with Jean-Paul. We need adult men to battle through and I believe he is great for this battle. I will be sad to lose him, but he is God's and if anything should happen to my father, I would have to do battle through this alone."

Ciel-Remi stepped forward and laid his hand on her shoulder, and spoke gentle words, "You are very wise, my daughter. My time on earth is short, and God knows much more, if I were to leave this planet, it's because I have served my Lord with everything I have needed, you and your mother would no longer need me here, and yes it would be hard, but you will get through."

"Alright, Victoria, and Ciel-Remi, enough of sad talk, until it were to happen. Let us focus on our mission at hand. We need to be there when the artifact is delivered and the storm into the castle to find Jean-Paul. He will most likely be in the throne room. Unless he is somewhere else, we need bring a message of love and peace to him. God wants this lost soul and we have to bring him to salvation through Christ. The castle will be a dangerous place and guards will be everywhere."

"Not too mention, there will be angels and heavenly hosts there." Ciel-Remi commented.

"Yes, Ciel-Remi." Queen Marie said. "Do you know the difference?"

"Yes, my queen." Ciel-Remi said, "God asks us to close our eyes to look into the Spirit Realm, the demons look like angels, except their eye color is red, they have broken wings and they will be suspicious of us. The angels of the Lord are normal angels with six beautiful wings and normal silver or golden eyes."

"Alright, Good, We need to have a two partner system. Do you have this arranged?" Queen Marie commented.

"Yes, my Queen. I have arranged it." Victoria began to explain once again, "My father and I will go in through front entrance. Samantha and Stephan will go through left side. Alicia and Jean-Pierre will go through the caverns, since she knows the way through better than I do. Elissa and Marie will go from right side. No matter what happens. God will be with us always."

"I agree He will be with us always." Queen Marie said, and then turned to a guard and announced, "I would like to have audience with Corrine, Marie LeCouer, The Lionhearts, the Douviciouxs, and Renee and Alicia Borjour alone."

"Yes, Your Majesty." A guard said, and left the throne room.

"Thank you, My Queen," Victoria bowed, "I wish to wait."

"You are most welcome to stay." Queen Marie smiled.

"Again, thank you, Marie."

Victoria stood next to her father and waited for the day ahead. She did want her father to stay home with her mother, except God had a plan and she had to do His will. She feared for the safety of her father in this journey. She prayed with her father about the trip. She had to know everything was alright, she was bold, but still a woman and more a helper than a leader.

The task ahead for Victoria was a big one, with her father's leadership they could get by. If anything happened to her father, she would have to be the leader and she began to get afraid, except she was still bold.

Whatever may come, Lord, be with me.


The floors of the castle in Bourge were white and black. The grey was enough to strain Elissa's eyes. Even though she had a job to do, she took the shrub pad and pressing down hard on the floor, her bones ached, her eye watered, and the sweat of her brow was running down her cheeks. She stunk, but continued in Lord's work and Jean-Paul would just inspect her work.

Most of the day Jean-Paul was sitting on his lofty throne or outside on one the balconies near the towers. He always seemed impatient for the crystal which hadn't been found yet. He took pride of his conquered city, but it wasn't satisfying to him. He wasn't pleased, he wanted more power. He wanted to be king of his kingdom.

Elissa only washed and scrubbed the floors of the castle with a serving heart.

She would quietly pray a prayer to God to help through her days, sing praises unto God while getting through the work that needed to be done. Every few moments, one of guard walked up to her and saying, 'well done, good and faithful servant.' She just smiled and continued with chores ahead of her.

Elissa could sense they knew where the artifact was, but they hadn't come back and she was overjoyed. She prayed through her thoughts, Lord, Bring my friends to Bourge, so when the day arrives, they will already be here.

Elissa had a beautiful singing voice; she only served God and sung of his faithfulness to the nation of France and England. After awhile of singing she would switch to humming the music, not to let people know what she was doing.

Everyday was a brand new day. She would do such things until the demons' eye found its way into the hands of Jean-Paul. She wondered what Mephisto would do once he retrieved the artifact. Would he escape back into the Spiritual Realm, where he would bring his forces to destroy France? And what would he do with poor Jean-Paul Borjour, his embodied prisoner. She knew either Jean-Paul would commit suicide or be yielded to the Lord and come to Christ. She prayed and hoped it was the second choice; Alicia would be devastated with the conditions of her father's death.

Elissa had to get her mind off such a lie. She focused on her task at hand, and didn't worry for Jean-Paul's safety, because it was in God's hands, not in hers.

A guard approached Elissa, "My lady, The Spirit of Lord is upon you."

"Please, tell the news from Paris."

"Your prayers have been answered, everyone is to leave this day." he said.

"Your news is enlightening." She said, she was overjoyed, God heard her prayers and answered them quickly, she would see her friends once more.

"How close?" She asked Him.

"Close enough." He said.

"Thank you, Monsieur." Elissa said as she knew the demon eye was close, her friends were on their way to Bourge, and she was overjoyed of what God was doing in their lives. She gave a great praise to God.


Ciel-Remi was having a brief conversation with Victoria when the Corrine walked into the throne room. She bowed before the Queen, "I have come at your request, my Queen."

"You may rise, Lady Corrine." Queen Marie said.

Ciel-Remi couldn't bear to see the face of his bride. He didn't want her to be afraid of his death, He knew this battle would be the end of his life and he had to keep his head up and be bold to the very end. He had served his days on earth well. It was complete and full of joy. Did he worry about leaving his daughter and wife behind? The answer would be yes.

He was worried about leaving for Bourge first, and then worried about the battle ahead, his wife was lovely and radiant. His daughter was young and full of energy. He would hate to leave them to be with God.

Ciel-Remi got an impression of the Holy Spirit, Ciel-Remi; you have fulfilled your time on earth. It will be just a short time before you will see those you love once again.

"Corrine, let us wait for the others to arrive, before I speak with you all. You may join your husband and daughter while we wait." Queen Marie told her.

Ciel-Remi watched as his darling wife came toward him. She began to kiss him with great expectations, even though they were in front of Victoria. He held his head high, "Do you know something, my love?"

"Yes, honey. I know you are leaving and may not return." Corrine said, as a tear ran down her cheek, "Why must you go?"

"The Lord's time is not ours, darling, I must go, I will have Victoria with me this time, and should the Lord take me from my family. Always believe I have a place in Heaven waiting for me, and one day soon after this life is ended, you will join me there."

"I will greatly miss you, my love," Corrine said.

"As will I, my darling." Ciel-Remi told her, as she took his hand, he kissed her again, his eyes closed, not a moment to spare, this was the kiss of all kisses, the hardest kiss he would have to give to his love, the goodbye kiss.

Afterwards, Victoria walked up to Corrine and gave her a hug, "I miss you also, I hope to return, if not, God's has my life in his hands."

"I will miss both of you. I will pray for your safety or guidance through this fight." Corrine told them, she had tears rolling down her face.

Victoria leaned over wiped the tears from her cheeks. "Please, do not cry, until you have heard news of his death. I am sure God has his plans worked out and will bring us joy at the end. Mama, life is short, I read that, our lives are short lived, many die young or old, then we all must die sometime, then face eternity with God or in torture in fire and brimstone."

"Yes, Victoria," Corrine laughed slightly, "Ye are destined for Heaven because we believe what Jesus did on the cross to save us from ourselves."

"Amen," Queen Marie said, overhearing the conversation between them, "What matters right now, is that we have to be bold and pray for all of them. We cannot judge or assume much of anything until the time comes. I had a deep feeling in my heart that I would lose my husband. I had to go on, to be bold for the country of France, and I have managed throughout difficult times. You have to do likewise, Corrine."

"Thank you." Corrine said, with an expression of joy on her face.

Marie LeCouer came in, followed by Alicia and Jean-Pierre, and they bowed to Queen Marie, "My Queen we have come from the harbor, and after having received your message, we are here." Jean-Pierre told her.

"My friends, you may rise. You are most welcome to join us, while we wait for a few others." Queen Marie told them.

Marie approached Victoria, Corrine and Ciel-Remi. He watched as she reached into the leather bag saying, "Ciel-Remi, I believe this yours." She handed the Great Bible to him.

"Thank you, Marie." Ciel-Remi asked, "Are your parents are doing well?"

"Yes, sir. They are quite well." She said.

"You made it right on time, the Bible is most important to the battle ahead, thank you, my friend." Victoria commented.

"I am glad I was able to receive the letter from Gabriel."

"What letter, may I ask?" Ciel-Remi asked curiously.

Marie proceeded to take out a letter from a black leather pouch, and she handed it to Victoria; she, in turn skimmed through the letter and then handed it to Ciel-Remi.

He began to read through it, the letter was a letter of importance from an unknown person to come home to France. The battle of the age is about to take place and everyone is in need of the Great Bible. The letter closed saying that only Marie LeCouer was to return.

"Alicia must have received something to know I was coming into port today." Marie commented.

"Yes, I did receive something from a mysterious man in marketplace to go to the aid of a friend in the Northern Harbor. I told Victoria, Ciel-Remi, and Jean-Pierre. He and I decided to go together."

