Suffer Little Children
to Come Unto Me

Blessed Be

Christianity Oasis has provided this E-book on the Bible Verse Suffer Little Children to Come unto Me titled Blessed Be written by Suzanne Vanderbeck. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.

Living Water at the Oasis
Living Water at the Oasis

Suffer Little Children to Come Unto Me

Blessed Be

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book on the Bible Verse Suffer Little Children to Come unto Me is titled Blessed Be written by Suzanne Vanderbeck. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Blessed Be E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

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This book is dedicated to the children of the world -- His greatest gift to us, other than salvation. Tender hearts and open eyes are all they know. The Father says to come to Him as a child, with our hearts tender and our eyes open -- expecting, faith filled, eager to please, and trusting.

May the children in our lives teach us what we need to know to walk with Him. May they be blessed by the best, and led by His love.

Dedicate your child to Him. Ask Him to fill your child with His Spirit. Teach him to walk in His ways and, should he stray, know because you taught Him of Jesus, he will return to Him.

In His love,


But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not,
to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.
Matthew 19:14

Blessed Be

Blessed be the child
that grows within you --
untouched by human hands,
so safe and pure.
Dedicate his spirit
to the Savior,
so that of his future
you'll be sure.
Give him to the Lord
and let Him take him
back unto Himself
from whence he came.
Tell Him that you're humbled
by this creature
that He has so given
in His name.
And, as he passes through
this life, be grateful
that the Lord has had
His hand upon
this little one who
started out so perfect,
for he will thus continue
in the Son.

Angel Child

Father, I am
just a child --
weak in spirit,
meek and mild.
Send to me an
angel dear
who'll listen with
a loving ear.
For I've worries
and I've trials
too burdensome for
just one child.
I've so much that
I must learn.
I don't know where
else to turn.
Grant me an angel
in whom I
can put my trust
where I can cry
and know I'll find an
open door
with arms to hold me

Father, grant me this
small wish,
for I am feeling
like a fish
out of water
who can't swim.
If you do, I'll
count on him
to walk with me
where'er I go.
He'll teach me what
I need to know
to get me through these
childhood years,
full of trials and
full of tears.
He'll protect me and
show me, too,
it's fine to feel
the way I do.
I know he'll be a
real good friend
and stay with me
until the end.

Father, I know
You have heard
all my prayers,
my every word.
Today I had a
real big trial
and, through it all,
I had to smile.
It didn't seem as
bad as I
thought it would be.
I didn't cry!
Instead I felt a
quiet peace.
There were no fears here
to release.
I handled it like
grownups do
and it is all now
thanks to You.
My angel's here.
I know he's come
to help me get
my growing done!

Rainbows and Puppytails

Rainbows and puppytails,
skinned knees and butterflies
take me so far away --
take me beyond the skies.
Come and see a rainbow.
Come and see me fly
chasing little rainbows
and sweet butterflies.

Come and soar just like the wind.
Come and be my rainbow friend.
I will take you for a ride
far beyond the highest skies.
Big blue spaces through the trees --
Clap for baby! Clap for me!

I can't hear the baby cry.
He is happy -- God is why.
Caught up in the rainbow's end
seeking Jesus for a friend.

Rainbows and puppytails,
skinned knees and butterflies
bring the Lord so near to us
back where the future lies.

Pretty little rainbow
reaching to the sea.
Baby has God's rainbow
and He's giving it to me.

You Are My Son

You are my son.
Through you,
witness of a son
conceived in Holy love,
is borne.
Through you,
I can believe
in divine
Through you,
I can know
that there is
a God.
You are His son.
Through you,
the divine gift
of revelation
is perceived.
Through you,
the word of
Jesus Christ
is raised in battle.
Through you,
the Son will shine
for all
to see.
You are my gift
to my Lord, my God,
for all
He has given me;
to the world,
to make up for
my shortcomings;
to myself,
so I may always
know His love through the
love you share.
You are His gift
to me,
that I may always know
His presence;
to the world,
that He may show His light
through you;
to Himself,
that He may know
the true beauty of
His radiant love.

Parent to Child

God is walking with you
wherever you should go.
He is by your side
through the wind and snow.
Just like your own shadow,
His Light will never fail.
Shining through the darkest times,
His Love shall prevail.

Just as He shall be
so are we with you.
Look up to the Lord
and he'll get you through.

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