Story of Genesis for Kids

Duber's Great Adventure

Christianity Oasis has provided this E-book on The Story of Genesis for Kids titled Duber's Great Adventure Through the Book of Genesis written by Author Twana Lawler. We hope you will explore our many studies and programs at Christianity Oasis that look into all aspects of the Christian Walk and reveal truth and bring forth understanding and peace.

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Living Water at the Oasis

Story of Genesis for Kids

Duber's Great Adventure

Welcome to Christianity Oasis Purity Publications. This E-book on The Story of Genesis for Kids is titled Duber's Great Adventure Through the Book of Genesis written by Author Twana Lawler. Christianity Oasis in association with Purity Publications proudly presents you with this Duber's Great Adventure Through the Book of Genesis E-Book free of charge for your enjoyment.

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Timmy's alarm clock rings with a loud roar. He begins to rub his eyes as he jumps out of his bed. He runs throughout the house excited and singing.

♫ Let's all go to Duber's rainbow horse farm, where you will be welcome with open arms. ♫

Timmy's little sister Faith runs out of her room excited and begins to dance and sing along with Timmy.

♫ A place where the horses are pink, yellow and green, it is the most prettiest thing that you ever have seen. Let's all go to Duber's rainbow horse farm, where you will be welcome with open arms. ♫

Timmy and Faith sung this song the whole trip to Duber's rainbow horse farm. "We are here! We are here!" They both yelled as they arrive at the rainbow horse farm. "Look Timmy, look at the pretty pink horse." Faith said as she runs toward the horse. "Her name is Charity." Said Duber. "Who said that?" Timmy said. Faith points toward Duber, "That horse with all of the colors can talk!" "We all can talk," Duber replied. "Hi, my name is Charity, what is yours? Said the pink horse. "My name is Faith and this is my brother Timmy!"

The other beautiful color horses walked up and begin to introduce themselves. "Hi there, my name is Shanny!" In a deep raspy voice, "Hello, my name is Darion." "Howdy! My name is Destiny." In a soft voice, "How are you?" my name is Lynette and this is Shacole. "Hi!" Faith said with excitement. "Your colors are so pretty!" Timmy said. "That is why this place is called a rainbow horse farm." Replied Duber. In a soft tone Shacole replies, "Yeah, because we all are such beautiful colors." "Just like the rainbow after the rain!" said Darion. "Yeah, just like the rainbow after the rain! Shanny replied.

"Well kids, I am Duber and welcome to Duber's Rainbow Horse Farm." Duber said with joy. Timmy and Faith begin to jump and dance shouting, "Yay, Duber's rainbow horse farm!" "Hop on my back and come on, we are going to take an adventure through the book of Genesis!" Duber said to Timmy and Faith.

Timmy hops on Duber's back and then helps Faith to climb upon Duber's back. "Are you ready?" Duber ask. "Yes we are!" the children replied with excitement. Faith turns to look at the other horses. "Are you all going?" Faith asks curiously. Softly, Shacole replies, "No, we are not going, we have to stay here to tend to the farm." "We have been through the book of Genesis many times and we always have great adventures." Said Darion. "We will be here when you return." Said Destiny. "Bye!" said Shanny with her pretty tail wagging.

Faith and Timmy waved goodbye to the horses. Let's go on our adventure through the book of Genesis!" Duber said as he walks through the big opened bible. "God created night and day, so we can go out and play." Duber said as he is walking through the Garden of Eden. "God separated water from the sky so that we could live and not die." Said Duber. "Hey, kids did you all know that on day three the plants grew, what color are they green or blue?"

Faith jumps off of Duber and holds her hands in the air. "I know, I know, they are green." Faith replied with excitement. Timmy jumps off of Duber and walks along side of him. "Duber, I'm so excited, I want to learn more, please tell me what happened on day four. "God created the sun, moon and stars so bright, so that He could separate day from night." Said Duber. "And oh, what a beautiful sight!" shouted Faith happily. "What happened on day five, Duber? Said Timmy. "Oh yes, day five...on day five the birds came alive and in the sea the fish came to be." Duber said in an angelic tone. "Is it more in the bible to see?" Timmy asked with anticipation. "Oh, my dear Timmy, yes it is." Said Duber. "Listen to this, God created animals big and small, even animals short and tall, but God wasn't finished no, not at all." Duber said.