"I was busy doing outside work. I did not have time to go with them. Then Gabriel came to me while working, and gave me a message of great importance. I will announce everything once everyone is here."

"Who is left to be called?" Alicia asked.

"Samantha, Stephan, your mother, Renee and Jean-Pierre's parents, not all of us are going to Bourge, but some need time to say their goodbye to their loved ones and children." Victoria explained.

Just after those words were spoken, Anne, Stephan, Samantha, Renee, Jean and Julie walked into the throne room; they bowed before Queen Marie, "We have come as requested." Stephan said.

"You may rise, everyone is present then."

"Yes, my Queen." Victoria said.

"Lady Victoria and her father have a few words to share before you depart or bid farewell to your loved ones, before they engage the enemy in this great battle." Queen Marie announced.

Ciel-Remi stepped up next to Queen Marie, and with a loud voice began, "Friends, Family, The Lord has called us out of our homeland to the unknown battle before us. We are greatly honored for you as friends to join us in this endeavor and journey. The demons' eye has not been retrieved by Jean-Paul, but God knows all things that have to come to pass, the demons' eye, once given to the enemy will bring much more chaos upon France and its people. So, we must stop this raid. I have no idea how many people going will or how many will come back alive, but be warned the battle isn't just for our well being, but the soul of a man in Bourge, Alicia's father, Jean-Paul Borjour. The man is not to blame, but there is an evil spirit controlling the man. We should not judge others for a crime they did not commit, except we are to love him. While we are gone, pray for us, for a safe journey there and back, and remember God's plan and purpose is not our own. We may not come back from the battle, do not be troubled, for God's hand is upon those who could be and some of us who will be killed."

Ciel-Remi took a deep breathe, and then continued, "These are the words I have for you, my daughter also has some words to share."

Victoria stepped near Queen Marie and began her explanation of events, "Earlier today while outside I got a message from Gabriel, the Lord's messenger, the demons' eyes will be close to hands of our enemy. We must travel to Bourge and await orders in the small house in the eastern hillside. The house my father and his family grew up in, even though I did not know my grandparents, I say 'rest in peace', then when we have word, I have paired each of you to go into the castle, and this may mean fighting guards or anything else. Alicia and Jean-Pierre, I believe you have strength and wisdom together will be good for getting through the guards who stand guard outside and inside the caverns. You know the way through the castle part. Stephan and Samantha, you will tread through the courtyard to the left side of the castle, there you will find a way in. Marie and Elissa will go to right side, Elissa will have known the castle by this time. Papa and I will go through the dangerous and most difficult way into any castle, the front entrance."

Victoria approached Jean, "You are father of Jean-Pierre, please pray his safety, you are also the Captain of the Guard here, you must stay here and take care of these people."

She walked up to Julie, who was crying, "You are to pray night and day for Jean-Pierre and fast also for your spirit to be whole, and do not worry for his safety, he is in God's hands."

Next she approached Renee, "Likewise, you have been there for many years, you must not go now, you would endanger your daughter's life, you must stay home and pray for your daughter and her loved one, Jean-Pierre, and keep praying for your husband's soul to receive the gift you have been given, which is Jesus Christ."

"Lastly, Anne Lionheart, we should expect the day of Anne of Austria to return from Spain, I need you here, while you daughter and husband tread inside the castle, likewise pray night and day for their safe return home."

"Everyone, please pray for return of the LeCouers' from England when the time comes, I may not be with you all right away, but know I love you, God loves you, and everyone here loves you. And last, 'Do not worry, nor be afraid, for the Lord your God is with you always."

Ciel-Remi loved the boldness of his daughter. God picked a great name for her, and He knew she would lead them to Victory in Jesus Christ, to bring France back to hope and shining glory. The country may not experience independence for a few years to come, another downfall must take place, but he knows this Spiritual Battle will be won.


Victoria sat on the wooden boards of her father's old home meditating on God's love for them. She sat quietly waiting for Elissa to show up.

The trip to Bourge wasn't as hard as when Ciel-Remi went the first time. The carriage was able to travel through a great distance in a short time. Victoria kept her head high and focused on the plans ahead.

Unlike when she came for the bible, not as many guards surrounded the old cottage on the hill. She remembered sleeping restfully on the hard floor of her father's old home, but now she waited for complete disaster to strike and she had to be ready.

It was hard enough saying good bye to her mother and all her friend's parents. She was glad to have them around to pray for everyone there. She was also grateful for her close friend to help through the battle to help bring Alicia's father to the Lord's salvation. Only God would be able to reach Jean-Paul's heart.

"How long do we wait for her?" Alicia asked curiously, while being held by Jean-Pierre.

"I do not know. We have known our homeland so much we can't explain how one is to feel here in an old house. God asks us to wait and meditate on Him; all things will come together soon. We should be ready."

"God's plans are unknown most of the time; we shouldn't have to wait too much longer before ..."

A rumbling sound outside interrupted what Ciel-Remi was saying. Victoria quickly stood up and ran to door, Ciel-Remi, Alicia and Jean-Pierre did the same.

"That sounded like some kind of explosives." Stephan commented.

"Exactly, look at that." Victoria said.

Everyone watched as a light shot up to the sky. A power surge was broken, and a earthquake rocked around them.

Victoria closed her eyes, "Lord, show me what you need me to learn." A vision transposed a white jewel of a sort given into someone's hand. The hand gripped it and suddenly changed to pure shadow, the jewel changed from white to red, with a eye in the middle. Victoria shuttered as she opened her eyes, "Everyone, please go back into the house, I do not believe we will have to wait long for Elissa to show up, but it is going to become unsafe here." Victoria warned them, as gathered back in the house, "Lord, protect us and keep us ready for this battle."

The storm began and rocked the house from left to right. "I believe the artifact has been retrieved. God showed me a vision, we need to gather our things together and get ready for the battle. I do not believe the castle invasion of the demon is coming right away, so this would be a great time to get to Jean-Paul. We still need to wait for Elissa to get here." Victoria told them.

Suddenly a bright light shone around them, it shook the house more, "Get ready for a Spiritual Battle for Jean-Paul's soul, there is great news from the castle. Elissa will come here shortly and God is working through Jean-Paul as we speak, do not be afraid to step out and take this leap of faith. Victoria, you are great to Lord's plan, Ciel-Remi, please protect your daughter, even if it means your life. Samantha and Stephan do likewise; you have a duty to the castle. All of you have a fight ahead of you, besides the demons are unleashing a raid with in the castle. The guards are still under Mephisto's control, this is a great time to strike them down and get to Jean-Paul Borjour. Alicia and Jean-Pierre, your great mission is to take place in the throne room, since you know the caverns you should be in the castle before everyone else. Keep your eyes on God and always listen to the Holy Spirit guidance. If tragedy were to strike, keep to God's plans, you will have time to mourn after the battle is won. Be brave, and of great courage and remember God is always with you." The light disappeared from the room.

The door rattled and then flew open, Victoria turned around to wait for who would be coming through the door, no fear, just worried the door blew open by accident. For a minute she waited and nothing come through, why did the door just blow open like that, is Elissa here or did the blowing wind do that?

A figure approached, Victoria could see the shadow, and Elissa showed up almost out of breath and running hard, "Get ready, Jean-Paul retrieved the artifact a moment ago, an angel led me through the caverns and I got here as quickly as I could."


Elissa scrubbed hard the floors of the hallways by the throne room corridor. She overheard a little bit of what was going on in the castle. A man, white robed, blood dripped down his temple to his chin, the blood ran through the robe from his neck down the back of his robe, the deep wound was in his lungs, with which he held one hand. She overheard a guard show him the way into the throne room, "He looks like he has been in a war, I should get closer the door and listen in." She said to herself, she walked down the hallway, leaving the scrub pad on the floor.

Elissa crept quietly near the door. Jean-Paul looked at the man and asked, "Do you have it, my General?" He spoke in a deep voice, not the one Elissa heard from when she was introduced. General? What's he talking about?

Elissa listened as the man spoke in a hissing type voice, "Many of our men have died trying to get this, my master."

She could see the man was dying, blood lined his clothes. "Well! Did you get it?" Jean-Paul asked again even more enraged.

Elissa had to get closer to see the white robed man open up his hand, a crystal tear dropped what was in it, the crystal was beautiful and shone with a bright glow, "It is right here, may I now release my human's body?" the man asked.

A look of pure anger lined his face, "Yes, Yes, Yes," He said grabbing the crystal from the man's hand, the body dropped to the ground, "Xathis, you have done well." the hand of the Jean-Paul became pure shadow and grasped it, the crystal turn into a red jewel with a eye in the middle of the engraving, the red light beam almost shook Elissa to the ground.

At once another hand was laid on Elissa's shoulder, she turned and looked, a guard stood there, he said very quietly, "What are you doing?" He spoke forcefully, "You must not stay here and watch, but flee to safety and get ready for the fight."

Elissa stepped back, "Yes, sir." And began running down the hall avoiding the scrub sponge on the ground. "How do I get there without fighting these guards?" She asked.

"Run to the hallway where it leads to the dungeon part of castle, there is a picture of Alicia on her father's lap; you wouldn't recognize her, since she was still young in the picture. Underneath is a button to open a secret entrance to the caverns of lust. After you have gone through, I will lead you through the debris and rocks surrounding the place.

