Pet Story for Kids

A Horse and Her Dog

Christianity Oasis has provided this Pet Story For Kids titled A Horse and Her Dog written by Author Margaret Peacock. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.

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Pet Story for Kids

A Horse and Her Dog

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This Pet Story For Kids is titled A Horse and Her Dog written by Author Margaret Peacock. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this A Horse and Her Dog E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

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There was a young boy, by the name of George, who wanted a horse really bad. His Mom told him that he could have a horse, as soon as they moved out to the country. She explained that they could not have a horse where they lived, because a horse needed lots of room to run and play. George was disappointed at first, but when George's family finally did move out to the country, George got his pony, just as his Mom had promised. George named his new pony, Misty. She was a Shetland pony and was the perfect size for an 11-year-old boy. Misty was beautiful. She had caramel colored spots on a pure white fur, which is called a Paint. George loved his new pony and would play with her all the time.

George had a younger brother named Ian who, after seeing how much fun George had with his pony, wanted a pony too. Well, as it turned out, it looked as though Misty was going to have a baby pony. That would be great, because this way, the boys would each have a pony. The two boys had a sister named Keli and brother in law named Barret. Keli had a little puppy and George and Ian wanted a puppy too. So, their Mom brought home a puppy from a family of puppies, that was part German Shepard and part Husky. First she brought only one of the puppies home. It was a female and it had blonde hair with blue eyes just like Mom, George and Ian. Mom named the puppy Lady, because she acted just like a little lady.

A couple of day's later, the people that had the family of puppies, where Mom got Lady from, asked Mom to take the other two puppies because they could not keep them and they really did not want to have to send them to the pound. Mom was not sure about having four puppies, but she liked one of the puppies because it had one blue eye and one brown eye. They named the puppy Bandit, because he had black hair around his eyes, which looked like he was wearing a mask. When Mom was about to leave, she started thinking about that last puppy, being all alone. She just could not let her get taken to the pound. So, she went back in and got the last puppy. As it turned out, Mom loved the last puppy more than all the others puppies and Ian named her Wolfette, because she looked more like a little wolf pup. Mom's compassion for the last little puppy and her decision to go back and get Wolfette would prove to be a very wise decision later.

About a week passed by and EJ, which was friend of the family, said to Mom, "Enough with the dogs already, we can't have a poundation plantation." But, Mom didn't know what EJ was talking about. The new puppies had been there for about a week, and she had not said anything about it, up to this point. Later that day, Keli asked her Mom where the new dog came from, that was in the front yard. Mom had not seen a dog in the yard. She went outside and found an old dog just laying there looking very sick. Mom then understood what EJ meant, when she said "Poundation Plantation." earlier that day. EJ must have thought that Mom felt sorry for another dog and brought him home, as she did with the puppies. But, Mom had never seen this dog in her life.

They were all very careful around this new dog, because he looked really old and sick and they thought that he might bite them, if they got near him, because he did not know them and was not feeling good. Mom took some dog food and water out for the newcomer. He could barely stand up and his body shook like an old man. So, Mom put the bowls of food and water really close to the old dog, so that he could eat and drink, when he felt like it. Three days later, the old dog was up and walking around.

Misty, the pony, really liked the older dog because, unlike the puppies, he was big enough for her to play with. Misty didn't have a corral yet, so she was allowed to run around the whole yard. Misty would get the old dog to chase her around the yard and then Misty would chase the old dog around, as they played. EJ said that since the old dog had no name, and they didn't know what to call him, that they needed to find out what his name was. But how? They came up with an idea. They began to call out every dog name that they could think of. But, the old dog would not respond. Then Keli all of the sudden said, "he looks like Jasper, like the one on TV." So everyone started calling out Jasper and here he came. His name must have been Jasper. Together, they solved the mystery of the old dog's name.

Jasper began to chase Misty around all of the time. EJ was afraid that the dog was going to cause Misty to lose her baby pony, by chasing her around all the time. So, she asked Barrett to take the old dog to the pound. Barrett said that he would take the dog to the pound in a couple of days, when he had some time off from work. Meanwhile, everyone kept an eye on the old dog, and tried to keep him from chasing Misty too much. One day, Mom was washing the dishes and she looked out the kitchen window. She saw Misty chasing Jasper and when she would catch up to Jasper, she would nip at his tail, then turn around and run the other way. Mom told everybody to come and watch. Mom said, "Jasper is not the only one doing the chasing around here." To everyone's amazement, Jasper and Misty were playing tag. When Misty would turn and run, Jasper would chase Misty and when he caught up to her he would nip at her on the hind leg and turn around and run. The horse and dog played like this for days on end. They were becoming ... Friends.