Timmy and Faith begin to jump up and down full of excitement to learn about God's creation. "First came Adam then came Eve. Man and woman is what they will be. God looked over everything He made and saw that it was excellent in everyway and that is what happened on the sixth day." Duber said. "What about day seven, what happened on that day." Faith asked as she walked along side Duber. "Day seven, on the seventh day God's work was done and that is how creation begun." Said Duber. "Wow, God is awesome!" Timmy said. "He is more then awesome, he is God!" said Faith. "Come on children there is a lot for us to see, so let's continue on our journey and discover where it will lead." Duber said with anticipation.

Timmy and Faith walked along side Duber through the garden admiring its beauty, and suddenly they see two men talking. Faith points at the men and then looks up at Duber, "Who are they?" Faith asks in an innocent tone. "Oh, that is Cain and Abel the sons of Adam and Eve!" Answered Duber. "Adam and Eve had two son's?" asked Timmy. "Yes they did Timmy, allow me to share a little about the two." Said Duber. "Can we sit by this tree while you tell us the story of Cain and Abel?" Asked Faith. "Yes we can!" Said Duber. "I want to know about Cain and Abel, come on Duber tell us! Tell us!" Timmy said with a lot of excitement.

"Abel was a Shepard when they grew up and Cain was a farmer. At harvest time Cain would bring a gift of the produce from his farm, but Abel would take to the Lord several of his best lambs from his flocks. Cain became very upset with Abel." "Why was he upset with his brother?" Timmy asked. "Cain was angry because the Lord did not accept Cain and his offering." Duber explained. "Is that why Cain became upset with Abel?" Faith asked. "Yes it is Faith." Duber answered. "So because he didn't like Abel he killed him, isn't that right Duber?" Timmy asked. "Yeah, Timmy that is correct!" Duber answered.

"What happened after Cain killed Abel, Duber?" Faith asked. "Well Faith, what Cain had done to his brother made God very sad so He punished Cain and said that he could no longer live on the land where he killed his brother. Although Adam and Eve lost both of their children it was the love of God that helped them. God loved them so much that He gave them another son whom they named Seth and he looked just like his father Adam." Duber explained. "Wow, the book of Genesis is awesome!" Faith said with excitement. "If you think the book of Genesis is awesome wait until you go through the entire bible." Duber replied.

"I can't wait to go through the entire bible, oh boy! Timmy said. "Hey! Hold your horses Timmy, we will not have enough time today, but maybe some other time!" Duber said jokingly. "Today our adventure is through the book of Genesis only." Duber explained. The three continued to travel through the book of Genesis. Faith points toward a very large boat with two of each animal walking slowly upon it. "Look! Look at that big boat!" Faith shouted. "Wow, that is the biggest boat I ever saw." Timmy said. "Oh yes, that is Noah's Ark." Duber replied. "We want to know more about Noah and his ark!" Faith said with excitement. "Yes please tell us more Duber!" Timmy said.

"Noah was a great man of God, when he was born he became the great, great, great great grandson of Cain." "That is a lot of greats!" Timmy said with a laugh. "Yes, it is Timmy." Duber said. "That is what made him such a great man of God, Timmy." Faith said. "Well, what made Noah a great man of God is the faith and trust he had in the Lord." Duber replied. "What do you mean by faith and trust, tell us more?" Timmy said. "Ok Timmy!" Duber replied. "Noah had three sons when he grew up. Everyone on earth disobeyed God and that made God sad. God told Noah to build an ark for himself, his family and the animals. When the ark was completed God told Noah to bring his family into the ark because he was going to send a flood on the earth to destroy everything. Noah did as God asked him to and it rained for forty days and forty nights. After the water dried up on the earth God made a beautiful rainbow as a promise to Noah and his family that He would never destroy the world again because it made Him very sad." Explained Duber.

"A rainbow just like you and your friends on the rainbow horse farm?" Faith asked. "No Faith, Duber is a horse not a rainbow!" Timmy said. "I know Duber is a horse. I am talking about his rainbow colors!" Faith said. "Yes Faith my friends and I do have colors just like a rainbow." Duber replied. "After the flood God blessed Noah and his sons and told them to multiply and fill the earth." Timmy said. "Right Timmy! God did tell Noah and his sons to multiply and fill the earth." Duber replied. "Can we find Abram in the book of Genesis?" Faith asked. "Yeah, what about Abram, we talked about him in Sunday school at our church." Timmy said. "Before I go on about Abram let me tell you the name of his father." Duber said. 

"Terah was the father of Abram, Nahor and Haran. Haran had a son named Lot, which was the nephew of Abram. Abram met Sarai and they got married but she was not able to have children. Abram's father Terah took Abram, Sarai and Lot from Ur of the Chaldeans to go live in the land of Canaan. They did not make it to the land of Canaan because they stopped at the village of Haran and lived there until Terah died. The Lord then told Abram to leave his country, his relatives and his father's house and go where He tells him to go. God changed Abram's name to Abraham and Sarai's name to Sarah." "Duber?" Said Faith.  "What is it Faith?" Duber asked. "When Sodom and Gomorrah was being destroyed didn't the angels come to Lot and tell him to leave? Faith asked. "You are correct, Faith!" Duber said.