"Thank you, sir."

"Hurry ... Quickly." He ordered.

"Why did Jean-Paul call him Xathis? And why was he able to communicate, even though the guy was clearly dead?"

"I will explain everything while you are in the caverns. We don't want to draw attention." he told her running beside her.

They reached near the picture, "Over there, there is the picture." he said, pointing to it. She ran over to the picture, "This is very beautiful picture," she said, lifting it up and seeing the button, she pushed it.

A loud noise like an earthquake filled the castle. About the time the wall move aside, it opened to a stairway going downward, "What was that?" She asked.

"It helped us, let us go now into the caverns, so you can get to your friends." he explained.

After they were in caverns parts, the darkness was dispelled by the light of the angel next to her, "Let me introduce myself, my name is Michael, I am the Captain of all God's archangels, God called Gabriel and myself and Lucifer. The bible explains what happened to Lucifer. I am the archangel of war and battles. Gabriel is the messenger angel and Lucifer was the worshipping angel. I am here to bring you safely out of the castle while Gabriel relays a message to your friends who are already in Bourge."

Are you ready to get through the caverns? Do not worry or be afraid, get quickly to the house on the hill to north of the caverns, that is where your friends are located. Please take care and God bless you in your fight ahead."

In the light, Elissa could tell the difference from the other guard, who wore the silver type armor, while this one wore a golden type armor.

Elissa remembered the armor Ciel-Remi was going to make for them. She hoped it would be inside the house and ready to put on. She was almost tired of the tights she wore underneath the servant's clothes. She only followed the angel through the eerie, but interesting looking caverns. The caverns had rocks and debris littered everywhere, it was almost a straight path down the tunnels, and easy to get into the castle.

"Should we worry about the guards' right outside the cavern?" She asked.

"Everything is taken care of, trust in God."

"Yes, Trust in God."

Soon they reached the entrance, she was fearful of an attack, Trust in God, Elissa, Lead not on your own understanding, he will direct us.

They went outside the entrance. Two guards lay dead on the ground.

"This is where I leave you, Elissa, make you way north and to house on the western hill of Bourge, the only one without any burn marks, it is still whole and not damaged in any way. Go quickly."

Elissa began to run to north, she looked back to wave. The angel was no longer there, "Thank you, Lord."

She approached many houses, no guards were in the way to catch her and a very soothing wind blew her direction. She came upon the hillside, a house with no burn mark, the place looked as though there was no damage to it, although all of the other houses around the perimeter were just ruins. She approached quietly as she saw the door standing wide open, she thought, why is the door open?

The wind blew stronger and stronger. Elissa knew, if her friends where there, she must warn them and get ready, she ran strongly up the hillside, her feet almost gave way and soon she reached the doorway. Is anyone here?

Elissa took a step inside and Victoria stood there. Elissa was almost out of breath due to winds which buffeted her every step in that direction. She had to tell them, warn them, "Get ready, Jean-Paul retrieved the artifact a moment ago, an angel led me through the caverns and I got here as quickly as I could."

There was no time for hugs. She grabbed a leather pouch and began getting ready for a fight. It didn't seem usual yet, but Elissa didn't want to take any chances. The battle for France and Jean-Paul's soul was about to begin.

Chapter 16

JEAN-PAUL waited on the throne. His fingers tapped on the chair, "Why does it take this long to get an artifact?" he asked himself. he wanted it badly, "Once I get the artifact I will destroy Ciel-Remi, he will then lose his wife and his daughter, beside that ..." he paused, "I would have been ruler of France if it hadn't be for him."

Jean-Paul had much pride and waited impatiently for the artifact.

The door to the throne room opened up and a white robed man walked inside. The man had bloody wounds and was barely breathing. His hands shook and the right hand held his right lung. The man looked as though he had been in a war. He held a firm grip on the item in his left hand.

"Do you have it, my general?" Jean-Paul asked.

"Many of our men died trying to get this, my master." Xathis hissed.

Jean-Paul got enraged of the man's sluggish movement and asked, "Well! Did you get it, Xathis?"

He slowly opened up his left hand. The artifact lay there. He was shaken and blood dripped down his wrist. "It is right here, my master. May I now release the human's body?" He asked.

Jean-Paul became excited and shouted, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" He grabbed the crystal from his hand as he heard the body thump onto the ground, he praised it, "Xathis, you have done well." Even though you didn't have to go that fast. Jean-Paul joyfully grasped the jewel, Mephisto's shadow hand began to manifest itself and the artifact became a red crystal with an evil looking eye.

In a midst of darkness, Jean-Paul began to feel the weight of Mephisto lift from his body. A bright red light filled the air, he was silent. The deep voice of Mephisto rose into air. The ground began to shake, "Yes! I will finally be free to bring the destruction that I have waited so long for!" the laughter filled the air.

After the light lifted from the room, Mephisto stood there in the height of the physical castle's ceiling and Jean-Paul became afraid, and angrier, "Thank you for the artifact, now my plans will be fulfilled." Mephisto spoke.

"What do you mean, your plan, was not it our plan?" Jean-Paul asked.

Mephisto stared into his face, "You!" he laughed, "I used you, you human are all fools and easy to be manipulated, like your wife and Chaos, and it was easy to use her too."

Jean-Paul felt a bad feeling, he had been betrayed, misunderstood and he got even angrier and spoke loudly, "So, everything I have done through you was a lie!"

"No, you are guilty. You killed King Henry, and you imprisoned your enemy Ciel-Remi. You are guilty of everything, you killed Bourge's people and you lost your daughter and wife, all because of your pride." Mephisto told him. "I watched you destroy your life and the lives of others for your selfish wants. You hated Ciel-Remi so much that your wanted to destroy his life, I am only helped you do it. I didn't lie. You knew what you wanted to do. And now you will have to suffer the consequences."

Jean-Paul felt betrayed, the demon was correct. He did everything because of his hatred and asked, "So what do I do to atone from my consequences?"

Mephisto lied, "You cannot do anything, Jean-Paul. You have to suffer the rest of your life with them. Now, I no longer need you, I should kill your soul, and then it would belong to my master Satan and you would spend the rest of eternity in the torture of Hell. I am going spare your foolish life to live your days in your consequences." Mephisto laughed very loud and disappeared.

Jean-Paul was completely broken. He fell back down into the throne. He was betrayed, but he was guilty of a lot of things, "Why?" He said in anger, "Is not there a way to atone of my mistake, and be whole? Will I die in my consequences?"

A voice filled the room, "That depends on you, Jean-Paul Borjour."

"Who is there, who are you?" He asked.

"You will find out shortly." The voice told him. "You have been hurt enough. You have a choice to make. Mephisto has lied to you. The warriors of Paris are not here to defeat you, Jean-Paul. They have plans to save you, and the Son came into the world save a person's soul. Listen to His words and change your prideful heart and serve the Father. Only through the Father can you have a beautiful and abundant life.

"Who are you?" He asked again.

"I am, that I am, I know your heart and your mind. I know your hopes and dreams. I know your ways and I know you, Jean-Paul Borjour. I have created you from the beginning of time. You have finally been released of your imprisonment; I could not reach your heart before, now I can reach you easily, except it still your choice, deny the Son or accept Him."

Jean-Paul became frustrated, "Who are you?"

"Jean-Paul, let go of your hatred for Ciel-Remi Lebejioux and his family, this bitterness will keep you in your consequences and sins forever. Ciel-Remi is not your enemy. I am not your enemy. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. I am here to save your soul and keep you from what Mephisto told you. Mephisto is your enemy."

"Ciel-Remi had warned me of my mistake, but I would not listen! I wanted to destroy his life! I wanted Paris for myself, and now," he fell to floor, and looked up. And now I have nothing." Jean-Paul said disdainfully.

"There is a way to be saved, believe in the Son." The voice said.

"No! Why should I believe you? I cannot even see you." He yelled.

"I am here if you choose to accept the Son into your life." The voice said again. "Let go of your pride, let go of your hatred for Ciel-Remi and Paris and let go of thefear of Mephisto."

"How?" He asked, tears flowing down his cheeks. "Will I get my life back?"

"You will, and much more, you will be able to do things you have tried and failed to do. You will be able to go where you have never been and you will be atoned for your mistakes. The thief comes to kill, steal and destroy, but I have come to give you life and life more abundantly. Please wait and listen to your daughter's words and give yourself to the Son."

Jean-Paul wanted so much to hurt someone, the brokenness was hurting and he could only look out the window. The world was in darkness, storms raged everywhere.

"Guards! Bring me the servant girl!" He yelled.

"Jean-Paul, the guards are under Mephisto's control. She will be here shortly, be patient and wait for them. They will explain My plans, just listen." He said, and then there was complete silence.

Jean-Paul was mad, angry, confused and hurt. Mephisto took everything, Ciel-Remi had everything and he wanted so much to blame him for his actions, "Curse you, Mephisto, Why did you leave me alone?"

His mind was wondering, Ciel-Remi acts holy and perfect. He believes in God, so much, Ciel-Remi hurt my chances, but I almost took Corrine away from him, my wife was there and I almost took Corrine away. Ciel-Remi is not my enemy, nor is France. I am my own enemy and now I am alone, all alone." He buried his hands in his face, and started crying loudly, "I am so alone!"