One day, when Mom got home from work, she opened the gate to drive in, Misty came darting out of the yard, and ran out the gate. Mom tried calling to her, but Misty just ignored her. Jasper heard all of this and went out to chase Misty down and was trying to get her to go back into the yard. But, Misty had other things on her mind. Misty wanted to go and eat the high grass that grew on the vacant land next to the family home. Every time she stopped to eat Jasper would sit at her feet, waiting for her. Finally, when Mom could wait no more and had given up, Jasper and Misty came home. As Mom locked the gate, she patted Jasper on the head and told him that he had earned a place in their home and their hearts, for bringing Misty back inside the gate. Mom decided that it was time to make Misty a coral. As Mom, Barrette and George were building the coral, Misty would get inside and stay even though it didn't have a gate yet. It was like she knew that it was being made, just for her.

Meanwhile, all of the puppies were growing up and getting big. They were learning from Jasper to chase Misty. Misty didn't want to play with any of them though. She only played with her friend Jasper. When the puppies turned six months old, their eyes turned a bright red and the puppies looked kind of evil, with their bright red eyes. But three days after that, their eyes turned white because of the husky breed, that was in them. Bandit had only one eye turn white, his other eye stayed brown, so he looked like he was blind in one eye, but he wasn't. Every now and then the puppies would get in the corral and chase Misty. Jasper would jump into the corral and chase the puppies out of the corral to protect his friend Misty.

There wasn't enough room in the corral for Misty to run around, so Mom would sometimes leave the gate on the corral open, so that Misty could run around the yard and get some exercise. Misty and Jasper would play during the day and Misty would go back into her corral at night and Jasper would sleep outside the corral. Misty liked to play in her water trough in the summer time. You could spray her down with the water hose and she would turn to make the water hit her where she wanted it to and then lay on the ground and roll around in the dirt. Then she would get up and neigh and splash at her water trough some more. Mom told the boys that this was Misty's way of saying she wanted sprayed down some more.

When it was supposed to be time for Misty to have the baby pony, but had not had the baby pony yet, Mom called her friend, which was an animal doctor, to see why Misty had not had the pony yet and to see if anything was wrong. She came over to check Misty out and told the family that Misty was not pregnant, that she was just fat. They were all so surprised. So the animal doctor put Misty on a diet, but Misty didn't like that very much at all. Misty was carefree and would get in the storage shed where the hay was kept and start pulling it out all by herself. She didn't like being limited to how much she could eat. So they had to start making Misty stay in the corral.

As the puppies grew bigger and bigger, it was hard keeping them out of the corral. Then one day when Jasper was trying to stop the puppies from barking at Misty. By accident, Misty kicked Jasper in the head. Jasper was hurt very badly. There was nothing that could be done for him. Jasper died and they buried him in the back yard. This was the first time the children had lost a pet and they were very upset. But to Mom's surprise, Misty was even more upset. She wouldn't eat and she wouldn't play. She just laid around looking very sad. Even if you sprayed her down with water, which she used to love, she would just lay there. The animal doctor told the family that they would have to walk her or she would become so sad that she would mourn herself to death. So, Mom got out her bridle and tried to get Misty to get up, so that they could go for a walk. But Misty wouldn't move. Mom left the corral open, hoping Misty would get up on her own.

Wolfette had gotten out of the house somehow and went into in Misty's corral. Wolfette was barking and prancing around Misty, antagonizing her just like Jasper used to do, when he wanted to play. Misty got up and shot out of the corral and Wolfette took off after her. Wolfette caught up to Misty and nipped her on the nose and took off running. They started playing tag, just as Jasper and Misty used to do. Wolfette looked so much like Jasper that somehow, Wolfette must have taken Jasper's place in Misty's mind and heart. Wolfette didn't let the other dogs come around Misty. Misty would play all day and then sleep in her corral at night, and Wolfette slept at Misty's side.

One day, Wolfette had some puppies of her own and Misty would hover above the puppies and seemed to protect them. But Mom was afraid that Misty would accidentally step on the puppies so she brought the puppies in the house. Misty would come to the front door and knock on the door with her head. They all thought she was actually going to come in the house, the way she was knocking. She was asking for Wolfette to come out and play, because Wolfette would stay in the house with her puppies most of the time so that she could feed them. Wolfette would leave her babies every now and again and go out and play with Misty. After playing for a while, Wolfette would return to the house to feed her puppies and Misty would hang around, at the front door, waiting for her friend to come out and play.

They were the best of friends. It was, A HORSE AND HER DOG.

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