"I know what happened next!" Timmy said with excitement. "What happened next?" Duber asked. "When they were leaving Lot's wife was told not to look back and she looked back anyway and was turned into a pillar of salt!" Said Timmy. "You are so right Timmy, Lot's wife was disobedient and that is why she turned into a pillar of salt." Replied Duber.

"Duber, we also learned that when Abraham and Sarah was very old they had a son named Isaac." Said Faith. "Right again Faith!" Replied Duber. "When Isaac grew up he had two sons of his own and named them Jacob and Esau. Isaac really loved Esau and that made Jacob angry. One day when Isaac was so old that he could not see, his son Jacob told a lie and said that he was Esau so he could get a blessing. Isaac was very upset with Jacob when he found out the truth. After Isaac died his son Jacob got married and had twelve sons. Joseph was one of Jacobs sons who God gave a very special gift too." Duber explained. "What was Joseph's special gift?" Timmy asked.

"Joseph's special gift was that he could tell the meaning of dreams. One day Joseph had a dream that his brother's would need help from him. He shared his dream with his brother's they became very angry and took him far away to leave him for death. They later returned home and told their father that Joseph was dead. God protected Joseph the entire time, He knew what Joseph's brothers did to him, but He wanted Joseph to help his brother's when the time came. Joseph obeyed God and helped his brother's when the time came even though they were mean to him. The time came for Joseph to die and he told his brother's that he would die soon, but God would come for them and lead them out of the land of Egypt. Joseph told them that God would bring them back to the land that He vowed to give to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Joseph then made the sons of Israel swear an oath that when God comes to lead them back to Canaan, they must take his body back with them. Joseph later died, they embraced him and then placed his body in a coffin in Egypt." Duber explained.

Timmy and Faith embraced and rubbed Duber's pretty colors softly. "Is that it?" Faith asked. "Yes, it is late and we must head back to the rainbow horse farm." Duber explained. "I am not ready to go." Timmy said. "We want to go on another journey through the bible!" "Another time children, it is getting late and your parents may worry, we will do this again, no need to hurry." Duber replied. Timmy hops on Duber's back and then helps Faith. They reach the rainbow horse farm and the other horses run up to Duber, Timmy and Faith. "That's the end of our journey through the book of Genesis from beginning to the end, come back another day and we will do it again." Said Duber. "How was your trip through Genesis? I know you were blessed, a journey through the bible is better then the rest!" Said Darion in a raspy voice.

Faith hugs Darion as she replies. "I was truly blessed I cannot tell a lie, but when it came time to leave I wanted to cry."

"Howdy there, did you see our friends in the book of beginnings? I know you had fun from the beginning to the ending!" Sung Destiny in a sweet tone. Shanny walks up and rubs up against Faith and Timmy. "The next time you visit it will be a little longer and we can visit the bible a little bit stronger." Charity begins to dance around Timmy and Faith. "Your next visit will be a longer stay and you will learn more of God in a mighty big way!" Said Charity. "There is much more for you to learn and see. You will then understand the bible is the place to be." Said Shacole.

"Don't leave me out, I have something to say, living for God is the only way." Said Lynette in a squeaky voice. "Children, that was the end of our journey through Genesis from beginning to end. Come back another day and we will do it again!" Said Duber. "Thank you for our trip, we learned a great lesson!" Said Timmy. "If you obey God then He will send you many blessings!" Said Faith. "Where will you take us on our next trip through the word? The things that I've learned today are the best things that I have ever heard!" Said Faith. "The book of Exodus, is the next book to visit, we will be here bright and early because we don't want to miss it." Said Timmy. "You both are so right and that is so true, from Duber and the rainbow horse farm, we all love you!" Said Duber. They all begin to dance and sing:

♫ Come on, lets all go to Duber's rainbow horse farm, where you will be welcome with open arms, a place where the horses are pink, yellow and green, it is the prettiest thing that you ever seen. Come on, join us and go to Duber's rainbow horse farm, where you will be welcome with open arms. ♫

Boys and girls what message is Duber sending to you?

sujes _ _ _ _ _
velos _ _ _ _ _
oyu    _ _ _
nda    _ _ _
os      _ _
oesd   _ _ _ _
berdu _ _ _ _ _

As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word that ye may grow thereby:
1 Peter 2:2

The End

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