Victoria and Ciel-Remi waited for Alicia, Jean-Pierre, Marie, Elissa, Stephan and Samantha to go towards the castle before threading through the grounds. God assured her that Jean-Paul's grip over Mephisto was gone. Mephisto would do everything to bring destruction to this country. The guards were now under Mephisto's control. She didn't want to invade a castle for a soul, especially with an army still under Mephisto's control.

She packed her sword. She placed the Great Bible in the bag and carried it on her shoulders. She was ready. She didn't know what to except, she just trusted in Jesus.

Ciel-Remi stood next to the door, "Are you ready, Vic, we have trained hard for this moment."

"I am ready, Papa, I will not fail for the sake of France and the people of Paris." Victoria said, "May the victory be the Lord's."

"Yes, it will be." Ciel-Remi put on his sheathed sword.

They both stepped outside into the darkness, "Papa, The Lord has shown the castle of Bourge in the Spiritual Realm, please take a look at it, it is larger than this one."

Victoria waited as Ciel-Remi closed his eyes, and she did too. He began to explain, "You are right, the castle is larger than in the physical realm, which means we are facing the most dangerous battle in centuries. May the Lord guide our every step through the castle."

 "Papa, you are right." She said. "We should go before Mephisto merges the realms and the demons become much larger in number."

"I am proud of you, Victoria. You have shown great improvement in your faith, I am grateful to have taught you. The Lord is pleased, as well." He smiled.

"Please, you are not dead yet, let us stay focused on the mission God has given us." Victoria said worried that the battle for the soul of one man would be the last that she would be with her father.

"Yes, my daughter." Ciel-Remi smiled.

Ciel-Remi and Victoria approached the outward guards, "We are here to visit, your master." Victoria said.

"How do you visit, the Lord, Victoria?" The silver armor guard spoke.

The second guard recognized the person before him, and raged, "You do not serve Mephisto! Who are you?"

The angel guard was recognized; he quickly took his sword and hit the controlling guard over his head with the blunt end of his sword. He fell down on his face as he fell to ground. He was knocked out, "No, I serve only the Lord." he commented.

The angelic guard turned to Victoria and Ciel-Remi, "My orders are to get you into the castle. The rest of the way will be your fight. Remember, Ciel-Remi protect your daughter at all costs."

"Yes." Ciel-Remi agreed. "Are you Michael or Gabriel?"

"I do not have a name. Our creator has only named his Archangels. I follow God and Archangel Michael." He explained.

"Victory in Jesus!" Victoria proclaimed.

The angel looked up and told the guard, "Please open the gates."

The guard who was guarding the wall looked down, recognizing the other one was lying on the ground, he asked suspiciously, "Why is your partner down?"

"He is just knocked out ... just open the gate!" he ordered.

"You are a lower caste! Who gave you the right, do you have to order me?" The guard yelled.

"Higher than you think, open the gate!" he ordered yet again.

Victoria didn't know what could get them into the castle. She watched as another person came upon the wall, and the guard looked back at him. "We will be in shortly, please wait here!"

"Yes." Victoria obeyed, and then asked, "How many angels are around here?"

"As many as the Lord has commanded." he commented.

"Our master Mephisto has asked us that we have no more visitors, please, go back home!" the guard yelled down to them."

Nothing seemed to bring down the guard's control to open the gate; she had to trust in Jesus.

She saw another person run behind the guard. He gripped him on the back of the neck and squeezed a bit, and then he dropped him to ground. He yelled at them, "Our Lord has asked me to open the gate for you, Lady Victoria and Lord Lebejioux."

"What did you do to the guard?" The angel on the ground asked him.

"The Lord wishes none to perish, he is just knocked out."

The gate began to raise up slowly and the rusted bars squeaked, "Only kill the demon guards if you must for our Lord does not want anyone harmed, these are men and women he created, knock them out." The angel told them. "Our war is not about the humans, but the fallen angels of Satan and Mephisto's spiritual army is demonic. As the castles merge, the physical with the spiritual, then we have to fight these guards."

After the gate finished opening and hit the upper wall, Victoria gathered her nerves and began get bold for this was going get a bit rough. Her object was the throne room and she prayed, "Lord, The plan is yours, not ours. bring those to Jean-Paul's aid and help them reach his heart. This is our time to fight for the freedom of France to break the spell over it. Thank you, Lord for your provision through this battle, in your name, Amen."

As they walked down the bridge to the front entrance, Ciel-Remi agreed with Victoria's prayer. The demonic guards were watching all around them. They began yelling out, "Intruders in the Castle of Mephisto!"


"Victoria, what happened to the caverns?" Alicia asked under her breathe as she looked at the rocks in the tunnels ahead of her, Jean-Pierre followed close behind her as they stepped down on the pebbles.

Alicia had gotten use to her armor and the red tights which hugged her hips. Jean-Pierre had blue tights with the same silver armor. He had a sword on his waist. She held her hand out on the wall and carefully went through the tunnels.

"Did you believe going through here would be this easy?" Jean-Pierre asked her.

"No ... love." Alicia began to explain, "With the earthquakes going off every few minutes, I believe this is going to be harder than we think."

Alicia held a lit lantern to watch the path ahead of her.

"We have not turned in the tunnels since we went into cave at the entrance." Jean-Pierre commented.

"Exactly, Victoria's recent venture to the caverns has brought it down." Alicia laughed.

Another earthquake shook the caverns. She almost lost her balance, but regained it and continued down the path as pebble started falling from the ceiling.

"That was close." Jean-Pierre reacted. "Why do you think we have all these earthquakes?"

"Jean-Pierre, once Mephisto had gotten his hand on the artifact, he has the power to merge realms. The spiritual realm to the physical is his devilish vision. Hopefully we are not late and my father has not been killed."

"Yes, I would like to meet him." Jean-Pierre said.

Once they reached stream room, they had a fork in the road. She began to turn left through the tunnel.

"Are you sure you know where you are going?" Jean-Pierre asked.

"I know exactly where we are going. I have been navigating these caverns since I was nine years old. The other way goes to the forest of lust."

Alicia waved her hand, Jean-Pierre stood still. She set her foot down, the floor began to shake again, another earthquake shook the ground and rocks started to fall down again. Jean-Pierre watch as a rock began to fall where Alicia was. He pulled his hand back. She tripped backwards and fell down. The lantern landed on the ground. A rock fell down and shuttered it; she was barely missed by a very huge boulder.

Alicia looked into Jean-Pierre's eyes as he helped her back to her feet. He commented, "It would hurt me to lose you now."

She peck kissed him on lips and said, "Thank you."

"Now, I know why God had Victoria choose and to bring us together." Jean-Pierre replied.

Alicia investigated the path ahead. She saw the rock to trigger the secret entrance. The rock that came down was blocking her arm from reaching it. She turned back, "Well, hon, we either try the front entrance or push the rock out of the way."

Jean-Pierre pushed toward her, "We have no light here, and we are going to have to figure a way without this rock burying us alive."

"Very funny, my love." Alicia laughed getting a hold of the boulder. She pushed her foot back and she and Jean-Pierre began to push with all their collective strength. They took to rock and rocked it backward and forward until they got it to move forward, and then she had to squeeze against the wall and Jean-Pierre jumped out of the way. The rock began to roll backwards. They would have had been killed if they had stayed there. The boulder hit the trigger. Jean-Pierre heard another earthquake begin. She thought it was still the same earthquake as before. It shook them toward each other and they gazed at each other, "How many times are we going to gaze at each other that way?" Jean-Pierre asked.

"As many times as you can handle it." They both laughed. She began toward the rock trigger. She had to cover her face, because a light shined through. "Jean-Pierre, the earthquake was a normal one, and the boulder must have hit the lever to the secret doorway."

A wide opening stood before them. She helped pull him from the rubble as they entered the castle through the opening, "The sooner we get to the throne room, the sooner and faster we get Father saved and out of this castle." Alicia said stepping into the covered hallways with Jean-Pierre behind her.


Ciel-Remi and Victoria threaded their way into the entrance corridor of the castle. Two guards stood there watching for intruders. By now the guards had to know there were intruders inside the castle. With Alicia and Jean-Pierre going through the secret passage, Marie and Elissa on the way through the right side, and Stephan and Samantha down the left side of the courtyard.

The hallway was damp and smelt like sulphur. It was different from his time in prison there. Ciel-Remi looked around the place and it was starting to lose its color, the tapestries were gray, and they use to be red with brown trim. The color of castle wall was gray and the fire wasn't even orange, but gray with black in it. Mephisto what are you doing to this castle?

"Victoria, please look into the spirit realm and tell me what color eyes that guard has over there?"

"Yes, Papa." Victoria said, she closed her eyes, "They are red, papa."

"Thank you, my daughter. We are going to have to knock them out, unless they see us, and then we will have to kill them."

"Exactly," Victoria smiled as Ciel-Remi watched her begin to quietly sneak up behind one of the guards. After she was in place, he got their attention. She placed one hand near the head of the other guard. After they saw Ciel-Remi, "Stop right there!" the guard yelled, the guards looked at each other. Victoria slammed their heads together, the both hit to floor on top of each other.

Ciel-Remi rejoined his daughter, "Good work, Victoria, Now to get to the throne room and see Jean-Paul. I hope Alicia and Jean-Pierre are faring well."

They went down the hall to the steps on the right side; another two guards lay on the ground. Ciel-Remi leaned down and felt their neck, "They are just knocked out." He told her, "The angel must have relayed the message to everyone else."

"It is going to make getting through the castle easier than we thought." Victoria told him.

They reached the beginning of steps to the throne room hallway. Ciel-Remi remembered the hallway and quietly proceeded down it. "Follow close behind me."

"Yes, Papa." Victoria obeyed.

"This is too easy; the guards are all knocked out. Every one of them, what is on going on around here?" Ciel-Remi had a bad feeling, went for his sword. "Vic, we are not alone. Do you sense that?"

"Yes, I do. It is a very strong feeling in the pit of my stomach, we are definitely not alone." Victoria said.

"Vic, please do not draw you sword yet, lets wait a few more---" At that moment he felt the guard's breath. He slowly turned around, pulling he sword from its sheath, He swung the sword tricking the guard and the body fell to the ground. "The guards which were knocked out are waking up fast, they are not human anymore."

Ciel-Remi heard the clash of a sword with another, "Papa, the demons have begun to invade. We need to be on our guard." Victoria stressed when the blade of another sword caught hers. He turned to see her swing her sword again, not missing the guard's head, "I was hoping we would have to keep the guards alive, but they are not really alive. We are going to have to kill them."

"I agree with you." Ciel-Remi said, watching her. Victoria flipped her sword down and away. She stepped over the bodies and began to walk toward her father, who stood a few feet away.

Suddenly a black shadow type creature came behind Victoria. His glaring eyes were red. He held a shadow version of a sword in his hand. There would be no time to save Victoria unless he stepped into the sword's path. He knew he would have to lay down his life for his daughter's sake. He ran as quickly as he could, "Victoria!" He yelled out and pushing her out of the way, "Watch ..." He felt the blade entering in his torso. He gasped for air now, as the weight of his body hit hard on the ground. He heard Victoria yell out, "No!" He heard her swing the sword and the shadow creature landed next to him. He couldn't hear much afterward, he felt her place her sword on the ground and pick him up. She looked into his face and wept, "I am going home, take care of ..." his lung gasped for air. "... your mother." He heard Victoria crying, then nothing but darkness.


Alicia and Jean-Pierre stepped into the castle. A person approached them from the side of the hall. She believed and saw that it was an angel guard, "Lady Alicia, please do not be afraid, these guards are God's creation. Kill them only in self-defense, otherwise, knock them out." He said and with the blink of an eye disappeared.

Alicia obeyed the command and proceeded down the hall. A guard saw her coming his way, and yelled out! "Stop right there, who are you? No intruders allowed in this castle!"

She motioned her hand backward and signaled Jean-Pierre to stay out of sight. She had a planned to have the guard believe she was the only one in the castle.

Jean-Pierre backed away into the shadows.

The guard approached with top speed, "Did not you hear me? You are not welcome!"

"The service I am here for is that of my father, Jean-Paul." Alicia told him forcefully.

"Then, my lady, you will have to go through me!" He yelled reaching for his sword.

"Not on my time." Alicia said, "I am on God's time." She unsheathed her sword and swung it over her head. He unsheathed it and began to lunge forward. Her sword clashed with his sword and sparks flew. She looked back and Jean-Pierre sneaked past her to back of the guard, "The Lord does not believe anyone should perish. I will save my father!" She yelled, as Jean-Paul brought the blunt end of his sword up and slammed into the guard's head. He lost consciousness and fell to the floor. He lay there. She sheathed her sword, stepped over the guard and rejoined Jean-Pierre.

"That was a great plan, Alicia." Jean-Pierre commented.

"Thank you; now let us get to my father." Alicia said grabbing Jean-Pierre's hand and began to walk down the hall. "We must be first ones in the castle."

"Yes, I believe so, we make a great team." Jean-Pierre told her.

Alicia looked around as she began down the hall. She knew the castle's floor plan, but the walls were eerie with the gray lit torches. She didn't understand and wanted to know why the place began turn to blend colors. "Father, what have you done?"

The gray light made the castle dark which also made it easy to outwit the guards. Another person began to approach them from behind. Alicia held her sword by the hilt and the person spoke, "Alicia, wait!!! It is Stephan and Samantha." Samantha said. "The guards are fools and easy to defeat, we have to deal with the demons more."

She released her grip on the sword and put it back in its sheath and began to go to Samantha. She could hear a clash of swords in the background which suggested that Marie and Elissa had found their way, as well.

Samantha joined her and Jean-Pierre, "Did you get the message to knock them out?" Alicia asked.

"Yes." Stephan explained, "God does not want us to kill His creation, but I am afraid as long as they are in the castle, they will be subject for Mephisto's whims. The Lord will know that we are not killing the person, but stopping the demon possessions."

Alicia, Jean-Pierre and their friends began to walk down the hall. Another earthquake rocked the castle again.

"How long are these going to continue?" Jean-Pierre asked curious.

"Jean-Pierre, as long as the Spiritual Realm is merging with the physical one, we are going to be experiencing the earthquakes, let us just get to the throne room." Stephan answered him, and continued down the hall.

They reached the door to the throne room. Elissa and Marie walked up with a smile on their faces, "Are we all here? Where is Victoria and Ciel-Remi?" Alicia asked.

"Victoria decided to wait a few minutes before entering the castle." Stephan explained, "We should go into the throne room, Jean-Paul will be excepting someone here."

"Yes, Lord Stephan." Alicia said. She began to get a bad feeling in her stomach, "Lord, please take care of Victoria and Lord Ciel-Remi." She walked into the throne room, Father, we are coming to save you. Please listen to the Lord's word of encouragement.


The action was intense and fast paced; she held her sword down by her side and began to approach her father. A cold and evil sense came over her body as though another guard was behind her. She was sad for the guards, why do you we have to kill these men? God says none shall perish.

Another's breath alerted her. She did not have enough time to swing around her sword and kill it. Victoria barely heard her father call her name. She looked up at him running toward her. His shoulder bumped with hers and he pushed her to the ground. The force of the blow knocked the breath out of her. She hadn't yet realized why her father collided into her for some reason. She found out what it was and the reality really shook her from her senses. A shadow demon stood there with a shadow type sword sticking through her father's chest. The blood ran down from his chest toward his naval. She could barely hold her own breath, her throat was welling up and she wanted to cry. She became angry, "No!" She then picked up her sword and ran over to the attacker, she swung her sword and the demon fell to the ground dead.

Victoria walked up to her father. She put her sword on the ground. Black blood lined its edge. She picked up her father's head. He rested his hand on her face, the tears rolled down her cheeks. He told her with a big smile, "I am going home, take care of ..." she couldn't hear it. She didn't want to hear it. She heard him choke on some blood, "your mother."

Victoria held Ciel-Remi's body, as his hand hit the ground and his head rolled back. His eyes still stood wide open. She reached over and closed them, and then began to cry and weep bitter tears, "You cannot leave me, Father! You hear me, you cannot!"

The evil sense of demons was growing greater down the steps and down the hall. She was in middle of a battle. She could end up with her father in Heaven if she didn't do something quickly. She grabbed his sword, and then picked up her own, "Lord, I know your will, please give me strength, she looked right down the steps. Another shadow demon came toward her, "Oh no, you do not!" She turned her face toward the direction to the left. Another one came running down the hall.

Victoria bent down on knees and held a firm grasp onto the swords. She had done this very same move before when she visited the cavern, except it was different this time. She was ready to avenge a death. She didn't want it to happen. She waited and held her head down, she felt them drawing closer and this wasn't just a swing from left to right, this was a swing from left and back.

Victoria finally heard a footstep, the demons yelled, and she spread the sword out and waited. She could have missed it, except she heard something rolling down the steps and looked around. Two more shadows down on the ground. She thanked God for the special move, and then attended her father, except another shadow began to approach from afar off, Great! Not another one.

The shadow in the hall and the darkness didn't help. She could believe it was more danger. A voice rang out that she recognized, "Lady Victoria, Lord Ciel-Remi, are you alright?" Stephan asked.

"I am fine, Stephan. My father ..." Victoria began to cry again, "He is gone."

Stephan stood in front of her, Jean-Pierre stood in back of him.

"No! What happened to your father?" Jean-Pierre asked.

"He died protecting me from these shadow monsters." Victoria began to explain, "Alicia and the others must have gotten here fast, these shadow ones are far worse than the original guards. We need to be on our guards. Has Alicia reached Jean-Paul?"

"Alicia asked me to check on you. She is reaching her father as we speak."

"The castle isn't safe right now. Please, Stephan and Jean-Pierre take my father's body back through the caverns, and bury him next to my grandparents. I must go see Jean-Paul; I have to figure where Mephisto is and get to Him."

Stephan walked over to Ciel-Remi's body and reached down picked it up, "Good idea, Jean-Paul is now a broken man for his actions. Do not rush in and blame him, please go easy on him. We will meet you at Ciel-Remi's old home."

"Yes, Stephan." Victoria said wiping the tears from her cheeks. "I do not blame Jean-Paul, for he is just a man who has made some terrible mistakes. I do not blame anyone for the death, for my father is now in God's Kingdom and at rest for eternity. One day I will see him again."

Stephan left down the hall. Jean-Pierre followed close behind him.

"Alright, I must warn the others about this demon's attacks." Victoria said as she sheathed her sword. She still held Ciel-Remi's sword in her other hand. She prayed. "Lord, Jean-Paul's soul is in your hand now."


Jean-Paul was sitting there. His hand buried in his face as Alicia and the others walked through the doors, He became overwhelmed, except still angry asked, "How did you get in here, Mephisto's guards must be everywhere."

"They are knocked out, father. I am here to help save you." Alicia told him.

"How can you save me?" Jean-Paul asked, "I cannot even save myself from what I have done, I am a murderer, thief and controller of men's destinies. I wanted to be ruler of the kingdom of France and I did not see past my own pride. Now, I have to suffer the consequences for the rest of my life."

Jean-Paul couldn't stand them and at the same time didn't care; he didn't own the castle anymore and would rather die in his self pity. He just listened to his daughter words of wisdom.

"Father, I was just like you once, I was planning to murder Lady Corrine when I went to Paris. I seduced Ciel-Remi while in prison. I wanted something I couldn't have, I wanted to just be loved by anyone. I believe you do, as well."

"Why did not you kill her and betray the castle?" He asked.

"Because, Father, while I was there I found the love I had searched for. The love of God is enough to bring you to your knees and not to kill anyone." She continued. "God loves us so much that He sent his only Son to die for us."

"Lord Jean-Paul, you have enough love for a person that allowed a few people to leave this castle. First, Mephisto didn't have control when you sent me and my daughter back to Paris. And deep in your heart, you let Victoria go. Do you know why Renee left the castle?"

"No." He said, miserable.

"Mother saw through Mephisto's deception to kill others and destroy France. She was afaid of Mephisto and his minions. She would be marked for death by Mephisto if she didn't escape the castle and go to Paris."

"I thought she left me again, that is what Mephisto told me." Jean-Paul had tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Do you remember me, sir?" Elissa stepped forward.

"Yes, the servant girl." Jean-Paul remembered.

"Yes, Jean-Paul, I have been a servant girl for King James." Elissa began, "I wanted love of a father and turned to King James for this love. Ciel-Remi helped me find Christ and I have been waiting for this day. We all love you so much and so much want to get you out of this castle, but you must be willing to do so."

"Jean-Paul," Stephan spoke up, "What would you do if we destroyed the only artifact that will destroy Mephisto?"

"The artifact? The Great Bible?" Jean-Paul asked, "What about it?"

"In the Spiritual Realm, the Great Bible will be the destruction of Mephisto." Stephan explained. "If we had destroyed it we would have lost the battle, you, me, your daughter and her love would be killed and no one would be able to stop the destruction Mephisto is going to bring. Victoria was called 'Victory', for the Victory of France, but the victory in Jesus to drive the demon back to the Abyss where he belongs."

"Who knew so much to save it for destruction?" Jean-Paul asked.

"Father, when you were helped by the witch, you unlocked an evil being who from beginning of time wants to destroy the earth and bring Satan to rule it. The Bible says about a time toward the end of the ages, the war or all wars would end. Satan would rule earth for a seven year period, the final tribulation of men." Alicia told him.

"Mephisto is trying to bring the end times to earth, before God planned to. The destruction of earth would ruin His plan for mankind, not destruction, but life, everlasting life. Father, God so loved our world that He brought Jesus into it, so no man would perish, but live forever with Him. God loves us, God has mercy and compassion for us, he is able to forgive all our sins, and then forget about them."

"There is a way to be forgiven for my past consequences? The demon told me there is no way." Jean-Paul asked.

"He lied. He told you that so you wouldn't accept God's love and stay in Satan's plan. He is in a battle for souls, the more souls lost from the word of God will be a great number for Satan's plans. Satan will do anything to oppose our Savior and Lord. He will lie to anyone not willing to accept his love and mercy. When we were yet sinners, Christ died for us, not for himself, but us, the whole entire world."


The message was for Jean-Paul. Alicia didn't know how much it impacted the life of her father. She hoped her words would help him. She did wonder what was taking Ciel-Remi and Victoria so long. She only continued her explanation.

Alicia whispered to Stephan, "Would you please check on Victoria and Ciel-Remi, it took us not long to get here; it should not take this long for them to arrive either."

"Yes." Stephan praised her for her new gentleness of spirit with her father. "You have a good message to your father; please do not over do it and if you need to wait until they get here. I am taking Jean-Pierre with me."

"Alright." Alicia whispered, "Please hurry."

"Yes, Alicia."

Jean-Paul watched as Stephan left the room, "Where is he going? I am very interested in what you were saying?"

"He left to check up on some other friends within the castle." Alicia explained.

"Alright then, please continue." Jean-Paul said.

"Through faith in God, God is real. The love I wanted was God's love, and with this love I found my true loved one. If you allow him to take over your life, he will use you like never before, you can be made a ruler, without ruining a city or town, let go of the pride, Father and give your life to him."

Jean-Paul began to break down and cry, "I have rejected him, he was talking to me and I rejected him."

Alicia walked up and put her arms around him, "Father, God is a God of second chances. We all have rejected his name once or twice. We think we do things by ourselves, but God's plans are not ours, we can plan something in pride, except to God it is a mistake and that he will change it to new light."

Jean-Paul was uncomfortable with her daughter, but he liked her love for him. He just simple explained, "After that artifact was delivered I heard another voice. I thought it was his master telling him to give his life to him, I rejected it."

"Satan does come as an angel of light." Victoria began stepping in the room, "but only to keep you in his kingdom and betray his plan to destroy God's plans. Jean-Paul, the voice you heard was the Lord, through one of his messengers."

"Lady Victoria, are you are here to rid me of this betrayed enemy?" Jean-Paul asked.

"Before I can deal with the enemy I must help to save your life, God's plans were for us to save you. You have a choice, accept his love or reject him again."

"No!" Jean-Paul began, "While I was bringing destruction on your father and your family and friends and my daughter. I have been given the chance over and over again. I rejected those times because of the demon's hold over me. I wanted to know what it was that keeps your father going even though I captured him, imprisoned him, and after his escape, I wanted to know why he kept being joyful in trails and tribulations. And then I met you, Victoria and wanted the same things, even my daughter would risk her life to come back and tell what I wanted to hear. I want to know your God. I want to live forever in his kingdom."

Alicia was curious of why Ciel-Remi was not with Victoria, he would be better to explain Christ, She asked her, "You are here, where are Ciel-Remi, Stephan and Jean-Pierre?"

"We will meet Stephan and Jean-Pierre back in my father's house. Ciel-Remi was killed protecting me. This castle is beginning to merge with the Spiritual Realm, we are in danger here." Victoria answered, and then threw down Ciel-Remi's sword; it made a clashing noise as it hit the ground. "Jean-Paul, I could blame you for everything you have done to my family. I could blame you for your pride to retrieve the demon's eye from the abyss. I could blame you because you had a wife and try to steal my mother. I could blame you for the destruction of both Bourge and Chameceaux. I could blame you for the death of my father. Except ..." she took a deep breath. "I do not blame you, you are a human. We all make mistakes in our life. It is called Sin. We have sins of pride and lust. We are sometime greedy and become angry. Except our Lord merciful and kind, He died for us to have favor and a relationship with him through His son. God loves us, He loves you, me and the world. Those who do not choose his Son will suffer greatly for their lives. God does not blame you, He loves you."

Alicia watched her father weeping and spoke, "You do not blame me? I brought Mephisto back in the physical realm and through me we searched for the artifact, now your father is dead. I should be overjoyed, but I am not. I want to do anything to help you bring Mephisto down."

"Father, please pray these words to God, give your life to Him, and then let God control what he wants you to do in this battle. Are you willing to do such things?" Alicia told him.

"Yes, what is required of me through this prayer?" Jean-Paul asked.

"Father, what do you believe about Christ of what we have been telling you?" Alicia answered with a question; she wanted to know if he believed what they told him.

"Well, He died for everyone, not just one person. He forgives and forgets our mistakes, which he called sin." Jean-Paul told her.

"Exactly," Victoria explained. "Mephisto will not like us here. We will need to leave as soon as your father has prayed for forgiveness for his sins and believes in Christ's death on the cross, and that He rose again. You will have to live for God, not of selfishness." Alicia watched as Victoria began to search the room. What is she looking for?

Jean-Paul prayed his own prayer, "God, I do not know you as well as Alicia and her friends, but I would like to know you. Please Lord; forgive me of any wrong doings that have besieged this family this day. Lord, forgive my conquest to bring forth a terrible life on the planet and plans to destroy your creation. Lord, please forgive me of my past and make me a new creation to live for you. Lord, you loved us so much to send Christ to die on our behalf. Please give us a safe journey outside the castle. Protect and guide us. Ask Ciel-Remi to forgive me for bringing harm to his family and trying to steal those things. You are Lord and Savior, Amen." Jean-Paul began to weep.

"Jean-Paul, you are new to prayer. God will give the tongues to pray with confidence and boldness. For now," Victoria smiled. "Welcome to the family of Christ."

"Thank you, Victoria." Jean-Paul said out of gratitude for them, Alicia knew it wasn't safe and they could talk about his new life in a safer place.

"Father, let us get out of the castle. The safest way is through the caverns." Alicia told him and as they began to walk toward the door. The room felt uneasy to her, she knew her father was sincere in his words and became a man of Christ. He still needed to learn much of the Bible's way, but they didn't need that right then, they needed to get him out. She had a great feeling Mephisto wasn't going to let them out of the castle without killing them.

Chapter 17

VICTORIA was in a rage over her father's death, except the Lord brought peace to surround her Spirit. There wasn't time for her to go into spiritual battle; she was now inside a dangerous throne room. He warned her that Mephisto was watching their movements. He would not let any of them leave without trying to kill them. She was right about it. The ground began to shake again, and a deep angry voice came to them, "Fools, you will not be able to send me back to the abyss, because as I speak to you, you are surrounded by my master's angels." Then laughter thinned the air. The shadow demons began to appear from all corners of the room, "Soon, you will be like Ciel-Remi, Victoria!!!"

They stood back to back, "Trust God!" Victoria said, as the demon began treading towards them, "Do not worry, nor be afraid, for the Lord your God is with you!"

Victoria stood there, not afraid of the enemy. She would rather put him back in the abyss, now the demons began to surround them. She held her hand on her sword ready to strike. She believed and trusted in God to protect them. She had already seen such activity; she was amazed at her new brother in Christ. He didn't seem afraid of the voice, unlike the past.

A voice flooded the room, "How does it feel, Victoria, between a rock and hard place, death at your feet. Are you ready to visit your God?" He paused. "Wait a minute, where is your God? It looks like he doesn't care about you." Mephisto lied.

Oh, He cares about us, Mephisto, More than you will ever know.

A blinding light filled the room; they covered their eyes. My word says: none shall perish!

Victoria was stunned and amazed. The light blinded them, but she was relieved when nothing seemed to happen with shadow demons. They weren't behind her anymore, she was relieved. God had shown His great power again to them, but she wasn't hoping for much of that during the spiritual battle. She would have to use all her might to bring her strength through, days of no eating or drinking water, no sleep, just praying day and night until the battle was won. She felt physically strong and spiritually weak, but she would go for it with everything in her.

After the light dimmed again, the room stood empty, and there were no more demons.

"Damn, your God! You will not be able to reach me, Victoria! I will destroy earth and my Master will rule!" Mephisto yelled in such pride. He disappeared from view.

"Come on, Father. Soon we will be united with Mother." Alicia told them.

"My daughter, do you think she will accept me." Jean-Paul asked

"I know she will accept you, father." Alicia smiled.

"Thank you," he said.

Victoria was grateful as she led them out of the throne room of the castle, "I am coming back for you, Mephisto." Victoria said. "You won't get away with what you have done to my father, and you won't rule earth before God's given time."


The hall was buzzing with dead guard and shadow demons. Jean-Paul had felt God's power when the light came into the room, nor was he afraid of his new enemy that he had been subject to for these many years. All he wanted was to rebuild his life with his family and bring a new purpose rather than destruction and evil to France.

Jean-Paul was grateful for his daughter, and Victoria's love to rescue him from Mephisto grips. Even though imprisoned, many times he brought his compassion side to them; it was Satan's words that let Victoria go back. He knew people were in the castle to betray and watch over him, not just him, and everyone he had done wrong. He couldn't believe a loving God would do such things until now. He was more grateful to God for never giving up on him, even through the hard times.

"Are we going to have to fight these demons?" Samantha asked.

"Yes, we are going to have to fight them, if we want to get to a safe place." Victoria explained. "Alicia, the Lord would like Jean-Paul safe, I would like you and your father to head to the caverns, since he doesn't have a weapon to kill the demons. Be on your guard and look for anything unusual. The place is under Mephisto's control and we need to get him out safely."

"Yes Victoria." Alicia told her. "I will get him out alive, and be on my guard."

Jean-Paul followed behind Alicia since she knew where she was going. She led them to the picture of herself when she was young, "When did you bring this here?"

"After you took Samantha, and I thought it would help." Alicia told him.

"I am not disobeying Victoria's orders, except I know where we could get a sword." Jean-Paul remembering the secret armory in the cell block of the dungeon, "After I took over this castle, and before Mephisto possessed my body, I brought a great musketeer's sword to Bourge. I hid it away so no one would be able to find it."

"Why didn't you use against Ciel-Remi?" Alicia asked.

"I knew deep down Ciel-Remi wasn't my enemy. I was my own enemy. I hid it away so I wouldn't be forced to kill myself and rid myself of the demon, oh how I longed to kill myself to destroy the intruder. I had to let go of my pride and follow him. He lied, betrayed me and I began to believe he was helping get my dream the way I wanted it but I was wrong, but now I know he was as you say, 'he is our enemy'."

"Father, I am sorry. We do not have time to get it. We could come back for it after the castle is free from Mephisto's bondage. Let us first get you out of here and to safety."

"You are right we will not disobey Victoria's orders." Jean-Paul said. He could have used it.

Alicia lifted up the picture and pushed an engraved rocky trigger, "Please stand back and brace yourself."

A secret passage opened up and shook the ground, "Well, so much for the element of surprise." Alicia said.

"What do you mean?" He asked. He didn't understand why she had just said that.

She pulled out her sword, "Father, into the caverns quickly. The shadow demons are coming up the steps."

Jean-Paul obeyed as he stepped into the dark cave. He couldn't see around him, he bumped into the rocks. He heard Alicia clashing swords with something, and then she backed up into the caverns. She kept her sword focused and leaned against the other trigger. The shadow began to step forward and the door began to close on him. She quickly pulled back her sword and the black blood of the demon dripped down and puddle onto the ground. She quickly stepped back, "Alicia, do you know where you are going in these caverns?" Jean-Paul said, not seeing a thing, "because it so dark in here."

"Once we are at the fork, it is a narrow and straight path to the entrance, thanks to Victoria's adventure." Alicia told him.

"Just hold onto my hand, I will help get you out of here."

"What about the monsters that inhabit these caves?" Jean-Paul asked.

"Do worry, they are dead. Victoria's adventure brought down the rocks, God allowed a straight path to the entrance."

"Thank you, Lord." Jean-Paul said, as they reached the dark and musky fork in the path. Alicia gripped tightly to his hand. She had to feel her way through the caves. He could tell she was glad the earthquakes were finished.

They continued through the narrow path. He felt along the rocky wall. No light yet and no lit torch or lantern. They had to use their faith to get through and hope no one was waiting to kill them outside the cave.

A dim light was ahead and Jean-Paul became excited, "We are not out of this yet, if those demons got a hold on the dead guard in the castle, then there are more guards ahead. We have to be cautious of them." Alicia told him.

She stepped outside the caves. Alicia looked to both sides, they were still dead, lying there, as Jean-Paul stepped outside, and he saw they lay there, blood from the guts swords. "See, Alicia. Nothing to worry about, they are still dead."

"Even so, I still have to be on my guard for anything unusual." Alicia told him as she looked back at him, He felt someone breathing from behind, "Father, get down!" He ducked down to the ground. She swung her sword over his head. He didn't know why she just swung, until he heard a body fall to the ground.

"Now, that was unusual." He said, as he stood up again.

"Father! Head toward house on the hill! I will join you shortly." Alicia told him, He quick ran to the west side of Bourge. As he looked toward the house, he had a bad flashback to the day he first destroyed Bourge. They were Ciel-Remi's mother and father, no Ciel-Remi, what have I done?

All things pass away, all things become new.

Jean-Paul began to understand he didn't need to regret his past, for he was new in God's eyes. He just needed to focus on going up the hill to the house. He heard the clashing of swords in the background, and then nothing. He saw Alicia in the distance running toward him. She caught up with him, he smiled and they entered the house.


Victoria waited until Alicia and Jean-Paul were further ahead them to speak to Samantha, Elissa and Marie. "This castle is not the Spiritual one, this castle will change. There will be many rooms to search and much more. Alicia and Jean-Paul will be fine going through the caverns to the house. We are not going the same way we came in; we are going through front entrance. No matter what you do, stay on your guard and follow me, protect your friends and please, I have seen one death this day, I don't want to be burying you as well."

Victoria led them down the steps to the entrance hallway. The undead guards and shadow demons were around. She knew Mephisto was not going to let them outside the castle without a good fight. She believed Alicia and Jean-Paul were on their way through the caverns. She saw another shadow demon tread up the right side. She didn't think anything of it.

Victoria pulled out her sword and began to rush down the corridor at full force, three shadow demons charged for her. This would have been a good time to use Father's sword.

Elissa was straight behind her, "Victoria, catch!" She yelled, "I know another way back to the house, I will meet you there. I shall not need a sword, you may use mine."

"Do not be getting yourself killed." Victoria worried.

"No, do not worry about me, focus on them!" Elissa yelled slipping away.

Victoria focused her attention on the demons coming full force toward her. She bent down to do her special god given attack. As they drew closer, she waited for the right moment. With her strength, she spread her arms, the two bodies landed on the ground. The right one at her face, "Now ..." she brought the swords back and through.

"Now, what?" She said as the body landed at her feet.

Marie and Samantha fought the others, She was now worried for Elissa's safety, with no sword to kill, she was in more danger. Victoria was distracted, except not for very long time. Another shadow with full force came toward her as she dodged the attack and then with a blow swung the sword around to kill the demon. It landed and disappeared.

The entrance was free to pass. She didn't want to bring down every one of them; she was considering the safety of everyone, "Samantha! Marie! Do not worry about the rest of them! Run for the entrance over there!" Victoria yelled as she pointed to an opening.

Victoria saw Marie down another demon, and then run for the opening. Then Samantha followed after killing an undead guard. She began to run with all her might toward the entrance of castle.

Once on the outside on the bridge of the courtyard, she saw other band of men fighting the demons and undead guards, one of them yelled, "Victoria, we will keep fighting these, quickly go to the house and prepare for the spiritual battle to come."

Victoria only followed instructions and started down the courtyard to the other side. Her friends were already passed the gate, "Sir, are you going to close the gate?"

"Once you are through, Victoria. We will close the gate, so nothing comes through!" He yelled in her direction.

Victoria ran through the gate. She looked back as the gates shut. Only a few shadow demons lined the castle gate. She continued into Bourge, up the hill into the house, where everyone else was waiting for her, even Elissa.


Elissa felt the Holy Spirit leading other way out of castle. While she served in the castle, she found other passageways through the kitchen. She didn't need her sword, and she gave it to Victoria, who was already in a bind. She ran back toward the dining room area. It too was inhabited by demons. She knew how to fight hand to hand, so these would not be a problem.

The demon began full force towards her. She waited intently as he came, and she reached out her hand and grabbed the sword, ripping it from his hand, it landed on the ground. She bent his arm and gave his around the neck, with a twist of the wrist broke his neck and let the body drop. She began through the dining room, killing demons that were waiting. She opened the door to the kitchen.

Elissa proceeded quietly through kitchen until she found a trap door, with all her might she pulled it open. She hopped down in the sewer part of the castle. From there she knew her way out. She would have to do some swimming to get there, but she went where she needed to.

The mucky water wasn't appealing to her. She used all her strength to swim through it. The path she followed would lead her to another tunnel. This time she steered right into the water. Nothing but moss littered these sewers. She was hoping no rats or rodents were around. Another fork in the path, she went right and followed it down and soon found an opening.

Elissa held her breath and dived into the water. She swam down through a narrow gap and then into a large body of water. She surfaced to catch some air; and then look around. She was in the moat of the castle.

Elissa followed it around until she was near and then she swam until the water was shallower. She was grateful to be alive. She pulled herself out and began to walk th3e trail around the castle until she found the city, and she then went into the house where she also met Jean-Pierre, Stephan, Alicia and the body of Ciel-Remi. At last she was with her new friends, but she also wept because she would miss the French gentleman she had met not too long ago in England in her service to King James.


Victoria peaked outside. Everyone was safe and sound. The next part would be a hard journey, except she would be ready for the adventure that lay ahead for her and the warriors of France. She didn't know whether to be happy or sad. She didn't want to visit her father's grave until after they released the bondage of the castle. She wanted badly for Mephisto to suffer the fate that was her father's, but God had her life and she had to believe God's plan was direct. The next few days would be hard. The battle of France had to end. She was given the name for a purpose, the one God designed for her.

Victoria was deeply saddened by her father's death and happy by Jean-Paul's change. He would reunite with Renee soon, and he was in the corner talking with his daughter. Stephan walked up to her, "Would you like to give your last respects to your father?"

"Yes, I would." She sighed. "Except after the fight with the real enemy, I have to do this without my father's death on my mind." Victoria told him.

Victoria needed a clear mind for the assignment ahead. She knew this battle would take much from her memory. She wouldn't go to Mephisto for her purpose; she wanted to kill this demon before anything more happened with France. He had done enough to destroy the place already.

She kept her focus on God's plan and meditated only on his word. God promised he would bring down the terror of the wicked, and He would always be there. Victoria had her eyes closed and watched the castle for a moment. The demons still gathered in the spiritual castle.

"How long before they begin to spread across France and bring destruction?" Alicia asked her.

"I have no idea, Alicia." Victoria began, "I have seen one death, I am not about to see many more!"

"Calm down, I know you want Mephisto's head. You have a vision from God to defeat him, to get back the artifact that he possesses, and then you will be able send him back to the abyss until God's timing and for the time to come when another person releases the terror again." Alicia rebuked her.

"You are right, I am just angry, my father's sacrifice was to protect my life so I can live to defeat that monster. Mephisto will not let us have the artifact. This next battle is not a physical one, but a spiritual one." Victoria told her.

"I know you will do the right thing." Alicia encouraged her.

"Thank you, my friend." She hugged her.

Victoria didn't understand how Elissa was able to get to through the castle alive, there had be more shadow demons waiting for her in the area she treaded, no sword, she surely would have been killed. She was curious and asked, "Elissa, how did you get here, was it not difficult."

Elissa began her story as Victoria sat and listened; she needed time before prayer and fasting. She listened to interesting and unusual story.


Alicia hugged Victoria back as she felt a tear of joy for her friend. She had a hope that they would be able to get through the next battle. She didn't fear it, she was just nervous for it to begin.

She and Victoria listened to Elissa's story; Alicia was amazed of her determination. Alicia barely knew Elissa, but she was glad to have such a friend to be able to do hand to hand combat.

After Elissa finished the story, Victoria gathered the warriors around. She began an explanation of God's plans, "God bless all of you, Jean-Pierre and Stephan, God does not want Jean-Paul in Bourge anymore. We need you to go back to Paris and explain everything, please reunite Jean-Paul with Renee, she should be praying for you.

"We should have five female warriors left. We are great warriors for Christ, Spiritual Warriors. My father was considered a Soulfire and believed with his heart for this day. God's plans are for you to invade the Spiritual castle. We need to get in a circle and begin to pray in our spirits, not our physical bodies. My assignment is to get back the artifact and defeat Mephisto and to get him back to the abyss. Elissa and Samantha, please search for the main generals of Mephisto and do whatever it takes to keep them from escaping into the physical realm. Alicia and Marie, you are assigned to find the Mistresses of Lust as do likewise, nonetheless, the shadow demons will keep you from trying to reach the goal. All these generals may escape which could lead to trouble in the physical realm, you have the Bible, the word of God as a weapon and the shield of faith to shield you from temptations, pray always, put on salvation, righteousness, truth and peace, keep on your guard, once you have your assignment, pray hard to get back to the physical realm inside this safe house. With the Blood of Jesus, God will protect us from the physical demon's attack if they leave the castle, our bodies and souls are safe. Keep on praying without ceasing until you are back here safe and sound."

Everyone agreed simultaneously. Alicia helped her father and Jean-Pierre get ready for the trip home. The trip which would take her father back to Paris and to Renee his wife and the mother of Alicia. Her father hugged her saying, "Hurry home, my daughter."

"Thank you for believing in Christ, Father. I did not want to lose you." Alicia said, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"No, Alicia, Thank you for believing in me and helping to keep me from Mephisto's plan for destruction in my life. Besides, this will give me time to understand your loved one here."

"Oh Father," She laughed.

Jean-Pierre hugged her, and then kissed her on the lips, "Be careful, I do not want to lose your spirit or soul. I love you the way you are."

"Yes, my love. God will keep me from any temptations I cannot handle." Alicia quoted to him.

Stephan suggested they gather in a quick prayer of safety for everyone gathered a in the house. Their assignment in the spiritual are going to take a time of pray and fasting, maybe days, months, they would be without food and fight through the realms. Alicia was ready for such events, she was ready for anything to come.

The men left the house and began their journey back to Paris. Alicia watched as her father faded into the darkness of the night. Alicia prayed, "Thank you, Lord for such wonderful events and helping to bring my father salvation. Be with them and their safety." The sooner we defeat Mephisto, the sooner the storms and darkness will be driven away from France and sunshine will brighten the skies.

Alicia hoped for the day when sunshine filled the skies of France again and these storms would go away. That would be the day when they would have a clear sky and a great future. She dreamed for God's love to fill France like never before, and the day when she would see her parents together in Christ's kingdom.


Victoria watched as her friends went over the hill back toward Paris.

She felt so much peace in the house, "Lord, give strength in our physical bodies, while we pray and fast in the spiritual realm of this battle, and let us be your servants. Thank you, Lord; you deserve the honor and praises for this."

Victoria gathered everyone in a circle, "I have no idea how long we will be fighting for France. The flesh is weak. God will always be able to strengthen us. Remember fasting is to serve the purpose of the spirit, but the flesh will be in war with it. Keep your eyes focused on your mission and God's plan, and in our Lord. We then will win the battle and have the victory."

Joining hands, tightly gripped and focused, they closed their eyes and began to pray, aloud or in the spirit of God. They kept praying without ceasing as Victoria joined in, she wouldn't stop and she knew God would give her the strength not to stop until the battle for the demons' eye was won.

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